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Limits and time. Space and dimensions. «Final Testing Ground», Part 15

Beginning        Part 14


In spite of the fact that this whole “Testing Ground” topic is rather specific, this part is even more “specific”, while it covers matters related to such a notion as TIME. No doubt, this entire part can be singled out as a separate research and revelation, but in the context of the “Testing Ground” it can be analyzed with maximum depth and width, so the “time pieces” we have fit nicely into the general picture, adding to the rest and being more complete themselves. It is the harmonious connection of all pieces confirming each other and interacting with each other that helps to see the whole picture, understand the flow of events and our role in them. It is an important part; not only it completes the whole “Testing Ground” concept, but also helps to find answers to important questions we have now, that are going to be even more important to us in the near future.

There were always a lot of questions related to time: a day for a year”, and one day with the Lord is like a thousand”, some seeming “discrepancies” in time and age of different Scripture “characters” and many others. There are many existent realia and facts in our life which being isolated prevent us from seeing the whole picture and understanding the acting universe mechanisms; therefore, connecting them all together is important so that the time issue would not discredit the Truth of the Scriptures but, vice versa, would completely confirm it, revealing to us the unlimited wisdom of the Creator and our loving Heavenly Father.

Limitations of creation and limitlessness of the Creator

In the previous part we’ve touched upon the issue of the Creator’s glory, creation’s glory and some significant “details” the enemy manipulated in order to achieve his vicious goals in this area. The creation, work of the Creator, is magnificent, wonderful and grand, however, I’d like to offer my mite to destruction of the existing stereotype of allegedly “infinite Universe”. I remember a phrase from one poem we used to memorize in high school: Abyss is opened full of stars, the stars are countless, and the abyss is bottomless…” There are also other texts of similar meaning. It looks pretty, and even very “spiritual” in the eyes of some people, nevertheless, it has nothing pertaining to reality and joy except for poetic romance in these lines.

Our Universe is certainly huge: both the visible part and the one that is yet hidden from our eyes. No doubt, the One Who created all of this is Great and Powerful, but there is a question: where do the Scriptures mention that the universe created by Him is infinite? You may correct me, but there’s no clear mention of that. And here is a critical difference between the Creator and creation. The Creator, as it is written, has no beginning nor end”; this fact is clearly recorded in His Word, but where is a similar thing said about His creation? The creation “originally” has a beginning:

Cassian translation edition:

Jh.1 3 All things came to be through Him, and without Him nothing came to be, that came to be.

That’s related to time. What do we have on “space”? It is written that the Almighty created words” through His Son (Heb.1:2). There is also something written about the “tent”:

Is.40 22 He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers [before Him]. He stretched out the Heavens like a thin curtain, and spread them out like a tent (ohel) to dwell in.

אֹהֶל ohel: tent, tabernacle.

The Heavens He created were sort of like a “tent”. It is about the “tent of meetings” that the Torah speaks about describing Mishkan, which has been built according to the image shown to Moshe on the mountain, as it is written. That’s related to the sphere of the Heavens, which are separated from the Earthly worlds and from “earthly” in general. The Heavens can be so huge that it’s hard for us to imagine now; the Scriptures tell us they were created “for dwelling”. Cold and, I emphasize, “lifeless cosmos” spreading out to the hundred thousands and billions miles is not what the Word of the Most High describes, and not what is the nature of The Person, Who carries Life and is Life Himself.

What do the Scriptures tell us concerning the “earthly spheres” or rather the sphere of Earthly worlds? First, I’d like to note that the Most High sits above the “circle of the earth”, not above the “globe of the earth”. It is a word HOOG in Hebrew, and it is used several more times (Job 22:14; Proverbs 8:27), all of that in the context of a circle, not a globe. A cognate word HAG also means a circle; it can be translated as “circle cycle” depending on the context, like cycle of “celebrations” or modaim (“appointed days”).

The word “globe” or “ball” is a word דוּר (du:r), it is used only three times in the Scriptures (Is.22:18: ball”; Is.29:3 and Ezek.24:5: cauldron”). The connotative meaning of this word is globe, ball, something having a form of a ball.

The very context and meaning of Is.40:22 says the Heavens as a definite reality and part of all creation were made within certain borders. Is there a reason for stating that “Earth” or Earthly worlds were “infinite”? There is none. Job 38:6 doesn’t ask a rhetorical question about some “foundations”: to what its [earth’s] foundations are fastened?” That means there are certain foundations, bases for some “earthly construction” which is to be placed on these “foundations”. This Hebrew word אֶדֶן eden has been translated as foundation”. It is used to describe the foundations or pillar-bases in Mishkan — “mobile Temple”. These foundations/pillar-basses were used to put on them pillars as a part of “carcass” for this “construction”.

Earth, i.e., this whole “earth construction” is a huge creation of the Most HIgh which stands on pillars (עַמוּד amud Heb.), fastened to the “foundations/bases”: Job 9:6; Ps.74:3. This entire construction is surrounded with some outer waters”, תְהוֹם tekhóm (Gen.1:2; 7:11) in Hebrew, which are often translated as “abyss”. Inner waters in Hebrew are מָּֽיִם maim. At the time of Noah’s Flood the holes IN THE BOTTOM of this construction were opened, together with the “windows of heavens”, i.e., windows in rakiya; so our “earth construction” was being flooded with outer waters of tekhóm.

This “earth construction” has become some sort of a “base” on which 70 spatial dimensions were created, becoming a cornerstone for 70 separate worlds by the number of the sons of Israel”. Our Earthly world, limited by the Antarctic zone, is just a small part of a huge world, one of the 70, that has been used to recreate our “Testing Ground” after everything was destroyed. Being HERE, we don’t remember if there’s something BEYOND the borders of this “construction”. In time it will also be revealed. Perhaps, this “earth construction” is some first stage in Almighty’s definite plan of development.

I don’t even have a question, what was the point of creating the “infinite Universe?” What is this notion anyway? Everything the Almighty, Creator of Heavens and Earth, is doing — all of that is consistent and reasonable. Of course, we might not understand many things that exist and are going to be created by Him, while it is a matter of eternal process. No doubt, the Creator and our Father has a wonderful Plan, according to which everything is happening. Therefore, the creation of the material world is a part of His plan of consistent, gradual development during which He teaches His FAMILY in practice. Based on what is revealed and written, it is perfectly clear to me personally, that the enemy tried to displace characteristics from the Creator to creation, shifting emphasis, attention and notions. So, let’s “get to the root of the matter” using “right terms” :).

Divine screen and “Universe-online”

Little more than three years ago pastor Faat from Kazan and I held a conference on “Flat Earth”; if you didn’t watch it, I recommend doing it, so that I don’t have to retell here everything that we’ve talked about there. Judging by many comments and testimonies, it helped many people not only to become firmly established in the right biblical concept of “Flat earth on the surface of habitation”, but to get a big amount of scientific and historical facts confirming it. You can find all of that info on my blog El Emuna. If it happens that by this time Youtube is fully managed by the AI, excluding it from its content, write me an e-mail at the address referred to in the end of the book and I’ll send you a link to a reserve video.

In this section I’m going to give you some important and interesting facts not mentioned in that conference, and also share an existing understanding of this topic, that adds to and indirectly confirms this whole “Testing Ground” topic. I hope that the earlier material strengthened your spiritual immune system and ancient religious cliches have no serious chances to halt your right and intentional movement towards understanding the Word and existing world order :).

There are things we believe in and there are things we know: so, many things I share here belong to the “second” category. You can receive it as a revelation or as a testimony. Many details are not quite clear to myself, but it’s fine, while I haven’t yet heard from anyone that they understand everything that is at least to one-third, or even one-tenth part. It’s important to see and understand the picture in general, and other pieces and fragments are going to fall into their places in time.

Many people believing, I emphasize: believing, the earth is “like a globe” often bring up the argument that in telescopes we observe a great distance of different objects. There are also a lot of other issues, misunderstandings and sort of “facts”, where “sort of” is a key phrase.

Before the creation of the “Testing Ground” there was no rakiya, i.e., the Heavenly dome above the earth. Rakiya was created by the Almighty on the second day of earth’s restoration. Rakiya — is a high technology (yes, that’s the right word) work of art, that the Almighty created not just as a “cap for the quarantine zone, so no one escapes”, but some “Divine online screen”. People were scattered over the face of the earth, with different geographic, climate and nature conditions. But the Heavens were the same for everyone. Only visual angles can be different. It has a prophetic hint, by the way, that the greater is this angle of looking at the Heavens or rather at its relative Centre, located in the North Pole, the more significant are the differences in understanding of the essence of the Heavenly as such. Many of you heard, for example, that at a certain distance from the equator, the Polar star — rotation center of the Heavenly sphere stops being its visual center, instead some star called Sygma Octant appears. It is an argument many people use to prove that earth is “globe-shaped”. In reality there is a certain visual effect of “inversion” when light goes through the bulk of water and refracts. It is important to keep in mind that rakiya separated outer waters (tekhom) from inner waters (maim). Youtube has some rather good videos showing that in practice. The video title has the name of this “star of doubt” — “Sygma octant”. The point is, the farther one is from the Center, the more distortion there is; when crossing a certain limit beyond equator as some “critical ridge”, some “inversion” effect takes place, leading to global distortion of view and the whole value system as well.

Only Heavens can unite us all, and visible heaven is not just a reminder, but an enormous screen, some sort of online display” that has a short history of Heavens and the Earthly worlds recreated in symbolic images; there one can see the history of sin origin, its development and also Father’s plan to redeem His children and the stages of this redemption, understanding of which is a part of Kingdom Gospel.

Rakiya or the Heavenly dome, created for 7000 years of the Testing, is a highly technological construction, consisting of seven glass layers as it’s centrepiece. You can read something about it in the Book of the Heavenly Palaces”, famous in Hebrew world, given to one Jew, rabi Ishmael, distinguished Palestinian law teacher and scientist, during his journey to Heavens. It happened not long before the Second Jewish war against Rome in 132-135 A.D. Revelations and information on this matter was also given to various people during different times, to whom these or that aspects connected with the dome have been revealed.

