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“…By Whom also He made the worlds…” (Heb.1:2). “Nine worlds”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 11

Beginning     Part 10

Paradoxes of worldview and knowledge

There is a certain paradox in lives of those considering themselves “believers”. By “life” I mean its theoretical part including understanding of processes, events and worldview in general, and also its practical part, including daily walk with the Almighty, communication with Him and practical expansion of Father’s Kingdom here on earth. The sum of theoretical and practical parts, their combination produces our spiritual level.

The realia of “everyday religious life” are that level of many members of Almighty’s people, unfortunately, combines two very different spheres. The first one – in the Congregation, during fiery preaching, Scriptures reading and meditation on events of distant past, where unimaginable, supernatural (for a regular person) things happened. The second one is oftentimes very boring and dull life, filled with solutions of constant mundane problems. During worship some of them take a grip, put on the happy face on the façade of their “old tent” and try with different degree of authenticity to play a role of a devoted believer, and if they do not raise somebody from the dead everyday and bring down fire on earth, that’s just only because there are too many others, no less important things they have to do for the Kingdom.

The major part behaves more humbly, and has majorly lost faith that real life can be filled with different supernatural events, as we see it in the lives of Bible heroes. This part of the congregation was made to believe that this dull, gray life making no difference is the mundane everyday of a contemporary Christian reality. And it is done on purpose, to destroy their faith in what’s written, destroy their hope that the times of glory must come back, and we are not going to be outside observers, but direct participants. Some use different religious doctrines to explain why it cannot and must not be, why we shouldn’t prepare for that, and that “fire from heavens” is going to be brought only by the evil dragon, from whom Christians can either be “raptured” or hide as best as they can. And one has to be prepared to become a martyr at best, watching the Almighty’s people being destroyed by the “evil power of the antiChrist”.

Of course, it happens not with everybody and not always, the lives of many are rather transformed and the mind enlightened, but the general state of the Almighty’s people now is not like the militant attitude Joshua son of Nun and Caleb had.

Religion has been trying very hard to separate supernatural, intensive events that we see in the Scriptures and often hear in some testimonies from the listeners themselves. Fit theories were “painted” explaining the “heroic epic of the past” and “vane mundane uselessness of the present”. They’ve built “ plastic religious cliché” to somehow explain to those very curious, that there’s nothing real behind those painted religious pictures. Religion has always tried to turn King’s children into an obedient herd of not thinking, not seeing, not hearing anything, except for those who usurped the right to interpret the Scriptures. It was so in the times of Yeshua, it was so after Him, and it is so now. That’s the reason why many of Almighty’s people live in illusions of religious pictures for years, with which they cover their entire lives just as many cover walls of their rooms with different posters.

Many “believers” try to lure people “from the world” into their world, in which there’s future, but unfortunately often no answers to the present around us. Of course, there are answers to many questions, but there are always those “curious” people, who bewilder religious leaders by their uncomfortable questions, putting them into a very uncomfortable position, to say the least.

Babylon is a “mystery”, and one of its planes is to cover with secrets everything dangerous for the darkness kingdom, that the enemy is so afraid of. More than that, he is afraid the sons and daughters of the Almighty are going to be revealed. The enemy tried to make King’s people believe in some religious and pseudo-scientific stupidities, simultaneously uprooting the true understanding of existing realities: our true origin and the real state of affairs in the spiritual world. And that is the paradox of religious worldview: to believe in made-up illusory pictures and not to believe in Truth as it really is. The revelation of Truth as it is without any “religious polishing” is one of the main tasks of the Heavenly Father, so that true spiritual reality would be revealed and connected to the realities of our world in our everyday life. So that there would be no religious «split”, but so that wholeness of understanding of the things that happened and keep happening now would come, with everything that surrounds us in everyday life.

Stop walking around that mountain…

Many people think they can learn the Truth and existing realities only through the Scriptures. Undoubtedly, the Scriptures are the tool of learning the Truth through the Almighty’s Spirit, but in fact the depth of Word knowledge that we have often prevents us from explaining many things and facts surrounding us. Sometimes we need to have a direct revelation from above to understand certain moments and see new levels of reality, hidden until a certain time. 

The second instrument of learning that we’ve already mentioned is the creation itself, as it is written in Rom.1:20, that For since the creation of the world Gods invisible qualitieshis eternal power and divine naturehave been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (NIV Translation). It is the foundation on which people got revelations from above with the help of the Holy Spirit, even when there were no Scriptures per se. The Scripture itself is in fact a documentary of Heavenly revelations in the amount that the Almighty appointed. 

Unfortunately, many clichés and stereotypes, forced upon people by the nowadays religious community “blur” the majority of questions asked by seekers of Truth. One of the standard answers, where there’s no understanding of what’s happening, is this: “Don’t beat your wonderful brains out because of all that obscureness! The world is filled with evil, when the Lord comes we’ll all finally understand everything. And meanwhile it is going to be hard, there’s a lot we don’t understand, but we’re waiting for the breakthrough, hallelujah, amen!” Such clichés are indeed lively, but they don’t give answers we’re supposed to have. And who, if not the children of the Heavenly Father, should have such answers, while it is written in the letter to Romans that the whole creation eagerly waits for the revelation of the sons of God.

It is written: «You have made your way around this hill country long enough…» (Deut.2:3). Judging by the time, many should have stopped to walk around the hill of revelation about salvation. It’s time to go on, seizing other revelation hills, which were captured by the enemy in the land of our Promise. Without it there cannot be enough understanding of the fullness of Almighty’s will, and therefore, faith He wants to give us through that.

We must know our Heavenly Father personally, eating from the Tree of Life, which is Himself, and constantly be transformed into His image. It’s not just a goal, it is like the air we breathe, and without it everything else is devoid of meaning. By knowing Him and letting Him constantly change us from the inside, we must always try to understand His heart, His ways, His plans, so that we could become an answer for those having questions. Just as Yeshua was an answer for everybody in His time, we also have to be an answer now for those around us. If we are indeed His disciples. He has clearly said that He calls only those His friends, who try to follow everything He commanded in fullness, and also to whom He revealed what He’d heard from the Father Himself. There are no secrets from friends!”many of you heard this motto, but it came from the spiritual world based on this verse of the Scripture:

Jh.15 15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his masters business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

One of the results of our friendship with Yeshua are definite revelations which He tells us from His Father. We need them not only to boost our self-esteem or satisfy our curiosity; the revelations He wants to reveal to us are extremely important for us, because through them we can enter the maximum level of His grace, wisdom and glory. Each level of glory has its own levels of revelations.

Revelations of this topic, laid out in the following sections, are some more pieces of the whole picture, which help us better understand the events of “days of the distant past”, so to say, and some Scripture passages which many of you heard, meditated upon, but which were still unanswered completely, due to religious stereotypes inhibiting us from thinking in a right direction.

In the ninth part we touched upon a subject of worlds’ plurality, and analyzed some Scripture verses that help us see it. The Scripture says that there are more than one world, for example, it is said in the letters to Hebrews:

Heb.1 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he created the worlds.

We analyzed the question, how we can understand that there are actually 70 “worlds for living” based on the Scriptures. Perhaps, there will be more of them in the future. Wait and see. Many things related to this matter are still hidden from us till a certain time. Here we analyze only things directly reflected in the Holy Scriptures first of all.

As we can understand from everything we’ve discussed before, and also from the very context of the Scriptures, the level of sin damage and also the level of destruction wasn’t the same everywhere. The Scripture says that “…neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen” (Isa.26:18). Some worlds suffered more, some – less. This matter is still hidden from us, and we don’t know the state of those “other worlds” now: what is the level of damage there? Were they fully covered with the waters of takhoma (outer waters outside the dome (rakiya) and the whole “earth construction”), as it is described in Gen.1:2, or some worlds are now in different degree of “working order”? Where do those who have not fallen” live now? I think, it is a matter of direct personal revelation which actually doesn’t influence the understanding of this whole concept. So, let’s concentrate now on what have been revealed to some degree.

I have a revelation that part of these worlds were actually fully destroyed, and those “Survived”, who remained there, were saved and taken from there before the land was completely destroyed. The “rapture” which is supposed to happen in the moment of Yeshua’s return after the tribulations of those days” is a prophetic reflection of THAT SAVING and RAPTURE of the Survived before some of those worlds were completely destroyed, as it is written: I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of Yahweh, and by his fierce anger. (Jer.4:26). We are going to speak about such worlds now. It is a very significant piece to understand what happened then and happens now, while the world we live now is this “Final Testing Ground” – one of the nine worlds that had maximum destruction. All of that is going to be analyzed later, and right now let’s cover some seemingly trivial issues, which are usually not discussed in religious world, and if they are, people usually try to move to some regular “stereotypes and cliches”.

