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“Divine design”. Heavenly “brotherly generations”, families and “generations of times”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 13

Beginning     Part 12


Parts 1 through 3 were in some sense a “spiritual construction pit”, some platform, cleaned and deepened, to make a right foundation. Parts 4 through 8 were some “basis”, and the foundation for a general understanding of this entire biblical concept. Parts 9 through 12 helped to build it to a certain level which in fact is a major THEORETICAL basis before entering a new practical sphere where we realize our calling, placed in us by the Heavenly Father. Parts starting with this one through the final 17th part continue to expand the understanding of our calling’s peculiar features and also many other future events, revealing their deep background. It will also arm us with understanding of ways through which we can get the Living Word — dawar (rhema) — of the Almighty’s Spirit, so that it wouldn’t be afflicted one, tossed with tempest, and not comforted”, but to let the Most High «lay your stones with colorful gems, and lay your foundations with sapphires” (Is.54:11).

This part is an important piece helping to understand the entire “Testing Ground” topic, expanding and deepening our picture of THOSE days’ events of ancient past, and also revealing the essence of our personal calling through it. It is directly connected with that glory, which our Heavenly Father initially placed in us when we were born, when He breathed our Heavenly soul — Neshama — into our glorified body.

Of course, to speak about such things one has to have a revelation from above and that’s what we’re talking about here. One can argue a lot about the things which we cannot “touch or feel”, which we cannot prove 100% by “logical conclusions” and facts, but isn’t that the main point of revelations as such? People, who have heard something and who know something about the Most High God can be confused and led astray in spite of their measure of knowledge of the Scriptures. But it’s hard to do it to those who know Him personally. Personal communication, experience of the Heavenly Father and His Spirit is a necessary foundation to get a confirmation of what we hear and see in the spiritual world and also of things that are revealed to us directly through His Word.

One has to have at least two witnesses to what is true. One of them is the Word of the Scriptures, and the second one is the confirmation of the Heavenly Father’s Spirit. Regarding this “first witness”, with God’s help I tried to “bring him too”, and regarding the “second witness” — it is a responsibility of everyone, who wants to know the Truth. That’s why let everyone who knows Him get a confirmation from Him about everything that is true and everything that is from Him.

At a certain level of prayers and meditation about this topic, I got very interested in the question, how it used to be “IN THE BEGINNING”: like who was first, was it some kind of a “Heavenly Adam” or he wasn’t the only one, were there a lot of them at once, and things like that. When such questions started to come to my head, as a curious son of my Heavenly Father I began to ask HIm these questions, realizing that I won’t get them all answered at once and in full, but on the other hand, He said it Himself, that many people don’t have because they don’t ask. That’s why all I could do is just move in that direction: pray, meditate, study the Word in guidance of the Holy Spirit, getting new pieces of the revelation, after which I could get an answer to my main question. Considering the difficulty and depth of this matter, this approach is the main one. Gradually, small portions of revelation started to “pile up”, pieces started to come together, and rather quickly a moment came when the revelation of “how it all started” began to open up in detail.

Also there are two important things connected to all that. At some point when this entire topic was revealed rather deep, and I worked on the previous parts of this book, I got a rather profound revelation and understanding that certain important moments and details of this topic that the Almighty entrusted to me to reveal, were connected not only with my inquisitiveness etc., but with His Providence, which is a manifestation of His Divine will. It wasn’t just a “blessing” but first of all a “responsibility”, which He gives and for which He is going to ask of me. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have such understanding before, but I got the depth of understanding the responsibility for everything I was revealed, because it wasn’t a matter of satisfying my idle curiosity, but something extremely serious and important in the life of the King’s people. The revelation was that the revealing of our “Heavenly roots” and understanding of the origins of what happened THEN is His perfect will and a part of His plan to manifest the sons and daughters of the Almighty in HIs glory before Yeshua the Messiah returns.

The second point was that the Almighty works in us, as it is written, both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Phil.2:13). Of course, not always and not in everybody, due to understandable reasons, but it happens in the lives of those who have maximum dedication to Him, trying to live in the fullness of His will, to fulfill the calling of their lives. Although it is a constant process in which we are living our whole lives, the principle described in the above mentioned verse is a hint in which direction the Father tries to lead us and which spheres He’s trying to open for us.

Images and shadows

Im going to go straight to the point. The major principle to understand the matter of images and shadows” is that Israel is a prophetic imprint of some events which happened THEN. Both Israel itself and everything that happened to it starting from the times of Abraham up to the present days, and all of that is a prophetic shadow of some Persons and some events these Persons were engaged in THEN. THEN is from the moment when the foundations of the earth were yet established (Job 38:1-8) up until the time when destruction of the former world reached its peak, which is described in Gen.1:2, saying that the earth has become devastated and empty: tohu wa bohu; we have dedicated the entire second part of the book to it.

1 Cor.10 11 Now all these things happened to them as imprint/image/example, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the worlds/ages have come together.

In Heb.8:5 it is said that ministry in Mishkan (Tabernacle) and the Temple is a shadow of Heavenly” ministry orshadow of those living in Heavens”, as it is written in the original text:

Heb.8 5 which minister to imprint/reflect and shadow of the Heavenly (orliving in Heavens”)…

Do you remember the verse in the Scriptures that compares our life here with a shadow?

1 Chron.29 15 For we are strangers and pilgrims before You, as were all our fathers; our days on this earth are as a shadow, and there’s no solid assurance (assurance in being gathered [to You]).

HERE on this earth, in this world we are a SHADOW, an imprint of the Heavenly, that is, our own selves, whose days HERE are as shadow. And kohens or priests, as it is written, have ministered and keep ministering to US, who are the imprint, reflection or a shadow of the Heavenly.

I’ll try to “paint” another image, as I’ve seen and see in the spiritual world for a more illustrative example. If Israel is a prophetic shadow, then a prophetic shadow of WHO or WHAT? The Light which is the Most High Himself and His Truth, is illuminating the Heavenly and Earthly Persons, His creation and also everything that happened THEN. It was projected into our world, which was in some way restored after total destruction. This prophetic light of the Almighty, described in Gen.1:3 — “let there be light”, this light illuminated those major events which had happened in Gen.1:1-2. With the help of this (in a sense) “historic” light of the Most High, through those “prophetic shadows” of Israel, the peoples and creation in general, we can discern some major events, which happened THEN with the help of His Spirit.

Twelve Heavenly generations

When I focused my attention on whether one “Heavenly Adam” was first or there were a number of them, the Heavenly Father showed me, answering this question, that the earthly Adam was in this case a reflection of the “Last Adam”, who is our Messiah Yeshua. It was through Him that everything was made”, as it is written in Jh.1:1-3. Then He directed my attention to the twelve sons of Israel, explaining that all of them were brothers, born of one father accordingly, but in different times. Then as it is written, when those brothers got older, they got wives and then they started to get children. Further on He showed me that twelve brothers, sons of Israel, are an image of twelve “brotherly generations” of Heavenly sons of the Most High.

How long were those time periods between their respective births, and what did the current of time look like THEN is a different matter, which is not essential for understanding our topic of discussion. If we consider the history of these brothers’ births, we can see that except for the last one — Benjamin, all of them were born practically one by one, and considering that there were in fact “four mothers» giving birth to them, the time periods between their coming into this world have been almost minimal. Eleven brothers were born rather “compactly” in the space of almost seven years. Benjamin was born a bit later than everyone else, but also not by too great a margin: in about seven years after Joseph, when the whole family already left their kind uncle Laban and got into Cnaan’s land, which was appointed for their life and the life of their descendants. Benjamin’s birth being a bit further off is an interesting point in the context of the “Testing Ground», but we’re going to return to it later.

THEN, at times of Gen.1:1, the sons of the first eleven generations were born consequently, and the difference in their age was not very big according to the Heavenly measure. The last twelfth generation appeared a bit later, and its appearance has become the symbol of certain coming events in the lives of others and forbode some important event in the future that we’re going to discuss later. However, how many brothers were born in every generation: one, seven, twelve, one hundred and twenty or what? Let’s analyze another important piece.

Seventy clans

The key point of this section is the Scripture passage that we have already discussed in the previous part. Let’s review it:

Deut.32 8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel* [*In Septuagint: according to the number of Angels of God].

The topic of 70 nations and 70 worlds have been analyzed in part nine, and if some of you forgot what we were talking about, I recommend to review that part again to have a better understanding of this one. This section has a second important “bridging” verse:

Ex.1 5 All souls born of Jacob’s loins were seventy persons, for Joseph was in Egypt already.

This verse is important also for the time when it was mentioned. It was mentioned right at the moment of their “descent” from their Promised Land into Egypt, i.e., “into the nations” which this Egypt symbolized. Prophetically, sons of Israel’s descent into Egypt reflected the “descent” of Heavenly sons of the Almighty into 70 words, created and prepared for that. The original has this very word “descended”. Seventy “Heavenly teams” — one for each world according to the will of the Heavenly Father — were “sent on a mission” into Earthly worlds to their Earthly brothers and sisters. Their goal was organizing management, training and establishing cooperation of worlds with each other, gradually letting the Earthly sons and daughters of the Almighty manage their worlds. As it is written in the letter to Galatians, chapter 4, “the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all”. That’s why the heirs of all 70 worlds were given “guardians”, sent by the Heavenly Father till the appointed time.

Heavenly sons of the Most High and their partners from all 12 generations were formed into correspondent teams. They were not alone, they already had children and so on. Just as Israel, when he was entering Egypt, as a prophetic shadow of those events.

Initially, like with Adam, the Heavenly Father gave birth to 70 sons through Yeshua, His Living Word. These sons were the first generation, and the reflection of that was Ruven. It was done on the assumption that in a due time 70 “Heavenly teams” must be simultaneously formed and prepared. After the birth of the first 70 sons, which became the “second generation”, symbolized by the second son Shimon. And so on. At some point they and FROM them their Heavenly partners started to appear: it was like the situation that we observe with Adam and Hava.

In fact, those first 70 sons from every generation, of whom their clans took origin, were the ones forming some “Heavenly Sanhedrins (Councils)” of their generations. Oftentimes those first sons, born directly by the Heavenly Father in all generations were called “the first”, “of the first” together with their Heavenly partners. Adam became their prophetic shadow. First Heavenly partners also appeared in a unique manner — directly from their husbands, like Hava. Further on all the rest of them were born in a manner we all know, in pairs.

From their very birth this twin couple was appointed by the Heavenly Father to become husband and wife, entering the fullness of the personal Covenant. All their childhood and teenage years they were preparing themselves for that. As they were reaching some fullness of their physical, mental and spiritual age, they were entering into a personal Covenant in a sacramental setting, to become Husband and Wife in eternity. Before that moment they were committed to each other, and the time of personal Covenant was different for every couple, depending on their individuality. Upon entering into that Covenant, they were becoming husband and wife and could be joined together into one glorified physical body, which is described by Hebrew word EHAD, and that’s depicted in the end of the second chapter.

Bereshit 2 24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be glued to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (ehad).

Right now during our “Testing” it is impossible, while we have no glorified physical bodies, but bodies “weakened by sin”, as it is written, with only physical reproduction available to us.

