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Origin of sin. Faithful vs Fallen. «Final Testing Ground», Part 14

Beginning       Part 13


There are always such things, understanding of which we get only through personal relationships with the Heavenly Father. Some things come through someone’s words and revelations, some — through study of the Word, digging into details, nuances and subtle aspects. But there always is and will be something, that we can understand only when we come to talk to Him IN PRIVATE:

Mtt.24 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him separately from others, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of this world?”

Why did they ask such an important question separately from others, why PRIVATELY?Why were there only His closest disciples? The reason is, the others were not as interested in understanding how things really are, to take some practical steps afterwards, being not a “sweet-sounding” theorist, but doers. It is written, that those who “know the Almighty” are not going just to “think” spiritual thoughts, but act:

Dan.11 32 Those who do wickedly against the Covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God personally shall be strengthened, and carry out great exploits.

This Scripture verse contains a verb ידע yadá (“knowing intimately”), which speaks of the intimacy level that husband and wife have. That is, those who know their Lord very well, who have PRIVATE relationships with Him, are going to be the ones knowing everything from Him they need to know, something that is going to be hidden from everybody else. And they are not going to be just “deep theorists” having meaningless discussions. The result of the revelations received should be action, because the revelations coming truly from the King of all kings are ALWAYS leading to action: renewing of the mind, strengthening of the spirit, renewal by His love and truth. All of that motivates our soul to be closer to Him, bringing maximum fruit in His Kingdom, and establishing the Kingdom of Heaven not in theory but in practice.

Understanding of reasons — instrument of power

Somebody has once said: “One of the instruments of power is to understand the true reasons for things happening”. I think it is a true statement. The power coming from one person to the other, besides its spiritual authority implying some source, also makes provision for some “keys” or “tools” on the “technical level”. Yeshua once said to His disciple Cephas that He’s giving him the “keys to the Kingdom”: Mtt.16:19. One has to have correspondent tools to realize some power and authority. These tools serve to influence the object of this authority, in order to have power over it. Depending on the sphere and level of power, it can be standing, knowledge, information, strength (of some kind), finances, this or that structure, etc. Understanding the real reasons behind what’s happening, the motifs and plans of the acting parties is one of the most important tools of power; one cannot realize it in full without it, and sometimes one cannot realize it at all.

A king having no army, wisdom, authority and money is a nominal king, his position is unstable and his reign is going to have no result. A general having no soldiers of different specifics, knowing nothing about the number and aspects of the enemy’s army, not understanding the land on which the battle is going to take place, having no information on the weather before the battle and during it, and not understanding the motifs and plans of the opponent is destined for defeat. He may have personal courage and motivation but it only helps him to fall heroically in the battle. All ministers in the Almighty’s people are commanders of different rank and title in His spiritual army. They are responsible both before the Almighty and before those, who are entrusted to them; they must not be lazy shepherds, always careless or losing their nerve when their herd is scared, but be wise and courageous commanders of the Messiah’s warriors, who can successfully withstand anyone, including an outnumbering enemy, at any time. Look around you and say, is it really so?

This topic serves to unravel the true motifs and reasons behind what has been happening, is happening, and is going to happen. It gives us one of the Kingdom keys to get the fullness of revelations from above, the Davar or Rhema from Heaven, through which we can get a necessary level of faith without which our victory cannot come. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing is from Rhema (Davar) of the Most High” (Rom.10:17). “Just” reading the Scripture as Logos, we can never get any faith; it comes from Heaven only as the living Word of the Heavenly Father.

Understanding of what has happened and what is to come, true motifs of the opposing parties, real “balance of power” of our opponent, understanding of many existing realia, which were hidden through the action of Babylon’s religious structure — all of that are necessary tools of our identification, entering the fullness of our calling and acting in the Kingdom’s glory. Yeshua gave an example of how to wage war with the outnumbering enemy, saying that one has to have a good count first, and take counsel of those having understanding in these matters (Lk.14:31). One doesn’t have to have a lot of wisdom and super intelligence to figure out that you are not to get a counsel of bakers or farmers on these things. Experience and professionalism play a paramount role in all spheres, and our Adonai Yeshua is a pro in all matters that we might face; including the matters of war. Therefore, we ought to come to Him IN PRIVATE, asking necessary questions and getting all the answers from Him. We have to listen to Him, not to “sweet-voiced” speakers of “Babylon TV” trying to occupy the ears of heedless and naive listeners, pouring worthless things into them. It is written that Yeshua has a big and sharp sword (Is.27:1). He has seen the fallen cherub, who has received direct and high-impulse acceleration (“a divine kick-ass”, simply speaking), as a result He was thrown down from Heavens as a lightning. He has seen not only that, so believe me, He knows absolutely everything we need to know. Being here on Earth, He has become like us IN EVERYTHING, therefore, also in the matters of memory. He has remembered everything He needed to minister here on Earth. And while He has become like us IN EVERYTHING, we in our turn have to become like Him IN EVERYTHING. It is written.

Dearchiving of databases

I’d like to share a revelation which I believe was given to me by the Heavenly Father. The essence of it is that the majority of existing revelations is not something we’ve learned, but something that we have remembered. All our knowledge of the spiritual world and everything related to it is not something we’ve learned at a certain moment of time in our life HERE, but something different. Before our incarnation here on earth, each of us lived a rather long life, some more, some less. And it is not a period of hundred, two hundred or even thousand of our “standard” years. In categories of our world it can amount to many thousands of years, if not more. Undoubtedly, there were some of “the First”, they are much older than those who were born in last time generations, and the difference is tens and hundreds of times bigger. Hence the difference in experience, wisdom and glory we used to have. Therefore, here we see a principle that Yeshua showed in one of His parables, saying that one was given five talents, the other — three, and the third person — one: “to each according to his own ability” (Mtt.25:11-15). What “ability”? It is a Greek word δύναμις (dynamis) which has two main meanings: 1. strength, might; 2. potency, power. 

It is important to note the New Testament uses this word only in the context of supernatural power, not regular, natural, physical one. This word is used only as a supernatural power, which in its essence is a manifested glory of the Most High, “the power of Heavens”, and also a supernatural power of the “future age”. That’s why the meaning of Yeshua’s word is that everyone here in this world gets certain instruments of influence and power according to the level of that power and might, and also those “powers of the future age”, and glory that has already been imparted into us. But from the very beginning all of that is being stored in an “archive” in us. Sometimes these things “leak through” our neshamah, manifesting in our earthly soul nefesh.

There is a definite principle of how we attain our spiritual experience HERE. When the Almighty wishes to reveal something to us, He often takes certain information being stored in archive form in our neshamah, and transfers it to our nefesh memory. For this dearchivation to take place, one has to have something to catalyze this process. This “something” is often some images we see in our world. They can be received through the Scriptures study, and prophetic images placed in them. They can be different images we see in some movie scenes, in pictures or cartoons, and also in the world around us. It is some impulse, some “key” so when some CORRESPONDING image touches us from the outside, the RESONANCE happens. As a result the file is being dearchived, and we get a revelation! That’s why I, for instance, pray for “dearchiving” of my neshamah, and ask for it to happen in accordance to the Heavenly Father’s will, while blessing these processes. I study the Scriptures, meditate on what is written there, try to be attentive to absolutely everything that surrounds me, but most of all to things that the Heavenly Papa can say to me at any given moment. Of course, the Almighty might reveal and show to us things we never knew before. There is a certain ongoing information and details we get through the Word of wisdom or knowledge, but majorly these are just situative “technical” details. The bulk of our knowledge of the spiritual world comes in fact through the process we can name “Remember everything!”

Origin of sin

A great number of people are interested in a question of how sin appeared, what was its origin and development. Of course, I wasn’t an exception from this rule; so, when the Heavenly Father  started to reveal to me this whole “Testing Ground” topic, I understood that the time of answers to many questions, including this one, has come. In this part I’m not going to dive into reasons why these thoughts actually started to come into the “son of the morning’s” mind, why he has been taken into THAT; I’m going to touch upon the subject of what has happened starting with the moment when those thoughts not just came but prompted him to do some “bad” stuff. I want to continue from the time when certain “groups” started to form, fighting for their opinion, and then I’m going to dive into the origin of those “groups”.

About eighteen months before I wrote these lines, the Almighty gave a more detailed clarification on what has been revealed earlier, when He answered some of my questions. It was concerning a number of events that happened THEN, which were in one way or another connected to what is happening now and is going to take place soon. There were common things, related to everybody, and some more personal revelations. Considering the importance of what has been revealed, I had a sense that I can and must share the things that concern everyone. I have taken away the “personal” stuff, leaving just what is for all of us, and editing the stylistics in these “connecting” places without damaging the whole message.