Why people were created?

It seems to be a simple question. The second verse of the first book of the Scriptures, which we thoroughly analyzed in the second part, shows us a picture of total destruction on earth. In the 12th chapter of Revelation we can see the third of the stars, i.e., sons of the Almighty, was seduced by the dragon, that’s why they were thrown down on earth. In the 2nd chapter of Bereshit we read that a man was told to guard the garden of Eden from somebody. In the beginning of the third chapter we see a cunning nahash, who was allowed to blatantly temp Hava, who didn’t actually understand the problem. In fact, death came into this world through this temptation at the very first try, which up till now led to terrible sufferings for billions of people, and perishing in hell of some lesser amount.

So, summoning all your common sense, pray, tell, what was the meaning of human creation after all this terrible destruction described in Gen.1:2? Because for every person, who is not very sophisticated in Scriptures and in all those religious “twists”, it is obvious that people were allowed to be tempted, and this “permissiveness” resulted in death of billions of people. Why, after such tragedy, the Almighty would create humans in this world, foreknowing WHAT is going to happen? Why did He let many of His children on this earth suffer and die? We read the Scriptures and see Him show His care and love. He is not a sadist and not a “loser” after all! Why would He let a weaker woman to be tempted, without organizing proper protection for His daughter through Adam and His Angels? Why would He set up His little, inexperienced children, leaving them one on one with evil and raving treacherous nahash??

Why after all THOSE events satan wasn’t tied up as he’s going to be bound during the millennium Reign? Why wasn’t this wretch convicted after THAT tragedy and there is so much waiting, spreading death and sufferings in the meanwhile, until this criminal is finally thrown into the lake of fire? Why wasn’t this fallen cherub contained, dismembered, or at least shot for murdering so much of the children? Or, for Christ’s sake, why wasn’t he imprisoned as those sons of the Almighty were after the events described in the book of Bereshit chapter 6, and then in a little more detail in the book of Enoch? Why was he and his accomplices given a respite, during which they had a chance to kill those, whom the Heavenly Father loves that much? If we consider all that, and believe that the Most High is Omnipotent and He is the perfect Love, can everything that happened to Adam, Hava and their descendants be called love??

What gimmicks  the religious “experts” have to use in interpreting the Scriptures to explain a neutral person free from any religious blinders and having a common sense, and prove that it is a real love? Maybe that is why majority of people does not answer the call of the Gospel? If not for the supernatural touch of the Holy Spirit on the souls, all those far-fetched explanations could have been only an obituary and not an explanation of what had happened, and Almighty’s perfect plan for our salvation. Religion wants to fill our mind with a specific substance, some “spiritual margarine” instead of the oil of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. Say NO to this “margarine”!

It is written, that the Almighty is longsuffering to us, not willing that any should perish: 2 Peter 3:9. OK then, a reasonable question: if He doesn’t want that any should perish, then why new souls come to this world, a significant (if not major) amount of whom goes to hell? For three saved, who were born, there are just as much not saved, the others remain in question, while it is often unclear how one spent his or her last days and minutes before death and whether they were able to reconcile with the Father. Why would He allow to give birth to, say, ten new souls, if at least half of them is going to die? Let’s assume, He longsuffered those five, who were saved, but the other five perished nevertheless! It is written that the purpose of the longsuffering is that NO ONE would perish! Then why letting the amount of people increase in hell? Many perish and one saved!? Why can’t He just separate the sick from the healthy? Why wouldn’t He stop death? Why He has to wait for so long, increasing death? Where is the common sense in that? We read in the Scriptures the teaching of Yeshua the Messiah is sound. Where is the soundness here in such religious conception??

I think that if everyone made their decisions based on reason, then considering these arguments, and there are more of them, not many people would like to chose such faith. And it is a great mercy and real love of our Heavenly Father, that with all those religious misbeliefs, He releases supernatural love, shows miracles and confirms everything said not by words, but by actions. Majority of people try not to go into such difficult speculations, but receiving real help and protection they just open their heart for Father’s Spirit, and, starting with this moment, personal restoration processes begin. But they still get questions further on, and the enemy skillfully uses all those religious misconceptions and perversions to sow doubt and lead souls away into the darkness. Also, many people told of the Heavenly Father’s love ask these questions right away, and it is very hard to give sound answers to them. That is one of the reasons, why the fullness of the Gospel cannot be released for everybody. TWO witnesses are needed for the fullness of Truth, and this principle is integrated into souls of absolutely all children of the Almighty. If we add fullness of Truth to the fullness of the Spirit manifestation, it will bring maximum fruit. Some doesn’t need that in the beginning of their journey, while they have enough “bats in the belfry”, and in the moment of acute need they don’t have time for right concepts. But they are going to need them later, while for some it is important to get everything straight from the very beginning, at least in general terms, to help them open their hearts. The fact that many have reconciled with the Father speaks, first of all, of His great mercy and grace related to the “first Witness”, but how much more people could have responded and stayed, if the “second Witness” was added? We do remember the Heavenly principle: one have chased a thousand, and two have put ten thousand to flight”, don’t we?

If we read the Scriptures carefully, connecting together all the pieces given in the beginning of the book, including those clearly shown in the Scriptures, we could see that in spite of some idyllic state that was described to us in the 2nd chapter of Bereshit, humans appeared on earth not for a blissful life. They came not for living in comport, it wasn’t their purpose to start with. When we carefully read through the second chapter, we clearly see the artificially created environment and all those originally planned situations, that occurred in the next chapters.

Starting with Gen.1:3-4 we see the Almighty separating light from the darkness. Where from and when did the darkness as a spiritual substance come? You’re right: from Gen.1:2, that describes the events of total destruction and desolation. Prophetically, we can see how the separation of light and darkness takes place, and it is a keynote, a red line drawn through the entire Scriptures. The darkness appears in Gen.1:2 and in verse 4 we see a prophetic description of division between light and darkness. First it happens in the spirit realm. And in the next 5th verse we see a physical reflection of this realia: day is a reflection of the spiritual light, and night – a reflection of spiritual darkness. The creation of night is a temporary phenomenon, it will stop existing when sin as a reflection of spiritual darkness is destroyed. We can read it here:

Based on LCV’19r translation:

Rev.21 23 And this city has no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the bright light thereof. 24 And the nations of them which are saved shall walk their life’s walk in the light of it: and the rulers of this Earth do bring their voluntary glory and honour into it.  25 And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.

The darkness was allowed to come, it was brought into the light in order for its nature to be illuminated and judged, as it is written that the Almighty bringeth out to light the shadow of death” (Job 12:22). During earth’s restoration, starting in Gen.1:3, the Almighty didn’t try to make it a “paradise for living”, but in fact created a quarantine area, covering our temporary dwelling place with rakiya or a dome; while it actually didn’t exist before. I think it is clear for you what quarantine means. Quarantine is a tool to contain the spread of the virus and death, acting through it. It is done in order to save those, who “caught” this virus.

Trying to find some exit from this religious dead-end, some “authorized specialists” make the following argument. They say that such darkness, terror and sufferings were allowed to show Father’s mercy through Yeshua’s sacrifice. It is no doubt that what Yeshua has done is such a great mercy of the Heavenly Father and Himself, that it cannot be adequately fathomed by a human mind, at least in our present position and state. But such love, shown through that mercy, doesn’t answer the questions listed in the beginning of this section. If EVERYBODY were saved, one could have been speaking of mercy through Yeshua’s sacrifice, without understanding of the quarantine, in spite of all sufferings. But without realization of what has really happened during the time period described in Gen.1:1-2, one cannot give a reasonable answer to all those questions.

The 5th chapter of 2nd letter to Corinthians tells about our sufferings in this temporary body, weakened by sin, and that during our time of inhabiting it as an old tent we groan, anxious to return into our glorified body, which is being stored in Heavens as part of our inheritance, waiting for us. We are waiting starting from the point we left it, being sent to this earth, into this world for our spiritual quarantine. 

Translation under Kassian’s edition:

2nd Cor.5 5 And that is the very thing God created us for, giving us the Spirit as a guarantee.

The point of our coming here is not a “paradise life”, we are born here for TRIAL – that is the very thing God created us for”. But in order not to “scare children” in the very beginning of the journey for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of justice” (Heb.5:13), Heavenly Father doesn’t give everything at once – He prepares us step by step to understand “everything as it is”. Spiritual kids speak only about things they care about most of all: salvation in eternity, what they can and cannot do, in order to keep this salvation, and also help in their everyday problems. It is 98% of their worries and spiritual searching. Sadly, but it is true. But concerning those, who want to be like their King, not preaching the “Gospel of salvation” but bringing the “Gospel of the Kingdom”, it is said:

Prov.25 2 It is the glory of the Most High to conceal the Word (and “deed” – davar – Heb.) but the glory of kings is to search the Word (deed) out.