It is written that it is the HUSBAND אִישׁ (ISH) who is going to be glued to his wife אִשָּׁה (ISHA), which means some spiritually grown, important and significant person, so to say, a Man with the capital letter. The Scripture used this word for Angels as Heavenly messengers. Just some being of the male gender is denoted by another word זָכָר (zahar), and of the female — נְקֵבָה (nekeva). It is a hint for us that only persons who reached a certain spiritual age could enter into a personal union of the husband and wife. And there is a confirmation to that while Gen.1:27 says that the Almighty created zahar and nekeva, but only a man having ish status can be “glued” to his wife — isha: Gen.2:24.

However, even upon entering this personal Covenant as husband and wife the Heavenly partners had to know each other for a long period of time as individuals, getting maximum spiritual and soul intimacy and growing in the fruits of the Father’s Spirit before they could have children. It was necessary so the level of their knowledge of each other and their level of unity would be maximum.

You might remember such phrases from the Scriptures that flesh and blood do not inherit the Kingdom of the Most High”. There is no such blood as we have now in Heavens, in glorified bodies. The bodies there are filled, saturated with some manifested glory of a “special thickness”, so to say. Whether it flows through some “veins and vessels”, or just covers the body with regular waves — I don’t have a revelation on that yet, but it is a “technical” issue which doesn’t influence the understanding of the topic. Birth labor there goes quickly and painlessly. Mothers nurture their babies not with breastmilk, but with a special liquid, saturated with My glory”, as I believe the Almighty showed me. The wives, “Eternal partners” of their husbands, have two breasts (I beg your pardon for such naturalistic specification) to feed their twin babies simultaneously.

The Scripture often says that some man gave birth to some and some. THEN, when a wife was pregnant, she didn’t experience such pains and such “sufferings” as now. In spite of that she did experience certain levels of discomfort, which, however, cannot be compared to those women have now. In spite of the wife being pregnant, a husband continued to be joined into one glorified body with her in this state for the purpose of support up to the moment of labor. This way he had experienced both his wife and both of his children. Therefore, the phrase “we are pregnant” used to have not only figurative but also literal meaning THEN.

Joining into one glorified body wasn’t and isn’t something that intimate, as for example, a moment of intimacy when conceiving a child, so being joined into one glorified body a husband and wife could both stand before the throne of the Most High and also be together alone. The wife was somewhat “dissolved” in her husband, while the husband was always a little bigger. To others this joined couple looked like one person, a man, but by the special manifestation of glory that he had at that moment it was evident that it was a couple joined together. At that moment they heard, felt and experienced everything in unity. Like when the Most High speaks about Himself in the Scripture, “We (pl.) said (sg.), We (pl.) did (sg.)”, and we are His children and we are in His image.

Wells and dates

As for “brotherly generations”, initially there was a “Heavenly model” created that was supposed to be realized in the Earthly worlds. It was connected with the glory of the Most High, which was imparted in every son and daughter at birth. This glory of the King of kings was a source imparted into all of His children, serving to reveal the fullness of their talents and develop their abilities in our big FAMILY, to build up the Father’s House and manage the created world.

From tradition we know that Adam and Hava had 52 children or 26 pairs of twins: a boy and a girl. Born together THEN, they were initially predestined to be each other’s Eternal partners, so up to the moment of their spiritual maturity they were preparing for that. Sin left its dreadful mark on the perfect plan, that’s why in the Scripture we cannot clearly see the reflection of 12 sons in the life of Adam and Hava, as some image of 12 “brotherly generations». From Adam till Noah there were only 10 generations. Noah’s life has become some sort of “divider between “two worlds», which drew a line between the beginning of a new world and its almost full destruction. In this world we can see some hint at partial distortion of the initial pattern. If we take Cain and Avel as two generations, then after one died and another was banished the initial plan of twelve brotherly generations was prophetically somewhat diminished by these two generations: 12-2=10.

If we count according to Septuagint chronology, there were also 10 generations from Shem, Noah’s eldest son, through Terah, Abraham’s father. Masoretic distorted and edited variant lacks Arphaksad’s son Kainan, who was the father of Shelah (Salah). It was done on purpose after the Second Temple was destroyed by the scribes under the leadership of the last high priest Johanan ben Zacchai; he was a wicked men who rejected Yeshua as a true Messiah and King of Israel, and made a deal with Roman authorities, who let him open his academy in Javna. One of his disciples, Akiva, also took a serious part in this evil deed. In 131 A.D. he proclaimed some bar Kosiba as the “messiah” of Israel, “a son of lies”, whom he gave a new name “bar Kokhba» (“son of the star”). This deceiver and false messiah died a death pertaining to such a person: he was bitten by a snake when hiding from the Roman’s siege in a fortress called Beytar. Because of deception, which came through these people, a great number of Jews died, including women, children and old people… As it is written, you shall know them by their fruits…

They erased one of the patriarchs on purpose, so that they could hide an important prophetic hint pointing at Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. The point is, it was Yitzhak as Abraham’s son, who has been a 22nd patriarch starting from Adam. Hebrew language has 22 letters and the last of them is TAV, which had a form of a cross in its original Hebrew depiction. Prophetic connection between Yitzhak who was put on the altar and who was a patriarch of the letter TAV, that is 22nd in order, and Yeshua, Who died on the “letter TAV”, that is on the cross, was very evident.

So, 10 generations from Adam through Noah, and also 10 generations from Shem, Noah’s son through Terah, Abraham’s father. We see that it is repeated twice before Abraham, according to the principle of two witnesses. From Abraham the restoration process of the “12” principle already starts, finding its conclusion in the sons of Jaacob-Israel.

As for “70 clans”, to figure out this matter one has to notice where the number “70” is used in the Scriptures. 70 is a number of elders, heads of clans in Israel, the members of the Council, and further on the Sanhedrin — “the men of the Great Assembly”. All those seventy were honorable men with great experience, head of their respective clans. They have become a prophetic reflection of 70 sons of the Almighty: “first” of every 12 brotherly generations.

Ex.15 27 Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters.

This interesting place was called elim”, what in Hebrew language of Tanakh has a meaning of some “threshold”:

אֵילִם elim: hall, threshold, porch.

There is an interesting word combination which has an essential relation to this word:

בְּנֵי אֵלִים bney Elim: sons of the Most High.

Elim — the same letters but in a different combination, nevertheless, the prononciation and the essence are the same: sons of the Almighty are the “threshold” to Almighty Himself. And they are also an essential reflection of His image. That’s why we see a prophetic hint in this passage, mentioning both 12 and 70 in the same place. Twelve wells of water is an image of 12 brotherly generations. Roughly, 12 wells for 12 tribes. These wells are an image of 12 special flows of glory of the Almighty’s Spirit in every generation, which finds its prophetic confirmation in 12 stones of the High Priest’s Hoshen.

Preparation of the Earthly worlds

After the moment when 70 sons were born in all 12 generations, the Almighty started to create and form earth, that is the Earthly worlds:

Job 38 4 Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if you have understanding. 5 Who has defined the measures thereof, if you know? or who has stretched the measuring line (fig. — “defined the rules”) upon it? 6 Whereupon are the foundations of it fastened? or who laid the cornerstone thereof; 7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God (bney Elohim) shouted for joy?

By the moment Almighty started to form the whole “earthly construction” of 70 worlds, fastening its foundations and cornerstones on which it stood, the “First” of all twelve “brotherly generations” have already been born: each son for every world, 70 sons in all 12 “brotherly generations”; 840 in total.

All 70 worlds were created simultaneously, and its formation and preparation for habitation was done at the same time, which presupposed simultaneous appearance of “Heavenly teams” in them to help organize the process. All 70 worlds were different. Each world had its unique features, both geographically and in their fauna and flora. Some things were slightly different, but some were absolutely unique. They had their own specifics in terms of certain minerals and other “peculiarities”. Remember an episode from Bereshit, chapter 2 (2:11-12), which describes a “good” gold, shoham stone (onyx) and also a special fragrant oil (bdellium). From the moment of creation of the Earthly worlds, the children of the Almighty took a part in this process. First they were just spectators, then they took an active part according to Heavenly Father’s education program.

All these “First” 840 sons together with their Heavenly partners became the heads of those Heavenly clans, giving origin to all family and genealogical trees (every family tree” Eph. 3:15); we have already touched upon this subject in part ten. They were the ancestors of everyone else, who have ever been born in Heavens among the children of the Almighty. As for “time generations”, i.e., how many generations of descendants there were: “children”, “grandchildren”, “great grandchildren” etc., we’re going to dive into that later.

Everyone who was “sent on a mission” to the Earthly worlds had their houses in Heavens and their temporary houses in these Earthly worlds; they could stay in any of these places depending on their mission needs, and also on the number of other special personal factors. They didn’t have any problem with quick transportation THEN, while long distances have not been a problem. When necessary, they could get from one place to another in a very short amount of time. That was so BEFORE the start of THAT war — “The Great War of the Worlds” as it was later called.

So, at a certain moment after creation of those 70 Earthly worlds, prepared for habitation, all “Heavenly teams” were commissioned into their appointed worlds. When the first Earthly sons and daughters — first “Adams and Havas” appeared in these worlds, the main training phase began. All of them were trained, those who came and those to whom they came.

Glory of the sons of Israel

We know that all children are unique in some way or another, they all carry some special part of their Heavenly Papa, reflecting His glory. There are those who are similar, but there are no copies. This special uniqueness had some initially prepared “basis” for that, which set apart those who were born in each generation. We see that there are special prophetic blessings and definitions which were given to the sons of Israel as heads of their tribes. We can read it in Bereshit, chapter 49 and also in Dwarim (Deuteronomy), chapter 33. In the first case father Jaacob said it over his sons before his death, and in the second one it was said by Moshe to the tribes of Israel before they’ve entered the Promised land. In both cases it wasn’t just a good wish of good people; it was done by inspiration of the Spirit of the Most High.

The High Kohen or the High Priest had an interesting object — Hoshen, known in wide circles as the “breastplate”. It was made twofold, from a very strong fabric woven from five threads of different color and structure (Ex.28). Hoshen had special cells on the inside into which 12 precious stones were set; each of these stones had names of the sons of Israel engraved on them by the intaglia method. This engraving method implied that the letters of their names were prominent, as on a stamp. That is, the corresponding names of the sons of Israel were symbolically “raising” from the glory presented by this or that stone. According to this prophetic image, the Heavenly Father divided the part of His glory into, let’s say, 12 parts through Yeshua, Who is His Living Word and a precious stone (Is. 28:16), distributing it between His sons — “brotherly generations” of His children, sons and daughters of the King of Heavens.

A stone per se is just a stone, even if it is a precious one. But in this case it is a symbol of the glory, which was imparted at birth of the sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father, and which was a part of their identity and what we’re used to name a “calling”. It was this supernatural glory that created some foundation for uniqueness we see in the prophecies, that we just mentioned. Each type of glory had its own facets and shades, which were revealed in their certain time. No doubt, the quoted passages of the Scripture are just a foundation, while there are other verses that provide us with different prophetic images and symbols, through which we can have a deeper understanding not just of each of these “brotherly generations”’ calling and glory, but also of many other features as well, which are rather individual.