That message had certain specifics, which I didn’t see very often before. Usually, based on the message essence and its ending, I understood Who was the author — the Heavenly Father or Yeshua Adonai. Sometimes the message was from the Almighty, Who is EHAD, that is ONE. But in this particular case the context of this message clearly said that it was the Heavenly Father speaking, and in some places it was Yeshua the Messiah. And in the very end I clearly heard Yeshua’s “signature” on this whole message. There is, actually, nothing unusual in that while the Heavenly Father and Yeshua are EHAD, being in the fullness of Unity, which is denoted by this Hebrew word. Yeshua has often said that He doesn’t say anything from Himself, but the words of the Father, Who is in Him. Therefore I wanted to specify, so that those who haven’t faced this yet, understood correctly.

“At a certain moment a first opposition occured; in its initial phase it wasn’t an open confrontation yet, however, it was the beginning of division, when the part opposing Me formed and voiced their disagreement, which sounded like “suggestions” at that moment. Formally, it wasn’t a complaint against Me personally, but it was a complaint against some existing rules and regulations, in order to make everything “better and more effective”.

After those “suggestions” and this position has been outlined, I put forward conditionalities and counter suggestions, which were voiced at all united Councils in all of the worlds, including the Heavenly Council, with representatives from all the worlds. These My suggestions were rejected by some of My children right away, because they were under the influence of the fallen cherub most of all. Some were still thinking, some hesitant, some were faithful to Me, demanding that I would show necessary strictness to correct the events, while they’ve seen them as the beginning of manipulations against Me and My will, an attempt to change some of My principles of development and building relationships.

I understood the outcome of all this, no matter how the events would develop, because I know what can and will happen in the end from the very Beginning. Therefore, I made My decision in order to reveal the hidden plans of the opponent, bringing the shadow of death to light. But it was a long plan, and the flow of all events, all details and nuances were such that it wasn’t possible to accelerate everything without increasing the amount of damage.

My opponent knew almost all “weak points”, skillfully manipulating the opinion of many to achieve his goals. By “weak points” I mean those arguments and provisions, those principles which were impossible to prove rapidly and accurately; one needed a long period of time to put everything in its place. I had to use only those arguments which could be proven and understood by the majority. In the end the final dividing line has become their personal trust to Me as a Father, and it was the level of your personal relationships with Me that has become the main reason and line dividing My children.

I had a right not to account to anyone, but I wished for My children to become like Me in everything, therefore, from the very start I have established a principle that any of My children can come to Me and ask their questions, if they had any. And I was ready to answer them, because I wanted to establish a Family, where there is Trust and Love. The enemy used this principle for his own benefit.

When everything was almost ready for the start of universal armed confrontation, and those who followed the lead of My opponent actively prepared for the upcoming war, a thing happened, that has become a serious blow for many. A part of your brothers who wanted to be as faithful to the Covenants in their clans and generations as possible, tried to put maximum effort in order to get their loved ones out of temptation, and they were ready to fight for them. Closer to the beginning of the open armed confrontation they have increased their contacts with those of their immediate family who came over to the enemy’s side, falling into his temptation. It was fatal for many of them. They have gotten into the same trap as the ones they were trying to save. They thought they were ready to fight for their loved ones already, that they were prepared enough, but they didn’t ask for My advice and didn’t get My permission. Therefore they did something that damaged their souls, and being defiled by death to some degree, they got caught up in enemy’s deception. They couldn’t see as far as I, so their arrogance betrayed them.

Shimon cared for Dinah most of all, he loved his sister and was ready to protect her and her honor. Just like that image, everything happened THEN, when some persons from the second and the third generations tried to free those of their loved ones from different generations and clans, who were under temptation. They did everything they thought was necessary, in spite of being dissuaded by others, more wise and careful, who understood the futility of these attempts. They didn’t ask for My advice, understanding in their hearts that I won’t give My permission to that. What they had done had no desirable result, in spite of their efforts. The majority of those who tried to do it fell into temptation, being exposed to a critical measure of defilement from death, to which they weren’t ready. Their motifs were righteous, and their zeal had good roots, but their disobedience put them off the limits of My grace, and they weren’t able to stand. Coming in fact to the enemy’s side, they still thought for a while that they are able to help those they love in this manner, until they realized that everything has gone too far, and there’s no return anymore. It has become a great tragedy for all of you.

As for Azazel, his fall happened much later, and it needs a separate detailed clarification to have a right understanding of everything that happened before Noah’s flood. During THAT war THEN he was one of My most trusted generals, being the one who established My army’s foundation. He has done a lot for My Kingdom and all of My people, therefore those things that took place later have become one of the greatest tragedies, that hit hard on the entire Heavens.

You have seen how dangerous war can be, that one should never underestimate one’s adversary and overestimate one’s abilities. Understanding whether your potential and opportunities correspond to opportunities and potential of the enemy to make right decisions is one of the main principles, and the pinnacle of mastery in planning and waging battles and war in general. That war was an image of civil wars, when division comes to relatives and lovers. These were terrible days and times.

My main aim was to save as many of My children as possible; everything else served that goal. The principle of freedom I’ve put into you as My children didn’t allow Me to stop everything by sheer force, while it wouldn’t have removed the virus of sin; vice versa, it would have damaged many more. Depriving of freedom even in the face of extreme situations, when that freedom was initially given, was the best breeding ground for a virus of doubt, distrust and rebellion. The enemy knew that, using this principle to his own benefit.

Due to existing inertness of peaceful way of thinking and life, many of My children, who started to take an active part in battles and wars afterwards, were initially unable to oppose My opponent and those who followed his lead. When the emerging confrontation got to a maximum point of disagreement, those who rejected My will commited a first murder, and it was the fallen cherub who initiated that. That is what I meant when I said that he was a murderer from the Beginning while living on this earth. The situation with Cain and his brother Avel has become a prophetic shadow of what has happened THEN.

After that the level of hearts’ hardening grew increasingly, and it has got a serious momentum in changing the thinking of those who still kept their peaceful way of life. That was the reason why My enemy and the enemy of your souls was able to outpace you at the initial stage of preparation to that war in general, and that’s why those who were trained by Me ahead of time were the first to oppose the opponent and those with him at the initial stage of this confrontation, taking upon themselves the major burden of war.

Many things had happened for the first time and it was a very hard reorganization time of the entire way of thinking and living. Almost everyone questioned My actions at this difficult period. Some thought that I removed Myself from what has been happening. And you need to understand that from the very beginning this whole opposition wasn’t directed against Me personally. If it was so, I would have all reasons to act in another way, not letting many things go so far. But he who is the main master of every temptation counted it all through, arranging that the disagreement would arise among My children, in their own eyes. Through his treacherous mastery of temptation, My adversary continually sowed the seeds of doubt, trying to push My children to “alternative decisions” within the limits of freedom that I gave them; at that moment nobody understood that disagreement or doubt in My rules and establishments was caused only by the virus of sin. They didn’t have death or disease at that time, so nobody knew what “sin” was, and also what was the “virus of sin”, about which nobody had a single clue. It was more of an abstract notion which they couldn’t realize until it brought serious destruction.

You can ask Me about the reasons why I’d let it all happen. And I’m going to answer that only when the time comes and you remember everything, you’ll understand what I was talking to you about IN THE BEGINNING, understanding many things that occurred THEN, and why it happened the way it did, and not any other way. Have patience, My children, and you will understand the reasons and will be able to draw all necessary conclusions. Only when you remember everything, you’ll be able to give objective judgement, until then you can only trust Me, remembering everything I’ve already done for you. When the time comes, you’ll realize that the path that I have chosen is the best way to save the maximum number of lives, and to perform the sacrifice of Atonement, which covers all the Eternity. Many things will take their places, when you remember everything that happened to you and those who surrounded you. Don’t forget that every Love which is one, should be proven, otherwise it’s not Love, just a wish and desire.

There exists yet many things that you need to learn and understand to have a right picture of what has happened THEN, and what has been happening till the present moment, and also what is going to come soon. I’m going to reveal to you everything you need to know to be rightly prepared for the upcoming confrontation, and to be safe from many mistakes and the temptation of the enemy against you personally, when he tries to use his full arsenal. Your potential, everything I’ve imparted in you is more than enough, to appear victorious in any battle and in any situation, but it is inseparable from your full obedience to Me, wisdom and guidance of My Spirit and also with the fullness of your commitment and constant vigilance. I’m ready to answer your any question related to your ministry and calling, in a necessary measure. Some things are going to be revealed right before the start of active opposition that My people will face around the earth; however, some things are going to be hidden by Me till the moment I return, while there are things that might become a heavy burden for you, preventing you from fulfilling everything as it should be, without adding any personal, subjective things to it.

I am you King, strong and mighty in battle, helping you and keeping you, Yeshua”.