Why salvation comes by FAITH?

Have you ever thought why do we have such barely understandable, to say the least, way of salvation — through FAITH? Faith in whom or what? And is it really FAITH? Or maybe, it is not faith in something or in someone but TRUST? In Hebrew language this word has three main planes, which are shown through three different words. The first plane is a matter of our heart, its faith and ability to receive words of the Almighty. The second plane is a matter of mind and also certain emotions as personal display of the soul. The third one is a physical manifestation, an action as our trust reaction towards the Almighty in fulfilling His will. In Greek it has a simplified sense, although the word itself is rather multi-faceted:

Πίστις   pistis  loyalty, trust, conviction, faith.

Why has the Most High decided to save people exactly through FAITH? What FAITH? Faith in the Almighty, that He exists? Well, demons more than everyone believe that He is, does it help them at all? “Repair of the world”, or Tikkun Olam in Hebrew, is something that is our main purpose on this earth: Yeshua taught us to pray for the Kingdom of the Father to come on earth as it is in Heavens. But repair of the world without repairing oneself is completely impossible. That’s why the main test for those undergoing this spiritual quarantine is a TRUST test. THEN many fell and stopped trusting the Father as they should have. That’s why the golden thread of all this present test in this world is to learn trusting Him IN EVERYTHING. That is the reason why salvation comes through TRUST test! It is written in many translations that righteous shall live by faith”, but it is not the exact translation, while notion of “faith” in our present day understanding is rather vague. But the entire context of the Scriptures consists in the fact that this very plane which speaks of TRUST and of LOYALTY is the main essence of this word. The LOYAL are first of all those, who TRUST! Trust is a mutual thing. There is a phrase many of you have probably heard: “Fired due to loss of trust”. Some people may not trust the Heavenly Father, but there are also cases when the Father stops trusting them because they are not loyal. Trust can be lost. Here in this quarantine we all walk our path and learn to fully rely on our Heavenly Father’s Word and His faithfulness by opening our heart for His love. On the other hand, we try to be loyal and through that we restore His trust in ourselves.

There is a very interesting moment here concerning those who are called the Remnant. How to test the TRUST of those, who didn’t lost it THEN? Those called the Remnant remained loyal THEN, and they got into this quarantine while they were defiled by death and it affected some of their actions and decisions. From the point of view of loyalty to the Father, it wasn’t critical. The Remnant didn’t not lose trust, but they are here in this Testing Ground, being partakers of Yeshua the Messiah’s sufferings, Who showed us all the example.

For whom did Yeshua die?

Rom.5 8 but the Most High shows his sacrificial love for us in that while we were still sinners, Messiah died for us.

Let’s have a mindful consideration of what is written. Messiah died for those, who WERE sinners AT THAT MOMENT. It is not written, that He died also for those, who WILL BECOME sinners. Based on this Scripture verse, Yeshua could die for those, who already died being a sinner, or who was a sinner being his contemporary. Of course, only those “sinners”, who acknowledged the Almighty and His commandments, trying to live accordingly, could be included into this category. However, their “apologies” and efforts, their feasible sacrifices, couldn’t displace the sacrifice, that Messiah was supposed to bring by Himself.

If we continue with this reasoning, how can one die for those, who is not yet born and is not in fact a sinner? At that moment there were really not yet sinners, right? How can one who is not born yet and whose souls seems to be clean from sin be an enemy with the Almighty? I have heard a sort of argument”, that those who are not yet born are also kind of sinners” because they sort of sinned in Adam”. Such “twists” are so saturated with “religious perversions” that normal people’s brains just cannot accept that. That’s why many cannot accept that “Gospel of salvation” format, being forced on them. The Scripture insists that what is lacking cannot be counted” (Eccl.1:15). Until the soul is born and “come through Adam” it is even theoretically cannot sin in any way: neither according to the Scriptures, nor according to common sense. There are no two witnesses to blame it neither for evil motifs nor evil deeds. That’s why it cannot be called “sinful”. We have already analyzed that Scripture passage saying that Adam has become a DOOR that gave death right to enter this world and a spiritual quarantine being organized here. Adam and Hava’s sin affected only the avatars, i.e., bodies of their born descendants, and they have become “weakened by sin”. But it couldn’t affect the coming souls, otherwise Yeshua, who has become like us IN EVERYTHING, would also be defiled by sin, and we know it’s not true.

Could Yeshua die “in advance” for future sin? Of course! In fact, He did, because His Redemptive sacrifice continues its action into eternity. But it doesn’t answer the question with which we started this section. We are talking not about sins that were, are and will be happening for a certain while, we are talking about the sinners. The Scripture (if we take it as a foundation of our discussion) is very precise, and the Almighty in His wisdom and “literacy” could of course write everything clearly. But it is written as it is, and only Truth can make a sound explanation of it without taking to different gimmicks. The concept of the “Testing Ground” has it very logicly, therefore, the passage quoted above says that Yeshua died for all three categories of sinners, who sinned THEN, that is, before the moment of “Testing Ground” creation: for those, who was already physically dead before His redemptive sacrifice; for everyone, who was alive at the moment of this event, and also for all those, who has not yet come to this earth for their spiritual quarantine.

One more verse related to the question, for whom Yeshua actually died. Many people repeat the learned phrase that Yeshua died for all people, but it is absolutely not true. He didn’t die for ALL people. Let’s read what the Scripture says:

Mtt.1 21 She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Yeshua, for He will save/redeem/heal His people from their sins.

Yeshua saves and redeems ONLY HIS people from their sins, not just everybody. HIS means those, who were sowed into this world by the Father to undergo their spiritual quarantine. Speaking about death for the sins of the “whole world” the Scripture clarifies that by the “whole world” it means only sons and daughters of the Kingdom, not literally everybody, while “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up”.  Yeshua prayed only for those, who are “from the Father”:

Jh.17 9 I am praying for them. I am not praying for this whole world but for those whom You have given me, for they are Yours.

In the days of Peleg…

Bereshit 10 25 To Eber were born two sons: the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided, and his brother’s name was Joktan.

All of us (mostly) remember this Scripture passage, which to many people was somewhat mysterious and strange. It is this verse that is often used for explanation and understanding how out of one kind of whole great continent called “Gondwana” formed everything we have now. We are not going to dig into different technological details of this fact, but we’ll try to consider this piece in our topic’s framework.

Based on the understanding that there exists 70 worlds, and that inhabitants of all these worlds were supposed to have their “Testing Ground”, it was necessary to create corresponding conditions on the earth of our world, which would be a prophetic reflection of that. Actually, the earth’s division, with its main phase happening during the days of Peleg, was a preparation to create necessary geographic and climate conditions for those 70 peoples coming for their spiritual quarantine.

The name Peleg translates as fragment” from Hebrew. There are several planes of understanding here, but the direct one based on the verse itself is that the earth was divided into fragments. Another plane says that people as nations spreaded into different directions like fragments. Before that, as we remember, the languages were divided, and it was the first stage of this program. The earth’s division is phase number two. During a certain time people filled all places fit for living and started to settle. This process was constant, of course, including the fight for especially “fat pieces” of land, but in general the main goal was achieved. Already then, when different separate language groups started to get to the places appointed for them, at some point the souls from those 70 worlds started to come for their spiritual quarantine.

Before people didn’t have such ways of communication as we do now, therefore, it often happened that big rivers separated big nations and civilisations from each other. They were given an objective opportunity to be separated from each other to create necessary “platform”, some physical “base” for the souls coming from different worlds, having different conditions. But that was not the only problem. The main problem was that during long time placed into the period described in Gen.1:1-2 every world had their unique development path. Each had their peculiarities, culture, each had their own development pace, so they all had very different levels. The inhabitants of each of these 70 worlds formed their way of thinking and uniqueness based on their specifics. Their levels of sin damage was also different at each stage of development, and it have been necessary to make provision for that before the incarnation time of all who has been coming for their Testing.

Please, notice how much difference there is between many nations and groups of world population today. It concerns not only skin color, eye shape and different traditions. No skin pigmentation, climate and geographical characteristics can explain how could three blood brothers give rise to such divers descendants, different not only in appearance, but on the inside as well, both in their way of thinking and many other parameters. Try to compare Koreans and North American Indians, Bushmen and Germans, Esquimau and Berbers, Russians and Hindus, Greeks and Turks, Gypsies and Japanese. No doubt, separation from the Father, rebellion against Him, idolatry and other “sinful pleasures” which are actually abominations, really increased personal degradation. However, some degree of idolatry have been found absolutely everywhere, therefore it cannot be the only explanation why there is such a big difference between “peoples and tribes”. Civilizations rose and fell, nevertheless, there were such great differences between the representatives of different nations in their way of thinking and solving problems, that it’s impossible to explain it only by some temporary isolation of “forty-second cousins”.