As for the specifics of this glass — it is some “Heavenly glass” which is somewhat similar to our earthly one, and that’s why it is called like that. Every layer has built-in lights the Scriptures call stars, kohav in Hebrew. The original says that stars were built “IN” the firmament (preposition bet). These stars symbolize the sons of the Almighty. Due to the fact that these glass (we’ll use this term for now) layers are rather far away from each other, the resulting refraction angles create this “volume depth”. It is a foundation of what is called 3D image or “stereo effect”. That’s why being hundreds and thousand kilometers away from it, observers can see in their various telescopes an interesting picture with objects that are many thousands millions kilometers away, they think and see in their magnifying viewers. Remember stereo postcards that people make, then think of the All-powerful Creator of Heavens and Earth and imagine the scale, the principle of which I just mentioned. The Almighty is prepared to show many things that happened and are going to happen to those who look carefully. His might and Heavenly technologies do allow it. It is sort of a “planetarium”, with another organization though, but with the same visual and technical principle.

3D pictures that we can see on this Divine Heavenly Screen are like stories in the Scriptures with several levels of understanding and revelation. There is a literal meaning: pshat (Hebrew); there is a prophetic hint: remez; a hidden meaning: drash; also there is a secret message: sod. Some people look into their telescopes and see physical objects like in some huge Heavenly stereo postcard, meditate with a smart look on their face, write books and try to teach everyone else how to interpret everything correctly, and how the world is built in their point of view. Someone draws pictures of the starry sky, makes up horoscopes and creates astrological pictures, grasping some bits of distorted knowledge and seeing some existing correlations, but not seeing and understanding the general picture and the main purpose of it. Someone meditates over certain laws and rules, finding connections in them, and trying to see things hidden from others to understand the past and the future and everything related to it. But correct understanding without the right foundation is just building on constantly growing error, unfortunately, it is what the majority does.

Twelve zodiacal constellations are both stages of Redemption order and also hint to Twelve Heavenly generations. 13th constellation somewhat related to zodiacal movement of the Sun is a Serpentarius constellation: ophiuchus” in Greek; according to tradition it is an image of some person named Asclepius, who was a son of Apollyon or Avvadon, who in his turn is a king of Sheol. A snake he holds in his work-worn hands is an image of “great ancient serpent”, with whom they sort of “work in pair”. Here we see a double hint. First, the fallen sons of the Almighty were in union with the fallen cherub who is called an “ancient serpent”, and tried to violate the Divine Plan of the Most High. The second, the results of this “impact” was the appearance of the fallen or nephilim, and then hybrids, those having altered DNA. It is symbolic that when the Sun is running on its zodiacal course, it touches one of the outer stars in the Serpentarius constellation called ophiuchus 51, which brings to memory associations with the notorious “Zone 51”. It’s probably an accident… I’m joking, of course, I don’t believe in accidents anymore.

This “initial explosion of the universe” is a message of “explosion of sin” which puts distance between objects, and here it’s not just a hint but a “big message with capital letters” that sin separates everyone from each other, bringing selfishness and destruction. There is the Sun and the Moon: two lights and there are five more visible moving lights: Archangel Michael’s star (“Mercury”), Messiah’s star (“Venus”), Esau’s star (“Mars”), Tsedek star (“Jupiter”), and Shabtai star (the same is the Star of Israel) (“Saturn”). There are also stars called “wandering stars”: these are images of fallen sons of the Almighty. “Milky way” is in fact some “crack” in the Firmament which is a prophetic symbol of division among the Almighty’s children that resulted in war: “sin that divided Heavens”. Why “milky way”? It is a hint, that the world that existed THEN was in many ways like a spiritual child and it was one of the reasons why it wasn’t able to stand.

All celestial objects, both static and moving, are created by the Most High for signs (otot Heb.), as it is written, and also for “appointed times of human meeting with the Almighty” (modaim Heb.): Gen.1:14-18. The Most High created all of that for His purposes, and it is written that these purposes are connected to His people, they are given for them to understand what is happening, from where, where, when and how much.

There is also such a category as the “falling stars”. Unfortunately, the “falling star” is an image of a fallen son or daughter of the Almighty, who left the “Heavenly spheres” and fell onto the ground… There is a so-called Destroyer star”, which many call “Nibiru”. It was created by the Almighty as a tool of His judgements, and it’s going to be activated at a certain point with all the ensuing consequences: Is.54:16. Such star created for judgements doesn’t have to be in our world constantly; it was created at a certain point in one of the worlds and then it was shifted into our world for a little while through the portal which is sometimes called a “Heavenly window” or “Heavenly gate” in the Scriptures.  When we look at ancient frescos and engravings we see that it was earlier used several times for “actions of judgement”.

According to black holes theory, almost all star clusters called galaxies have massive black holes in their center; their mass amounts to several millions and billions solar masses. These “black holes” are images of fallen sons of the Almighty, who don’t emit any Heavenly light, but absorb light without giving it back, becoming such “spiritual holes of darkness”.


I think all of you have seen and understand such a thing as LENSE. This “thing” has a characteristic of concentrating the light, so if we place it at a right distance from something, and if the weather is sunny, this “something” can soon catch light and start to burn. Even if it doesn’t come to it, the object will still heat up, which has a risk of causing a burn of some degree to a living body. It depends on the focus, so if we have the right distance from the object, we can “heat it up”.

Therefore, modern Judaism has such an understanding that among everything else the Sun and Moon, as two main moving lights, are nothing else by their nature but LENSES. The Sun itself gives heat, which is clear, but it is just a small portion of what it receives from the outside and then focuses on a certain part of the earth. For those who don’t know, Son doesn’t emit light evenly, but it is some kind of directed light, and all these “characteristics” of light are recorded a long time ago in corresponding researches and observations.

According to a new heliocentric theory, the Moon only sort of reflects the sunlight. But nobody of the heliocentrists was able to give a clear answer to the question why the light emitted by the Moon during the night cools down. The term “cold moonlight” is not just a pretty figure of speech but an objective physical fact, known for a long time by many, and it is that moonlight does not emit but absorbs heat. This fact is confirmed by experiments at all possible levels, and for a long while it has perplexed anyone (almost) who has an ability to think. That’s why people try to ignore it just as many other facts. At the present moment we are interested in this fact in terms of understanding of the Lense effect.

In two sectors of our Firmament or rakiya there are two sources of emission. One of them is located in the sector marked by the Pleiades constellation or The seven stars”; it is called Kima in Hebrew and in Russian it has a name hundred-heaters”. This sector emits heating rays which go through the light called Sun, focus and increase to a necessary degree. Name Hundred-heaters” — “heat that is hundred times greater than that of the Sun” wasn’t given just for nothing, while it corresponds to the very nature of it. Another sector, distinguished by the Orion constellation, emits rays which go through the Moon and cool down. Not surprising that these two constellations are mentioned several times in the Scriptures:

Job 9 9 He made Aish (Bear), Kesil (Orion), and Kima (the Pleiades, Hundred-heaters) and the chambers of the south (recesses of the south; lion constellation)…

Job 38 31 Do you have a power to bind the cluster (connections) of Kima (the Pleiades), or loose the belt (connections) of Kesil (Orion)? 32 Can you bring out constellations in its season? Or can you guide Aish (the Great Bear) with its cubs?

Is.13 9 Behold, the day of Jahweh comes, cruel, with both wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and He will destroy its sinners from it. 10 For the stars of heaven and their Kesil (Orion) (their constellations) will not boast with their light; the sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine.

Amos 5 8 He made Kima (the Pleiades; Seven stars; Hundred-heaters) and Kesil (Orion); He turns the shadow of death into morning and makes the day dark as night; He calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out on the face of the earth; Yahweh is His name!

כְּסִיל Kesil: Orion.

כִימָה Kima: Seven Stars, the Pleiads, Hundred-heaters.

The Seven stars”, the Pleiads or Hundred-heaters are also called the Great Bear. It consists of 149 stars, visible by a naked eye; seven brightest stars (co-stars) create a broken line looking like a chariot with a beam.

I think many of you have seen a ceramic electric stove having heat emitting burners under the ceramic covering. Our rakiya is something like that with the only difference that one of its “heavenly burners” emits cold, not heat. Perhaps many of you haven’t yet learned about the fact, noticed some time ago, that snow and glaciers are melting up high in the mountains where there’s no above-zero temperatures even during the Summer. As a result, the death places of mountaineers who died during the last hundred years were emerging, surprising everyone. Some may say it is connected to some general or local warming. But those who say it cannot explain why some places below are still cold and freezing and nothing melts at all! These facts were recorded first of all at well-trodden routes on mount Everest, and not only there. Such a situation is technically possible only with the focus change of the outer emission source, going through the light called the Sun.

Flat galaxies

Im going to share with you the freshest information related to our topic. In spite of some specific terms, the essence of the following article isn’t difficult to understand, that’s why I’m going to cite it as is. Nature Astronomy magazine published an article that calls into question the very form of the Universe and warns of the upcoming crisis in cosmology. Of course, only in case it is not preceded by another more global crisis, which is already snapping at the heels of every other crisis. Just before I want to mention that the majority of evidence received with the help of satellites and telescopes suppose that from the point of view of the four-dimensional world our Universe is sort of flat and the light propagates in it in a straight line.

So, the results of that research are based on new data obtained by Planck” mission, working from 2009 till 2013. Planck” is an astronomical satellite of the European Space Agency, created to study the variation of Cosmic Microwave Background, so-called relic radiation. Simply speaking, Planck” is a cosmic telescope sent to gather the oldest, “initial” light, that broke out in the Universe, which is called the cosmic microwave background. This light, which is measured by some 13 billion years according to the existing theory, is a radiative afterglow of the “Big bang” which is thought of as the start point of the cosmos.

Planck’s” mission was finished in 2013, but it took more than five years for astronomers to decipher the obtained data. The study results have been posted on the Net only recently. The first phenomenon they discovered was so-called gravitational lensing — deflection of light by massive sources like black holes in centres of galaxies.

The lensing amplitudes were theoretically known, while before Planck” was launched, they have been measured by land observatories, but it appears that Planck” has shown absolutely different amplitudes. They were much greater than was expected based on previous measurements. First, astronomers thought something was wrong with the telescope, if Planck” showed such a great discrepancy. But as Alessandro Melchiorri, cosmologist from the Roman University and co-author of the article has said, because of the Earth’s atmosphere, all ground telescope data has less precision than the one Planck” obtained in cosmos. Besides, its telescope has a bigger angular resolution and detectors’ sensitivity.

Based on that, the team of cosmologists behind this article modeled a form of space based on its curvature measured by Planck”. It was thought the Universe’ form was responsible for the curvature of the old light, and not gravitational lensing. It happens to be that this form is closed. That is, the Universe is not infinite, as it was earlier believed, but is a sort of a four-dimensional sphere, with our galaxies being like some spots floating on the flat surface.