Differences in opinions

So, how did the fallen cherub manage to push so many into this “search for alternatives”? What was his foundation, what “tools” he used for his exploits? It’s important to understand these things not only to know what has happened before and rejoice in such “exclusive knowledge” but to see his “technologies” nowadays, and what he’s going to use soon. Let’s review one of the Heavenly principles:

1 Cor.11 19 For there must also be factions in opinions among you, that those who are approved (proven, tested, worthy, who are more right) may be recognized (be made evident) among you.

Heavenly Councils are not places where everybody raise their hands in complete agreement. The Heavenly Father provided for difference in opinions from the very beginning for the most effective development. It was necessary to have discussions, to “polish” arguments, to develop the ability to analyze and separate best from the good, and “pure from impure”, growing in wisdom and effectiveness. In one of the previous parts we quoted a corresponding Scripture passage, let’s review it:

1 Kings 22 19 Then Micaiah said, “Therefore hear the word of Yahweh: I saw Yahweh sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing by, on His right hand and on His left. 20 And the LORD said, ‘Who will persuade Ahab to go up, that he may fall at Ramoth Gilead?’ So one spoke in this manner, and another spoke in that manner. 21 Then a spirit came forward and stood before the face of Yahweh, and said, ‘I will persuade him.’ 22 Yahweh said to him, ‘In what way?’ So he said, ‘I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ And Yahweh said, You shall persuade him, and also prevail. Go out and do so. 23 Therefore look! The LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets of yours, and Yahweh has declared disaster against you.”

“Difference in opinions” is a Heavenly principle, but! There are certain limits, helping us “not to fall down from the cliff”, so to say. From the very beginning this limit maker was the Spirit of Holiness, with Whom all the children of the Almighty were being filled. It was helping them to stay in the frame of what was “reasonable”, so that one wouldn’t get hurt in any way. So things were till a certain point. However, the action of sin virus started to influence the heart and spirit of the children, distorting and damaging these “fine tunings”. These very limitations, which were first of all input into the hearts through sensitivity in the Spirit of Holiness, started to be transferred into the mind by the action of this virus; thus, the mind has become the main battlefield for different opinions, arguments and conceptions. To push everyone to do “bad” things, the fallen cherub used one tool with the help of which he tried to increase the range of disagreements to turn them into stable contradictions after a definite level.

 Characteristics of light

Light, or rather our perception of it, has some interesting peculiarities which are important to understand to have a right picture of what has happened THEN, and also to see the way the enemy tries to manipulate it now.

When there is a normal measure of light, everything becomes visible just fine. However, when the light is bright, it allows us to see different small details, which were unnoticed before. But if one constantly lives in a maximum bright light, their eyes become tired, for they need regular rest. In the same way it happens with the souls of sons and daughters: when they live too much time in a very bright light of the revelations, they need regular time to give their soul rest, in order to receive and process the revelations inside. Therefore, the maximum amount of light should be lessened from time to time for normal spiritual movement and growth.

The light of Revelation, the light of Truth is something that should be processed in our souls, transforming us into the Father’s image, and it is a process. One has to have patience and trust. These are two necessary components of love. Patience as a fruit of the Spirit, is a manifestation of trust and hope, and together with love they form a Heavenly principle of development. It regulates both “different opinions” and patience itself in the process of knowing and moving, and also trust as manifestation of hope and love to our Father. All of that is intertwined and interconnected: faith/trust, hope/patience, love. We have to have the right amount of patience to contain ourselves in order not to seize the inheritance beforehand, and be robbed of blessing later on.

Manipulations with light

You remember in the previous part I detaily described that the main responsibility of the fallen cherub was to be hаSoheh or “overshadowing one”. I want to remind you that the very essence of this term is that the “son of the morning” was entrusted with revealing and regulating certain revelations, given to him by the Most High. This word in Hebrew has two main meanings: to close or to cover, and also to form. The son of the morning regulated the entrusted light of the revelations both in Heavens and also in all the worlds, following the Creator’s plan: “…and I appointed you for this…” (Ezek.28:14).

As anybody entrusted with some task, the fallen cherub had his boundaries and certain freedom within the framework of the entrusted ministry. It’s hard to tell how fixed these boundaries were, as you might well understand, but I want to note here that where there is a certain freedom of choice, there is a corresponding range of variants, giving an opportunity for constant development and perfecting.

Having an understanding of how it works, the “overshadowing cherub” started to increase the brightness of the entrusted light from time to time, in the moments when he released revelations from the spheres under his authority; he also lessened time periods between the following “portions” of it. Combining them together, i.e., manipulating the tools he had, he started to lessen the sensitivity of the Almighty’s children to the right perception of light. It was necessary so that he could gradually widen the “window of opportunity”, or rather the boundaries of permissible differences in opinion. One of his main goals was to shift the main focus from the Heavenly Father as the Creator of everything that exists to the creation itself, covering it with the message that maximum knowledge of the Almighty is possible only when one learns about Him “in fullness”, including through what He has created, sort of “comprehending the magnificence of His creative glory”. Of course, there’s nothing bad in learning about the creation, but right balance and proportions are of paramount importance here.

Gradually the sensitivity lessened, accents were shifted, and the boundaries widened. As a result of widening the “difference in opinions” range and lessening the sensitivity towards perception of light, he laid the foundation to create a stable “alternative opinion”.

Brain manipulations

According to the words of one neurobiologist, the problem with human biology according to his understanding is that “the main operational system of our brain was developed for a world that doesn’t exist anymore”. This person is not really a believer, but he is pro in understanding the “technical aspect” of this problem, and the main point of his statement is that the potential of our brain is predestined for SUCH WORLD that we cannot see now.

Besides, this neurobiologist notes a thing that makes us vulnerable to technologies and their algorithms in our present world. How one can “hack our brain” using its optical and other types of ports, i.e., our sense organs? That’s real simple: show our brain something bright. At the physical level it leads to dopamine emission, and the brain makes the one who sort of operates it feel good; sometimes really good. All the rest is just meticulous “sabotage work” in this direction, making our brain to emit dopamine according to an irregular schedule of variable response. That’s the basic principle of Facebook work, the only difference is that it uses “likes”.

Dopamine itself, actually, being produced by the hypothalamus in our brain, does not bring satisfaction and pleasure as many may think. Its function is to make us want to achieve goals helping us survive, upgrade our status, etc. Unlike serotonin, dopamine isn’t fully responsible for the feeling of pleasure, it just increases our desire to get it, which is rather important to activate some actions. It is a neurotransmitter controlling the flow of information between brain parts, participating in the processes of memory, learning, emotions, and regulating the work of the heart.

By periodic excessive increase of too big amounts of spiritual light, the fallen cherub, who was appointed to regulate the major part of these processes, gradually made those with whom he contacted in his ministry “addicted” to desire of new “revelation dose”. No less important is that with this “excessive light” he tried to direct their attention to the spheres in which it was too early for the children to move in, expanding the “range of deviation” beyond permissible level. Of course, we had glorified bodies and out spiritual immune system THEN used to be much stronger than now, however, the damage to existing processes was just a matter of time. That’s why a right dosage of spiritual light is a very important aspect of our life as such. No doubt the Almighty wishes to reveal His mysteries to us, and it is His will in eternity, but it must be balanced out by intimacy with Him and the fruits of the Spirit of Holiness; as it is written that knowledge itself puffs up, and only love edifies and strengthens, so the one who loves Him gets knowledge from Him. Only then it becomes a blessing, not vice versa.

Defeat of Shimon

Shimon, the second son of Jacob, symbolizes the representatives of the second Heavenly generation of the Almighty’s sons. As we remember, and especially those who had read the book Bamidbar (Numbers), the tribe of Shimon suffered the greatest defeat in the wilderness. There were 59 300 men able for war from 20 years and older who entered the wilderness, and only 22 200 made it to the Promised land. “What has been is going to be, and there’s nothing new under the sun…” To understand the meaning of this prophetic reflection, one has to remember the characteristics of the second generation symbolized by Shimon. His name comes from the verb SHMA, that is “to hear. The sons and daughters of the second Heavenly generation almost more than all others had the ability to “hear”, i.e., to receive information from the spiritual world. In our days it is reflected first of all in prophetic dreams and visions. To see and hear something doesn’t actually mean to understand it; nevertheless, there is such ability and it is a gift. Besides, the representatives of the second generation are oftentimes militant, and when a need arises, even if it is not that serious, they are prone to conflict. First letter ש SHIN, which means “fire and “teeth, confirms that. They are also often very emotional.

It was the representatives of the second generation that had a responsibility THEN to get major revelations, and through them they were given to everybody else, so they were the main responsible “regulators and dosimeters” in these matters. It wasn’t their only responsibility, but one of the major ones among other King’s children. They had the greatest amount of contact with the “overshadowing cherub” in terms of their “work activity”, and as the saying goes, “you cannot touch pitch and not be defiled”. The representatives of the second Heavenly generation got maximum degree of damage from the sin virus during the initial stages.