Stones in High Kohen’s Hoshen symbolized a special manifested glory of the Almighty and also everything connected to it — some specific abilities and potential that was supposed to be revealed in eternity. No one has got the maximum of manifested glory, while entering into it was a certain process. Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward” (Phil.3:13) andthose who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern…” (Heb.5:14) — these two Scripture passages show us the principle of revealing glory. Intimacy with the Heavenly Father, entering into the increasing fullness of ministry, growing experience — all of that and some other factors as well defined the speed, depth and fullness of entering into the glory, which was initially imparted into every one.

The glory of the Most High, correlating with this or that stone, was connected not only to different natural and supernatural abilities, but also to some fruits of the Holy Spirit. For those who don’t know, there are 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit that we can find in the Scriptures, which correspond to each of the Hoshen stones, i.e., to the special manifestation of the Almighty’s glory. We can even say that each generation had its own quality or manifestation of the Almighty’s Spirit, that was particularly strong, being expressed in one of His fruits.

Let’s remember one special tree, which is called the Tree of Life in the Scriptures. We can read about it in the first and the last chapters of the Scriptures. The book of Revelation says:

Rev.22 2 In the middle of this street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of Life, which bore twelve fruits, yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Menora, which stood in Mishkan and then in the Temple is an image of the Spirit of the Most High, and also of that tree of Life, yielding 12 different fruits each month. Greek grammar allows us to have two variants of interpretation: one special fruit each month, that is 12 in a year, or 12 fruits each month, that is 144 in a year. According to the context of the Scripture, both variants are possible, therefore you can choose whichever is closer to your spirit :). There is also such understanding that each fruit of the Spirit has 12 facets: 12 shades of flavor, so to say, which are expressed especially when mixed with other fruits. It is like two fruits giving a special flavor.

As for correlation of the stones with the sons of Jaacob-Israel, we have discussed it in part 11, in section “Urim and Thummim” and “Missing stones”. The earthly stones set in Hoshen were just stones having some physical properties, but because they were symbolizing manifested glory of the Almighty, they acquired certain features that go beyond their natural ones. Earthly stones, however valuable, are just a reflection of those real Heavenly stones which were created by the Almighty and which really exist in Heavens, symbolizing a special expression of glory of the King of kings. Hoshen stones we see in the Scriptures are just a reflection of true reality. First Tablets, which Moshe got from Almighty’s hands, were made of Heavenly sapphire stone (sapir — Heb.), of which the footstool of His throne is made (Ex.24:10). Tradition confirms that, telling us that Moshe did break those sapphire Heavenly Tablets when he came down from the mount Sinai, and later their pieces were collected and kept in the Holy of Holies. Sapphire is the fifth stone of Hoshen.

Rev.4:3 describes a rainbow of manifested glory in emerald color over the Throne: it symbolizes the third stone of Hoshen — bareket. It is a stone of Levi or the third Heavenly generation; it comes third in the High Priest’s Hoshen. We remember from the Scriptures that “mercy triumphs over judgement”, and kohens, who were of the Levi’s tribe, are representatives of mercy, while through their intercession and ministry it is being released over the Almighty’s people.

We can take a long time to thoroughly describe every stone, but I want to explain the principle here, quoting some Scripture passages which help to understand these Heavenly realia. You can accept it as my personal testimony: I’ve seen and keep seeing the colors of these stones in my visions, or rather the colors of the glory they symbolize. The colors of this glory are not one-color, they have shades and sometimes they sort of gleam with these shades. As I was shown, and I mentioned it already, glory can have several facets, shades of manifestation, therefore the characteristics of color symbolically reflect that.

Real world of Heavens and spiritual reality as such is much more interesting and exciting than some preachers describe, trying to contemplate things they’ve never seen or heard. It is important to understand that we used to live in that reality, and many of our memories and experiences, our intuitive thoughts have their roots. That’s what this book and this whole message is about. Our Heavenly Father wished to RETURN us to the glory we used to live in before our incarnation here on earth. As with that prodigal son from the parable, who contested the pigs to eat and whom his father gave a ring on his finger when he returned. Ring is not just a symbol of authority, although it is indeed connected to it. It’s just one facet, that has been mentioned.

In reality that ring which we’re going to have put on our hand after we return will have a precious stone denoting that kind of manifested glory of our Heavenly Father, which He imparted in us and which we used to have before our incarnation here on earth. I have a testimony to that: I’ve seen the ring that the Father puts on the right hand of those returning — a ring with a stone symbolizing the glory in which we are going to be returned.

If many children of the Almighty understood that and everything we speak about here, their level of inner motivation and personal faith would grow by several degrees. They would have more trust in their Heavenly Father and more love to those, who have been our FAMILY THEN, but who goes through a difficult time here, and who haven’t been yet able to reconcile with Him from Whom everything is. Then many wouldn’t turn away their faces from some people, repeating that they have made their choice, running to arrange their comfort here, in this perishing world; their priorities would change, and many things would be different.

Glory and authority

In the Scriptures we can often see that the supernatural power is somehow connected to glory, and glory (of any kind) is connected to authority and dominion. We can also often observe that such notions as “scepter”, “rod”, or “scepter of power” are all attributes of authority given from above, symbols of certain rights to rule the kingdoms, peoples etc. Let’s analyze one verse of the Scriptures, where has a lot of different scepters mentioned in it:

Numbers 17 2Speak to the children of Israel, and get from them a rod from each father’s house, all their leaders according to their fathers’ houses—twelve rods. Write each man’s name on his rod.

12 rods of heads of the tribes of Israel are 12 scepters of power, each of them is based on the glory given from above into the spirit, into the spiritual soul of each person. Each of such scepters symbolized certain authority of the leaders of each tribe. In this verse we can see that Moshe was told to write a name of each tribe of Israel, which is prophetically connected to the command to engrave their names on the stones of the High Priest’s Hoshen. The stones and scepters of power are directly connected. Here’s another interesting passage:

1 Kings 7 44 one Sea, and twelve oxen under the Sea.

Sea” has several prophetic meanings. One of them is a glass sea in the center of rakiya — the Heavenly Dome, on which the Throne of the Most High stands. That is, in a certain sense we can say that this “glass sea” is a footstool of this Throne. “Twelve oxen” here are prophetic reflections of twelve tribes of Israel, on which the Almighty establishes His authority and through whom He realizes His rule. Twelve manifestations of glory, twelve different groups of His children, to whom different abilities and gifts are given to have dominion over the created world, to expand and establish their Father’s Kingdom. It also has a facet that if we understand the sea as “peoples and nations, tribes and tongues”, according to Rev.17:15, in that case 12 oxen are an image of 12 tribes of Israel, who are being in the glory of the King of all kings are holding other 70 nations of the earth. Also, it is an image of 12 brotherly generations of Heavenly sons and daughters, who support their brothers and sister from these 70 Earthly worlds.

Facets of glory Hesed and Din

That initial, original glory imparted into every King’s son and daughter’s identity wasn’t “one dimensional”, so to say. It has its own special “frame of references”. In one subspace it has two sides corresponding most of all to Din and Hesed qualities: kindness, mercy, generousness on the one hand and righteous judgement as a foundation of justice on the other. It is a feature present in every generation’s glory to some degree, manifesting accordingly depending on the situation.

It is like mother and father, for example, who both can be merciful, but also strict when necessary. With that, one of them is more into disciplinary talks, declaring the punishment and carrying it out, while the other, although also being able to be strict, specializes in mercy and comfort. Father and mother are both interchangeable when necessary in some sense, but each of them has their predominantly strong qualities.

There is another important aspect which is a “subspace” to the general Hesed and Din dimension, revealing another of their characteristics. It is that the six tribes of Israel were standing on mount Gerizim, pronouncing blessing for obedience, and the other six were standing on mount Ebal, pronouncing righteous judgement for rebellion and disobedience, expressed in certain indecent forms. Here we can see that some tribes were more “wired” to solve military and other extreme issues when they arise. That is, in some cases of emergency, opposition and war the glory of some generations can be manifested in more forms of righteous judgement than in others.

That is why there are different manifestations of glory of the same “brotherly generations”, which in spite of its common basis can be expressed in different ways. I think many of you heard the term “double anointing”, meaning that some ministers can combine, for instance, the “anointing of a pastor and evangelist, a teacher and a prophet”, etc. In the spiritual world it can be facets of glory action, demonstrated by the same stone. For instance, if we take prophecies from the passages quoted above, we can see that the tribe of Levi is connected both with ability to wage war (swords in destructing Shechem and in killing all of the “tares” at the mount Sinai), and with the ability to teach the Scriptures (teach Your Torah…”). The tribe of Asher, for example, is connected with food provision (shall yield royal dainties”) and also with providing protection (Your sandals shall be iron and bronze”). That is, if we put it all very very simply, but I hope it’s enough to understand the essence of action of Hesed and Din qualities within one generation.

Glory of Husband and Wife

The second subspace is two sides — male and female. Let me clarify what I mean by that. According to the Scriptures, Husband and Wife are two sides of one person, and wife was not made of a rib, as some not very accurate translations say, but was pulled out as one of the SIDES of a man, and who was “clothed” into a glorified body which was specifically prepared for her.

The passage describing appearance of a woman contains many different prophetic symbols, meanings and parallels, but in this section I’d like to point out only two of them. The first one was that only when man and woman were together before being divided into two, before Hava was “separated” from “the man Adam”, the Almighty called their state “a man/human”. After they were divided into a man and a woman: “ISH(“husband”), and “ISHA(“wife”), it is not possible to call them human in the full measure already, in that meaning, quality and state in which they were before the moment of separation. The Heavenly Father created a man without asking him, and He also divided a man into male and female without asking them. But as for knowing each other and striving for unity in spirit, soul and body, that had to be their mutual desire and agreement. That kind of unity was of another level and quality than when they were together in one body.

The second aspect is that when Adam has seen a woman the Father brought to him, he said looking at her that she’s bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh”, which is literally true. But it is also true to think that Adam seeing himself “divided into two” said, looking at his “male side”, it is bone of my bone” and looking at his “female side” said, and flesh of my flesh. In that sense it would be evident he was looking into the heart of the matter, seeing the main difference between a man and a woman, something that makes them different in the very core.

A man is in some way like a “bone”. He is firm, goal oriented, stress-resilient, harder and less sensitive to outside influence. He is also often straightforward, guided by the left side of his brain. Men are able to think strategically, they lay down and keep the foundation, the basis. They are more militant, oftentimes they are more pragmatic and material. As a rule they are either very spiritual, or very materialistic, however, very seldom they are “emotional”; it takes a lot of effort for women to move them to be “romantic”. The bones have no nerve endings, that is why men are often less sensitive, and in a worst case even emotionless. A man is more whole from the point of view of achieving their goals, with the exclusion of one goal that a woman is pursuing more vigorously: to find her “second half” and to create a family.

In everything else, all trifles aside, men are way ahead in this matter. Due to their specific wiring, men are more successful in studying and understanding the Word of God, they see logical connections better and find “prophetic hints” quicker.  They are more related to the “ministry of the Word” so to say. They lay the foundation, the basis of the Word and its understanding. It’s not surprising that most preachers, teachers and prophets are men. “Word” in Hebrew is davar, and it is of a male gender. “Table with bread offering” in Kodesh (Holy Place), symbolizing Yeshua, Who is the “Bread of Life” — all these notions are of a male gender in Hebrew language.