Here, we show that, if indeed credible, the Planck preference for a closed Universe introduces a new problem for modern cosmology… since at face value, they point towards a drastic rethinking of the current cosmological concordance model.” — The authors write in the conclusion of their paper. Therefore, mission Planck” brought a whole revolution to cosmology and all modern cosmology, astronomy and even fundamental physics are collapsing like a house of cards, while they have to now rethink the hard-gathered important constants. By now the astronomers agreed to send another similar mission to cosmos to confirm Planck’s” results, but with 99% likelihood the new results are going to be the same, the authors say. What astronomers are going to do then, they don’t know themselves. I suppose, the confirmation to that might come from a very different source and at very extreme circumstances, for instance, rakiya being folded like a scroll. (Is.34:4).

Disappearing lights

As we said earlier, all lights were built in seven crystal layers of rakiya, creating a necessary “volume” and corresponding constellations for for signs, seasons and appointed days of meeting” (Gen.1:14-15). For some reasons some lights break away from the lowest rakiya layer and fall down to the ground. In other layers lights “extinguish”, i.e., they disappear from objective view. The following information confirms that at least 150 000 stars have just disappeared during the last 70 years, and it’s not a joke — the modern cosmology theory cannot explain it.

This information is also one of the “freshest”. When I wrote this section, disclose.tv reported that some while ago astronomers compared old pictures of the sky made in 1950s with present day ones and they’ve noticed a shocking anomaly: during several decades between the photos about 100 objects disappeared from the sky!

We don’t talk about some spots here, but about the nearest stars listed in astronomical catalogues. Traditional explanations like “supernova explosion” or “collapse into a black hole” are not working: none of the missing stars showed signs of transforming into supernova or neutron star. Also, astronomers would have noticed an explosion of 100 supernovas at such a small distance. NASA adepts, worried by the event, quickly launched a special project called VASCO — “Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations”. Report on five first years of its work was published in Astronomical Journal on December 12, 2019. The results of this project scared astronomers even more.

To compare the situation with the stars, VASCO astronomers used the United States Naval Observatory Catalogue created in the middle of the last century, listing 600 million of celestial bodies, and current catalogue of the Pan-STARRS project (“Panoramic Survey Telescope And Rapid Response System”). As it turned out, even a quick comparison showed that during 70 years 150000 stars disappeared from the sky! Astronomers don’t know where they’ve gone and of course, they can’t give any coherent explanation. They will most likely get some answers if they read this book, which is going to make both them and us very happy.

I’ll not fail to mention another interesting fact related to movement in the Kuiper belt. Some objects of the Kuiper belt are rotating in an opposite direction from every other object in the “Solar system”. From the point of view of heliocentric “heavenly mechanics”, it is completely impossible.

Actually, lately there appeared a lot of various facts discrediting the whole modern concept of the world order, and that is what the Almighty, the Creator of everything, promised when He said He’s going to bring to shame all so-called wisemen, and destroy, bring to nothing all the products of their unsanctified minds: Is.29:14; 44:25; 1 Cor.1:19; 3:20.

Division and reconnection of Heavens

Heavens, Shamaim (הַשָּׁמַיִם) in Hebrew, do not exist in singular form. There is an understanding, that Heavens as some creation of the Almighty were made different; in some way they are like a “nesting doll” proceeding one inside the other. However, because of sins THEN they were separated from each other for a while to some degree, and with 70 Earthly worlds, or with “Earth” in general, to a maximum degree, until the end of the time of Reparation. In Revelation, chapter 21 we see that Heavenly Jerusalem (fem.gen) is reconnected with the Earth. Before that they are forced to be separated from each other and from Earth, which was “removed” beyond the limits of closeness and interaction with the “Heavenly spheres”, so to say. The Heavens (“Heavenly spheres”) are separated from each other by some curtains, just as from the Earth in a certain way. Mishkan (Tabernacle) is a reflection of that. Moshe was told to make it in the same manner as was shown on the mountain”. It is also written that Mishkan is a SHADOW, MODEL, PATTERN of the Heavenly, as the Hebrew word תַבְנית (tavnit) is translated in Ex.25:40.

Model of Mishkan (“Tabernacle”) and Mikdash (Temple) shows us some foundation, some principle of spiritual symbolism. I will list it below without any special comments to show you the core of this very “world model”. In a simplified form there are four components:

1. Kodesh Kodashim” (“Holy of Holies”): gold, spirit (ruach) of a man, Divine soul neshamah, “Heavens of heavens”; sphere of action of the High kohen (High Priest).

2. Kodesh” (“Holy place”): silver, earthly soul (nefesh), “under heavens”, (“second heaven”); kohens sphere of action (priests).

3. Court of Mishkan”: brass, physical body, physical heaven, (firmament); Levites sphere of action.

4. OUTER court of Mishkan” (beyond Mishkan court limits): iron (as metal of war and death), “flesh” (nature weakened by sin and prone to it), Sheol.

In a more extended and detailed format there are also some other spheres which we can see through Shlomo’s Temple (Solomon’s temple) and also analyzing the territory BEYOND Mishkan:

1. “Inner court”: Through inner “South” gates covered with brass one ascended into the “inner court”, also called “upper court” while it was located higher than the outer court, or “priests’ court” while it was a place for the priests and was directly connected to the Temple. It was built of three rows of hewn stone and a row of cedar beams, surrounded by a low fence three elbows high, so that the people could see the sacred rites through it. Kings could enter this court right from the palace through the upper gallery, so that they didn’t have to pass through the outer court. Right before the entrance to the Porch this inner court had a big brass Altar for burnt offerings, where animal sacrifices were made. The Porch (Ulam) comprising the Eastern part of the Temple and being a part of the outer court separated the holy from the worldly. 

2. “Outer court”: “big” or “new”. It was intended for the people: the common meetings and prayers were held there. The “outer court” had entrances from North and South (where the palace was) beside the main one from the East. On these three sides it had adjoining facilities for the priests and storerooms.

3. “Camp of Levites”: in a square form with Mishkan in its centre.

4. “Israelites camp”: outside the Levites’ camp.

5. “Multiple foreign peoples”: those, who went out of Egypt together with the Israelites, and dwelled near to the Israelites’ camp.

As for the matter that some LONG TIME AGO there was no such separation between the Heavens or the “Heavenly spheres” from Earth, or rather the Earthly worlds, there is a corresponding Scripture passage, known in Judaism long before the first coming of Yeshua. It goes as follows:

Deut.11 21 that your days and the days of your children may be multiplied in the land of which the LORD swore to your fathers to give them, like the days of the heavens above the earth.

The underlined phrase sound in Hebrew in the following way:

KiYamém haShamáyim al haÁrets:

The exact translation of this passage is the following: 

as the time when the Heavens were on (near, close to) the earth.

Limits and borders

Now, after some introductory part, let’s turn to the origins, while it is there where the “foundational basis” of all main answers is.

Bereshit 1 3 Then Elohim said, “Let there be light”; and light was. 4 And Elohim saw the light, that it was good; and Elohim divided between the light and the darkness.

Here we see an image of Torah, that came after Noah’s Flood, while it didn’t exist before. It is written that the sin doesn’t count until there is law, that is, a divider, so in fact, it is a DEFINITION OF LIMITS between good and evil:

Rom.5 13 (For until the law (Torah) sin was in the world, but sin is not imputed/not counted when there is no law (Torah). 14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moshe, even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.

Darkness formed on earth: Gen.1:2, after that it was defined what LIGHT is. Up from that point it was already clear, light and darkness were defined to make a border between them and exclude any speculations and other subjective opinions and errors concerning them. Gen.1:3-4 shows that after the pre-Adam flood the light came, appointing the borders and separating clean from unclean, setting limits to the darkness.

Light put limits to the darkness

In prophetic sense, there were limits defined for the darkness and limits for sin as such, and here is the beginning of this process: first day — Yom Rishón, and its finish — Shabbath. So, Shabbath is a prophetic symbol of final victory over sin and darkness in general. Therefore, by singling out and celebrating Shabbath we prophesy also the end of sin era, establishing victory over it.

Of all moadim, i.e., appointed days of meeting, Shabbath and Sukkot are most connected. They are connected to the seventh day, both Divine one and factual: passing and ending of the appointed Atoning and Repairment period. That’s why millennial Reign is going to have both: Isaiah 66:22-23 and Zacharia 14:16-19.

Here I’d like to notice that there is a profession — to defend the Motherland. And by that I mean our Heavenly Motherland. The main essence of this profession is to put limits for the darkness, and it is a responsibility of the children of the Almighty. But only if they are light themselves. Darkness cannot put limits for itself. It is one of the reasons why prayers of some people are futile.

According to the Almighty’s decree, it was the kohens (priests) who should have taught the people to tell clean from the unclean. They were obliged and they could do it only when they also understood what “that” is. Kohens are those of Levi’s children, who have become the firstborn and who had the right Hesed and Din qualities’ balance.

To tell clean from the unclean means not only to teach it, but also to do it. If people do it in their own life, they are making important actions in the spiritual war by establishing spiritual borders, setting limits for the darkness. That means, their righteous life in itself already prophesies that into the spiritual world, separating light from the darkness. The other facet is that providing they do that, these people will have a corresponding spiritual power to do it through their prayers and proclamations by releasing a corresponding Word.

1000 years as one day

Now let’s analyze one of the key Scripture passages in this topic:

2 Peter 3 8 But, beloved, this one thing shouldn’t be hidden from you, that with/nearby/at the times of the Lord one day is as a thousand years [here on our earth], and a [His] thousand years as/like one [our] day.

The underlined word is a Greek word παρά (para), which depending on the context can be translated as: from, on the side; near by, at, together with, for; before (the face), in the presence, during, at the time; in comparison to.

Based on this verse we can see the Scriptures mention some time proportions, showing the difference of time flow in the sphere where the Most High dwells, and here on earth. It is mentioned not just one time, therefore, it is not a figure of speech as some may think. Let’s analyze and try to see where such disproportion has begun, what has triggered it and what principle was put as the foundation to it.

Beginning of compression

A person who committed sin has been set a limit of one Divine day: “in the day that you eat of it (when you eat it) you shall surely die”:

Bereshit 2 16 And Yahweh Elohim commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, FOR IF (WHEN, THEREFORE, IF) in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

BUT we see that neither Adam nor Hava died on the same day they ate it. Of course, if we understand day as a 24-hour day in our time, so to say. According to the Scriptures, Adam lived 930 years. Tanakh doesn’t say anything about Hava, but we may suppose that she lived about the same. So, what do we do with that? Is the Word of the Most High true? Here we can use as a main clue an above mentioned passage from 2 Peter 3:8:

2 Peter 3 8 But, beloved, this one thing shouldn’t be hidden from you, that with/nearby/at the times of the Lord one day is as a thousand years [here on our earth], and a [His] thousand years as/like one [our] day.