They changed their glory…

Ps.106 19 They made a calf in Horeb, and worshiped the idol. 20 Thus they changed their glory into the image (model) of an ox that eats grass.

To have a right understanding of this Scripture passage, I want to make an important remark on the original text. The word translated here as “ox”, looks like ור in Hebrew. In Tanakh Hebrew there is no word like it, which would be depicted by these two letters, combined together. Therefore, from the context, everybody translate this word as the word שוֹר (shor) — grown up ox or bullock. As we can see, in this passage of Scriptures the Almighty depicted some kind of a damaged ox through “holding back” one of three letters, that is, the first letter SHIN.

The word translated as “image” is the word תַבְנִית tavnit, which has the following meanings: image, model, blueprint, and also likeness or pattern. Therefore, based on the context we can read that the glory they, i.e., Israelites, had they changed for something else — the “glory” that was in this model, image, blueprint, likeness of a “damaged” ox: (SH)OR, eating green grass and crops. This “ox” from Ps.106:19 is some “damaged ox”, while he was robbed of the first letter SHIN, which as a letter symbolizes fire.

Firein Hebrew is usually denoted by the word אֵשׁ (ASH). But there is also a word אוּר (UR), which is its synonym: “fire, flame”. There is also a word sounding similar to it which is translated as light”, and has the same written form with the only difference in vocalization: אוֹר, and it is read as OR. In this case, if we take away the first letter alef, according to the pattern described above, the analyzed Scripture passage can be read that the Israelites changed their glory for some “damaged light” or “damaged fire”. And this “damaged ox” is a hint to a “damaged cherub”. Look:

Ezek.1 10 As for the likeness of their faces, each had the face of a man; each of the four had the face of a lion on the right side (to the South), each of the four had the face of an ox (SHOR) on the left side (to the North), and each of the four had the face of an eagle.

This verse mentions four “types of faces”: human, lion, ox (SHOR) and eagle. And the next verse (chapter 10) mentions all the same characters, but here it says cherub (haCHERUB) instead of an ox (SHOR):

Ezek.10 14 Each one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub (haCHERUB), the second face the face of a man (ADAM), the third the face of a lion (ARYE), and the fourth the face of an eagle (NESHER).

So, the difference between these two verses is that three faces are the same in both of them, but in one verse it mentions the face of an ox — SHOR, and in another one — a face of some definite (definite article) Cherub: haCHERUB. Here we see some sort of changeability, we also should note that the legs of all cherubs are hoofs, which is much more like an ox than an eagle or lion.

That’s why in verse from Ps.105:20 through the image of “damaged ox”, “damaged light” and “damaged fire” we can see a hint to the person of “damaged cherub”, that is the one who used to be an “overshadowing cherub”.

What Israel did at the mount of Sinai with their actions, they changed the model, image, “blueprint” of their attitude and behavior, the way of thinking and action, and their direction to have an “alternative model of development” instead of being in the glory of the Most High God. Instead of abiding in the glory of their Father as in their glory, taking it as a foundation of life and development, they changed it for an “alternative” model of behaviour, offered by the “damaged cherub”. From the spiritual point of view it means to eat the “green grass” as animals, not people, therefore diminishing one’s own spiritual level to that of an animal. Of course, this way it is ridiculous and not serious to talk about the glory of the Almighty. King Nebuchadnezzar, chewing grass for seven years, is an illustrative example of that.

The thing that happened to the Israelites at the mount Horeb has become a prophetic reflection of what has occurred THEN at the time of active development of Heavens and Earthly worlds. The fallen son of the morning used this strategy on the sons of the Almighty to lead them away from the sphere of active glory, which was a covering and protection from his exploits and manipulations. This cherub started to realize the strategy of substitution. Instead of fullness of kavod or glory, he offered a development pattern that could somehow substitute for this glory. It was some “technologies”, i.e., things they got through study of creation and manipulation with it. Of course, the result of this change of “development pattern” was something described in the book of Job:

Job 19 8 He has fenced up my way, so that I cannot pass; and He has set darkness in my paths. 9 He has stripped me of my glory, and taken the crown from my head (taken the crown of Supremacy/Firstborn status).

Earrings from ears

You all probably remember as in one extreme situation the Israelites were offered to take out or even to break their gold earrings off their ears to add up to the “gold resources” planned to create some very much “needed work of art”. To break off gold earrings from one’s ears means to remove the gold sealed in their ears. Women didn’t bring any jewellery, only men. While prophetically a man/husband is a symbol of the spirit and a woman/wife — of the soul, we see a hint that the sin committed at the Mount Horeb had not a “soul” nature, but a deeper “spiritual” one. We have a prophetic indication that THEN it wasn’t some superficial emotional move, some “fleeting movement” of a soul “acting up”, but it got through the feelings deep into the spirit of sons and daughters of the Almighty, touching the deepest spheres of their person.

Ex.32 24 And I said to them, ‘Whoever has any gold, let them break it off.’ So they gave it to me, and I cast it into the fire, and this calf came out.”

Gold is a precious metal, a symbol of divinity. The Israelites and prophetically the Heavenly sons and daughters took this symbol, element of divinity, and threw it into the fire of soul emotions and passions of the flesh…and a calf came out. “Almost” like the Creator’s image, but not quite… Prophetically, they have removed the divinity of Heavens from their spiritual hearing. Yeshua has often said that those who have ears, let them hear.

First Tablets made of sapphire and then broken by Moshe, are a prophetic symbol of Heavenly principles, initially written on the Tablets of the HEART, where the main regulator is the Spirit of the Father. While the hearts of many Almighty’s sons were THEN directed more towards the search of glory in creation, instead of being in glory of the Father, Who is the Creator, it led to the hardening of their hearts. Their “glorified hearts” “broke” and became the hearts of stone. As you remember from the previous parts, the first sapphire Tablets that were broken symbolise the first destroyed world which withstood in Heavens but wasn’t able to stand on earth, that is in the Earthly worlds.

Restored light of the Almighty and the Lamb

LCV’19r translation:

Rev.21 23 The city had no need of the Sun or of the Moon to shine in it, for the glory of the Almighty illuminated it. The Lamb is its bright candle.

In the first chapter of Bereshit the Scriptures reveal us the time when two great lights were created and the little lights as well. The Scriptures’ say that they were created during the fourth day of earth’s restoration, when the “platform” for the “Testing ground” or spiritual quarantine was being formed. The light of the Almighty and the Lamb in that spiritual quarantine, covered by rakiya or the firmament, was substituted for the light of Sun and Moon for a relative period of 7000 years.

Beside the physical function of illumination and some other as well, the Sun and Moon has become a visible image of “visible creation” and also the “light of glory of creation”, which has been turned into the object of worship by the efforts of some particular person. That is why the Sun and the Mood as well were made main idols in the world of our spiritual quarantine, for there’s nothing new under the sun”.

Unlike the Most High, the Sun cannot give constant and steady illumination and heat to the earth, only during certain periods of time and seasons in some parts of it. The supernatural light of the Kings of kings was symbolically substituted for natural light of a moving star, which has become a prophetic reflection of what has happened THEN, as a result of the fall. This situation is going to be fixed after the seventh millennium is over, when Death, Sheol and everything connected to them are going to be thrown into the lake of fire. After that the light of Almighty’s glory is going to be again what it used to be in the beginning, for everyone.

Shalom and emotions

About a year ago when the Heavenly Father was answering some of my questions, He gave me, as I believe, His Word regarding one of the facets of the problem that arose THEN and which hasn’t lost its acuteness till present time. This Word reveals a certain measure of one important aspect: how the enemy used to lead away THEN and how he leads souls away from the true path now. 

“You need to understand that when I speak about events that occurred THEN, and I use such phrases as “rather soon” or “rather quick” you have to understand it in the context of THAT time, the structural flow of those events and actions, resulting in change of normal lifestyle of THOSE days, which were fundamentally different from the flow of time now. The major flow of events THEN used to be more deliberate and in most cases there was no need for artificial acceleration because of the lack of time or some other resources. Nobody hurried anywhere, there was no rush, no fear to be late. Only now it has changed, and hurry in the flesh has become a norm of life almost everywhere. That is what has become an important enemy’s tool to steal shalom which I impart into the hearts of My people. That’s why one must always regulate the pace of one’s life in order to keep My peace, which I want to impart into your hearts to keep it intact. It’s easier to lose than to receive, and you are responsible to look after it. Remember that.