There were always general things passed on in oral tradition. There are some “memories”, describing some “prehistory” in the same manner. Very often historical tradition of each people has stories that describe its origin from one first forefather. According to pshat, i.e., literally, it is Adam, who was first human after this earth’s restoration. But prophetically, it is some “first Adam” of one of the 70 worlds. In spite of having something in common, these different stories of different people have something unique. It can be explained by the fact that information could be gradually garbled being passed on from fathers to sons, but sometimes this one reason cannot explain everything: it is actually manifestation of some deep genetic memory, which is stored in our neshama, and shows through nefesh.

We can see that different peoples and also certain groups of people had various “specializations” of some sort. Of course, their geographical location could be a part of the reason, but it wasn’t all. If we consider the sphere of war, battles and “art of war”, for example, some things can be seen clearly. It is well-known that there are more and less militant nations. There are those more prone to trade and other peaceful “specialities”. There could be several people living close to each other geographically, but completely different in their belligerency and in their ability to master military arts. There are people “militant to the bone” who really stand out in this sphere compared to others. They can adapt really quick in case of some extreme military actions. Their way of thinking is “geared” towards this to the limit. They think fast in this area, their reaction is instant, they plan ahead, and understand many details which others cannot even spell right after a week-long seminar, not to mention everything else. There are nations, where such qualities appear not occasionally, but en masse in one or other degree.

All worlds lived through big amount of wars and different conflicts, as a result, those which didn’t fall too early, formed these or that “specializations”.

Some people dream of musical instruments, some of travelling, some of swords and military actions. And by the way, it often happens that these people are not even connected to these areas in their waking life. However, it is in these “dreams” that they feel “real”. We have covered such moments in section called “Life as a dream”. These abilities didn’t rise from nothing:

Based on NIV translation:

Eccl.3 15 Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; for God repeats what has already been.

These abilities as some “dispositions” are nothing else as talents, that were already put in and developed THEN: the Almighty repeats what has already been”. Many war-related skills are manifestation of DIN quality, which is “righteous judgement” in Hebrew. These skills, as part of Almighty’s nature, were manifested in His children in various degree THEN, when THAT war was near. And then those skills were polished, getting people EXPERIENCE. As it is written «…mature, who by constant use (experience, training) have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. Experience is a seal of ability that we have, an inner talent. When it is invested right, it begins to grow. Talent is not yet mastery — only being multiplied by experience it becomes one. Abilities are in fact gifts we have, multiplied and sealed by experience through which they are somehow “ingrained into our spiritual and genetic source code”. They are somehow “archived” in our divine memory — neshama, and being used, they start to unfold.

From above mentioned Scripture passage we see a principle of prophetic repetition. It is applicable to earth’s division for “70 peoples”. It is also connected to wars and unions, with attempts to achieve “greatness”, etc. Our “human history” is a reflection of THAT history: Gen.1:1-2, which is much longer.

The existing worlds were created in a way that nobody could get in by some “physical” way, that is, just covering some physical distance either by foot or using some other technical devices. One could travel a lot of ways inside each world, but there were definite borders between the worlds, which one could cross only by transitioning through one dimension into another. Transitioning from one world to another was possible by different “vehicles”, like using something the Scripture calls “heavenly chariot”. But it doesn’t change the matter itself: to get from one world into the other one had to make a transition “into another dimensions”, as people sometimes say. Those transitions were made through different “gates” which are often called “portals”. The first type are those being inside worlds, the second one — those that are between the worlds. In our world they are often called “star gates”. This topic is rather broad and specific, therefore we’re not going to dig deeper into it. In the last parts I’m going to touch upon some important points, that are necessary for understanding and with which some of you will have to deal during the last days of final battles. For a deeper comprehension of this matter, you can read Additional materials: Spatio-temporal fabric”and Supernatural translocation”. It’ll help you to get some “basis” for understanding this issue.

The word “dimension” is rather relative, but it helps to get the main idea. There are other terms, like “parallel worlds” and “reflections”. The Holy Scriptures call them “worlds”; in Hebrew there are two worlds: tevel and olam, and in Greek — aion. We have discussed Greek term in part nine, so here let’s analyze the Hebrew term for this notion.

LeOlam vaEd

Hebrew language has three main words connected to world and eternity:

תֵבֵל  tevel  universe, world, earth.

This word is used 36 times in the Scriptures. If we accept that there are other worlds aside from our world — “Earth”, than this world is more than others corresponds to the collective idea of all the worlds taken together. If we take all Scripture passages where it is used, and take the collective idea of created worlds as its meaning, we will find no logical contradiction.

Isa.14 21 Prepare slaughter for children because of the iniquity of their fathers, lest they rise up and possess the land, and fill the universe (tevel) with their cities.

This verse is directly connected both with the father of sin, who was a “murderer from the BEGINNING”, and the fallen, who “have taken up the slack”. This passage prophetically speaks of the events of Gen.1:2, when “slaughter” have been prepared for those, for whom “ancient serpent” and the fallen had become spiritual fathers:

Jh.8 44 You are of your father the devil (of this slanderer’s genome (DNA)), and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own [resources], for he is a liar and the father of it.

The next verse speaks of the DIN action — a righteous judgement manifested in the Almighty’s trials, and which is the tool to affirm and teach the truth (righteousness) and justice in in the face of rebellion and sin:

Isa.26 9For when Your judgments are [done] in the earth, the inhabitants of the universe (tevel) will learn righteousness.

Hebrew language has a word עַד (ad), which has one only meaning — eternity, eternal; always, everlasting, forever, eternally. It is used 48 times in the Scriptures and always has these meanings only. For instance, Yeshua is called Everlasting Father in Isa.9:6: אֲבִיעַד — Avi_Ad.

There is one more word, which is universal in terms of these two meanings: עֹולָם —  Olam. It is used 412 times in the Scriptures. In majority of cases it has a double meaning. Its main translations are these:

1. world, universe.

2. humanity as gathering of all existing people, souls.

3. eternity.

There is a common rule to understand the meaning of a Hebrew text, at least in the language of Tanakh. Translators choose all words that are there in the Scriptures, analyze their context and usage, and based on that make a conclusion, which variants are the main ones, which are acceptable, and which have a right to be as prophetic hints.

As for the word עַד (ad), there is no doubt. It has very “narrow meaning”, main one is related to a great period of time — many ages, eternity.

In respect to the word תֵבֵל (tevel), it is the same. It is very “narrow”, meaning some territorial, geographical aspect, and denoting some “world” or “universe” where those created/born by the Most High live.

However, in respect to the word Olam, it has a double meaning. It has two major planes: “universe in the sense of multiple worlds; world in the sense of creation in general”, and also “eternity”. In a famous prayer of blessing the Almighty: “Barukh Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melekh haOlam…” — the word “haOlam” is usually translated as “universe”: “Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe…” Although variant with “eternity” is acceptable, as additional one. Judaism traditionally has understanding of worlds plurality, although there was never any specifics or “strict consensus”, so to say.

In some cases we can see these words — olam and ad being used together instead of separately. For example:


Ex. 15 18 The Lord shall reign forever and ever.


Shmot 15 18 Yahweh imlokh leolam vaed.

There are two words used in this case, which can either strengthen each other’s meaning if they are the same, or they can show two different planes, if there is a difference between them. Based on all of the above, grammatically and contextually correct translation is the following:

Ex. 15 18 The Lord shall reign in universe/words and eternity.

The reason we see this phrase translated in the New Testament Scriptures mostly as forever and ever” is, in fact, translation of the original Hebrew phrase leolam vaed” in “Greek interpretation”. And actual correct translation of this forever and ever” phrase in all senses is in worlds and in eternity” both in Tanakh and in the New Testament.

We can say for sure that if we saw such translation in the Holy Scriptures, we would have already asked about plurality of worlds and would have already gotten corresponding answers, and “spiritual quarantine” concept would have already become unanimous perception…


Sin was removed from Heavens together with all the rest, and the fallen cherub has been thrown down from it like a lightning: the Firstborn expelled him. The word “lightning” in Hebrew is בָרָֽק barak, and it has the same root with the word בָרֶקֶת bareket, which is a name of a precious stone. The bareket stone was third in Hoshen (High Priest’s breastplate), and it is very likely that it was an emerald. It was a stone of Levi’s tribe, the descendants of which were later appointed as firstborn in Israel, fulfilling corresponding functions. It were they, who killed 3000 idolaters after the people sinned with the golden calf, and when the result of this sin manifested in them in some physical way, so that they could have been distinguished among the rest. It happened after Moshe grinded the golden calf into dust, thrown it in water and made everybody drink it. It was an image of what is described in the book of Numbers, chapter 5, where the procedure of finding out whether a wife was cheating is being written. The situation with the calf was like it.