This “clue” appeared only in the New Testament period, but Cephas didn’t have this revelation all of a sudden, while at that times there has already existed an understanding that time here on earth and Almighty’s time, Who is the Creator of the Universe, is not the same. There weren’t too many hints to that in Tanakh, but there was enough to get some initial revelation by the Spirit of Holiness. We can see the first hint in the above quoted verse, and also in the amount of years Adam lived. We read that during one day when they did what they did, Adam had to die. We know that Adam lived 930 years, he “didn’t make it” 70 years to reach a thousand, which is a relative term of the modern generation’s life. Therefore there is a clear and obvious image.

Day for a year

We see the continuation in the book Bemidbar (Numbers):

Numbers 14 33 And your sons shall be shepherds in the wilderness forty years, and bear the brunt of your infidelity, until your carcasses are consumed in the wilderness. 34 According to the number of the days in which you spied out the land, forty days, for each day you shall bear your deliberate sin (avón) one year, namely forty years, and you shall know what is estrangement from Me.

Then we see a “second witness” through the prophet Ehezkiel:

Ezek.4 1 “You also, son of man, take a clay tablet and lay it before you, and portray on it a city, Jerusalem. 2 Lay siege against it, build a siege wall against it, and heap up a mound against it; set camps against it also, and place battering rams against it all around. 3 Moreover take for yourself an iron plate, and set it as an iron wall between you and the city. Set your face against it, and it shall be besieged, and you shall lay siege against it. This will be a sign to the house of Israel. 4 “Lie also on your left side, and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it. According to the number of the days that you lie on it, you shall bear their deliberate iniquity. 5 For I have laid on you the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days; so you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Israel. 6 And when you have completed them, lie again on your right side; then you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days. I have laid on you a day for each year.

So, day for a year. What can we see in that? And what is He talking about anyways? Which message does it convey, for us to analyze and understand it?

The essence of this concept is that practically immediately after Adam and Hava’s fall they were deprived of the glory that was within them and which covered them. They were set to

 rule this Earthly world, and because of what they did they were deprived of the Almighty’s glory, which was ON them and IN them. The glory of the Creator diminished, and therefore, spiritual light diminished. But that’s not all. It also affected the physical light.

Light spiritual and physical

The foundation of this revelation is the experimental proof that the speed of physical light started to slow down. The essence is that the Almighty put the speed of physical light in direct correlation to the spiritual light, that is, to His glory, which is the source of this light. If it is so, and we are going to analyze it further on, why is it so important? Because together with the slowing down speed of physical light time also started to slow down or rather compress, so to say. It’s not just my assumptions, but a proven fact. We can question only proportions and numbers, but not facts themselves, they are a given now.

What we’re going to analyze further on is an important piece of the existing world picture, and if we get it, many things and pieces will fall into their places and we will be able to understand the existing state of affairs, and many events that were and are happening. The enemy tried to withhold it from the people of the Almighty to keep it unawares, achieving his goals, but the Heavenly Father promised that all seals which are supposed to be broken by the time of the last battle, are going to be unsealed. With His help we are going to analyze it here. Perhaps, some of you already have the revelation of what I’m going to say, and if so — glory to the Most High! For everybody else: fasten your seatbelts.

Proportions of glory

Numbers 14 33 And your sons shall be shepherds in the wilderness forty years, and bear the brunt of your infidelity, until your carcasses are consumed in the wilderness. 34 According to the number of the days in which you spied out the land, forty days, for each day you shall bear your deliberate sin (avón) one year, namely forty years, and you shall know what is estrangement from Me.

This abstract speaks prophetically that 40 days of walking in the Promised land are equivalent to 40 years of wilderness, that is, OUTSIDE this Promised land. Therefore, one day of being in the Promised land is equivalent to one year outside of it. So, through that we can see a prophetic hint that time OUTSIDE the Promised land is slowed down about 360 times: 6 х 6 х 10, which is a “human number”, multiplied by itself and multiplied again by 10 — a number of phrases, with which this world has been created, restorated, the number of commandments, the number of plagues in Egypt, and the number of world rulers who are going to give their authority to the false messiah for a period of one prophetic hour. Also 6х6х10 can be interpreted as:

Adam (in flesh) х Hava (in flesh) х 10 phrases  =  360

Garden of Eden is our “Promised land”, that originally belonged to first people, from which they were removed and to which they have to return.

As for the abstract from Ehezkiel’s book, that has been analyzed earlier, we see that day for a year is some prophetic, spiritual action, that releases a corresponding action in the physical world. The prophet has acted according to inspiration and direct command from above, by order of Heavens, so to say, which in a certain way are our Promised land. It is as if he had been in Heavens at that moment, like these scouts were in the Promised land, eretz Israel, and the first people were in the Garden of Eden.

We can see a hint to that in the fact that the Garden of Eden has been located in the geographic place of a present day North pole (it is a separate topic I talk about in videos on my “Flat Earth” channel), where a day lasts about half a year, and night lists another half a year. First people were banished from it, and sent by foot to the present day Eretz Israel, which the Almighty appointed for development of main history, and has become the new center of this entire world, and where the King of all kings — Yeshua — is supposed to return.

So, WHO and WHAT has started to change? It is written that there is no variation or shadow of changing in the Almighty, who is the Father of lights (plural)” (James 1:17). So, others must be changing. These “others” had a change of time flow because of sin and diminishing of King’s glory. Time started to slow down, somewhat “compressing”, and slowly die in a certain way. By the way, the word lightsis used in plural form in this last verse, so, here we see a connection of “change”, i.e., definite changes to different forms of “light”: spiritual one and different forms of physical.

From Adam to Cephas: 1000 to 1

In the moment of the Fall some “collapse of glory” happened and the time momentarily “compressed”, “dwindled” 360 times. It happened in the Garden of Eden. And Yeshua’s disciple Cephas in his letter that was written about 4000 nominal, I emphasize it, years said that one day with the Almighty is not like one year, but already like a thousand years. Based on it we can see that from the moment of the Fall the time “dwindled” 1000 times more during these nominal years. Based on that we can assume that level of iniquity rose about 1000 times, therefore, through that the King’s glory diminished about the same amount of times in this world. Great “input” into this increase of the darkness has been made before Noah’s Flood, which is easy to understand, considering almost complete destruction of everybody who lived at that time because of it. There was Babylon tower, sins of Sodom and many many other things. The darkness increased, ousting the Light, and correspondingly diminishing the speed of physical light. Abraham’s calling and appearance of Israel as a nation slowed this process, “stabilizing the fall” a bit, but it didn’t solve the issue on the global level, of course, it just created a “platform” of some sort for the next step.

Yeshua’s coming slowed this process even more, and for some period the level of the Almighty’s glory even started to grow. However, we do remember that after the first two centuries, which also had their issues, the darkness took gradual revenge, and then there were the dark Middle ages and many other events which are difficult to call light. Lately the darkness level significantly grew: during the last half century many people have already started to notice that time has been “dwindling” very rapidly. There are many observations and testimonies on that account, starting with Athos’ monks who say the time compressed to about a third, based on the time of observation during many centuries, with strict and definite prayers in a certain period of time. There is much other evidence, so, if you search for “compression of time” online, or something like that, you’ll learn a lot of new and interesting things.

11 strings + 1” concept

Let’s touch upon some facts important for understanding what has happened and is happening now. Some aspects from elementary physic theory stated here are not just my personal opinion, and “worldview”, but a serious physical concept, which is agreed upon by many famous physicists.

There exist elementary particles: electrons, protons, neutrons,… quarks — all of them are like some musical notes on a vibrating string. Physics is in its essence a catalogue of laws telling us what we can play on these vibrating strings. Chemistry is like some melody, which can be played on them. The Universe, created by the Creator is like a Symphony of these vibrating strings. At the present day there is a string theory, which appeared long ago and it is unique, because unlike all other theories it was able to unite all main four laws of elementary physics, which no other theory was able to do before that. These are such famous laws as electromagnetic induction law, weak interaction law, nuclear or strong interaction law and the gravitation law.

Attraction, “gravitation” and Kings glory

Now let me share my understanding related to such a notion as “gravitation”. Many people who keep up with the topic, have an opinion there is no gravitation per se. However, if we don’t fret over semantics, there is a certain law, some consistent pattern defining and explaining body movement from “up to bottom”, so to speak. It is expressed in relative gravity, falling etc. Once again, there is a revelation and understanding that this pattern has been set by the Almighty, and while Sheol is in the bottom of the earth, and it is a symbol of flesh, that means “in flesh” all bodies gravitate down, moving in direction of this very Sheol, which is in the bottom of this entire “earth construction”.

The more spiritual a person is, the more glory of the Almighty he or she has, and the less he or she depends on this “Sheol’s attraction”, so to say. In this case he or she can “levitate” or fly: whether low or high, long or short, it is a “technical question” already. Of course, I mean first of all the glorified body, but it’s important to grasp the principle here. Defining condition of getting rid of Sheol’s influence and “attraction” is an ability to use galgal or whirl principle. In fact, it is an ability to create spiritual galgal or a whirl by the glory that exists within the spiritual man, and that gives one ability to levitate or fly, controlling one’s coordination and location in space. Remember an episode from the book of Daniel which describes fire whirls — galgals by the throne of the Almighty, showing His main instrument of making and ruling the creation: Dan.7:9.

Because of the increase of sin and alienation from the Father and His glory THEN, people had the tendency to substitute diminishing glory with different so-called “high technologies”. For there’s nothing new under the sun”: both THEN and now those who are deprived of King’s glory constantly try to compensate what they lack with the help of technologies, for instance, by creating some flying devices. Those “advanced technologies” that came through the fallen allow people to move with unimaginable speeds; a body deprived of glory and weakened by sin cannot stand such overload. Only those having glorified bodies and also hybrids with altered DNA or biorobots having corresponding vitality for such overload can move with such acceleration and loads.

So, there exists a pattern of interaction, according to which this or that body is moving down, and the gravitation law tries to describe it as a mathematical principle. It is the 4th foundational law of the Creator’s world order.