THEN My children used to always live in My shalom, and they couldn’t even imagine they may live without it. They thought it to be a part of existing world order and didn’t realise that it was just a part of their relationships with Me. It happened until they crossed the line when they lost it because their hearts were growing farther apart from Me. Then it has become a new revelation and at the same time a source of stress to them. To “fix” this situation as he understood it, My enemy tried to keep those he tempted on this wrong path by deciding to increase his influence on the emotional sphere of soul, so that My children would be distracted from experiencing Me. He tried to destroy this indicator of connecting to My Truth by increasing the level of his manipulations. My enemy understood many nuances in the soul sphere, because it was part of his ministry and calling. He also understood the existing limits of My Judgement when it yet didn’t exist in the form it does now, and it helped him to keep within definite frameworks, manipulating others and pushing them to certain actions, so that they would cross this line. He always tried to act behind someone else’s backs, putting those who were too emotional and naive under the fire of punishment and judgements first of all. Keep it in mind, be careful and very vigilant, in order not to fall into his trap and become a victim of his manipulations. 

A peaceful time of rather steady flow of events is coming to an end, you enter into an active stage of spiritual warfare, which spreads to all existing spheres of life, both spiritual and physical. I want to help you to tune into important things: My heart and My shalom, that keeps your hearts and serves as My Heavenly indicator of Your abiding in Me and My Truth”.

It is now just as it was THEN, the enemy tries to remove this important tool serving as an indicator of truth — Shalom of King of all kings. It is said about Yeshua that He is “Sar Shalom” — “King of Shalom” (King of peace). He tries to substitute Shalom with emotional excitement, regularly heating up the fire of passions. Unfortunately, we can observe it in many sermons, prayers, etc. We always have to have TWO Witnesses: Truth of the Word and also Shalom from the King of Shalom, which comes to us through the Spirit of Holiness. Walking away from the Truth, we remove shalom from our lives, and bring ourselves into the realm of emotions, which is an unsteady ground for being established in Truth.

Freedom of choice

Let’s analyse another important piece to understand this whole topic. Maybe not very deep, but we’re going to touch upon the key question without which there’s no right understanding of many things we see and meditate upon. It helps us see what has become the final target of the fallen cherub.

Children don’t choose when to be born. In the context of the «Testing Ground» everything isn’t so definite, but if we analyze this matter on the initial «starting» level, when children were born THEN in Heavens and in Earthly worlds, they haven’t decided upon the time of their birth and also on everything else connected to their person at the moment of their birth. If they had no choice in these matters, if they already had some «foundation», defining their development direction and many other aspects, we get a question about freedom of choice. So, what is the freedom of choice as such and who are the parties of it? The question of «freedom god choice» is very profound and «transcendent», that’s why we’re going to answer the second part of the question here first.

As a rule, there is a great number of variants of choice between more and less effective, more or less dangerous, between different poles of the same sphere or direction. But one can truly make a choice only when one understands the true value or condition of both variants, when one can objectively measure not only what is there at the present moment, but also all the consequences in the future, i.e., make a right, objective assessment of all options. One can choose between multiple options and only between the two.

There are different measures defining our choice of a car, workplace of a future spouse, for instance. There can be a lot of parameters and everybody has their own measurement scale. There are things we can define with a great degree of precision, in one way or another, but it’s not always the case. Oftentimes we lack certain knowledge, experience or information to make a right choice, so we have to search for «outer» help coming in this or that form. Sometimes this «outer» help comes from our friends and acquaintances, sometimes it is a maker’s instruction or Internet, sometimes just common sense and intuition, the situations and options may vary greatly.

Sometimes it is a choice literally between life and death, as it is written, i.e., if life continues or death comes, if joy comes or sadness, happiness or unhappiness, etc.

Deut.30 15 “See, I have set before you today in fullness life and good, death and evil19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live…

For some of the living this choice is between good or very good and between secondary things, but for some it is a choice between the Creator and creation, between the Almighty and the fallen cherub, who tries to make himself look greater than he really is. Oftentimes it is not even a matter of choice between the Most High and His creation in the form of some person, it is a matter of choice between life values, way of thinking and behavior.

Let’s see how animals make their choice. What algorithm do they follow? It is quite simple in general: who feeds them better, where it’s warmer, nicer and safer, that’s the basics. Of course, not all animals are alike. There are domestic, obedient animals by nature, there are wild who don’t live in captivity, there are those loyal to their masters, and there are those who can change their masters five times a day depending on who’s giving them more food. Not always, but very often such kind of «animal choice» is based on the housing conditions, connected to satisfaction of some physiological needs, and very seldom it’s something else.

But children of the Almighty are those who have His image, and correspondingly — His value system and everything pertaining to it. So, when the matter is about this or that major choice His children make, we can observe a main principle. On a larger scale, the choice of Almighty’s children is a choice between their Heavenly Father and somebody else, between the will and plans of the Heavenly Papa and someone else’s. In this case, it’s not a matter of where it’s warmer or tastier. It is about the Person. Children choose between those persons whom they want to see as their PAPA. Everything else (rules and principles) comes along with the status and position of PAPA, along with His blessings, as a «package», so to say. And this is a first facet of choice.

Another facet of children’s choice is that when they become like their Father, they have to learn to think as He does, understand as He does and discern as He does in order to make the best decisions, which are good not only at first sight, but which are going to be right, effective and wise in eternity, without some “short term result” with heavy consequences later on. And in this sphere our Heavenly Father opens a certain “window of opportunities” for us to learn to make a choice between good and the best, growing in effectiveness and wisdom. It is a constant non-stop process. If we are deprived of this opportunity, we stop being Father’s children, turning into common creatures with reflexes of different levels.

The Almighty is called Father, or even Papa, several times in Tanakh. And Yeshua started to reveal this deep nature of the Almighty, the Creator of Heavens and Earth, as a Papa for His children. We can understand some things, most of the time partly, and we don’t understand many other things, but that’s not the major field of choice. We’re constantly making some choices, but at the large scale the major choice is between this or that person, the will of that person and his values. Some choice options might not lead to damnation or grief right away, and at the first glimpse they might not sound so scary. However, if we could just calculate all variants far ahead, we would understand the final result.

That’s why in many situations we can only “trust someone’s word”, so to say. But to trust one’s word, we have to trust the person that speaks this word. This is the major choice. After we trust the Person, we, in fact, trust the choice of this Person. It’s not always easy for somebody to choose this Person, but sometimes it’s harder to accept the choice of that Person. Even when we choose the Person of the Heavenly Papa, we have a hard time accepting His will in these or those matters. Strengthening of intimate relationships with the Heavenly Papa, love for Him and communication with Him helps us build our trust in Him and His choice for us.

The Scriptures have a lot written about different seducers, who speak smooth talks with pretty words, so many people without wisdom and understanding are falling for it. We need to realize that the fallen cherub initiated and prompted discussions in the direction of those things, which are impossible to prove right away. These were “long-term things”, it took a considerable amount of time to prove if they are true or false. Also, there often were some “pitfalls”, which nobody knew about due to lack of experience. THEN, before the beginning of all those destructive processes, there was no practical or theoretical understanding neither related to diseases, not death or sin virus as such. All of that didn’t exist before, therefore, there was no experience connected to that.

Definition of sides

I want to continue this topic with the simplest, but not rhetorical question: what is this “spiritual war”? Who are the confronting PARTIES? Who wages war with whom and for what? What goals each party has? When talking about a battle of two armies, one can of course concentrate on opposition of platoons, troops or even companies, but these are just partial fragments of a bigger picture, that cannot give us an understanding of the origin and goal of the confrontation. Just to have “victory” over your opponent is a good stimulus, but not the main one. “To survive” is a more serious reason, and “to protect the family” is even more important for the majority of normal people. However, they are also separate pieces of the puzzle, they cannot give maximum motivation, and without it the potential of any warring side is diminished by several times, if not more. To be specific, the above mentioned stimuli can be a kind of motivation in this or that battle, but not in the entire war due to different family situations, different conditions and inner resolve of the soul, etc. Understanding of the true origin of what has happened can give all of us maximum motivation the Almighty calls us to have; while He never motivates us for insignificant trifles. If His motivating words filling the entire Scriptures find no appropriate response in the hearts of His children, maybe they don’t understand something? Perhaps, their low motivation and commitment is connected not only to a hardened heart, but to some difficult period in their lives? Motivation to be saved from some “hell”, based mostly on fear, is of little effect; it can be a motivating factor only in the beginning of some person’s journey as a “believer”. Lack of intimate relationships with the Heavenly Father is also one of the reasons for such inefficiency.

Some warriors laid down their lives, fighting for some important high places, some laid their lives to get and bring important data, some covered for those who retreated. Each episode is someone’s story, tragedy or victory. But for what? What is this war about, who is a “beneficiary”, who benefits from all of it? What is it for? Who is behind the curtain, pulling the strings and manipulating others? Some of you may be surprised when they learn that disagreements and the following opposition, which turned into a total war, happened not between the fallen cherub and the Almighty, because it is nonsense per se. The fallen cherub never had a potential to wage war not only against the Most High, but also against many of His sons. This opposition indeed was directed against the Almighty, or rather against His rules and principles, but in the long run.