Women are like “flesh”, they are sensitive and “airy”. They are usually guided by the right side of their brain. They have their own “women logic”, they are more intuitive, able to see many details which are often missed by men. Women are more prone to stress, they are soft and often affected by outside influence. They are more attentive to “emotional” issues, more peaceful. They create comfort, coloring the gray shades. They are emotional, romantic, more musical and “dancing”. Due to their “wiring” women are more sensitive to the Spirit, they feel different changes and details more correctly. They are a sort of a “fine tuning”. It is with them we can associate the “ministry of the Spirit”, so to say. Ruach haKadosh — Holy Spirit-ess — Menora in Kadosh (Holy Place): all these notions are of a female gender in Hebrew language.

This list can go on and on, but I hope you’ve grasped the main point. Bone and flesh. It is very symbolic. Of course, every man has something of a woman, and every woman has something of a man in their character. There is no “male” and “female” per se; it is always a mix of both. Undeniably, the sin really affected human nature, distorting a great part of it. Unfortunately, we can often see “feminine men” and “masculine women”, but it wasn’t intended that way from the beginning.

Joining together into one glorified body these Eternal partners, a Husband and Wife, did not only reveal their innermost feelings and experiences to each other but also their thoughts: a complete mutual openness to reach full unity — EHAD in Hebrew. However, their joining together called for another very important aspect that we discuss here. In the moment of their joining together they gave each other access to this specific special glory they had within them for mutual enrichment and growing in it.

Some specifics of generational glory

I want to give several generations as an example of some aspects, connected to the specifics of action of glory they had. Let’s take three generations: second, third and fourth, which are symbolized by Shimon, Levi and Judah respectively. Each of those generations had their own glory, defining their characteristics and calling specifics. I am going to show you the major manifestations of this glory.

Name Shimon (stone pitda in Hebrew; perhaps it was a yellow-green chrysolite) comes from the word SHMA” — to listen. Leah has said so when she gave him this name, “Almighty heard me”. It symbolizes that one of the main qualities and abilities of this generation was the ability to hear and see many things in the spiritual world, to be sensitive to the spiritual world experiences, to something that is hidden. This facet is related to Hesed quality (kindness, mercy). The second quality which was already an expression of Din quality (righteous judgement) is an ability shown in times of necessity: waging war, battle, opposition in its many forms. It was Shimon who initiated and organized revenge for their sister Dinah’s honor. The name Dinah is a female version of the name Dan, and it has the same root as the world Din. Special family relation of Shimon with his sister Dinah prophetically shows the tendency of the second generation to be zealous for their family, which shows this Din quality. It is said about him that his weapons are instruments of cruelty”; the original text of Gen.49:5 says instruments of violence/judgement”, “weapon”: CLEE in Hebrew. According to historical tradition we know that Shimon was the strongest of all the sons of Jaacob physically.

The name Levi (stone bareket; emerald) is connected with the word “companion”, and the verb stem of this word means “to escort, to lead”. The glory of Levi is understanding of the Word, systematic, strategic thinking, ability to see the whole picture, not just its separate fragments, ability to teach others, and also to organize them. Also, it is a quality of maximum commitment in this or that ministry. This generation has a glory connected to waging war and also planning it, in a strategic way as well. It is an ability to become a leader in emergency situations, taking on responsibility and leading the battle when others are not able to do it for some reason. Zeal for the Lord and His House, His Family is the distinguishing characteristic of this very generation. All of that is a manifestation of Din quality. Together with it, Levi’s glory has some manifestation of Hesed quality, and we see it in the ministry of Aaron’s descendants who have become kohens for the entire people.

Levi is an organizer and leader, but it shows especially in emergency situations, when there is a strong outside pressure. In some sense he is the best leader in crisis management. Levi is able to fight for the Truth of the Most High, even if it means going against everybody else. He has a very strong core through his ability of maximum commitment to the Almighty, and one of the strongest potentials to concentrate on what he’s doing. The camp of Levi has been in the center of Israel during their time in the wilderness; it means that Levi had rather stable relationships with all of the tribes and he can be a “link” for others. One of his weaknesses during a certain stage of growth is some susceptibility to influence of the “older ones”, first of all in the emotional sphere, as we can see in their revenge for Dinah, when he followed his brother’s emotions and overstepped the lines of righteous vengeance. There are also other dangerous moments which we observe in the examples of Korah, and also Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu.

Name Judah is connected to the stone nofeh. It could have been a heavenly-blue topaz as a manifestation of Hesed quality, or a red-brown carbuncle, as manifestation of Din quality: historical tradition speaks about these two possible variants, which were recorded during the whole Israel period. His name is connected to gratitude and praise. The glory of this generation is such that just like the “Shimon generation” he has an ability to understand many things of the spiritual world, realizing and experiencing Heavenly things more than others. The representatives of this generation are able to take on responsibility for the entire people, to be both systematic and creative and spontaneous, especially in praise and worship. It is their main facet of Hesed quality manifestation. More than almost everyone else, they are able to break through and by doing that, to ascend into high spiritual realms to understand the situation and to wage a successful warfare. They have the potential to concentrate and increase necessary glory to break through an enemy’s defence and to inflict quick and powerful defeat in a short period of time. They can be creative in waging war; and it is already a manifestation of Din quality.

Judah has a gift of management, but it is more connected to government, public administration where leadership and personal vision is important. He is able to use out-of-the-box solutions and oppose the opinion of the crowd. Judah has great potential to wage war, also with an outnumbering enemy. He has a gift for strategic vision of the situation, just as Levi does, and leaders of these two tribes had maximum impact on government and management of the entire Israel.

Despite this or that manifestation of glory is unique, it has been “duplicated” to some degree in the glory of other generations. For example, an ability to teach shows not only in the third generation, presented by the tribe of Levi, but also in the generation, presented by Issachar. Those born in that generation also have an ability to teach, but their specifics and facet in teaching are different. They are usually professionals in expanding and analyzing what has already been revealed, understanding different details and nuances; while those born in the third generation have a greater measure of revelation and understanding of the new things, “untrodden” by others yet, discerning many things from a strategic, global point of view. Through interaction with the glory of the second generation (union of Shimon and Levi) this quality is strongly enhanced.

Another example. The greatest gift of managing and governing in the peaceful time, so to say, was in the eleventh generation, symbolized by the tribe of Joseph (stone shoham; probably onyx). The glory of Joseph spread not only in the entire territory of Egypt but the whole Middle East and part of Africa; it also reached our time. He can organize everything, being somewhat aside, fixing and correcting things from time to time. Joseph has a potential of strong spiritual core, letting him be without somebody’s support for a long while; he also has a gift to see and understand many things in the spiritual realm. “Entrepreneurial affairs organizer”, and also “strategic organizer” — these are two good definitions of his potential.

Generation symbolized by Zebulun is a gift of trade, entrepreneurship in the financial sphere. He has a gift to see far, he’s always ready and able to risk. He’s able to make unordinary actions and to withstand pressure; he’s communicative and open for new things. He has a giver’s gift, supporting those who serve the Almighty.

Each generation of Levi, Judah, Zebulun and Joseph can be an entrepreneur in their life with different degrees of success, for different measures of their gifts and abilities give them this opportunity. However, those, who were born in the generation symbolized by Zebulun have maximum effect in this area. It is their thing. The second place is taken by the one presented by Joseph; and Levi and Judah are in the third place. For them it can be temporary, ad-hoc things during certain stages of life.

About Dan it is said that he is a lion cub, GUR in Hebrew, and about Judah, that he is a lion (ARYE) and a great lion (LAVI) (Gen.49:5). The representatives of these two tribes were appointed by the Most High to build Mishkan, which is an image of our world in miniature. Judah, with all his spontaneity in worship and praise, was rather more substantial, “systematic” and able to take upon himself the responsibility for the entire Israel. Dan was more creative in life, more easy going than others, and able to communicate outside his usual circle, like Judah: example of judge Shimshon (Samson) reveals it best of all. Shimshon tore off the gates, launched “fire” foxes with their tails tied together into an enemy’s fields, tore up the lions with ease, and in general won the prize for “The most creative guerrilla warrior”. He had a problem with being secluded and anarchic, and also with a tendency to worship idols, if there was nobody near to correct his ways in time.

David, who was from the tribe of Judah, had a potential to oppose Nephilim-Rephaim, and to wage wars with consistency. And Shimshon from the tribe of Dan got supernatural strength depending on the situation, when the Spirit of the Most High came down upon him in emergency cases. Those were different manifestations of glory connected to the supernatural courage and strength, in spite of the fact that it was sometimes intertwined and similar.

Covenants of glory

The matter of uniqueness and full realization of one’s calling didn’t end with that. We all know such a notion as a Covenant. At a certain level of development, persons from different generations made covenants and unions with each other in the course of their ministry and interaction, which called for some exchange of glory that each one had. To be exact, the matter wasn’t in the exchange itself, i.e, giving and taking; each person entering such a special covenant opened the access to that fullness of glory that he or she had in a certain way. As if we compare each of us with a well or a vessel filled with the corresponding glory of the Almighty, and through this “Covenant of glory” each opened an access for another to get this glory, to enter and act in it. In peaceful times it was a regular, steady process. But when the opposition and then war began, these covenants started to increase to strengthen the quality action of glory, effective in many of its facets.

Many faithful from those three Heavenly generations, symbolized by Shimon, Levi and Judah were connected to each other with those personal and group covenants. These aspects have prophetic reflection in the Scriptures and Israel history. For example, those ministers who have become kohens or priests were descendants of Aaron. That is, they definitely had Levi’s blood in them. But maybe some of you recall that Aaron’s wife was a sister of the head of the tribe of Judah — Nahshon Aminadab. Therefore, all descendants of Aaron had both Levi and Judah’s blood. By the way, both Judah and Levi’s blood flowed through Yeshua the Messiah’s veins. Remember, that Yeshua’s mother Miriam, was a cousin sister of Elisheva, who was from a family of a priest and has been a wife to priest Zacharia. So Yeshua’s words Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up” show the quality of the third generation symbolized by Levi.

Shimon and Levi are brothers…”: first of all, it is a covenant of faithfulness and helping each other, then it speaks about their weapon, which is connected to the covenant of waging war. Part of the Heavenly from the second and third generations had personal covenants also related to war. Shimon was in certain sense symbolizing the “defence minister”, and Levi — the “Chief of defence”. Shimon brought Levi’s ability to hear and see many things in the spiritual realm to the maximum level by establishing and defining different hidden connection, and also greatly increasing military abilities and mastery of his brother, while Levi increased Shimon’s ability of “technical”, systematic planning, ability to teach, and also having right understanding of what he heard and saw. Perhaps, not all of you know that when the remainder of the tribe of Shimon came into their place of the Promise land, many of the men of this tribe have become teachers of Torah for children, going to minister in all tribes of Israel. They have done it according to the revelation from above to redeem the deeds of their fathers in the wilderness, when the “Shimons” have become the main tribe to go into fornication and idolatry, doing a bad favor to the entire people of Israel. This ability to teach came to them through their covenant with Levi, who was a pro in that.