Music of the Creator

At the present day there is a string theory uniting all of these FOUR physical laws, which is also called Divine music of the Creator, playing in 11 dimensions which physicists call hyperspace, subspace and space connected into one system. In this case all these theories are beautifully united together and everything works just fine. Or, let’s say, WORKED until some definite moment. What moment, you may ask? We’ll talk about it a bit later.

We are the “song”, or rather “melody of the Creator”. That’s why you and I can be called unique Divine melody, music created by the Almighty, Who is our Father; it is played on strings created by Him. The essence of physical laws are the laws of Divine design performed on these Divine strings of the universe.

Then a reasonable question comes up: why exactly 11? Why was it the 11 string theory that appeared first, and not 8 or 20 “string theory”? The point is, physics and mathematics connected together are an exact science trying to formulate and explain the harmony of creation. That’s why this theory tried to consider all components. If we take not 11, but, say, 8, 16 or 20, there will be no harmony, while different anomalies come up, and everything lacks stability, not being able to correlate with each other. The very principles of harmony and mathematics, describing certain harmony of creation in numbers presuppose the concept of 11 dimensions, in which case everything synchronizes, gets logical and finely connected with each other both in parts and in general.

Twelve strings and different “angles”

Some physics presented their theory of 12 dimensions. This concept is sometimes called F-Theory” (“Father-Theory”) of Father of strings”. It is like the 11 dimensions concept, but with a very significant difference — TWO Times: double time instead of one time parameter. These two flows of time are somewhat relatively “perpendicular” to each other. That is, the slope angle of one timeline to another can be different from zero. For example, if the slope angle is two degrees it is one formula, if ten degrees — the other one. One time can have one minute, and the other — 360 minutes. In one — a day, in the other one — a thousand years related to the first one. Different angle, different coefficients. It is amazing, but the fact is, a very spiritual topic we discuss here can be actually explained by mathematical theory.

Musical notes

Some non-musicians will be interested to learn there are only 12 musical notes. Octave is separated into 12 notes. Somebody knows that some ethnicities have more notes than that, for example, Georgian music has 15 notes, Balkanian has 17 and Indian has even 22 notes! But these are usually rare cases, which can also be explained within the general concept. But in the foundation the majority of the “musical world” has only 12 notes. In the context of saying that we are some special music, some “special masterpiece” of the Heavenly Father, this fact can become another piece of a greater picture.

Answer to the Fall

I have a revelation that originally the Almighty has created only eleven dimensions. The whole spatiotemporal fabric (see additional material) He created and spread “like a tent” connected all worlds and they moved in the same time. However, when sin appeared, and the opposition and purification of Heavens took place, after which the war in all 70 worlds happened, there came a global destruction that we see in Gen.1:2. After that the Heavenly Council decided on the “spiritual quarantine” where the Heavenly Father’s quality of Mercy that triumphs over Judgement was supposed to be realized.

Here we need to remember Yeshua’s words that light came into the world” and also: Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (Jh.12:31). At the most primary level Yeshua ment His Atoning sacrifice, however, on a factual level He reiterated and stated what the Almighty proclaimed in Gen.1:3:

Bereshit 1 3 Then Elohim said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 And Elohim saw the light, that it was good; and Elohim divided the light from the darkness.

If before this moment different “variations” and subjective interpretations distorted by sin and deviating far from the straight way of the Almighty were possible, starting with this moment everything was drawn into the light: black was called black and white was called white. The corresponding measure of iniquity was filled to the brim and the Most High as a Righteous Judge proclaimed His judgement, defining limits for spiritual light and darkness. It was the spiritual light and spiritual darkness that was primarily talked about in the above mentioned passage of Gen.1:3-4.

Benjamins birth as an image of 12th dimension

Benjamin was born later than all his other brothers. The labor has been very hard and because of her pains his mother Rachel instinctively gave him a very difficult name: son of my sufferings”. Benjamin has been the only one who was already born within the borders of Eretz Canaan — land of living. Unlike other descendants, Benjamin himself had little problems during his life. In the context of the “Testing Ground” there is a definite principle. Life of Jaacob’s sons is a prophetic reflection first of all of twelve “brotherly generations” and those specific details and situations related to them. But events connected with their descendents can mostly tell us about time generations”, and you remember from previous parts, that there were forty two of them. This principle has been expressed more through Benjamin and his tribe than through others. The fact that he was born “at some distance” from other brothers reveals this detail to us.

The tribe of Benjamin has been the one, which was almost completely destroyed, but saved only through Almighty’s mercy. At the very critical moment only 400 men remained alive, they barricaded themselves in a rock, desperately fighting off the overwhelming amount of their brethren. Those of you who know the Scriptures must remember, what was the beginning and end of this story. It also has a prophetic hint. Number “4” means “universality”, “inclusiveness”: four cardinal points, four cherubs carrying the throne of the Most High, four Gospels, etc. Number “100”, aside from everything else, means increased and multiplied amount which has a meaning of a great community of people, some “mass” and “generality” in the context of the entire world. That is, number “400” in the context of those men saved from the tribe of Benjamin is a prophetic hint that during THAT war the greatest amount of the “youngest” in time generations died and “were lost to the point of no return”, who were born already during the period the sin was active. But it also says there was a “general mercy” shown to them, and the younger the generation was, the more was our Heavenly Father’s mercy towards them. In this part I’m going to share a small portion about the “Benjamin issue”, and what I believe has been revealed to me.

There is a notion of allowed measure of iniquity or damage, beyond which there is no restoration or repair, so everything that appears is guaranteed to be destroyed or killed from the very beginning. That is the reason why before the point when the appearance of new souls has become their birth “for slaughter”, while they were born at all, I gave an increased measure of My grace to fight the damaging effect of sin virus existing in the environment. It was only just and it somehow “equalled” their opportunity to make a right decision. I am a Righteous Judge, I couldn’t take away what was meant as a blessing, I couldn’t allow for this blessing to be programmed for ensuing death from the very start. Benjamin’s tribe symbolizes one of the facets of this matter. It is the last tribe of Israel, representing those sons and daughters of the Almighty, who were born when the virus of sin was active, and who, therefore, were in a gradually increasing group of risk. As such, the “First” from the last brotherly generation were born of Me just as the others “equally distant” from a previous brotherly generation symbolized by Joseph”.

Considering all of the above, we can see that in spite of their militant attitude and will, moral image of those born during the opposition was wanting. King Shaul is a significant prophetic example of many who were born in later time generations. For all their “serious outer characteristics”, the condition of their hearts, commitment and obedience to the Almighty and resilience to sin was wanting. They were able to have short-lived “righteous desires” and actions, but in the long run they also needed help.

Together with that, the very tribe of Benjamin has played and is playing a very important role in the life of the entire people of Israel, perhaps, even more than many others. It was on Benjamin’s land that the place of manifested glory — the Temple, and also Jericho — a prophetic symbol of the key to possessing the Promised land, had been located. Benjamin has a great potential, but only with Judah and Levi he has maximum opportunity to realize it without going in the wrong direction. Benjamin’s decision to remain with Judah and also with Levi, who couldn’t be “separated” from Judah, when the lot was divided, has become a prophetic reflection of the fight THEN, when a lot of effort has been made to save the souls of “young generations”. Wolf is a prophetic symbol of Benjamin, and all of the “young generations” as well; many of them, being born during the opposition, were militant but often inconsistent, needing greater resilience and support from the “older ones”.

Twelfth time dimension has become one of the main tools created by the Almighty to have victory over sin and Atonement with the blood of the Messiah. It has been a result of a special manifestation of the Creator’s glory, and here His DIN quality — the quality of Righteous Judgement — has been expressed.

11 curtains of Mishkan, one — double

Now let’s analyse two important fragments of the Scriptures connected to number 11: 

Ex.26 7You shall also make curtains of goats’ hair, to be a tent over the Mishkán tabernacle. You shall make eleven curtains. 8 The length of each curtain shall be thirty cubits, and the width of each curtain four cubits; and the eleven curtains shall all have the same measurements. 9 And you shall couple five curtains by themselves and six curtains by themselves, and you shall double over the sixth curtain at the forefront of Mishkán.

Ex.36 14 He made curtains of goats’ hair for the tent over the tabernacle of Mishkán; he made eleven curtains. 15 The length of each curtain was thirty cubits, and the width of each curtain four cubits; the eleven curtains were the same size. 16 He coupled five curtains by themselves and six curtains by themselves.

Mishkán is in fact some “mobile Temple” for the time of wilderness; prophetically — for spiritual wilderness. Also  Mishkán is a model of our world, a prophetic reflection of THAT original world. Eleven curtains symbolise eleven original dimensions: ten spatial and one temporal.

There is a part on spatiotemporal fabric in additional materials. If you haven’t read that yet, you should fill this gap to have a fuller understanding of this topic in general. Here’s a Scripture verse quoted there and which the Almighty has shown to me when He gave me this revelation:

Ps.104 2 Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain (yeria).

יְרִיעָֽה  yeria  covering, tent material.

The same Hebrew word yeria has been used in the analysed verse on eleven curtains of Mishkán. In spite of the fact that there were sort of eleven, the twelfth curtain was hidden in one of the eleven:

Ex.26 9 And you shall couple five curtains by themselves and six curtains by themselves, and you shall double over the sixth curtain at the forefront of Mishkan.

We see that the double curtain has been some prophetic symbol, showing that the twelfth time dimension has been especially hidden in the eleventh one. Knowing everything FROM THE BEGINNING, the Almighty prepared a solution for everything that was supposed to happen in the future.

12th time dimension as darkness limiter

Aside from dividing light from the darkness, i.e., defining a border between one and another, something very important also happened. The Almighty created the 12th time dimension defining the limit for some time appointed for reparation and that is, for sin to exist in His creation only within some borders and on certain conditions, having its time limit. The end of the seventh day — the Heavenly Shabbat — must become the final line of destruction of sin as a notion, limit for time of reconciliation, and entering of all redeemed ones back into His Kingdom. As it is written in letter to Hebrews, chapter 3 and 4, the people of the Almighty must manage to enter into His Shabbat or rest, while there will be no place for any sin or for anyone who hasn’t rid of it yet beyond the borders of the Heavenly Shabbat. There must be some synchronization between physical Shabbat and “Shabbatical Shalom” as a condition of our heart and spirit when we walk in full obedience and synchronization with the Spirit of our Heavenly Father.