During the opposition period the Firstborn in their “Heavenly side” are Heavenly sons of the Almighty who remained loyal to their Father. They were those who threw the fallen cherub and the other fallen from Heavens. Yeshua has mentioned that:

Lk.10 18 And He said to them, “I saw Satan (adversary) fall like lightning from heaven…”

The fallen cherub, fallen from Heaven”, is not a lightning, but he was thrown down from it “LIKE lightning”: very quickly and with thunder audible after he “hit hard” the sphere of earthly worlds. It is lightning, that is the symbol of the Firstborn, as we said earlier using the example of Levi’s stone — bareket (emerald), and also in another passage:

Mtt.24 27 For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Lightning from the East” is an image of those 144 000, of which it is written in 7th chapter of the Revelation, and through whom the manifested glory of the Almighty is going to act during the last days before the coming of Yeshua the Messiah. They are the prophetic fulfillment of “the Firstborn of the Last days”. Lightning always goes with thunder, and thunder is a symbol of Heavenly shofars (trumpets) from Revelation chapter 8 and 9.   For many it is going to be interesting to learn, that word east” in Hebrew is kedem” and its numerical meaning is 144. Besides, the word kedemhas another translation plane: ancient, from times of old, and it is relatable to the word Olam we analyzed earlier. Therefore, a phrase “lightning from the East” can have absolutely correct prophetic meaning: 144000 Firstborn of old ancient times”.

The letter TAV in ancient Hebrew, which was used to write Tanakh books, is significantly different from its modern  “babylonian analogy”. Originally letter TAV looked like a cross, and one of its forms looked like letter X. Some semantic meanings of the letter TAV: ending, final, summary, stop”. That’s why the name of Levi’s stone or glory of firstborn” prophetically — bareket (emerald) can be translated as lightning/firstborn (barak) are ending (tav)”, “lightning/firstborn (barak) are drawing a cross (tav)”, “firstborn with lightning speed (barak) are putting an end (tav)”.

THAT war in Gen.1:2, has its prophetic shadow, its prophetic glimpse in the events described in Revelation 12, which says that Michael and his Angels waged war with the dragon and its angels and thrown them down from Heaven to earth. Judging by the last events, this battle process and “throwing down” is in its final stage.

The son of the morning” undoubtedly wanted to get the power of the “Firstborn”, putting his throne, i.e., his authority higher than that of the “stars”, which symbolize the sons of the Almighty. That’s why in the world around us we can see that he tries to picture himself as some “super-lightning, striking down from Heavens”. It is reflected in symbols and songs of different music bands, it was depicted as double lightning on German Nazi’s collor patches, and also in many other forms. In reality he has become an object, that the Firstborn have thrown down with a speed of lightning, and that’s quite a different story.

Urim and Thummim

One of the elements of the High Priest’s clothes, serving as prophetical tool of his ministry was Hoshen, also known as Breastplate. It is described in Ex.28:15-21. These 12 stones are called urim and thummim” (Ex.28:30) in the Scriptures, and their exact translation is fiery” or completing the wholeness”. Each of these stones had the name of one Israel tribe carved on them in intaglio (the letters were protruding as on print). That’s why to understand the message point connected to the special characteristics of glory, which each stone symbolizes, it is important to understand each tribe’s special calling. The basics of it can be seen in two prophecies: of father Jacob to his sons in Bereshit, chapter 49 (Genesis), and also in Moshe’s prophesy in Dwarim, chapter 33 (Deuteronomy).

When the High Priest asked the Almighty, wanting to get a definite answer from Him through urim and thummim”, he opened Hoshen, which was on his chest, a rectangular folded in two, inside which there were those precious stones put in their own settings. It was somewhat like opening up your laptop. And the answer came when certain letters comprising the names of the tribes of Israel started to shine, forming words and sentences.

It is impossible to identify these stones with absolute accuracy for now, as also the names of some tribes of Israel. There are some main variants, with each having certain foundations in the Scriptures: there is a number of researches on that, which nevertheless, don’t give 100% definite answers.

There are several versions connected to stones matching the tribes. One of them, being the main one, says stones corresponded the order of sons’ birth. Septuagint has this variant. Another variant reflects one of Hebrew traditions, based on another order: First, Leah’s sons — Ruven, Shimon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zevulun, then the sons of maidens in order of their birth — Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher; and only in the end the sons of Rachel — Joseph and Benjamin. There are some other variants, but the main issue revolves around the stones 5th through 10th. There is also another detached variant, which is connected not with Hoshen stones themselves, but first of all with the months of Hebrew calendar, where the tribe of Levi is somewhat “centralized in its static universality” and instead of it and the tribe of Joseph there are tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

Twelve planes of reality

As for prophetic symbolism, there is a certain understanding that each Hoshen stone is a prophetic reflection of different planes of reality.

First is 12 tribes of Israel, 12 planes, 12 unique special pieces, comprising the entire people of the Almighty, as it is reflected in New Jerusalem (female gender), where the name of each tribe is written on one of the 12 gates.

Second is 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit (she” female gender), which are necessary for full development and transformation of the souls of Almighty’s children.

Third is 12 music notes, 7 of which are basic or “strong” notes. This image has 12 planes of prophetic message through 12 disciples of Yeshua, representing the entire people of the Almighty. This message is to every nation, like a beautiful music piece: a symphony of Heavens, so to say. These are 12 fundamental bases in New Jerusalem (she” female gender), which have names of 12 disciples written on them.

Fourth is 12 main types of manifested glory of the Almighty: “powers of the future age/world”.

Fifth is 12 levels of glory in New Jerusalem (she” female gender), reflecting Wife and Bride of Yeshua.

Sixth is 12 staffs of power of King’s people in 12 spheres of life.

Seventh is 12 spatio-temporal dimensions, forming the structure of the created world, using the example of Hoshen (breastplate) with its stones, placed in the spatio-temporal fabric in a manner that makes them connected together in one construction, interact with each other, but at the same time not to “overlap”, disturbing each other. We are going to talk about it in detail in part 15.

Eighth is an image of 12 DNA chains, which glorified bodies initially had.

Nineth is 12 months as 12 periods, time segments in a certain time cycle, like 12 hours on the clock-face.

Tenth is 12 systems in human organism, which reflect 12 spiritual planes of function in Yeshua’s Body, i.e., in the entire people of the Almighty.

Eleventh is 12 full baskets of food, that supernaturally appeared through Yeshua. They symbolize 12 types of Heavenly spiritual food, that gives spiritual formation to 12 spheres of life and ministry of the King’s people.

Twelfth is 12 zodiacal constellations, consisting of lights built in rakiya or the Heavenly dome, which prophetically reflect 12 periods, time stages in the life of Almighty’s people, undergoing their Testing.

Of course, there are other planes, but those I think are the main ones.

Navaratna — nine stones of the “covering cherub”

As we already mentioned, and as someone once said: The whole world is filled with echoes and parallels”. The reflection of the existing reality in our physical world was present always and everywhere. Navaratna is a famous and popular Eastern ornament consisting of nine precious stones. According to Hindu epos, it is an ornament of “Krishna”, who is a reflection of one of the the Almighty’s fallen sons, and also generally the very “ancient serpent” himself, who is the fallen cherub.

Navaratna has nine stones: eight in a circle and one in the center. There is usually a red stone in the center, carnelian or ruby. Navaratna is a sort of “reduced Hoshen(breastplate) of the former “covering cherub”. Those nine stones, described in Ezek.28:13, fully correspond to nine stones from the 1st, 2nd and 4th row of stones in High Priest’s Hoshen (Ex.28:15-21). These stones were embedded in the clothes of the former “covering and forming” cherub. The clothes, as we said earlier, is a prophetic symbol of the entrusted ministry.

Missing stones

Compared to the High Priest’s Hoshen, the “covering cherub” lacked three stones from the third row: leshem, shvo and akhlama. Regarding the last stone it is known, with high probability, that it was an amethyst, and also that it was connected to what is called hashmal” in the Scriptures (mentioned 3 times in Ezek.1:5,27; 8:2); it can be metaphorically translated as “Heavenly electricity”. As for two other stones, it is more difficult. The seventh stone — leshem — was probably light-brown with chatoyments and shades. The eighth one — shvo — was most likely a chrysolite of greenish color, more like bright green.

According to Septuagint the seventh stone (leshem) corresponds to Gad’s tribe, the eighth one (shvo) to Asher, and the ninth (akhlama) to Issachar. The main version, connected to Israel’s “movements in the wilderness”, says the seventh stone (leshem) corresponds to Dan, the eighth one (shvo) to Asher, and the ninth (akhlama) to Naphtali. I have often asked the Father concerning this matter, while as you see further on, it is connected not only to stone’s cost and beauty, but to special characteristics of the supernatural glory, which they symbolized. As a result of those questions and prayers I got the following revelation and understanding.