Shimon has a developed ability to HEAR and SEE, while Levi has a special ability to UNDERSTAND and TEACH. Therefore their covenant in the connection of their glory has an important meaning to all. Connection of those generations’ representatives’ glory, based on Levi’s glory, gives maximum effect to the teachers’ ministry in the Body of Yeshua. Also, this mixture of glory, increased by the second generation’s glory, symbolized by Judah, is connected to maximum effectiveness of the prophetic ministry, first of all, in strategic understanding and planning of war.

When Judah as the foreword tribe went to seize the Promised land, he offered Shimon to “divide the lot” with him, i.e., to enter into a war covenant. The glory of Shimon strengthened” Judah both in Din quality, and in his ability to “hear”, and the glory of Judah stabilized” Shimon, also increasing his ability not only to hear, but to have correct understanding of many Heavenly things without leaning into emotions and selfishness in their interpretation.

I can also add another episode with two brothers Issachar and Zebulun, who were born one after the other from the same mom — Leah. They were friends and their lots in Israel were side by side. In both prophecies about these tribes they go together. Historical tradition tells us that there was a very tight cooperation between these two tribes. The tribe of Issachar was known by their teachers of Torah, which it sent for education and support into the tribe of Zebulun. And the tribe of Zebulun was known for its entrepreneurial trading activity, giving financial support to his brothers from the tribe of Issachar.

It is a very concise explanation, while this topic is very big. Here we have to notice not only the prophecies themselves, as we see as the foundation: Gen.49 and Deut.33, but also other important things like who was standing where in the camp when Israel moved through the wilderness. It is important, which tribes were near to which in Erets Israel, and many other aspects. All of that is the foundation, basis, so to say, which helps to understand and get corresponding revelations from the Holy Spirit when we pray, ask and meditate on that.

Thus, a short summary. Each generation had a first fruit of their own special glory of the Heavenly Father, in which everyone was born, and the fullness of this glory in all of its manifestations was to be attained during eternity. The expansion of glory, if we can use this word, was made based on personal and group covenants, when the representatives of different generations opened “access” to the glory that they had, to some degree. Every person was like some “spiritual well” from which another person, having a special Covenant with them, could draw his or her special glory. Parents and children had a special Covenant with each other, and it was the parents who first helped their children to enter the understanding and experience of glory. Through that special Covenant, the glory of parents increased their children’s development in glory, giving them certain impuls, and this was their inheritance from their parents.

Husband and Wife — Eternal partners — were the first who opened maximum access to each other’s glory they both personally had, and it was an instrument of mutual enrichment of glory and growth in it, in spite of the fact that both of them were of the same generation and clan. The glory of Husband and Wife has different aspects and characteristics, therefore “knowing each other” initially meant this aspect as well. When you all return home, you will remember :).

While reading this text some of you might have felt uneasy, thinking that “the Heavenly” are some kind of “elite” and the others are somewhat “second sort”, and things like that. But that’s not true at all. The Heavenly and the Earthly are both brothers and sisters — children of the Heavenly Father, only the Heavenly are older, that’s why they have more experience and responsibility. Just as it is said in the Scriptures that the Body of Yeshua consists of “believers from the Jews” and “believers from the nations”. And it is said that “salvation is first for the Jew, then for the Ellinite”. Those who were the Heavenly suffered the greatest defeat in their ranks, while they had the main responsibility for what has happened. That’s why it is written that Israel had to take a double load for their sins: Is.40:2. That is a principle: who has been given much, will be asked of more. The firstborn had a double portion both of the blessing and of the responsibility, with all the ensuing consequences. That’s why the Heavenly sons and daughters had more harsh conditions of their spiritual quarantine than the Earthly sons and daughters. Besides, the glory of the Earthly had their own specifics and some unique aspects depending on the world they were born in; it was connected both with Hesed and Din facets, when they started to manifest in the opposition moment.

Forty two “generations of times“

There is one Scripture passage in the very beginning of the first chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew, that lists all the generations that were from Adam to David and from David to Jeconiah (Jehoyakin — Heb.), about the time when Jews were carried away to Babylon, and also from Jeconiah to Yeshua: Mtt.1:1-17. 14 generations in every time period, all in all — 42. I think many of you have encountered this number a lot of times in the Scriptures. On the way from Egypt to the Promised land Israel has camped 42 times. After the people had seized the Promised land, Levites were given 42 cities. Before Yeshua the Messiah returns there will be 1260 days or 42 months of Tribulations. There are also other verses connected to the number 42, all of them without exception more or less related to the topic of two Heavenly generations, revealing this issue from different sides.

Some may ask, what was the situation with glory of the Earthly children of the Almighty? Well, almost the same way as with the Heavenly, while both are the children of one Father, and the principle is the same for all. The glory, represented by 12 stones in the High Priest’s Hoshen, and defining the characteristics of 12 “brotherly generations”, was some general pattern, principle, notwithstanding the “geography” of its realizations, so to say. Only with the Heavenly these processes started earlier, therefore many talents were developed in a greater degree in them than in the others. We can see a certain prophetic hint in the Scriptures, when we read that not only Jaacob had 12 sons, but Ishmael as well; he wasn’t the firstborn, but he was Abraham’s son nonetheless.

Gen.17 20 And as for Ishmael, I have heard you. Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly. He shall beget twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation. 

Gen.25 16 These were the sons of Ishmael and these were their names, by their towns and their settlements, twelve princes according to their nations.

Where is number “42” used?

First of all, it’s 42 camps in the wilderness that Israelites had before they entered into their Promised land. These camps are like some resting places, “breaks”, as life periods during which different events in the life of the Almighty’s people took place. When they entered the Promised land, the Levites were given 42 cities for living; together with six unconditional cities of refuge it has become 48 cities. The difference was that anyone, who tried to run into the city of refuge, could ask for refuge in those 42 cities, but here the whole community who lived there had to decide. If there were no objections, this person could dwell in this city and live there like everybody else, taking upon himself a part of common burden and responsibility.

Numbers 35 6 Now among the cities which you will give to the Levites you shall appoint six cities of refuge, to which a manslayer may flee. And to these you shall add forty-two cities…

Here we can see a hint to this very mercy that triumphs over judgement: there is Father’s mercy in those righteous judgements which allows to return to the right way when the heart is right before Him.

Forty two years was the age of the son of the slain king Shaul, Ishbosheth, before he was killed.

2 Sam.2 10 Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, was forty years old when he began to reign over Israel, and he reigned for two years.

Here we see a clue that the descendant of an unrighteous king was allowed to live 42 years, and this was some kind of prophetic limit, a line crossing which the wickedness should be stopped, whoever was the origin of it. This number is like some kind of prophetic limitation of the spreading of evil, and the damage that comes from it.

There was also an episode when two female bears mauled forty two youths after prophet Elisha cursed them.

2 Kings 2 24 So he turned around and looked at them, and pronounced a curse on them in the name of Yahweh. And two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths.

I want to specify that due to the characteristics of this Hebrew word and also the context of events that occurred in that place where the prophet was passing by, these were not just some children, but young people, probably long past full legal age. The previous verse says that persons called katan” in Hebrew came out of the city; this word means smaller, yonger, not important. It applies not only to their age but to other aspects as well, like their social status. Verse 24 uses the word yeladim”, plural form of the word yeled”, which in Hebrew can denote: a boy, a child, youth and young man; this word encompasses a very wide age spectrum from 5 to 25 depending on the context. This land had bad water, so some local blockheads had a “start-up”, taking water from another city and selling by triple price. After the prophet brought healing to the water springs, these “businessmen” lost their business, and they were very angry about it. They didn’t dare to touch the prophet and inflict some physical damage on him, but they couldn’t stop their evil tongues, for from the fullness of their heart their mouths spoke. We see that it was after the river outlet was healed, these sad events occurred several verses later. It is what the historical tradition tells us, and the context of the Scripture confirms it. This Scripture passage is closely connected to the ministry of two prophets from Revelation, chapter 11, through whom the fire to destroy the enemies is going to be released during the 42 months of the Tribulation.

King Jehu killed forty two brothers of the king Ahaziah during the events when Jezebel as the symbol of Babylon was destroyed:

2 Kings 10 13 Jehu met with the brothers of Ahaziah king of Judah, and said, “Who are you?” So they answered, “We are the brothers of Ahaziah; we have come down to greet the sons of the king and the sons of the queen mother.” 14 And he said, “Take them alive!” So they took them alive, and killed them at the well of Beth Eked, forty-two men; and he left none of them.

Here we can see a hint that those who associate with the evildoers can be hit by the hand of the Almighty, when the time of His judgements over the system of Babylon and everything connected to it comes. Prophetically it can show us that all 42 generations faced different degrees of judgement, while they were connected to evildoing in one way or another.

Also, number “42” is mentioned in relation to the times of last “Great tribulation”:

Rev.11 2 But leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles. And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. 

Rev.13 5 And he was given a mouth speaking great [seduction] and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months.

Here we see that the power of the beast spread not further than “42”: in this specific passage it was months, and prophetically it is time generations.

Even in the quick analysis of these main Scripture passages related to the number under discussion we can see that it talks about rather sad times in the wilderness, about purification and judgements of the Most High. It is fully corresponding to the period we started this section with: Mtt.1:1-17. It is connected to the difficult time of Israel people’s formation, their settlement, going out of slavery, fighting for their Promised land, sin of idolatry, judgements, repentance, return to their land and coming of the promised Messiah.

Prophetically it tells us of the entire period of birth of the first sons of the Almighty, their development, formation of the Heavenly generations, their ministry in these 70 worlds, beginning of sin, opposition, war, etc. According to this prophetic pattern we see in this passage — Mtt.1:1-17, we can divide the history of what has been BEFORE the start of the Testing Ground and Earth’s restoration as one of the worlds into three relative periods.

Three periods

Israel’s history is a prophetic reflection of the life of all Heavenly generations. Let’s direct our attention to the time when Jaacob-Israel and his descendants “came down to Egypt”. Starting with Abraham who prophetically represents the first Heavenly time generation, Jaacob-Israel is the third generation, and his sons are the fourth generation. It was in the time when the fourth generation was in their relatively “mature spiritual age”, and the fifth generation was born, this “descend into the worlds” happened. By this moment enormous time has already passed according to our time measure, and the establishing of worlds, which was prophetically depicted in the 1st chapter of Bereshit, happened after this “descent”. It is one of the main facets of understanding, related to the time of the beginning of this “mission trip” as a ministry entrusted to them by the Heavenly Father. Important moment for understanding things that happened before is the division of this whole history into three main relative periods, as we said earlier.

First period is the birth of the sons of the Almighty, appearance of the Eternal female partners, development, spiritual and qualitative growth till an appointed moment. This period took 14 relative time generations, which is prophetically reflected by those born from Abraham through David.  It was during David’s time that the Kingdom of Israel was united. It was a “peak”, so to say, of the beginning of the “royal reign”, when Heavenly sons and daughters under Father’s guidance participated in formation of the worlds, to which they have been sent. It was a time when the virus of sin has not yet vividly manifested, developing in the hidden depths. It was during this period when the virus of sin originated, and “perfectness” of the fallen cherub was damaged, and he started to plan, scheme and lead his “under-the-carpet” battles.

Creation of Earth as some primary foundation in the form of an “earth construction” has happened in some time after first sons were born in all 12 brotherly generations. During a rather long time there were processes of initial establishment and preparation of the “earth’s foundation”, and all children of the Almighty watched this process from aside. They’ve seen the Sheol being set in place, forming of the land and water space, and defining certain borders and limits, rules and laws of physics.