Different time

So, if earlier time had been the same for everyone, from the moment described in Gen.1:3 it has stopped to be the same. By setting certain time limits the Almighty has defined a different time flow for His creation, putting it in subjection to His glory level. So that it wouldn’t happen that those who were faithful to Him had the same level of His manifested glory with those who rebelled against Him and started a war with their brothers and sisters. From that point the level of abilities, opportunities and time flow speed has become dependent on the level of manifested glory. In this world the Almighty connected the speed of physical light to the level of His manifested glory; physical light speed is directly connected to physical laws including those that define the speed and flow of time as a physical constant. Through that He set limits for the enemy:

Rev.12 12 Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.

This Scripture Passage together with many others has a deeper facet: when the fallen “son of the morning” was thrown down from Heavens after THAT war, a final limit has been set through creation of the 12th time dimension and this cherub and every darkness has got a limit.

Light speed dependance on glory

Nicola Tesla has been a zealous supporter of the ether theory. According to “Ether theory”, ether can be different, more or less solid, and it affects the light speed in vacuum. First successful measurement of the light speed in vacuum has been made by Olaf Renee in 1676. From that point methods and quality of measurement has been constantly perfected, but there is a strange paradox: almost all new measurement adjustments of light speed point out at its diminishing. If light speed is a constant, then the mathematical margin of the following measurements must be +/- 50%. But in practice it appears that more than 85% adjustment measurements of the light speed point at its deceleration.

Einstein found out that there’s no absolute time. Time is a relative parameter depending on the forces it is controlled by, formally known as frame of reference. Time flow in our own system is known as the right time”.

Researchers on the deceleration of light speed

The first “official” report on decaying of the speed of light was made by Barry Setterfield and Trevor Norman, who studied this issue for several years. Now two physicists Dr. Joao Malhado, researcher from Royal Society, Imperial College, London and Dr. Andreas Albrecht from California University, Davis, suppose right before the “birth of the Universe” the light speed was possibly much higher than its present estimation of 186 000 miles a second. They think, starting with that point the speed has been diminishing. The article on effects their theory predicts should be published in a famous scientific magazine Physical Review. It is possible that by the time this book is finished, the article has already been published.

Chuck Missler (1934-2018), evangelical Christian, a teacher of the Scriptures, graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Master in Engineering, who worked in the space and computer industry for many years. He worked for Ford Company starting 1963, and in June 1977 he became chairman and Executive director in Western Digital. He has gone to be with the Lord in 2018.

Chuck Missler wrote an article called Speed of light slowing down?” which corresponds to works of some renown modern physicists. He even had a number of materials and sermons on nephilim and things related to them. In his research work he had certain facts and calculations saying that:

during Yeshua’s time the speed of light was higher by 10-30%;

in the days of King Shlomo (Solomon) it was 2 times higher;

in the days of Abraham — four times higher;

before Noah’s flood, about 3000 — 3500 years B.C. it was many times higher than now.

You understand that it’s hard to say how accurate his calculations were, but here it is about the principle, which is based on the Scripture itself. The pattern is as follows: the less speed of physical light is, the less real time we have in our day in fact. And vice versa. The higher the speed of light, the more time there is in a real nominal day.

A general analysis and review of all these facts together with those that follow is enough to see an existing pattern.  It’s the “first witness”. As for the “second witness”, the Spirit of our Father is able to guide us in ALL Truth. With that we have to remember the principle that true facts and concepts always complement each other. It is a constant process, but in the end everything hidden that is being revealed must not contradict, but confirm the Scriptures, while it is a sure foundation to build upon.

Three facets of degradation

In the context of our discussion topic we can state that during the time of sin development spiritual degradation cane to several spheres:

1. Decaying of physical light speed and through that the diminishing of real time in a nominal time unit, say, in a day.

2. Diminishing lifespan in nominal years: from the time before Noah’s Flood where people lived more than 900 years to 70-80 years in our time.

3. Besides, another “compression” happened parallel to this one: SLEEP, that didn’t exist per before sin, and which started to take about 1/3 (depending on a person 🙂 ). Good that it means rest and prophetic dreams for many believers, however the others are not so lucky…

That’s why it is evident that not only diminishing of a number of nominal years happened, but their “content” lessened as well. Like with money: not only denarii themselves but their value may also decrease. For example, one had 900 denarii and could buy 10 bags of flour for one coin, and in a while one had only 70 denarii and could take only one bag of flour for one coin, and even that was not full and on discount… So, not only the number of years of human lives diminished, but their quality also became “thin”, and a person manages to do even less and less during his or her years. How can it be? Let’s analyse the following example.

Thin cows and cliche bondage

There is a good example of fat and thin cows that followed each other. Seeing this simple dream, the Pharaoh couldn’t fathom it, while his brain was absolutely not able to accept the fact that cows can become thin in Egypt posturing near the Nile. It is like many believers yet cannot fathom how factual time can be diminished within the very unit of time. Just as Pharaoh wasn’t able to imagine that Nile might dry out, change its course or weaken its current, many cannot imagine that the very current of time, its flow can become “thin”. What can one say? Get rid of a pharaoh’s “spiritual Egypt” way of thinking! Or something of the sort 🙂

Once upon a time a momentarily change from a DAY to a YEAR happened in the Garden of Eden. After the Fall one very weighty and full of glory DAY has diminished and become 360 times “thinner”! Momentarily and at once. A person used to do 300 different things in one day without a rush, and the day was just turning to evening. After the Fall the day shrank terribly, and one had to hurry quite a lot to manage to do at least a couple of things, and even those were not that big.

Not only time changed when this “degradation leap” happened. Both Adam and Hava and the ENTIRE EARTH changed, as it is written cursed is the land for you”. Almost the entire physiology of Adam and Hava altered in a split second. Chemical elements comprising their bodies changed, while they were a part of this “cursed land”. The major part of the Almighty’s glory left this earth, and multiple degradation processes have been launched. Bodies, “weakened by sin”, are those which are mostly deprived of manifested glory, and that is, those supernatural abilities which they had because of it.

Before that moment all the food they ate was processed 100%, they had no need of toilet or the like. Their inner physiology didn’t provide for “privy needs”. They were never sick, didn’t sweat, didn’t get tired or old. After the Fall their bodies have been deprived of their original glory, being transformed into those “weakened by sin” with all the ensuing consequences. Big changes also befell the plant and animal worlds; the latter most of all. “Inner settings” and digestive systems of all living creatures were altered. There appeared carnivores and those with mixed digestive system. Before that moment animals didn’t eat each other, but ate only “green grass”. Just as people, they had no need of defecation while it is a consequence of a glorified body being damaged by sin. Their supernatural abilities, like that of understanding human speech were also diminished. They used to be able to talk telepathically if they wanted; people also could understand the language of animals and talk to them so they would understand their speech.

In a short while after Adam and Hava tasted the unique sweetness of the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, corresponding mechanisms turned on and global transformation has begun starting with themselves. The fruit was sweet on their lips, but then it got bitter in their stomach and prophetically — in their spirit, their spiritual man. First, they lost the glory which covered them instead of clothes. After the Almighty proclaimed His judgement, the other transformation processes, including time, were launched.

Proximity to the King of all kings enlightens and increases the speed of reaction. That’s why one day with the Most High or near Him in His glory, defining the flow of time, is like 1000 years on earth from the point of view of the fallen man. Or rather, one day in His glory in its level of saturation, filling and revelations, and what can be done for His Kingdom is what we can manage to understand, accept and do only in a thousand of our earthly years. At least, it has been the case when Cephas, Yeshua’s disciple, was writing his letter (2 Peter 3:8).

Unless those days were shortened…”

It is written that by the King’s mercy those days were shortened, and it is said that if He hadn’t done it, nobody would be able to withstand:

Mtt.24 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

The Almighty has and is doing it because of increasing sin. As the Creator, by His mercy He started slowing down, “compressing” time, so that people would do less sins in a formal unit of time, and therefore the corresponding iniquity measure that is the reason for world’s destruction, would be lessened. Without it the Almighty as a Righteous Judge would already have had a sufficient measure of iniquity to do it. But “for the chosen ones”, i.e. for their salvation the Most High is doing this.

Banishment of sons and daughters of the Almighty from His Spirit and His hearts and hardening of their hearts led to diminishing of His glory they had, and in the context of this topic the following Scripture passages must sound a little different:

Ps.89 44 You have made his glory cease, and cast his throne down to the ground. 45 The days of his youth You have shortened; You have covered him with shame.

Ps.101 23 He weakened my strength in the way; He shortened my days… 

As we remember from physics, the higher the speed and the closer it is to the speed of light, the slower time goes, the more it stretches, while on earth it accelerates. We remember that the Almighty is LIGHT, that’s why the closer we are to Him, to His glory, the more all the destructive processes of this world are slowed down and weakened. One day with the Almighty in this sense is like a 1000 years on earth.

Ps.89 10 The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrowful vanity of iniquity; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away…

We’re flying, but not that fast…

Other physiology

As we analyzed above, the works of Chuck Missler contained his proposed calculations from which follows that:

In Yeshua’s time the speed of light has been about 10-30%, in Shlomo’s time — two times, in Abraham’s time — four times and before Noah’s Flood about 3000 years B.C. — many times more than ours”.

One can assume, that in times of Abraham the amount of real time has been about four times greater than that of the present, or about that, in that case he lived not just 175 nominal years, but about 700 factual years, relative to our “filling” of time. If we take it this way, the young ages of patriarch’s children and situations connected to that can be logically explained. When Rivka has been given in marriage, she could have been from 5 to 7 nominal years, but physiologically she has been from 18 to 28 years old. Shimon and Levi, who have been 7-9 years “formally” by the time of slaying the men of Shechem, were in fact about 24-32 years old according to modern physiology. Dinah, raped in Shechem, could have been 6-7 nominal years old according to “our years”, which correlated with 22-28 years of age by our time. BEFORE the years were DIFFERENT: “time cows” in those days were much more “fat”.

Ps.89 9 For all our days have passed away in Your wrath; we wear out our years like a sigh. 10 The days of our lives are seventy years; and if by reason of strength they are eighty years, yet their boast is only labor and sorrowful vanity of iniquity; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

Platos year”

When in the context of our history many who believe in the Scriptures hear numbers exceeding 6000 years and more they start automatically reject what they’ve heard, while they remember from the Scriptures and from what they have been told that we live somewhere between the 6th and 7th millennium “from the creation of our world”. Let’s discuss one thing which in the context of our topic can be understood only if we analyze it by the right angle. The enemy always tried to blur the right understanding of time, revealing some of its facets only to his most devoted servants. Have a little more patience, and let’s analyze such a notion as Plato’s year”. What is it?