Each stone combined a certain degree of Hesed (goodness and mercy) quality, and Din (righteous judgement) quality potential. In stable, peaceful times Hesed quality prevails. In times of “moving through the wilderness”, where there’s opposition, extreme and war, Din quality becomes the leading one. Every period of time, depending on existing realia, one or another quality is more prominent. Apart from inner potential of every stone, having both planes of these realities, there is a special characteristic of each type of glory. As many of you remember, six tribes proclaimed blessings for obedience to Almighty’s will on mount Gerizim, while other six proclaimed righteous judgement for rebellion against His commandments on mount Eval. Here, through the tribes, there is a hint that some types of manifested glory were more “wired” for military specifics during opposition. Tribe of Dan was located towards the most “spiritually dangerous” direction, say, the “North” (most attacks and problems for Israel came from there), during the movement in the wilderness. Asher and Naphtali also monitored the situation together with the tribe of Dan.

We also know Scripture’s principle that when one doesn’t manage to fully or partly do their tasks, somebody else can be put into that position. For example, Ruven messed up” and was disqualified as a firstborn. Then Shimon has also “messed up” with his aggression and initiative to kill his brother Joseph, so he was also disqualified. However, we know that mistakes of some persons or tribes cannot stop the Almighty from achieving His goals. That’s why it is written Let another take his office (watch)” (Acts 1:20). So all events that happened in Jacob-Israel’s family led to original disposition changes because of these or that steps and mistakes: we can observe it during the wilderness period.

Hidden potential abilities of manifested glory, symbolized by three stones from the third row of Hoshen: leshem, shvo and akhlama, were revealed most of all during THAT war and opposition in general. My revelation of that matter is that manifested glory, symbolized by third row stones, in the aspect of their Din quality, corresponds to the tribe of Dan during Israel’s movements in the wilderness. From the “power of the future age” specifics point of view, the glory connected to leshem stone was best of all revealed through “haphazard” ministry of Shimshon (Samson). This “explosive” supernatural power to lead the war, which is usually connected to the action of glory symbolized by akhlama stone, and which is connected to some characteristics of the Naphtali tribe: supernatural speed, “Heavenly electricity” potential, and “Heavenly galgals (swirls)”. Dan acts together with Naphtali”: that was the word starting the revelation that Father gave me related to this matter. Dan and Naphtali were blood brothers, born one by one from one mother. It has power and speed, and also ability for supernatural camouflage, including changing of appearance, voice etc, visible to others. As for the tribe of Asher, through it we can understand some points connected to glory, symbolized by shvo stone. First of all, it is supernatural protection and also increasing of unusual resilience to some kinds of damage and ability to quick regeneration.

These manifested glory abilities were closely connected to specific fruits of the Spirit. In Father’s Kingdom nothing happens for “no reason”: without corresponding responsibility, necessary purification and transformation of character and soul in general. There’s only some “advance payment” to help start the movement. Possessing the potential of all three types of glory implied relevant commitment level together with a certain level of soul being transformed into Father’s image. All these three brothers were sons of maidens, so their status was lower than that of their brothers, whose moms were official wives. There is a hint to humility and meekness.

So here we have another very important prophetic image to understand. Once there was a time, when Jacob, returning with his beloved family into the land of his Promise, had to meet his dearly beloved brother Esau, who has been long dreaming of “hugging him to death”. The latter even got 400 armed men for moral support, which only increased brotherly feelings. In preparation to this long-awaited meeting, Jacob improvised a very interesting disposition of all his loved ones. In the avant-garde he placed his maiden-wives with their children: Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher. Then, somewhat in the distance he placed his not very beloved wife Leah with her six sons. And in the very latter end he put Rachel with Joseph. At that moment Jacob was, in fact, an embodiment of the whole Israel, i.e., people of the Almighty, that’s why he had the greatest anointing on earth. What he has done then, not even comprehending the spiritual essence of it, had the most power prophetic impact on the entire people of the Almighty for the rest of times.

Esua constituted danger which could bring death and annihilation. And Jacob, who actually got a new name before that — Israel, has, in fact, committed a very serious prophetic action. He posted his four sons in face of maximum danger, therefore prophesying over the lives of their descendants, the tribes of Israel, the maximum glory during the times of danger and strong opposition. That’s why the camp of Dan, having three tribes of these four, covered the most dangerous “North” direction. As for the tribe of Gad, this tribe was one of the most “militant” ones, which is evident by two main prophecies concerning it: Gen.49:19 and Deut.33:20-21. What Jacob-Israel did at that point has become a prophetic reflection of certain spiritual realities and situations, that happened THEN during THAT war.

Three qualities, three fruits of the Holy Spirit, which were somehow connected to these three types of manifested glory, have become a weakness in “son of the morning’s” character, which he wasn’t able (and later didn’t even want) to develop in himself. My personal revelation is that these three qualities were humility/meekness, trust in patience, and sacrificial love. Those children of the Almighty, who got some degree of manifested glory connected to all or some of these stones, got through very serious transformations and trials, and as a result they were entrusted with corresponding level of glory, which has become a powerful weapon during THAT war. The whole potential of those three, and all other types of manifested glory as well, is going to be revealed in fullness through the part of Almighty’s people during the times of Last days’ opposition, before Yeshua the Messiah returns.

Nine worlds model

Model depicted in this Eastern ornament, Navaratna, consisting of nine stones, corresponds to the ancient understanding of how worlds are structured, which is seen clearer in Scandinavian myths and legends. According to them, there is some “group” of nine worlds, connected to each other in a certain way. In the center there is Midgard, i.e., “middle world”, which means the world we now live in — the Earth. Around it there are eight worlds. Earth is in the center, and the major events take place everywhere around it and on it.

The foundation of such worldview has been imported and established by those who are often called the vikings. Their ancestors were majorly descendents of the tribe of Dan and Naphtali, part of whom migrated along the coast of Europe after the destruction of the Second Temple, and about 5-6 century A.D. got to the regions of Scandinavia. For instance, name of such country as Denmark — “the mark of Dan”. It was through the descendants of ancient Hebrews that the foundation of this world view, this conception got into “Scandinavian regions”. From all appearances, ancient Israel has kept part of this understanding, maybe, in the process of events something else was added from the spiritual world, after which it was conventionalized by heathen format of the people they settled with.

Ruby or serdolik: a precious red stone in the center of this “composition” of nine worlds, which is an image of our world — Earth. This stone, אֹדֶם ódem, has the same root with another Hebrew word — אֲדָמָֽה adamá (earth), and it is translated as “red”.

There is such revelation that our world, where all the “Final Testing Ground” events  take place, was one of nine worlds that got under rebels’ power, later called the fallen, who started an open opposition against the faithful. In the 9th part I quoted a revelation, which I believe was given to me by the Almighty during Autumn of 2018, where He revealed some things connected to it. Each of these nine worlds, as others among 70, was governed by the Council, which was comprised of both Heavenly and Earthly sons of the Almighty. Each Council was originally presided by one of the Heavenly sons of the Almighty, from the first “brotherly” and first “time” generation (we are going to cover the topic of generations and dynasties separately, in part 13). Later on, according to spiritual maturing, increasing of wisdom and experience, the authority was supposed to be handed to the first of Almighty’s sons, who appeared in the corresponding world, and also to his descendants. This principle is described in the book of Daniel:

Dan.7 18 But then the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and in eternal worlds.

This Scripture verse has several levels, one of them is that at certain stage the power of “Watchers”, i.e., the Heavenly sons of the Almighty, appointed by Him in that world, was supposed to be handed over to the “locals”, i.e., Earthly sons of the Almighty. Sin did its evil job, and one of its results was that some of the Heavenly sons of the Almighty didn’t want to hand over the authority given them for a while, and by different excuses they tried to solve this matter for their own benefit.

Minister of the ninth level

The fallen cherub, who was still covering cherub” then, had authority to supervise the existing worlds to the extension of his competence. To understand this matter one has to have at least general knowledge of the managing and subordination structure that existed THEN. It was like a big empire having its autonomous republics, subjected to central power. Each of these “republics” had its “cabinet council”, and the head of this council was in fact some sort of collegiate head of this autonomy. Besides, the “central organ”, which was located in the capital of this empire, had its “imperial ministries” responsible for their own spheres: defence, culture, science etc. If we take it as some sort of a general model, the covering cherub” was responsible for a certain sphere or “ministry”. In Ezek.28:14the son of the morning” was called a “covering” cherub. The word covering” סכךְ  (sahakh) is mentioned 23 times in the Scriptures, and it has two main meanings:

1. covering block, close, block, seal.