Formally no one ever started a war against the Almighty, and if you’ve heard some “sweet talks” about it, learn the Scriptures and not someone’s commentaries, made on the basis of someone else’s commentaries, made after hearing some old wives’ tales. When we read the Scriptures as they are written, and not upside down, we can see wonderful things, which strangely do not fit in different religious concepts. Wrong understanding of this matter brings wrong attitude to many events that already occurred and to those that are happening now, and to those that are yet to come. It can have a critical influence on our thinking and decisions made, and, therefore, on all our life and lives of our loved ones.

THAT war started and happened not between the Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heavens and Earth, and rebellious children of the Almighty and also different intelligent beings, like the four-winged cherubs and other creatures of the same or lesser level of authority, strength and intellect. It would have been not only very stupid, but even impossible. Who can oppose the Almighty and not die a very quick death? Where do we see in the Scriptures, not in some fairy tales and cheap movies, that someone challenged the Almighty and didn’t perish? Where is that war when the Most High Himself comes out, takes out His sword, with somebody trying to fight Him, “warding” his blows and striking back? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds, to put it mildly?

And what is that interesting war when one party is marching to that war and the other doesn’t? Where are these multiple armies of the enemy, marching towards the throne of the King of kings, and firing their blasters and also other mighty weapons of the “future age”? Friends, there is nothing of that sort and there never was! The “christian tales” genre is a cool and multidimencional topic, but such absurdity exceeds even these bounds.

The phrase “enmity against God” that we read about is a figural expression, speaking of indirect opposition; it means that the one who loves this world, its images, temptations, who makes friends with it, such person opposes the Most High by doing so. But it doesn’t mean a personal fight, or personal battle literally. The conflict arose not between the Almighty and the rebels, but among the King’s children themselves. Just as, for instance, Cain rose against Avel, and Korah rose against Moshe. In fact it was done against God’s establishment and His order. Using Cain’s example we can see some beginning of this “crooked way”. Further development of this problem is seen in Korah, who wanted more power, honor, “bonuses” and privileges. Some “finishing characters” we see in the example of those whom Yeshua called a “generation of vipers”, who just as those servants entrusted with keeping the vineyard finally killed the King’s Son, sent to gather fruits.

The conflicts were provoked and orchestrated by the fallen cherub, so that the main parties of the opposition were the very children of the Almighty. They were his main target to begin with. What did he want according to the Scriptures? He wanted “to be like the Most High”, to set his throne, in other words, his authority over the thrones and authority of the sons of the Almighty, and become like the Creator and the Heavenly Father of His children.

The one called adversary or satán — he didn’t wage war against the Most High. Where have you seen for the warring party to come in a due time to report? In the book of Job it is clearly written that the satán came with the sons of the King at the reception, and there he patiently waited for his turn. When he got an opportunity to speak, he reported, answered the questions and got his permissions, and went to act on them.

The original conflict was provoked by the “overshadowing cherub” among the children of the King. The Almighty, by definition, cannot be opposed directly in person. What is often called “spiritual war” is not a war between an adversary and the Most High, but a war between the children of the King and a part of Angelic beings on the one side, and other children of the King and another part of Angelic beings on the other side. It started THEN, and it continues to this very day in this Testing Ground on earth.

Of course, Light wages war against the darkness, Truth against lie and Love against selfishness, etc. Of course, this war is directed against the very Creator and our Heavenly Father, against His Son and our Messiah Yeshua, and against His Spirit, although not directly. Of course, this war has spread over the entire Universe, engaging almost every single one without exception. Cain started a war against his brother Avel directly, but indirectly it was war against his father Adam and the  Most High Himself. The Almighty as our Heavenly Father also engaged in this war, not through a direct challenge to Himself, but on the basis of COVENANTS with those, who kept His principles, fulfilling His will. The Almighty Himself, with all His preferences, views and will is first of all the Righteous Judge, Unbiased and Faithful to His words. Righteousness (Tsedek) and Righteous Judgement, moderated by Mercy (Mishpat) is a foundation of His Throne, on which absolutely everything else is built.

Take note of this interesting fact, that the adversary and part of his army are going to be thrown in the lake of fire only after 7000 years are over. Only the false prophet and antichrist, called the beast in the Scriptures, are going to be thrown into the lake of fire after 6000 years. It is going to happen because while being here in physical BODIES, they are going to fill the measure of their iniquities. As for the fallen cherub, he is going to fill his measure of iniquity only at the end of the last millenium, when he personally starts to organize many individuals to the “last and final battle” against the hero city Jerusalem and the “war camp of the saints”.

Family drama

With whom Cain had a conflict: with his father, with his mother? Analyzing this image we can see that he had a conflict with his brother. Indirectly, it was also a conflict with his father Adam as well, who taught him to do everything right, and with his mother Hava, whose son he killed in the end, but directly and immediately, it was a conflict with his brother Avel. Those our brothers and sisters who unfortunately sided with the enemy have become those who are sometimes called “fallen” or “Angels of satan”, and by “satan” I mean not just the fallen cherub, but the “adversary” in general term, i.e., everyone who openly rebelled against the Almighty’s will. These events have become a great tragedy, dividing Heavens. A brother raised his hand against another brother. Avel was slain, and Cain — banished… It has become a prophetic reflection of THOSE events, when a part of sons from first Heavenly generations who had a maximum of delegated authority united in their disagreement into some “alternative group”, turned against their brothers, insisting on their opinion, and their views.

Gen.49 3 “Reuven, you are my firstborn, My might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. 4 Unstable as water, you shall not excel, because you went up to your father’s bed; then you defiled it — he went up to my couch…

The virus of sin has already been actively moving, gradually damaging spiritual immune systems that resulted in envy, irritation and anger that their opinion, their choice doesn’t find more of good will of the Father, and is not blessed by Him as the choice of those having alternative approaches and opinions. This envy and irritation gradually progressed, and at a certain moment it led to the point when their position got a distinct outline, and they started to consolidate for opposition. After a while the fallen cherub “initiated” the first death, so to say. In other words, this cherub orchestrated and increased disagreement to escalate this conflict, resulting in first murder.

A short time before that something unplanned happened. This cherub was completely surprised that at a certain stage sin virus development turned on hidden resources, strengthening the spiritual immune system of children, initially imparted by the Heavenly Father. There was no avalanche effect of the sin virus, and starting from some point certain “skidding” began. A part of Almighty’s children began to develop temptation resistance, they started to critically analyze everything that was so carefully promoted by the fallen “son of the morning”.

Judging by the dynamics of events, he could see that the processes he launched were gradually being stopped, and then everything could return to where it used to be. But the changes within him didn’t allow him to “reverse”. There were also a number of other reasons which “prompted” him to cross the line after which a real “Civil war” was about to begin. According to his plan, it should have happened through rapid hardening of a heart, which could be achieved through what we know as “defilement by death”. It was connected to increase of DIN quality, and to the ensuing first murder. The fallen cherub understood that he had a definite “time window of opportunity”, after which the level of maturity, experience and understanding of the children of the Most High is going to be so high as to put all his effort to nothing. He also realized that he had already crossed some point of no return, and he didn’t want to and wasn’t going to live another way. It was after that point that the phase of increasing armed stand-off began.

Take note of Cain murdering his brother Avel. It happened “in the field”. In Hebrew this word שָּׂדֶה sade, means not just a “field”, although this notion is also present. Two other main meanings are country and region. It is a prophetic hint that the main conflict happened “in the field of the main place of ministry”: in “countries” or “regions” of those worlds, where the Almighty’s sons were appointed for ministry. I spoke about it a bit in part 9, where I shared a revelation about “Nine Irreconcilables”.

Those from the fallen who were afterwards incarnated on earth, i.e., those called tares (Mt.13:24-30, 36-42), already made up their mind THEN, so there is no point in praying for their choice, while unfortunately they’ve already made it, following the other path… They started a war against us, not vice versa. Those Angelic beings who remained faithful to the Most High waged war by our side, while those beings who followed in the footsteps of the former overshadowing cherub sided with the rebelling children of the King.

We shouldn’t have war with our brothers and sisters, with sons and daughters of the Kingdom, who are sowed into this world to have their Testing. It was about them that Yeshua said that we should “love our enemies”. These sons and daughters of the Kingdom can wage war against us here in some form, being our enemies, but we have to love them and fight for them, so that the chance they’ve got can be used, and they can return to OUR FAMILY. But our battle is against those, who THEN rebelled and sided with the fallen cherub, making a “covenant of death” with each other. As for those, who being of the “fallen” have become tares incarnated here on earth, Yeshua told us to be careful in our urge to “track down” and “pluck out” these tares before the right time comes. As I already mentioned above in the Scripture passage from Eph.6:12, “our battle is not against those people who are incarnated here on earth”, who are “from flesh and blood”. In spite of the fact that they are tares, i.e., those who are of the “fallen”; their memory is blocked just like everybody else’s in this “Testing”: this condition is equal for everyone.