Their descent into the worlds happened prophetically in the time correlated to the period when Jaacob with his children and grandchildren came down to Egypt. That is, this was the time of mature age of the fourth generation from Abraham, when the fifth generation was about to reach maturity. At that moment the Earth in its physical foundation was at the level of the “second divine day” prophetically, according to the 2nd chapter of Bereshit.

Heavenly sons and daughters “came down” to the Earthly worlds almost at the beginning of the “third day”, when the plants, i.e., flora started to grow. They were learning by doing, while it is the most effective form of education. It was during this stage that the fallen cherub tried to slowly emphasize the attention on the creation, diminishing the movement in the glory of the Almighty and in the fruits of His Spirit.

About two and a half centuries have passed from the moment of their “descent to Egypt” and till the moment of Israel’s entering the Promised land. According to the earth measure, it took time of several generations. About the time of the ninth and tenth generation Israel entered the Promised land. Aaron, being 123 years old, died before the very entrance into that land. He already had grandchildren and great grandchildren by then. Together with Moshe, Aaron was the seventh generation from Abraham. That is, about the time of the tenth generation of all Israelites they entered their Promised land.

So, the first prophetic period from Abraham to David, which included 14 time generations, is a prophetic period when Heavenly sons and daughters grew in their talents, in fruits of the Spirit, multiplied in number, learned to rule and act in the glory given to them, cooperating with each other. The parents saw all their descendants, had communication with them, shared their wisdom, growing in their glory and helping their kids and other descendants to grow in the glory which was given to them. When the fifth time generation appeared, the Heavenly “went down” to the worlds, when they started to realize the ministry given to them. It started long before first “Adams and Havas” appeared in these worlds. In time of about tenth generation, the Earthly worlds got their first “Adams”.

Promised land according to the Scripture is not just some physical place, but a land where the fruits can grow. Main fruits according to Deut.8:8 were: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranate, oil and honey. There are several prophetic facets in this list of fruits; one of them we will discuss in the final part, and here we’ll talk about another one, which helps us better understand the matter of periods.

Wheat and barley symbolize two types of souls. Barley, connected to Pesach, symbolizes the lack of leaven, maximum obedience to the voice of the Father’s Spirit and His perfect will. The wheat on the other hand is connected to Shavuot (“Pentecost”), it symbolizes acceptable will of the Almighty, which is not ideal or perfect, but which doesn’t go outside the limits of what is permitted. During Shavuot people brought two leavened halas, with leaven being a symbol of sin which was not completely removed. Because of sin the glory cannot enter in completely, but is like a light version of itself on the outside. Like anointing on king Shaul, of whom it was said that “he is also among the prophets”. Yeshua, on the other hand, is supposed to baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire”. The Holy Spirit plays the role of anesthesia, and the fire is necessary to burn out the leaven inside, to make us “more unleavened”. The wheat has good grain, but the peel is hard, speaking about a hard character that needs to be processed. Five other fruits symbolize different spheres where these two types of grains are manifested, symbolizing the souls of the children of the Most High.

So, barley and wheat symbolize good grains of the children’s souls. Barley is the best will, and the wheat is an acceptable one, but not violating the will of the Father. Generally speaking, the Promised land prophetically is a place where the souls of the Almighty’s children are growing and developing. They learn to move within the framework of freedoms given to them, following certain rules and observing limits, growing in the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the glory of the Most High. That’s why the souls of the Earthly sons and daughters are the main goal in the Promised land: their appearance, quality and spiritual growth and then quantitative multiplication. Growing in the fruits of the Spirit and in the glory of the Heavenly children is also a goal, but it is a secondary one.

It was hard to have harvest in the wilderness, therefore entering into the Promised land and sowing seeds for the first time after the lots were divided symbolizes the appearance of first souls of the Earthly children of the Almighty. That is, the first harvest of crops in about tenth generation starting from Abraham, is the prophetic reflection of the appearance of the first Earthly “Adams” in each of the 70 worlds.

The process of development and growth of the Earthly children of the Almighty moved with increasing pace, and by the ending time of the first relative period, lasting 14 Heavenly time generations, the number of inhabitants in every Earthly world greatly outnumbered all the Heavenly ones. The reasonable question is, why?

One of the reasons for a more intensive development and quantitative growth of the Earthly children of the Almighty was that the Most High set the highest standards for His Heavenly sons and daughters. As for His Earthly children, He gave them not only more of some “individual space”, but also an opportunity to move at their own speed of development, showing a definite “Heavenly standard” through His Heavenly children, but not forcing them to follow it 100%. The Heavens had higher requirements from the very start. They were supposed to become ministers in their Father’s House, therefore they had much more time to transform their souls through inner processes, than His Earthly children.

Prophetically, Israel has become a reflection of the Heavenly in this matter. Here, in this world demands for Israel were always higher, while they were supposed to become “priests for all nations”. The Most High set maximum standards for Israel, and all of the rest were offered to pass some minimal “beginner’s bar”, and only then to move towards the maximum through personal relationships with Him. We can see the reflection of this model in what is called The First apostolic, messianic assembly”:

Acts 15 19 Therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the peoples (ethnoses) who are turning to the Most High, 20 but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from things strangled, and from blood (both as food and as murder). [not to do to others what you don’t wish for yourself — that part is absent in the earlier scrolls]. 21 For [the law of] Moses has had throughout many generations those who preach him in every city, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath.”.

Here we can see that for those accepting Yeshua as Messiah from other nations didn’t have the maximum standard immediately set for them, as the people of Israel did; they had some “beginning minimum level”, through which they defined the limits of the acceptable will of God. After that it is said that the Scriptures have been read every Shabbath everywhere, therefore, those who wanted to learn the perfect will of the Father had an opportunity to learn it and move in it. That is not going to be like some high standard imposed from above as an order, but some standard that one wishes to attain through one’s own desire and personal relationships with the Most High.

As I’ve already mentioned, each world was allowed to have its own pace of development within the appointed limits. The “speed and quality” balance has become a factor defining the growth in volumes of the Almighty’s Earthly children in different Earthly worlds. That’s why their development speed was different, so in a short amount of time they started to surpass the Heavenly in numbers. By the time of the fourteenth time generation of the Heavenly, the number of the Earthly children of the Most High in each of the Earthly worlds has exceeded the number of the Heavenly sons and daughters.

Second period is the beginning of the visible manifestation of sin, its active development, expansion and the start of apostasy and its climax. It was in this period, almost in the very beginning of it, that the prophetic opposition between the House of Judah and the House of Israel started. Appearance of two Houses, two Kingdoms has become a result of division caused by sin. In times of David, in spite of the kingdom being at its highest, its expansion and establishment, the virus of sin already acted seriously, and in the time of his son Shlomo (Solomon) idolatry events occurred that brought the division of people into two opposing camps.

The start of the second period is the beginning of the Earthly sons and daughters’ entrance into their full power in all of the 70 worlds, and therefore, a more serious participation in management of their worlds. Those Heavenly sons and daughters born “First” in their brotherly generations were older than their “First” Earthly brothers and sisters by the margin of 10 time generations. Do you imagine the length of the time margin between them? The “First” Heavenly and Earthly children had a great difference in experience, wisdom, and glory in all of its manifestations. That’s why they had a corresponding measure of responsibility and consequences… In the process of eternity it was supposed to even up, but sin manifested and started to act in the most dangerous time, leading to corresponding results.

From the point of view of the fallen cherub, it was the best time to create maximum possible contradictions at all levels of relationships. It was a moment of highest growth in establishing and development of the Heavenly Kingdom, and also some peak in the process of intensive growth, forming and development of the Earthly children of the Almighty in 70 worlds.

It was a time when certain events happened, that were idolatry as such. The virus of sin that had been launched and started to ripen in the second half of the first period has started to visibly manifest itself. An imbalance and deviation from knowing of the Creator took place, and they crossed the acceptable lines. It manifested in the fact that their “special opinion” crossed the line of “difference of opinions” and stopped being just an “opinion”; it grew into a stable position, opposing itself to the main plan and direction of development of King’s children and His whole creation in general. It was in the beginning of this second period that this “alternative opinion” got a form of an “alternative group”, which first of all included the nine Keepers, who were of the “First” in the first brotherly generation, i.e., among the oldest and most authoritative.

Then the opposition between sons having maximum power given to them increased, gradually growing into separation and isolation from each other. It was the hardest period, leading to corresponding division and formation of new values. Further on it led to opposition, conflicts, and everything related to that, including the following war. We are going to cover this matter in the following parts.

At a certain moment in the beginning of this period the virus of sin has manifested visibly, as a leprosy shows on a body, after it had been ripening somewhere inside of it for a long while. In ancient Israel kohens have identified the disease of leprosy surfacing on a body in a visible form, after which those who were sick were sent outside the camp. Very similar to those prophetic actions, the leprosy of sin had surfaced in a part of the Almighty’s children. As a result, the Heavens were purified after some opposition, and all rebels were cast outside the Heavenly realm. Then they fortified in those worlds, which were under control of leaders sympathizing them in their values and their view of the situation:

Dwarim 29 28 And Yahweh uprooted them from their land in anger, in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.’ (fig.meaning — as in Yom Kippur).

Following the open rebels, the access to Heavens was closed for those, who in their missions in the Earthly worlds committed some bad actions, weren’t consistent in the Truth, or got any damage  in their hearts or minds because of the sin virus, or who haven’t decided whose side they were on.

The first opposition between the faithful and the “alternatives”, who were later called “fallen”, happened in the beginning of this period. It was like the first armed conflict between the South and the North Kingdom, which happened during the life of Roboam, son of Shlomo (Solomon), with Jeroboam becoming the king over the departed territory.

Take notice that both Jeroboam, head of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and Rovoam, king of the Southern Kingdom, had different measures of the virus of sin. Jeroboam personally set a calf in the land of Ephraim, working to discourage the Israelites of the ten tribes from going to Jerusalem and the Temple three times a year, as the Torah  commanded all men to do. Just as THEN, when the group of Keepers of the number of worlds, whose prophetic image was Jeroboam himself, tried in fact to separate those under their power from the Kingdom of Heavens, and from the position of the faithful in general.

We also have to remember that Ruven was disqualified for defiling the bed of his father by sleeping with a maidservant, who was in fact his father’s wife. That is, Ruven infringed upon something that didn’t belong to him, upon something that was solely his father’s area of possession. It was similar to what the “First” of the first brotherly generation did, having been given the maximum authority and still infringing upon something that was the sole competence of the Heavenly Father, and was first of all related to the authority over His other children. The entire 82nd Psalm talks about that. Being at the top of the authority entrusted to them, they were first to fall into the enemy’s temptation. Ruven was not disowned completely, but only “disqualified” being divested of his Firstborn status. If we analyze Roboam, during whose reign the division and the following opposition happened, we’ll see that in spite of the fact that he kept some basic principles, he was also majorly affected by the virus of sin. He increased the tax burden for ordinary Israelites, was disrespectful towards the elders, and was very conceited and defiant. He reaped the harvest that his father Shlomo sowed. Mostly all of the first brotherly generation were infected by the virus of sin to a significant degree. Some tried to be faithful, some kept neutral position, but in time their actions started to witness against them.