2. form, weave; form by covering.

In regard to the second variant — to form, weave”, there is a corresponding Scripture passage which gives us an illustrative description of this plane:

Ps.139 13 For You formed my inward parts; You weaved (formed) me in my mother’s womb.

Understanding of this word’s interesting planes (and also of all situations the fallen cherub was involved in, which we can find in the Scriptures) can help us see a certain specific activity connected with regulation or, speaking in other terms, with partial covering of Creator’s special glory, connected to His revelations. It was done in order to form right understanding of Almighty’s nature, His will and mysteries of creation step by step and with wisdom, so that it would help to develop in harmony, according to His plan. That was his responsibility and specifics: to give right doses of certain knowledge and revelation of existing creation and its principles, of course, in such amount and form it was revealed to himself. It was important so that everything would develop in harmony, and that there would be no failings, damage or imbalance.

Talent and wisdom in this sphere, imparted in him, — all of that became his main weapon against sons and daughters of the Most High, when guided by his already distorted nature and risen ambitions he urged them to violate appointed order.

The prophetic shadow of what happened THEN was reflected in the way nahash urged Adam and Hava to eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge first, before they ate of the tree of Life. After the right order was violated, a “system failure” occured: Adam and Hava didn’t have enough filling of Life to digest and receive certain knowledge. The commandment to eat of every tree was given first, and if we read the original text further, it becomes clear there was no prohibition to eat from the tree of knowledge, but there was an order to eat of it in a way that wouldn’t make one “die”. It was possible only if they would eat from the tree of Life first.

Balance between Life and Knowledge has always been, is and will be a very important point in the lives of all King’s children. We cannot live without knowledge, because it is written that the soul of fool despises knowledge”. Together with it we know that knowledge in itself puffs up, but love, which is a result of Life’s manifestation, edifies. Also it is said that if anyone loves the Almighty, this one is given knowledge by Him” (1 Cor.8:3).

As we remember, changing the order of the addends should not change the sum. However, if we violate the order of different “technological processes” the result can be very different, which often led to very-very sad and even unfortunate results.

Based on everything mentioned above, we can see and understand that the “covering cherub” has been this creature of high level of power and authority, who was responsible for the sphere of right order of manifestation of Creator’s glory, for right and harmonious combination of Life and Knowledge; so that it wouldn’t harm but increase wisdom and knowledge of the Most High and His creation. This sphere was his main responsibility: “… I established you…” (Ezek.28:14).

In some translations of Ezek.28:13 one can read that there were some brass and percussion instruments somehow built into the “covering cherub”:

Ezek.28 13with gold. The workmanship of timbrels and pipes in you (“BAKH” — female gender: vocalization indicates fem.gen.) Was prepared for you on the day you were created.

In relation to some words translated here with “musical inclination”, many translators argue because certain part of Tanakh’s words is still not restored unambiguously; that is a real reflection of the fact, that not all revelations appointed for us have been restored by this moment, and all of it is still in process. In spite of that, there are ample reasons for such translations, while these words themselves and their root letters have the corresponding meaning and it does not contradicts the context.

Praise and worship were not a direct responsibility sphere of the “son of the morning”, although he was a pro in this area. But, of course, he wasn’t the only one. However, these musical abilities and “instruments” built in him helped him to better understand the harmony of Creator’s divine nature through experiencing the movement of the Holy Spirit. It was necessary so he could perform his main task with quality, rightly and carefully regulating the transfer measure of the entrusted revelations to the children of the Almighty. It was important not only related to some personal level in the life of every son and daughter of the King, but also related to regulating development pace and dynamics of all Earthly worlds for their correct interaction.

In some sense, even a bit jokingly, one can call the “son of the morning” a “minister of the ninth level”. Do you recall all those tales of the evil vizier — sultan’s advisor, who wanted to be like him and steal the power from his children? “Vizier of the ninth level” 🙂 … All those tales didn’t come from nothing: the entire spiritual realm is filled with them.

The amount and specifics of stones in cherub’s clothing was a confirmation of his status. The original text says that all nine stones, listed there together with gold, which is a metal (serving mostly as stone setting) and a symbol of divinity, were fastened to his clothes, but the musical instruments — tambourines and flutes — were built in himself.

Nine fruits and restoration of the stolen

Unfortunately, “the ancient serpent” with “his tail drew a third of the stars”…  In fact, for a while he managed to fulfill his plans in some degree. Those sons of the Almighty which were Watchers over their worlds and presided over their Councils, followed the lead of “son of the morning” and bowing down to his plans were in fact dependant on him, opening their worlds for the power of sin of this “ancient serpent”. They opened the worlds, where they had highest power at that time for the influence of sin virus. By doing that they actually gave the “covering cherub” an authority of a “Watcher” over these worlds. We can see this “capture model” replayed prophetically in Adam’s example in chapter 3 of Genesis. In spite of the fact that Adam remained a patriarch of all people, he was deprived of the glory he had, and through it his power over the existing world started to diminish, and he and his wife had been banished from the “mission control center” — the Garden of Eden. Once the fallen cherub said to Yeshua:

Lk.4 5 Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the inhabited world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

 Because of disobedience and choosing to follow an “alternative path”, Adam lost the glory he had, and delivered all of his authority to nahash. Prophetically, sons of the Almighty had done the same thing being the Watchers of the worlds THEN. Only because Adam passed over all rights to this world, the fallen cherub got the authority and opportunity to come “to report” before Him together with other sons of the Most High:

Job 16 Now there was a day when the sons of the Most High (bney Elohim) came to present themselves before Yahweh, and Satan also came among them.

Job 21 Again there was a day when the sons of the Most High (bney Elohim) came to present themselves before Yahweh, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord.

These passages describe the fallen cherub’s coming before the Almighty with a world report, where the “Testing Ground” is taking place now and for which he became temporarily responsible by deceiving Adam and Hava. The wicked dream fulfilled: the fallen cherub managed to get into the circle of the Almighty’s sons. For a while he was able to place his throne above some of the stars, which were in fact sons of the King whom he was able to tempt and deceive.

One of the planes of understanding the nine stones fastened to the clothes of the former covering and forming cherub” was the following. All gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit were originally imparted into everyone in a certain “amount”, as fundamental; but everyone had their own “specialization” of some sort. Further on, the gifts, as precious stones, had to be cut and polished accordingly, and the fruits were supposed to be multiplied. These two processes were initially interconnected and synchronized. The general amount of stones corresponded to amount of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and it wasn’t some strictly limited gift, but rather some formed qualities of divine character, releasing Creator’s glory.

Although at some point the stones were fastened to the clothes of this cherub, the glory they symbolized was not the same all the time; it changed depending on the state and level of some or other fruit of the Spirit, which defined the corresponding character feature and soul qualities as a whole.

It was allowed for the Watchers, who were initially deceived by this cherub, to be of the same amount as the stones he had in his clothes. Related to that I had a certain understanding in the process of getting all these revelations. Notwithstanding all his mastery of manipulation and deception, the “son of the morning” was supposed to have definite acquired divine qualities, which were a necessary condition and a “tool”, so those he tried to influence could see real manifestation of Creator’s glory, behind which intrigues and ambitions already started to form. We do remember the fallen cherub can come as the “Angel of light”. The “son of the morning” had really manifested fruits of the Spirit at that point, which were formed during a long period of his ministry, and we remember that the Scripture teaches us to know someone by their fruits”. In this area the “son of the morning” had a certain “potential”, which he used to deceive and tempt the sons and daughters of the Almighty, through whom he got access to desired authority. These acquired qualities have become some “screen” masking his ambitions, and using that he could pour in the poison of doubts, false thoughts and ideas for a while, fueling their ambitions and suggesting to “think over the alternative ways”: maybe he didn’t use these exact expressions, but they were somewhere along these lines. All of that we can see through the context of the Scriptures. Figuratively speaking, this “ninth level vizier” initiated the sin virus spread through which he actually got authority over these nine worlds, bending them to his will. He used this as some “earthly platform” or “base” to organize universal rebellion, which was formally launched against the “faithful”, but in fact against the Creator, to fulfill his own ambitions. Technically, those “Nine Irreconcilables” remained heads of their worlds but their actions and commitments allowed the fallen cherub to get access to maximum influence and actual government.

Important part in all that was that after a certain division many ministering spirits and different beings followed the lead of the fallen cherub. In fact, he became a head of a huge army which included many sons and daughters of the Almighty as well, admitting his power over them in this opposition. Many of Almighty’s children, who sided with the fallen, didn’t just “dislike” this cherub, they actually hated him, although they were afraid of his personal might, cunning and serious “resource potential”. Many of the fallen sons of the Almighty were not inferior or maybe only slightly inferior to the fallen cherub in potential and abilities, however, they never accepted his personal authority over them, while they still had to consider him, showing him due respect as a partner in this opposition.