Of course, we should understand that tares are oftentimes those who are sociopaths without kindness or mercy, and whose heart is closed for the Spirit of Holiness because their conscience was burned even THEN, and as a result they are rooted in selfishness, and they measure everything by pragmatic earthly categories of benefit. No doubt, sons and daughters of the Kingdom can be “mingled” among them, because they were pulled into that through their sin. They are those for whom we fight, so, we have to be really careful and sensitive in the Spirit of Holiness.

1 Tim.4 2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron…

It is hard to define such things “at the first glimpse”. As we know from history, Barrabas, murderer and villain, whom the Pilate pardoned instead of Yeshua, has been a son of the Kingdom who went to the point of no return, but by Messiah’s mercy was saved “at the very edge”. While one who was Yeshua’s disciple, healed the sick and cast out demons has been a tare and son of destruction (perdition). So, one must not jump into hasty conclusions, but watch one’s own heart, and be obedient to the Spirit of Holiness in what to say, to whom, and for whom to pray and from whom to be estranged.

The enemy tries to lure and entice the sons and daughters of the Kingdom into his gatherings, unions, organizations and into all of these communities of tares, to leaven them there, stealing their souls. The entire first Psalm speaks about it, saying that the righteous shouldn’t be in the congregation of the “ungodly”. Those “ungodly” are usually tares. We see that this enmity between the faithful and the fallen, part of whom has been incarnated and is incarnated on this earth, was defined by the Almighty Himself from the very beginning:

Bereshit 3 15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; he shall attack and bruise your head, and you shall attack and sting His heel.”

One has to understand, WHO is the SEED of the serpent. His spiritual seed, genome are the fallen — nephilim in the language of the original. Some of the fallen came and keep coming into our world as normal people, and others as hybrids with a changed DNA. Bodies of the hybrids are only damaged avatars, but we have to understand who is incarnated in them on earth.

Only through the guidance of the Spirit of Holiness one can understand many things which have no strict boundaries. With virus influencing and distorning certain spheres of soul and spirit, it has become impossible to understand correctly the essence of many things. And that muddy water has become a good breeding place for manipulations and perversions.

The Torah itself, i.e., the Teaching, has a different interpretation of Heavenly commandments or laws, i.e., unchangeable eternal Heavenly principles. They were one thing in times of Adam, a bit different in times of Noah, third one in time of Abraham and fourth one in time of Moshe. Those Teachings that existed then were certainly checked with the Almighty Himself, Who drew certain lines, defining and allowing certain specifics depending on the time and region of living. In times of Adam marrying a girl twin, who was born together with a boy, was a natural establishment, and it continued for a rather long period. Then due to increasing DNA damage because of sin, there appeared certain restrictions in this matter. What was allowed right after Noah’s flood and during patriarchs’ times was seriously restricted during the time of Moshe. The more the Spirit of Holiness was quenched, the more those Heavenly commandments that were written in the heart by Him were dulled and washed out in their “form”, so to say. That’s why the Scripture says that Torah in its written form was given only because of the increase in wickedness.

As I’ve already said before, nobody ever has been and is waging war against the Almighty. Nevertheless, He is still engaged in this war based on the Covenants. And the adversary, who is the “fallen cherub”, is also formally engaged in this war based on his covenants. When the matter got serions, and the disagreements passed into a conscious opposition stage, those who firmly decided on their opinion turned to the Heavenly Father as to One Who must judge them as a Righteous Judge. And He chose those who were later called “faithful”. He accepted their “sacrifice”, and the “sacrifice” of those symbolized by Cain He rejected. By “sacrifice” one has to understand that form of ministry that every child was a part of; ministries as ways of thinking and action, based on these or that principles. Actually, it was a difficult and rather long process, which is impossible to describe in two words, paragraphs or a chapter, just as it is difficult to describe all stages of forming Cain’s ways of thinking, why and how he came to that, why was he listed with “antiheroes” of the Scriptures.

Bringing into the light and outside the camp

We know that the Almighty brings into the light the shadow of death”, as it is written; at earlier stages one of the key aspects of this process has been bringing into the light all the fallen cherub’s manoeuvres. When the spiritual boil ripened to the point of “surfacing” to a great degree, i.e., being ready for removal, the process of Heavens’ purification had been launched. The fallen “son of the morning” always tried to hide behind someone else’s backs and it was his strategy to the very last moment. But as soon as the cup of iniquity was filled to the brim, the secret actions of this cherub were made known, and it was enough to make him accountable for corresponding “spiritual criminal activity”. The Most High is a Righteous Judge, therefore, there had to be corresponding actions evident for everyone for righteous judgement to take place, in order not to violate Justice as a foundation of the Throne and principle of Rule. As we remember, Torah has established a Heavenly principle of “two Witnesses” in agreement to which one could not be proclaimed guilty with only one witness. That’s why until certain actions were committed, there were not enough reasons for any “consequences”.

Besides, there was and is a principle, that what is lacking cannot be numbered” (Eccl.1:15). There was an established principle, that nobody can bring any “claim” without the existence of these or those facts. We’re not using the term charges, because such a notion didn’t exist before this division. This principle was established by the Almighty, and He Himself always followed the rules He set for others. He decided and defined that only what is proved by fact can be used at the trial. Facts must confirm this or that action, not intentions or motifs, they should be clear for all, and not be just a subjective opinion, even if this opinion is 100% true. It is a most important principle of Heavenly proceedings. The Heavenly Father according to the principles and regulations that He Himself set in place, couldn’t use His knowledge and understanding in spite of the fact that He is an Almighty, Who knows all hearts.

Personal example is a foundation of the Kingdom’s strength. It is one of the main reasons why cunning exploits of the fallen cherub couldn’t be openly revealed before a certain time. The level of his cunning and treachery was so big, that only a high level of glory covering the image of the Almighty in the souls of His children could be a strong enough protection.

Of course, once again many can have a question about the Most HIgh Himself: why did He allow this? I’ve already touched upon this subject and I’m going to add what I received as “two witnesses” on this matter. First, I have an experience and understanding in my spirit that WHAT and HOW the Heavenly Father has dealt with and keep dealing with different things — all of that is ideal, reasonable and done in the best way possible.

The “second witness” is His explanation of this matter to me. It is that there are certain reasons that He cannot reveal to us YET, He’ll do it gradually till the moment when the so-called “mystery of lawlessness” is unraveled IN FULLNESS. In fact, it is so deep and for the majority of us it is going to be so sudden that, first, they’ll have to remember what has ALREADY happened. Most people will remember it only after Yeshua returns. Then there will be a very long time of Messianic Era and only after it is finished, when a rather uncertain period of time is over, because it is not written how long it is going to take, the “Judgement of the White Throne” is going to take place. It is at that point that everything is going to be revealed: the reasons, motifs and circumstances which explain to everyone who live the things that happened, and the status of the Almighty as an Absolutely Just Creator and Merciful, Loving and Sacrificial Father of HIs children is going to be confirmed. He revealed that to me, and I believe Him. In my heart and with all my soul. There are very serious reasons why many things are being hidden until now not only from us, having this Testing, but also from everybody else, both fallen and faithful. We’ll understand it when the mystery of lawlessness is going to be revealed at the Judgement. After that, again we don’t know how long, there will be certain events of which no one of the living can know yet, and only after that what we read about in the 21st chapter of Revelation is going to take place.

There are different spiritual ages, and everyone has his or her own level of growth. However, the notion of spiritual age is applicable not only to some individuals, but to some Congregation in particular and to the Body of Messiah in general, and to the existing world as a whole. It is the main reason why YET all of that is not being revealed in a clear form in fullness. That’s why all of us have to have TRUST and PATIENCE, and that is a responsibility and decision of each of us personally. Doubts come from our mind, which doesn’t understand and receive many things yet; while TRUST is in the HEART. PATIENCE, on the other hand, is a characteristic of our sanctified soul. One has to have a small amount of trust for small and simple things, and serious trust for serious things.

DIN activation

By the moment of Heavens’ purification there arose a situation when the increased action of sin virus through hidden activity of the fallen cherub resulted in growth of sin and damage to some part of the creatures. They were selected and defined by the fallen son of the morning as those whom he appointed to be “first for the slaughter”. What do I mean by that?

Perhaps many of you reading this book have observed or witnessed the actions of so-called “world elite” and all of the “puppet masters” who first create a problem and then offer a solution to achieve their evil goals. The fallen cherub has been a founder of this algorithm of iniquity, deciding to initiate some dangerous emergency, which didn’t exist before. DIN quality, i.e., Righteous Judgement, didn’t exist then as a form of crime punishment, while THEN there were no crimes as such. At THAT time DIN quality existed as a “light-version” during the “peaceful idyllic time”. It consisted in observing certain limits and correction of these or that ways; just that.