North and the center of the Heavenly dome

In the present moment the North Pole points at the North star in the constellation Ursa Minor. The entire star sphere of our rakiya or Firmament is rotated around it. About 12000 “nominal years” ago, based on the time value of our time, that “Central star” was Vega in the Lyra constellation, another 6000 “nominal years” ago, it was Tuban star in the constellation of the Dragon. Although they say that a Greek astronomer Hipparchus (2nd century B.C.) has discovered a parade of equinoxes, the data shows that the science of the heavenly cycles is much more ancient.

There exists a so-called “planet parade”: a moment when the planets form a line in relation to the Earth, and they are at some connecting point. This hypothetical event starts and ends great Plato’s year”. With that, Plato himself didn’t point out the location of this connection, so later on it was considered to be the zero degree in the constellation of Aries. This idea goes up to Assyrian astrological tradition where “great year” has been marked by big connection in Cancer and Capricorn, and also to the works of Pythagoras and Empedocles. Later on the term “Plato’s year” has been connected to the procession year, period of precession of the equinoctial point, about 1 degree in 72 years, or 25920 years. I’m not going to explain here what “precession” means — you can easily find it on the Net.

Plato and Phoenix

Do you remember a phrase which someone said, And then the Phoenix rises again, from the ashes reborn…”? Let’s dive into this interesting aspect in the context of our topic. Though it might sound strange, but the roots of this character are not just very very bad, but even unclean. This Phoenix bird is closely related to “Plato’s year”; according to astrologers its lifespan is the same as “Plato’s” or “great year”. “Plato’s year” is a time in which the Sun, the Moon and five planets or rather stars (kohav) or visible moving lights are returning to their initial position in relation to the rest of the visible starry sky.

In his “Dialog on orators” Tacitus defined it as 12 994 normal years. The ancient people believed that by the end of this huge astronomical cycle the world history is going to be repeated in every detail because the influence of the “planets” is also repeated. Therefore, Phoenix becomes a symbol or image of the universe, so to say. For even more likeness stoics clarified that the world dies in fire and is reborn in fire, and that this process has no end and no beginning.

As many of you already understand, nothing in the physical world and informational space comes just “accidentally” by itself. Well, maybe only in cheap homemade movies. The technology of the fallen is that they take this or that concept or Truth, process it in the way they want, building corresponding deceitful doctrines and values into it. To provide “effective management”, they bring so-called “tares” into this world, release them and put them in corresponding positions, giving them necessary authority. For them and through them corresponding doctrines and concepts are developed, and they are supposed to implement them. This small group is made “elite”, provided with sort of “secret knowledge” which is a part of these management tools, establishing them in belonging to this “elite” society.

So, it happens that they “speak truth and only truth” but not all truth, just a “small bit of painless truth”. The fact that by the end of a certain cycle this world is going to be purified with fire is a complete truth, we can read it in the Scriptures:

2 Peter 3 7 But the present Firmaments and the Earth which are now preserved by His Word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. 8 But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with/by/near to/in the time of the Lord one day is as a thousand years [right now here on earth], and a [His] thousand years as [our] one day. 9 The Almighty is not slack concerning fulfilling His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 10 But the day of the Almighty will come as a thief [secretly], in which the Firmaments will pass away with a great noise, and the initial elements being exposed to fire will be destroyed, stopping to fulfill their functions; both the earth and the works that are in it will be revealed.

FIre is going to come, purification is going to come, but not in the way the fallen show to their managers in different nations and peoples. It is like a carrot to a donkey; they are going to be very surprised when the time comes, if not more. They are told, especially in our days, that our entire world is on the verge of this very cycle’s end, and that upcoming geographical and spiritual cataclysms are just a necessary stage which one simply has to go through, and which they are going to survive if they obediently do everything they’re told. They are told they will be able to sit in their bunkers safely, until several years of tempest and all sorts of chaos are over. They are told they are not going to be harmed by those evil creatures released to “cleanse the earth” and destroy the enemies of the coming “bright tomorrow”, meaning first of all me and you. Many of them know about hybrids, about the fallen themselves and about tools of control and manipulation over the entire humanity, but they hope they are going to have a good place in the future world. Of course, they’re going to have a place, but not where they so beautifully picture themselves. Sure, they are not told that for many of them their bunkers are going to become their graves, where they will suffocate and scream from woe that they were so screwed up. They are also not told that many of them are going to experience another “inconvenience” while these very evil creatures are going to “hunt them out” in their hiding places. They will not be very pleased to find out that with a great level of evilness these creatures have also a high level of intelligence, including ability to teleport, and also destroy almost every kind of strong fortifications. When all of this happens, their life is not going to be very long, but its end is going to be very very emotionally intensive.

Those who came into our world as tares will have their own destiny, but my heart and my prayers are for those sons and daughters of the Kingdom, who were enticed into it by lies, and who still have a chance to be saved. My prayer to the Heavenly Father is for Him to show them His mercy that triumphs over judgement, so that He would give them His grace and snatch them out as an ember from the flames. My prayer to the Father is for Him to enlighten their eyes with the light of Yeshua, so that they would see the light in His light. Until there is still some time left.

New astrological era is coming when the vernal equinox moves from one sign of the zodiac to another due to a complicated lunisolar precession of the earth. It completes a full rotation around Zodiac in the so-called Great Plato’s year equal to 25 620 normal years. One month of the Great year, lasting 2160 earthly years, is this astrological era. A full Zodiac year, referred to the conventional earth axis, connecting the earth’s center with the high point of the dome, rakiya, is about 25 920 years. Plato believed it was a time of human civilization’s existence. That’s why the precession period is also sometimes called “Great Plato’s year”.

Step and era of history

One day of so-called “great year” is theoretically equal to 72 our years, and it practically fits into 71-74 years (25920/360=72 years — a time when the conventional earth axis moves to one ecliptic angle degree). It is some one “step of history”, so to say, a resilience test. There is an understanding that if a new social establishment or state has not lived longer than this term, it means that historically such a system cannot and must not exist.

As for 70-72 years, it is an interesting thing which has a lot of clues throughout the entire Scriptures. But where did they get these huge numbers of 25620+300=25920 years? If it’s not some stupid joke or error, then right understanding of time flow and the fact that it has always changed towards slowing down in this world, helps us to understand that if we count it in our present “thin years”, these almost 26 000 years do have a right to be.

The ancient wrote about the heavenly “signs and seasons of the year” which were passed down to us as simple myths. Ancient oracles and astrologers were carefully guarding the secret of the most important heavenly cycles. Aside from the knowledge of celestial bodies’ movements which one could receive during the entire life of observation, there was a “hidden knowledge of heavens” which couldn’t be recorded if it wasn’t kept and passed from one generation to the other. The greatest heavenly cycle has ancient roots. Though it has been seen on the Firmament for almost a 1000 years, the mechanism of this cycle made it manifest at an interval of 6480 years. This cycle has been mentioned in myths and legends under different disguises, like an island, floating in time and space”. A fourth part of this “Plato’s year” in 6480 years is a period called Aion in Greek — an era, an epoch. This Greek word is often mentioned in the New Testament. The Greeks call this greatest heavenly cycle a source of the conservation of time concept. The Greeks also defined this Aion cycle (lifetime span) as a universal period between creation and destruction of an epoch.

Thus, from Plato’s (and mystical religions’) point of view, Aion is a cycle in which present civilisation is destroyed and the new one starts on its ruins. The snake biting its own tail representing Aion, known as Ouroboros, is an image of nahash in Heavens. Yes, that’s right, that very nahash or serpent, through whom the deception of Adam and Hava began, and prophetically — the fallen cherub, through whom it all started even THEN. There is an understanding that adepts of mystical religions think their task is to restore and use the knowledge of the former civilisation to build a new one.

If we proceed from this concept, we can assume that the entire earth history includes some four relative epochs. If we look at the history known to us from the Scriptures, we can see several epochs which can be divided as follows:

1. From Adam to Noah’s Flood.

2. From the end of Noah’s Flood to Abraham and the appearance of 12 tribes of Israel.

3. From Abraham and 12 tribes to the time of Yeshua the Messiah’s coming into this world.

4. From the time of Yeshua’s resurrection, the outpouring of the Spirit of Holiness at Shavuot until the time of Yeshua’s return after the Great Tribulation is finished.

The time of the Millennial Reign can be singled out as a separate “super epoch”, because considering everything that was said earlier, with all the glory that is going to be manifested when King Yeshua returns, including the binding of the fallen cherub in Sheol, etc.,  these 1000 nominal years of “Messianic era” are going to be extremely “fat”. Perhaps, one year of this Millenium Reign is going to equal ten present years, or maybe even a hundred. We’ll wait and see, as they say. But I hope you see the principle.

Based on this understanding, one can assume that six days of earth’s restoration, which according to the Scripture consist of 24 nominal hours each, can actually contain a very very significant amount of time, estimated by many hundreds of years, to say the least.

Hindu people imagined a good theory…

Let’s include our dear Hindu people here, together with one time concept which is closely related to them. In Hinduism we see such a notion as MAHA-yuga, which can also be called an Era, including four epochs. There are different interpretations and aspects of this topic, but I’m going to share one of the main ones, which has numbers pointing to the amount of years:

1. Satya-yuga: “age of purity; righteous world; golden age”;

1 728 000 (epoch’s duration), 100 000 (human lifespan).

2. Treta-yuga: “condition of perfect morality”, “beginning of sensual pleasures, emerging of human vices”; (godliness is reduced by a fourth);

1 296 000  (epoch’s duration);  10 000 (human lifespan).

3. Dwapara-yuga: “appearance of diseases and natural disasters”; (godliness is reduced by another forth);

864 000  (epoch’s duration); 1000 (human lifespan).

4. Kali-yuga: “moral fall”, “age of demon Kali”, “iron age”, “age of discord”; (only ¼ of godliness left);

432 000 (epoch’s duration);  100 (human lifespan).

According to traditional theory, the duration of “yugas” is measured in years of “devs” or let’s say, some “spiritual characters”. “Bhagavata-purana” says that every such year equals to 360 years of mortals. Therefore, in years of these very “spiritual characters” the period of every epoch is 1200 years. From it we can see that the duration of every epoch has been diminished relative to the life of people, living in this world at that time.

Do you see a principle we were talking about earlier — 1:360? As for numbers and proportions, all of that is supposed to be divided by 4, 16, 128 etc., but nevertheless, we can clearly see the tendency towards time exhaustion of years in every epoch and also towards diminishing of a corresponding human lifespan.