Nine fruits of the Spirit, nine divine qualities — one for “each situation”. I think it is just a symbol, however, it is a very significant one, showing that potential of acquired qualities can act for a long period of time even when its carrier is separated from the Most High, and unfortunately, it can be an instrument for seduction of those, who see it as a sign of authority and influence. We have a lot of such examples in our lives.

As a “prophetic shadow” it was reflected in nine nations — descendants of Cnaan, who seized the “Promised land” becoming oath-breakers of the agreement between three brothers: Shem, Ham and Japhet. According to their agreement, what we understand now as the “Promised land” was given to the descendants of Shem by lot and given oath. The confirmation to that we see in words of Joseph, who said that he was stolen away from the land of the Hebrews”, answering the question where he came from when he got into Egyptian slavery. “The land of the Hebrews” is the land of descendants of Heber, who was Shem’s grandson.

In fact, Israel was restoring “historical justice” returning the land which belonged them by right on the basis of the fathers’ covenant. By this time this entire land was filled with tares because of idolatry, and it makes clear why Israel was commanded to annihilate all peoples, who had taken what wasn’t theirs. It was a prophetic act which prophesied restoration and redemption of these nine worlds, deceived and captured by the “son of the morning”. Regarding tares Yeshua once said that every plant that was not planted by the Heavenly Father is going to be rooted out. In those times Israel was fulfilling this commandment by returning the Promised land.

The council of nine

Number 9 in Hebrew is expressed by letter TET ט — the figurative meaning of which is “unsteady place, swamp” or “snake in a basket”. Considering all of the above, one can understand how deep is this definition, having both spiritual and historical background.

There are such notions as Union of nine strangers”, “Union of Nine”, “Council of Nine”, “Nine Unknown” and many other similar things connected to some nine persons In our world and in our history. There is not much information in books or even Internet about it, however, there is some. Even the abstracts of it show that all of this is some prophetic shadow of what happened long ago, while everything visible came from the invisible. As I personally see and understand it, all these “prophetic shadows and flashes” are nothing else but, first of all, prophetic reflections of what occurred THEN. A portion of it, as I believe, was revealed to me and I shared it in part 9, which speaks of some events related to the “Union of Nine Irreconcilables”. Another aspect of this matter is going to be shared in the last 17th part, while it is connected to the presently acting structure of darkness, where all those nine persons, called world rulers in the letter to Ephesians, are present.

I want to give you a short list of the major points, found in different interpretation in the media space.

Council of nine — mythical (?) organization, allegedly exercising constant monitoring of scientific and research activity in the world, with a purpose to prevent developing and implementation of inventions, able to bring annihilation of humanity. One of the legends say that it was established after the Great battle on Kuru field (Kurukshetra), in which according to the witness of Mahabkhatrata the “weapon of gods” was used, similar to modern nuclear and chemical weapons by its killability.

One of the legends say when in III A.D. Emperor Ashoka has seen the battlefield, he understood that humanity can destroy itself, if it has a necessary weapon. The King gathered together nine wise men and established a “Council of nine”, with an aim to do one’s best to prevent technological development of mankind.

The legend also says the best scientists, mages, astrologists and philosophers were gathered with a purpose to continue their researches without publishing their results. Such group of researchers could be useful to increase one’s opportunities and influence, but the main purpose of the Council of nine was to prevent implementation and even creation of  inventions, knowledge and findings, able to bring humanity to the next level of knowledge. The activity results of the Council of nine are often found in history in killing of scientists, able to bring science onto a new level, after which their researches vanished.

Nine unknown” is just a tip of entire society, having a lot of representative in the whole world. The legend says that Council of nine have gotten hold of the books, perhaps ones from Atlantis, and there were nine books. Each book contained knowledge from a certain area of science, which is even greater than one we have now. The legend also says every of the Nine was given one book to guard it and prevent the leakage of knowledge from it. It was also stated that the society itself used the knowledge from these books, and in large part because of this knowledge it reached such influence and opportunities.

First book tells about crowd psychology and influencing the human masses. It is considered to be the most dangerous among those nine books, while it helps to control the entire world.

Second book is dedicated to nerve system. This book contains the information on  different ways of killing. It describes the details of how to control the stream of nerve currents, how to kill and revive a person with one touch. It is considered that the martial arts appeared due to leakage of information from this book. It is rumored that one Tibet Monk returned from a far journey and taught his fellow comrades the first fifteen movements.

Third book is dedicated to micro and macro biology.

Fourth book contains knowledge of chemistry. It describes interconversion and transmutation of metalls.

Fifth book speaks of earthly and outer-earthly ways of communication.

Sixth book is the book of the Council of Nine and is dedicated to gravitation.

Some years ago some Sanskrit documents were found in Tibet (in Lhasa), and they were sent to Chandigarh University for translation. Dr. Ruth Reina of this University stated that these documents contain instructions on how to build some apparatuses, very much like “spaceships”. Their way of transportation was “antigravitational” and was based on a system much like unknown power of “I” used in “lagkhim” existing in human psychic, “a centrifugal force, enough to overcome all gravitational attraction”. According to Hindu Yoga’ teaching, this “lagkhima” allows people to levitate. It also describes possible flight to the Moon. These ships are called “vimans”. Perhaps, these were abstracts from this very book.

Seventh book talks about such phenomenon as light — sunlight, electric light and light of other kinds.

Eighth book contains information on cosmogony and laws of universal development.

Ninth book is dedicated to sociology and tells of laws of societal evolution. It allows to foresee rise, development stages and demise of societies.

Big Nine gods of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt’s lore tells this country was established by “nine white gods, coming from the North”. I’m not going to mention these gods here, while I don’t want to speak of the names of those, used in idolatry.

Mystery of the Nine Unknown. Nobody can say for sure, when and which nations got the legend of Nine Unknown — mysterious keepers of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Some researches see this legend as a reflection of destiny of heirs of Nine Kings on the suburbs of legendary Atlantis once serving the first king, called “Atlas”. It was this person, who seemed to be one of the first descendants of those  Almighty’s sons who sinned with earthly women.

Tolkien’s works highlight nine Nazguls-Ulairs, an unusual union of “nine immortals, dressed in grave dust”. According to his version, they were first descendants of bordering lands’ ancient rulers, once subjected to Great Numenor; with Numenor being a fantastic reflection of legendary Atlantis, which Tolkien never tried to hide. Atlantis was part of the world before Noah’s flood, which had a developed civilization of nephilims (fallen) being hybrids with changed DNA — the descendants of the Almighty’s sons, receiving knowledge and high technology from their fathers, which they knew.

I’d like to make a note on the “sixth book” mentioned earlier, describing the matter of “gravitation” and rather its control for levitation. Actually, according to Holy Scripture’s principle, it is something called the power of galgal”. In the Scripture in Dan.7:9 we can see there are fiery galgals before the throne of the Most High, which are translated with the funny word “wheels”:

Dan.7 9His throne was a fiery flame, Its galgals a burning fire.

Galgals are some “fiery swirls”, if we can translate it this way, and they are a principle and some tool, with the help of which the Almighty created the existing world, first of all, on its micro-level, forming something called “elementary particles”. Controlling this “power of galgals” in some part helps to control something we call “gravitation power”, to levitate and to fly without propeller, reactive and other engines, that we know.

Beginning and ending

Our world, in which we are going through the “spiritual quarantine” now, is “our” only to some extent, while this world contains everyone who lived in Heavens and in all of the 70 worlds. This world we call “earth” is in fact one of 70 worlds, where the common “Final Testing Ground” was organized, and it is one of those nine worlds, which was more than any other touched by THAT war. There is an understanding that our present world, one we call “earth” — adama in Hebrew, has become the center of rebellion, some “firstborn”, who has given in to temptation of the “ancient serpent”. All other eight worlds grouped around it, creating so-called Union of Nine Irreconcilables”. And we remember this Scripture passage:

Rom.5 20But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…

The original text has an adverb οũ (gu): where; which is connected to geographic and spatial point, not with time.

It is in that place, in that world which suffered of the action of sin most of all that the “spiritual quarantine” took place. The first stone in Hoshen was this odem — serdolik or ruby, which had the name of the eldest son Ruven engraved on it; he was deprived of his firstborn status due to a known reason. Earth — אֲדָמָה adama — is a cognate word with this stone — אֹדֶם  odem.

Everything is supposed to end there, where it first started in the earthly world: Yeshua destroyed sin with His death and resurrection where it first started. He came into an earthly world, took an earthly form and lived according to earthly laws to reopen this closed door to Heavens, to the House of our Heavenly Father.

Part 12

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