Instead of those 70 First” from the first generation, who were Keepers in their worlds, the Heavenly Father raised the “First” from second, third and fourth generations of the Heavenly sons for the time of this entire opposition. They were chosen for that, and they got corresponding rights, taking charge of the faithful in THAT war. He gave them the status of “the Ones Standing before God ” for their Earthly worlds, and prepared them for the forthcoming opposition when it was in its initial stage. Through them the Heavenly Father organized the faithful to oppose the fallen in the realms of Heavens and also in all of the 70 worlds. They didn’t simply substitute the “First” from the first brotherly generation, they were given authority as those responsible for their worlds during the time of the opposition until sin is defeated and destroyed. They were raised, trained and released as leaders for all of the phases of this war period. They got the necessary authority and level of glory, which the “First” had being the “Keepers” of their worlds. Those of the “First” who kept being loyal to the Most HIgh, and who were appointed to govern in the peaceful time started to coordinate their actions with “the Ones Standing before God”, who had a primary right to make all decisions concerning military actions. Glory manifested in Din quality was released for them at the highest level. But it didn’t come to them instantly. They were constantly growing in that, training and releasing their teams to the sphere of opposition, together with everybody else whom they prepared for waging war. At the end of the first period they were called as “the Ones Standing before God”, started their training, and they were revealed for everybody to see during the very start of the second period.

The second period is connected to casting out the fallen from the realms of Heavens, and the ensuing establishment of their value and relationship systems in the worlds that were mostly and fully under their control. Their system was not based on glory of the Almighty and the fruits of His Spirit, but on the basis of creation and concentrating on one’s personal ego. It took a rather long time for them to establish this system, which coincided with active separation. With that, the majority of inhabitants tried to keep neutral positions as long as it was possible for them. All of that was related to setting new borders and other limitations in all of the Earthly worlds, which was a result of isolation of two polar positions. Isolation and division” is the key definition of the major part of the second time period.

When the fallen have established their system (we’ll discuss it later) in those worlds that were under them, there were those faithful and those neutral who rejected it with all its “charms”. They have used their right of choice, expressing their wish to leave everything as it has used to be. When they realized it was impossible in the worlds they used to live, they wished to leave them, or those parts of them that were under dominion of the fallen. However, they were prevented from doing that based on different excuses. Then, to guarantee their right of choice in terms of justice, the faithful decided on the evacuation. Israel’s Exodus from Egypt has become a prophetic reflection of those events. After the fallen blocked these attempts, the war started. It hasn’t been all encompassing yet, there were only local battles at first, on those territories where such situations have arisen. The fallen usually used many reasonable fallen creatures in those battles against the faithful. These beings were significantly transformed during their time of defection, gradually turning from perfect creations of the Almighty into tools of violence, cruelty and murder.

It was a time when Heavens were purified, many of the Heavenly were in the Earthly worlds at that time in different unsettling states as “between Heavens and Earth”. They couldn’t return back already, while they still haven’t decided on their position, and they’ve done many things that weren’t righteous at all. And they often had difficulty with staying, while it wasn’t safe anymore because of the processes that have been started by the fallen cherub who hated the Heavenly, for they were the ones who cast him down from Heavens. Hatred towards Israel is an echo of his hatred towards all the Heavenly, who didn’t fall into temptation and didn’t side with him.

Starting with this point and till the end of the whole second relative period, there were constant local battles, and the mutual fight for the souls of those who haven’t decided yet. Towards the end of this period there happened a maximum deviation from the perfect ways, which was very strong due to diminished glory of the Almighty in those places where it happened. Loss of the manifested glory, as we can see in the book of prophet Ehezkel, and the ensuing destruction of the First Temple brought the capture of many into slavery. It has become a prophetic reflection of how it was THEN, in the end of this period. It was some climax of dissention through maximum action of the virus of sin coupled with the power of defilement from death through ongoing conflicts and wars. Battles have gradually started not only between the fallen and the faithful, but also among the fallen themselves and many others, who had different degrees of autonomy and uncertainty. The diminishing and loss of glory through growth of sin led to the fact that the manifested glory was quenched in the lives of those who started to live accordingly. It was expressed not only through common degradation, but also through diminishing of supernatural abilities which the fallen tried to compensate mostly by different “high technology tools”. Besides, diminishing of glory led to the fact that Eternal partners, who have begun to deviate from the perfect ways and, therefore, from the heart of the Father and His Spirit, began to lose their opportunity to join into one glorified body as Husband and Wife. That caused a great stress to many, and further hardening of their hearts; while for some it has become a lesson, helping them to turn back to the righteous ways. At the next step of ongoing degradation, they started to lose the ability to bear children, while children, as it is written, are a “gift from the Almighty”. Starting with a certain point the Heavenly Father could not let the souls to be born in those cases, where they were predestined for destruction through their parent’s wickedness. It is a separate topic and we are going to talk about it in detail further on.

This period is the beginning and end of destruction of Israel state as a whole and its dispersion till the appointed time. It was a period of maximum strengthening of sin leading to the fact that the voice of the Holy Spirit has been stifled to the maximum extent in spite of occasional “splashes” of purification.

There have been a number of big battles in the end of this relative period that brought defeat to the fallen at all battle fronts, but didn’t result in destruction of sin itself. As some once said, they have yielded but were not totally subdued”. Sin led to Israelites’ dispersion over the entire earth, and prophetically — of the Heavenly over all 70 worlds, where they either tried to be “as everybody else”, or isolated from the others, living in small groups and settlements. With all of that, only the Chief Firstborn — Yeshua, the Son of the Most High, could redeem them and bring them back to their Heavenly Home, reconciling them with the Father. But it took a long time for that moment to come…

Some time ago the Almighty gave me a revelation, saying that when the conflict has already reached the armed resistance phase and almost grew into a Civil war, a lot of faithful made a pact they won’t conceive and give birth to children, so they wouldn’t catch the virus of sin, and it wouldn’t bring their children to dissent and fall later on. First of all, it was a pact between those who took active part in the opposition to the fallen in the Earthly worlds after the Heavens have been purified. We can see a hint to that in the situation when Cain sinned and was banished, and Adam and Hava didn’t have children for a long while, until they got Shet. Tradition tells us the reason for that was Adam and Hava’s mourning of what happened with their sons. A second hint we see in the Scriptures is the example of the Levi’s tribe. We remember that sons of Levi responded to Moshe’s call, and showed their zeal for the Most High, destroying the rebels who led Israel into sin with the calf. If we recall the census of that time, there was a lesser number of Levites than members of any other tribe. For example, there were 22 thousand men from ONE MONTH old and up, that is till the old age. If we imagine how many people there were from 20 to 60 years, as those able to fight, they were four times lesser in number, considering that families had about two to five boys of preinduction age, so to say. In other tribes there were more men able to fight, i.e., 20 years and older: in the least numerous tribe of Benjamin there were 35400, and in the most numerous tribe of Judah there were even 74600.

Third period. According to Mtt.1:11-16, it starts with the people going into captivity to Babylon during the reign of Jehoniah. After that those in captivity started to rethink certain things, make tshuva (repentance and return), with the following return of part of the Jews into their land. As we know, only a small portion of the Jews has returned to Eretz Israel, and the major part of them has been stuck in Babylon and other places of their captivity and “dispersion”. This period in the history of Israel is connected to a gradual, partial restoration, but until Yeshua’s coming they have never become fully independent.

After the fallen suffered a major defeat, there came a rather long time of “breather”. A process of reflection on what has happened and restoration of relationships between a part of the children of the Almighty with their Father happened. During this entire relative third period there was a fight for the souls of many King’s sons and daughters, who have stumbled to some degree, got confused and have done something that was prophetically reflected by idolatry here on Earth. As a result of what has happened, there appeared a lot of other manifestations of sin, which on the one hand aggravated everything, and on the other hand uncovered deep things out of darkness” (Job 12:22), showing the true identity of the sin itself and of all manipulations related to it.

Many of the fallen retreated and hid themselves after their defeat. In a while they started to recover and make plans to take revenge. Until sin was destroyed, they have always had this opportunity. Gradually, during several time generations they’ve started to regain their strength and restore their lost power and influence.

This period in Israel’s life is a time of four Empires, which are described in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and interpreted by Daniel. It has become a time when the Heavenly’s influence grew weaker, and the influence of the Earthly grew stronger. Step by step and without much resistance, the fallen of the Heavenly gained control over those who hadn’t sided with the faithful, using all their influence and personal power. After they’ve managed to restore their former might, they made a decision to totally annihilate all the faithful in all of the Earthly worlds, while their system, which they have been establishing and promoting during a relatively long period of time, has appeared to be not competitive with the perfect system that the faithful had. They’ve started consecutive and purposeful preparation for the global battle, deciding to use all their knowledge and power, and if necessary even to cause destruction of many worlds, sacrificing as many lives as needed to achieve their goal.

All those “alternative ideas of more effective development” gradually led to the annihilation plan of all who disagreed with them; as it was prophetically reflected in the story of Cain and Avel, and also in the events of the Great Tribulation before the return of Yeshua the Messiah. The third period, starting with the second third of it or so, has become a row of conflicts and wars in all of the 70 worlds, which finally led to decisive battle in the very end, described in Gen.1:2. The Armageddon which is going to take place after the days of the Great Tribulation, is a prophetic reflection of THAT “Armageddon”, which has become a final part of the Great War of the Worlds. Global battle between the fallen and the faithful led to destruction and devastation of many worlds, and also to damage of spatio-temporal fabric, leading to multiple fracture processes, and bringing about what we see in Gen.1:2, when the whole earth has become foremeless, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep”. It was like the final destruction of the Temple that happened in 70 A.D., following plowing up of the Temple mount and complete banishment of Jews out of their Promised land. It was the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. that has become this prophetic symbol, which reflected the total destruction in all of the 70 worlds, described by the prophets:

Is.14 5 The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter (tribe, generation) of the rulers; 6 He who struck the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he who ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted and no one hinders.

Is.63 6 I have trodden down the peoples in My anger, made them drunk in My fury, and poured down their blood to the earth.”

Bereshit 1 2 The earth was/has become ruins (devastated, laid waste), and void (tohu wa-bohu); and [because of that] darkness was on the face of the deep. And Ruach Elohim was hovering over the face of the waters.

Jer.4 23 I beheld the earth, and indeed it was devastated and void (tohu wa-bohu); and towards the Heavens, they had no light. 24 I beheld the mountains, and indeed they trembled, and all the hills moved back and forth. 25 I beheld, and indeed there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens had fled. 26 I beheld, and indeed the fruitful land was a wilderness, and all its cities were broken down at the presence of Yahweh, by His fierce anger. 27 For thus says Yahweh: “The whole land shall be desolate; yet I will not bring a total destruction.

Prophet Jeremiah was shown what was a TOTAL DESTRUCTION, that happened in Gen.1:2. Then certain “trials” were held, and decisions were made, and ensuing decrees were announced. Then started a restoration of a part of one of the worlds, which was covered with a dome — rakiya, and where everything for what we call the Final Testing Ground was prepared; that is actually our main topic of discussion here. It was the end of the third period. That is, put shortly, without different details, just to see the main line of events.