There are many fragments of Truth around us, but we have to learn to take out precious from the unworthy, so that we could be “as His mouth”:

Jer.15 19 … If you take out the precious from the unworthy and insignificant, you shall be as My mouth. Let them turn to you, but you must not turn to them.

Chronos and Kairos

Hebrew language has several major words to denote time. Different versions of translation have “days”, “times” or “seasons” as semantic equivalent for these words; however, they aren’t the same in the original language.

יֹום  yom — a day, but also time, meaning some certain days, times denoting “nominal”, “chronological time”.

מוֹעֵד  moed (moadim, pl.), sometimes translated as “celebrations”, has a meaning:

1. Appointed time, appointed term, certain season;

2. appointed gathering or meeting;

3. appointed place for gathering.

עֵת   et certain period, time span, time frame.

The Greek language has two words denoting these three Hebrew notions. First word is the word χρόνος (chronos), which means time, period in its “nominal”, “chronological” aspect. Another word — καιρός (kairos) has several meanings, where “time” meaning per se in not one of the main ones, just a facet of it:

1. proper measure, norm;

2. proper time, suitable time, good moment;

3. certain season, time of a year;

4. benefit, use;

5. importance, influence, weight;

6. circumstances, moment, time;

7. suitable place, fine venue;

8. vitally important center.

We can see that this word mostly reflects Hebrew word moed, which is always connected to the Almighty’s will, with His appointed and separated times and some moments defined by Him. Also, one of the facets corresponds to Hebrew word kavod, translated as glory”, “weight”, “significance”. In Septuagint translation this Hebrew word moed” is always translated by the Greek word kairos.

The Greek language shows it clearer, while the word chronoscomes from the name of Greek god “Chronos”, or “Kronos”. There are various legends analyzing several different variants, though it’s not that important for understanding of our topic. According to one Greek legend, “Chronos/Kronos” was one of the most ancient gods, whom his son “Zeus” tried to kill, seizing the power after dethroning him. This “divine monster” devoured his children from the fear of being dethroned, so he experienced what he was so afraid of. Essentially, “Chronos/Kronos” is one of the dark rulers, one of the fallen who was able to control the time flow of this fallen world more than others. Term “to control” is, of course, exaggerated, I think it’s better to say: “managed what he was allowed to manage”. Roman pagan “frame of reference” had “Saturn” as a character corresponding to this very god, by whose name one of the “moving lights” was named — a star called Shabtai, which has always been considered a star of Israel. It’s not surprising that only Israel can redeem this unholy consecration through Messiah Yeshua’s sacrifice. Observation of moadim(pl. form of moed) is an important tool of this “redemption of time”, while through that the Almighty builds His “reference system” through Israel. All of that simply put.

Redemption of time

Let’s read a passage from Letter to Ephesians in translation from the original language:

Eph.5 15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, buying out the time (kairos), because the days are evil.

The main meaning of this word εξαγοραζόμενοι  (exagoradzomenoi) to buy; to buy up, to buy in; to buy out; redeem, free; grasp, snatch away, find (time).

There is another verse with the same word in the same context:

Col.4 5 Act wisely toward those who are outside, [as those who] buying out the time.

This word is mentioned only two more times in Galatians 3:13 and 4:5, which tell us that Messiah bought us out of the curse through His redeeming sacrifice. If we draw an analogy, we can see that the Scriptures suggest us to also buy out kairos as Yeshua did it for us, meaning exactly what we have been analyzing in the previous section.

What happened to us after we were redeemed? That’s right, we started belonging to Him. At the very initial literal level we started to devote the time we have to the Messiah, which is expressed in the fact that we do what is pleasing to Him during the time belonging to Him. It’s not complicated. But there are other levels. One of them is that this buying out gave us an opportunity, so to say, not to be in “bondage of time”, which is chronos or “chronological time”. Time is one of dimensions in which we live now, and for obvious reasons it started to “exhaust” itself. To be redeemed means above all else that when we are dedicated to the Almighty, we are under His laws and His favor, expressed in the fact that we gradually stop depending on physical laws of this dying world. We start to grow in healing and supernatural walk with Him, Who is our Father and the Owner of the universe. It is an individual and gradual process, but I want to show you the principle.

There are many different testimonies from various people including those who don’t believe in anything or anyone, experiencing very specific things in different extreme situations. It happened when they had an extreme of some sort, their time somewhat stretched and they managed to save themselves or somebody else from death or another not very pleasant thing. In other cases they managed to do something that would normally require an enormous amount of time. Time was somehow prolonged for these people, and considering what we were talking about earlier, their nominal time got very “fat” in certain situations. Of course, not for long, but the fact is what’s important. There is a great amount of such testimonies, and many believers testified that by their prayers and sometimes even without them the time stretched and they managed to get somewhere or do many things, or to be saved from trouble, etc. The Scriptures give us such clues, for instance, when prophet Eliahu (Elijah) has been running before the chariot of king Ahab from the mount Carmel to the king’s residence. If you imagine at least an average speed of a chariot and also the amount of kilometers which he had to run, you would instantly get several revelations.

Once people wanted to throw Yeshua down from a rock and it is written that He walked through” the crowd. If we read these lines carefully and imagine the situation when He was almost got hold of, then He could really “walk through” them, as written, only if He became invisible, or if time stretched for Him, and being in the same space the time started to flow differently for Him at that moment, or, say, He had moved to kairos time flow for a while, to walk away from His angry fellow men. Perhaps, at the moment when it all happened, He was looking at their frozen angry faces with sorrow, walking by them, and thinking what their reaction would be when in their time He would just disappear from their eyes. Or maybe Yeshua thought of something else, it’s not what matters. We can ask Him when we meet Him.

Remember Israel’s exodus from Egypt. Those of you who can, of course 🙂 Seven days passed during which a multitude of people went out from one place to the place where they crossed the Red sea, which is the Gulf of Aqaba. If you know the distance and the road they had to walk, how stretched was all this crowd of people and other important aspects, you will understand that most likely there was some supernatural “stretching of time”, even considering all those “fat” time parameters.

So, we can see there is a command given by the Spirit of Holiness for us to buy out, redeem or free the time, which is kairos. As for being redeemed by Yeshua’s Blood, i.e., the redemption of our souls through the Blood of Yeshua as a sacrificial Lamb, it is a known fact most people understand. Based on that it is easier to accept first, and then to understand that not only some soul but its time as well can be redeemed. It means that in the present moment we still live in our “regular time” of this world’s reference system, which is falling you know where. But in some situations when we need a supernatural intrusion of our King, situations happen like those we mentioned before through a certain direct action of His glory. The more we devote ourselves, our hearts, time and our lives to our Heavenly Father, the more we are opened to the opportunity of supernatural action of His Kingdom in our lives. We can pray to enter into the fullness of moadim time appointed for a person to meet the Almighty, into the fullness of kairos, so that we would enter the reality which is going to come at the moment of release of His manifested glory even more.

Present days and the coming glory

There is a body weakened by sin” and there is a world weakened by sin”. A process of exhaustion and degradation has been generally launched in all spheres. The process of “moral degradation” and “exhaustion of possibilities and time” continues to this very day. The speed of light slows down, and the amount of real time is getting less: the more iniquity grows, the more darkness there is, and the “thinner and thinner” everything gets. Degradation, decay and lessening of opportunities happen; reaction of speed slows down; general deceleration of speeds is observed. The existing civilisation tries to compensate this slowing down by technologies, increasing the speed of data exchange and their processing, the speed of transportation and actions in general. It tries to increase the speed and level of technological progress to be able to do everything bad for which the Almighty allowed a certain amount of nominal years. The window of opportunities constantly grows narrower, increasing darkness on this earth, so the persons of the darkness are sort of tightening the time loop on their necks.

Only the Lord of the Universe, Who is our Heavenly Father, was able to think this through and make it happen. Trust Him more, walking in His ways to enter into His Divine time: in His moadim — appointed days, into His kairos — His Divine river of time, flowing as some spiritual Golfstream in the ocean of Chronos.

Reality of timeflow is different everywhere — it is an existing fact, and we have to remember that Heavenly persons in their glory can move as fast in our reality as they do it in the reality of their constant dwelling. It can be manifested, for instance, in the speed of their martial art reaction, in their translocation speed, speed of thinking and many other things. Here everything depends on the level of present glory, for star is different from the star in glory” (1 Cor.15:41). There comes manifested glory of the Most High King, which is going to restore His people in glory so that they would be able to fulfill all of His will, and so that all enemies of Yeshua would be put under His feet, as it is written.

I’ll say more. We had His glory THEN which allowed us constantly do something we see as “miracles” in the Scriptures on the “regular basis”, and even more. Each was able to do that, depending on the level of glory in which they were. In fact, what we’re analyzing now is a small “outreach” related to what used to be our reality THEN, and what we are going to witness in fullness very soon.

Modern science is a “scientific Babylon” in many spheres, therefore, let’s not forget the Almighty’s call: get out of it, My people!”

I recommend a good book written by brother Michael Lake, thanks to which I have got some pieces of the general picture and some aspects were confirmed, which helped me to form the topic for this part. The book can be found only on Amazon so far, and it is called The Sheeriyth Imperative”; Dr.Michael Lake.

At the conclusion of this part I’d like to share a vision the Father gave me during the end of last Summer, when He revealed this whole topic to me. I saw a great river, which was flowing slowly at first, but then it got narrower, starting to accelerate in its flow. Somewhere far down the river I saw it narrowing, turning into a waterfall, falling down from a steep. The word that came to me connected to this fall is reflected in the book of Revelation where the “strong Angel” said that there’s no more time”. The very waters of this river were rather muddy, but I could see some things going on in it though. Some “trash pieces”, bits and parts were flowing in it.

Then I saw a golden clear stream inside this river, like Golfstream in the ocean. That gave me an understanding that this big narrowing muddy river is a river of time chronos: the time reality in which this entire world lives. And the clear gold current is a Divine clear flow of time — kairos. There was an understanding that when we get from the general current of the chronos time into kairos current, we are entering the King’s flow of time, so moving sort of together with the general current of time in this world, we are not under its command, but we have an opportunity to move within this flow, as in Father’s perfect will, while EVERYTHING is subjected to Him, including the physical time. Also, working on this topic I believe I got the following word from the Most High:

Different time realities were in My plan to establish My creation. All of My creation was placed into time and space dimension, but its influence on this creation is not the same, it has its nature, parameters and limits. Depending on the levels of glory, there is a different interaction of time realities with My creation”.

Let everything that is from our Heavenly Father be received, helping us to comprehend His plans and enter into His perfect will.


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