So, in that passage from Mtt.1:1-17 we can see three main periods in Israel’s life as the nation of the Almighty, from its beginning to the very moment of Yeshua’s incarnation in our world. It is a prophetic image of three main epochs in the lives of the Heavenly sons and daughters, from the moment they appeared and to the moment this spiritual quarantine started. Periods from Israel’s history are prophetic images of THOSE periods from the history of the Heavenly sons and daughters and the entire creation. The destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. prophetically corresponds to the end of the period in Gen.1:2. The beginning of the “spiritual quarantine” or the “Testing” corresponds to the restoration of Israel in 1948, which is prophetically reflected in the Scriptures starting with Gen.1:3, and further on in that chapter.

As for understanding the number of children and some relative “time of a generation”, it doesn’t mean that everyone had the same amount of children and that they were born in some equal periods of time. Time of generations is a very imputed value. In our time there is an understanding that the maximum time of one generation is 120 years, others think it is 70-80 years, and some think it’s only about 30 years. I think that in different times it was all true to some degree. Many things are relative, while in different time periods here on earth standards were also different, and people counted using different measures. As I’ve mentioned above, the intensity of the Earthly children’s qualitative increase was higher than that of the Heavenly, therefore the relative time of one Earthly generation was less than that of the Heavenly. We are going to analyze the issue of time relativity during Adam, Abraham and nowadays in the next parts.

Please, notice that all sons of Jaacob-Israel had their wives, but the number of children was different for each of them. Dan had only one son, while Benjamin had ten! It is a very great margin, so to say. The number of sons and this whole Jaacob-Israel’s sons and daughters’ issue is one of the key aspects of the Scriptures, giving us prophetic insights and revealing “prophetic parallels” with all those “events of the ancient past”, related to the Heavenly generations.

Dan had only one son, but at the time when they entered their Promised land it was one of the most numerous tribes. The tribe of Shimon suffered the greatest damage in the wilderness: there were 59300 people “at the entry”, and “at the output” there were only 22300. The tribe of Levi was the smallest one, but it has become one of the “elite” in Egypt; however, this status was a result of spiritual leadership, which was received after Shimon, the second son after Ruven, was also disqualified as the Firstborn. This leadership was kept up till the moment when Yeshua came into our world.

Though Benjamin had more children than the rest of his brothers, he was almost completely wiped out because of hardening of the heart. By Father’s mercy he was preserved as an individual tribe. The last Heavenly generation, represented by Benjamin, has suffered most of all in the “dark ages” of some “inconsistency”, which are depicted as the time of Judges in the Scriptures, when everyone was acting based on the judgements of one’s conscience”. The problems arising between the representatives of this or that tribe were prophetic images and hints to those difficulties that came up between representatives of different Heavenly “brotherly generations” after sin appeared.

You shall raise up the foundations of many generations…”

Im going to begin with the fact, that such notion as restoration of ruins” prophetically is an image of restoration of ancient clans and generations”. According to the Scripture, a city represents a person, family, clan, people in general and the people of the Almighty in particular. We can see it in the example of the “hero-city” Jerusalem and also other cities as well. Ruins, remains, i.e., destroyed debris of cities and settlements are an image of destroyed clans and generations. Let’s read several Scripture passages keeping in mind that the Heavenly Father wishes to restore that which was destroyed, and it is not just old brick dormitories, shattered walls of bird-farms or walls of ancient cities in the jungles of India or South America. Of course, at the first, surface level of understanding it means restoration of cities for Hebrews to live in their Eretz Israel when they return. However, at a deeper level, with Israel itself and everything connected to it being an image of it, we can analyze and understand the will of the Almighty to restore ancient clans and generations of both Heavenly and Earthly children of the King of all kings. Let’s see:

Is.44 26 Who confirms the word of His servant, and performs the counsel of His messengers; Who says to Jerusalem, ‘You shall be inhabited,’ to the cities of Judah, ‘You shall be built,’ and I will raise up her waste places;

I want to quote a verse from Is.61:4 in original with expanded translation:

Is.61 4 And they shall rebuild (BAHA) the ruins/debris of the old (OLAM) terrible desolations/destructions (SHAMEMot), the First/Firstborn/Chief ones shall raise up/restore from ruin and renew the cities, desolated/burned out by the scorching drought, terrible desolated, destroyed clans and generations.

Ruins” is the translation for the Hebrew word:

חָרְבָה horba ruins, desolated place, place which has become a wilderness.

No doubt, our Heavenly Father is the Lord of the Universe, of the worlds and eternity, but does the Lord care for oxen?”, as it is said in one of the Scripture verses.

Is.51 3 For Yahweh will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of Yahweh; joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

It speaks directly about comforting the ruins of Zion. This is one of the very evident clues, while comforting broken bricks and shattered house walls is a rather lowly employment, I want to say, very dull and thankless task… Here’s another verse from the book of the prophet Isaiah in original with expanded translation:

Is.58 12 You shall build from the old (olam) waste places/ruins the foundations (mosadi) of many generations and clans, establishing them. And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breaches, the Gaps, the Ways through which the settlement shall be renewed.

The ruins of eternity” are those clans and generations of sons and daughters of the Most High, who were in grave situations THEN, and who go through restoration, repair of their ways and reconciliation with the Heavenly Father, from Whom they were separated because of their wrong choice, here in this present Testing, in this spiritual quarantine. Here’s an interesting verse of the Scripture which has a very incorrect translation:

Is.46 9 Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other;

The original beginning of the verse is very different:

Is.46 9 Remember the First (who was in the very beginning)/Firstborn/Chief ones from eternity, for I am the Most High God, and there is no other Elohim like I am.

In the beginning it is written: Rishonot meOlam. Hebrew word Rishonot is not an adverb in this case, but an adjective in plural form, and meOlam from eternity” or “from the worlds”, or both simultaneously. It does talk about the “First” of the Heavenly brotherly generations here.

Cities of Judah” is an image of ancient Heavenly clans.

Going through the Testing and restoration of relationships with the Heavenly Father is actually the restoration of clans and generations from Eternity: those “brotherly” and “time” generations.

Many things are hidden from us now, but in spite of that, if one wishes, one can see all those images the Almighty has put in His Word. The Holy Spirit can quicken this Word, and that is what He did for me and for many others. He can do it for you too, if you read these words, and also for everyone who wishes to know “how it was in reality”.

Wall of Hope

It was Friday evening, the middle of the Summer 2019, Shabbath has already began when I was talking to my friend and suddenly asked him, if Israel is a reflection of the Heavenly sons and daughters, and the whole story connected to them, does the Heavenly Jerusalem have an analogy to what is considered a Western Wall, or as many call it, the “Wailing Wall”? It was a rhetorical question, but it really stuck in my head, and already later that evening when I was praying I asked the Heavenly Father about it. Continuing to pray in the spirit I almost instantly saw a vision that was an answer to my question, as I understood.

I saw a great wall spreading very far into both ends and also very high upward. It was made of something that looked like polished granite. This wall had a great number of similar rectangular windows, which were big enough so that one could see images of different persons in them; I immediately knew they were sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father who were supposed to come into this world for their Testing Ground. In this vision, when I tried to look at some of those “windows”, even the farthest ones, they immediately came closer. Perhaps, my eyes focused so I could see that it was a picture of one of the sons or daughters of the Most High. All faces were young, and at first I didn’t see anyone who looked older than 27-30 years old, according to our measures. Many faces were like those of people 23-25 years of age. Perhaps, this visible age corresponded to some other “real” “Heavenly” age that could have been much more than that. Anyways, I had such understanding at that moment and also after that, while this vision has appeared many times again.

Near to this wall at different distances from each other I saw individuals or sometimes small groups of two-three people. They were standing there looking at someone’s picture and I managed to notice that they were either looking at it in silence, or praying in a low voice; immediately I got an understanding that they were addressing the Heavenly Father on behalf of those, who were depicted in these windows. I saw three types of such “windows”. The first type was more of a black-white color. Although the pictures of some son or daughter were in color, the “window” in general looked black and white. The second type of “windows” glowed in a warm golden light, and the pictures of those who were in them and the background was saturated with color and golden glow, as if with glory. The third type of windows seemed dark, and the pictures in them were somewhat lifeless. When I was looking at them I suddenly saw that one of the black-white pictures got lighter and began to glow with the golden light. And in a short while, almost at the same time, I saw one of the black-white windows sort of fade and get darker.

I immediately got an understanding that this entire Wall was some online panel, displaying the real state of events, showing those who reconciled with the Father, who is in the process of testing and going through their spiritual quarantine, and those who fell back and sided with the darkness… I saw when some window started to glow with the golden light, and someone’s picture sort of revived, not only those who were in front of it rejoiced, but also everyone around, and those who were in vicinity and could see it. Their joy sometimes was so great, that the Father reminded me of the Scripture passage that says, when some sinner repents, the “Angels in Heavens” rejoice. These very “Angels in Heavens” are none other than his or her relatives and friends, who at the moment of reconciliation learned about it from the Holy Spirit, and also those who are at the Wall during this moment. When some window faded, I saw tears in their eyes; they were standing there for a while, and then leaving. Those who were nearby hugged them in silence, as if condoling with them, and trying to comfort them at least a bit. After everything I managed to see, I believe the Heavenly Father spoke very clearly to me, saying that this Wall is called “The Wall of Hope”, and close relatives and friends of those who are in the middle of their Testing are coming there all the time, and there they intercede and thank for them.

After that vision the phrase “according to the prayers of the saints” got a deeper meaning for me. No doubt, our prayers here on earth, that is, prayers of all those who are in this spiritual quarantine, are profound, and the level of our power, as those who are here, is the highest, while here we act according to some “sphere of responsibility” principle. However, considering those sons and daughters who are THERE, near to the Heavenly Father now, and they’ve never stopped being His children and His ministers, their requests and intercession are also accepted. Just as Yeshua, Who was HERE and is THERE now, interceding for us. Yeshua is the High Priest, and we are priests through His ministry. I think that realizing we are constantly in the hearts of our loved ones and friends who are THERE must motivate us to intercede and pray even more, as the Scripture urges us to do here, so that OUR WHOLE FAMILY would be restored as full as possible.

Restoration of ruins” is our prayers and our spiritual battle here to restore our clans and generations whose origin is THERE. Some of us have been the heads of clans there, some were parents, and those who had a lot of generations of descendants, born during a long period we were THERE, before our incarnation here on earth. As we know, parents’ prayers for their children and descendants are always extremely powerful, while we receive this authority directly from the Heavenly Father. And of course, here and now we don’t know, whose children and descendants we are, and also who are our Heavenly children and descendants HERE in general. I’ve asked the Heavenly Father about those things many times. He has revealed some of them to me, but in general He told me that it is “top secret” information, so to say; it is not going to be revealed until a certain appointed time, while it can really affect our souls, bring us pain and in some cases even harm our decisions. What He is revealing to us now is, first of all, connected to what motivates us most of all to be committed to Him, to pray and the have the unity with OUR WHOLE big FAMILY in Spirit and in Truth; and also that it is directly related to our personal ministry, in terms of which He reveals these or that details and episodes.

May the Heavenly Father open our spiritual ears, so that we could hear what His Spirit is saying to His people, and also bless our hearts, so that we could understand and receive everything that He is willing to reveal and do in us and through us.

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