We can say the fallen cherub had “plan A” and “plan B”. “Plan A” was a relatively “peaceful” form of development that allowed him to gradually realize his main idea of “setting his throne” above the authority of the Almighty’s sons, becoming like the Creator. When at a certain stage he noticed resistance of children’s spiritual immune system had increased, he switched to “plan B”. According to this plan, he had to intensify the contradictions to provoke an opposition between those of the Almighty’s children who had maximum authority and power. In its highest form the opposition was supposed to grow from verbal disputes into irreconcilability, intolerance and aggression. And aggression in its turn should have grown from “mild forms” to “hard” ones. At initial stages the fallen son of the morning positioned himself as a “wise reconciler”, trying to achieve maximum influence and authority in those “murky waters”; until his machinations were exposed.

Simultaneously with targeted and barely noticeable action directed to shake and weaken the spiritual immune systems of the children of the Most High, this cherub activated infection of different groups of creatures of various types with the sin virus. He tried to launch “irreversible degradation” processes, which would lead to inadequacy and dangerous aggression towards the children of the Almighty. Through that he planned to activate DIN quality in its protective forms that already called for using weapons, effective in case of different types of situations or threats.

The process of infecting many creatures with sin virus took a long period of time. Having an understanding of all thin places in creatures’ souls, and the ways he could slowly shake and damage their programs, this cherub put a lot of effort, and in time it brought its fruit.

Hebrew word TOHE is a root stem in word tohu in Gen.1:2, which is translated there as “destroyed, devastated”. In its main essence, this word means “not understanding”. In a more expanded translation the word tohu can be also translated as destroyed through lack of understanding”. Many things happened THEN for the first time, and the children of the Almighty didn’t have real understanding of reasons, or where these problems came from. There was no corresponding experience and understanding of origin, and also necessary facts to draw some logical conclusions. Why did these problems start to happen with these or that creatures, why did they develop aggression towards each other and disobedience to the children of the Most High? Why did the children start to have great arguments in “work situations” turning into heated debates, intolerance, and ensuing categorical rejection of others’ opinion without obvious reasons? Why did the hearts of children start to grow further apart from each other and many things that weren’t even hinted at before start to emerge?

Organization of the coup

Many individuals who sided with the “alternative group” got engaged in it through deception, while they didn’t understand the deep essence of what was going on. Every truth, every position has different levels of depth. Everything may look pretty, wonderful and clear on the surface, but on a deeper level it starts to be complicated and problematic. At the deepest levels it may even become terrible and deadly. It is all about wisdom, experience and spiritual discernment.

Those who have become fallen tried to turn the situation so that they would move forward and develop and those having an opposite opinion and who later were called faithful would be limited in their general freedom, not able to develop, grow and solve the arising issues. Those issues, organized and provoked by the fallen cherub, were used as an argument confirming the “hardheadedness” of their opponents and their lack of desire to develop by correcting their movement according to the “challenges of time”. While “every period of growth calls for their own decisions and approaches”. They’ve argued that “the Father always creates everything new”, therefore, they also had to explore new tools and development formats, etc. Their level of doublespeak was at the highest, and many were deceived by it.

As I’ve already mentioned, many things happened for the first time then, difficulties and situations that arose couldn’t be handled and explained correctly due to lack of corresponding experience and wisdom, from one’s potential only. At that stage the way of children solving incomprehensible situations started to come out. The action of the sin virus prompted many to try and “solve the matter” themselves without Father’s help, while they thought the great level of glory and big experience to that point coupled with high level of authority was potential enough in their eyes to solve any arising issues. It was like growing teenagers who want to handle their issues themselves, often refusing the advice of the older generation. The son oftentimes called a “prodigal” in the parable also though he was old and clever enough to manage what he had right to, “handling his life as a grownup”. The practice proved him wrong.

A more illustrative name of this “alternative group” would be a group for effective expansion and development”. Reacting to the action of sin virus which weakened the spiritual immune systems, increasing disbalance between the Creator and creation, this growing group strived to widen the borders “to enter maximum fullness of effective development”. One of the arguments was that the Almighty creates everything new and dynamics of development calls for new challenges, defining new approaches and solutions. Emerging problems with creation “in the person” of beings, were presented as a result of lack of appropriate reaction and taking necessary measures. Just as when growth happens, every stage of development has its own measures of reaction, and lack of such reaction can result in wrong processes which have to be fixed.

One of the main reasons that served as a basis for manipulation was the fact of definite damage to tselem (image) of creatures resulting in their increasingly inadequate behavior. All of that gradually piled up, and in the midst of occurring events it was “softened” by the fact that those “glitches” were so insignificant, that they still were within the “gaps of general total error”. It is like a gradual disorder of a computer, that first starts to glitch from time to time, then it already “freezes” and later on it resets itself and even shuts down. A process of influencing the children of the Most High went parallel to influencing the groups of different creatures. The problems arising with those creatures were used as an argument that the sons do not pay enough attention to research the creation and its mysteries, which robs them of necessary knowledge to have a right and timely reaction to these situations. The problem, carefully created and orchestrated, was used to shift attention and right balance towards the study of creation at the expense of moving into King’s glory, which is closely connected to the fruits of the Father’s Spirit. In addition, it was simultaneously used in the fallen cherub’s general plan to “activate” DIN quality in its “hard forms”, which was used later on to bring the children of the Almighty against each other, increasing the “defilement by death”.

It has been a large-scale, long term and complicated plan, which lasted for several thousands of years. “Damaging of perfectness” of this cherub happened about the middle of the first period that we discussed earlier. All this time of, say, seven-eight Heavenly generations, the adversary acted so there were no obvious facts directly pointing to him. In time this cherub has become like a snake ready to wait a rather long time ambushing his prey with cunning and “immeasurable” patience. Almost in the end of the first period, when some deep processes started to unnoticeably surface in the events, the Heavenly Father called His seventy sons from the “First” second, third and fourth Heavenly generations, to whom He revealed the mysteries that haven’t been opened yet, showing what is about to happen. These seventy, who got a status of the ones “Standing before the Throne” for their worlds have become a core of those sons later called “faithful”. They were hidden in their calling until the time appointed by the Father, they were trained by Him to face all the upcoming events. Everybody else saw them being revealed right in the moment of the first armed opposition “at the mountain of Elohim”, which has become a great surprise both to the former “overshadowing cherub” himself and to those who aligned with him.

As it was mentioned above, the growing damage to tselem of different beings resulted in growing aggressiveness among them towards the children of the Almighty. Eventually, in fact it triggered the DIN quality activation. That “activation” was expressed in that the children started to train to operate in the supernatural powers of glory they had as their protection and protection of others. At that time they started to invent swords, shields and other similar tools. THEN these “tools” had not only corresponding physical qualities, but were also used as instruments to transmit supernatural power of those who wielded them. Originally, the created weapons were “signature”; they were made for each individual owner based on his or her personal characteristics, specifics and glory they had. Then they started a practice of naming their signature weapons. The armor was created in a way that the major part of supernatural abilities was connected to the owners themselves, and without them it could not be activated. The created weapon in its main functions just increased the inner glory of the owner, releasing it in a special way. It takes a long time to practice wielding even regular weapons, wielding weapons with supernatural abilities took much more time. It was like learning to play musical instruments: one can learn and become perfect during one’s entire life.

In spite of the fact that the threats themselves were originally not that great, the fallen cherub, however, made every effort to pay much more attention to this training that it deserved. If we spare different details and nuances, as a result of that many of the Almighty’s children and also different “Angels” as ministering spirits devoted a significant amount of time to training and practicing this art. The fallen cherub himself was a great master in it; he put a lot of effort to become the “main expert” in this art, in order to “lead” this new sphere. Within the movement that started to take more and more time, different training and even what we can call “sparring” took place. Despite inner contradictions, the children didn’t yet have any aggression towards each other, which would exceed some boundaries. But the processes were set in motion, and for many it was just a matter of time. As it often was and is, some were more successful in this growing DIN quality, some were less, some had an understanding of it, and some were becoming professionals in time. All 70 of the “Standing before the Throne” were initially trained in this art by the Almighty, to become greater professionals and fulfill their mission.

As lightning…

When we read about the “war in heaven” described in Revelation, chapter 12, we see two facets. The first is war, which is already going. As a result of it, satan is going to be thrown down from under the firmament or so-called “second heaven”, falling on earth together with those who fought alongside him.

The second facet, a deeper level, is THAT WAR which happened in Heavens long before, in which those who read these lines participated in this or that way; but your memory has been blocked for a time being. That’s why nobody remembers THAT WAR, almost nobody remembers anything. Only separate abstracts of some memories, which come in different prophetic dreams and visions and also what resonates in our spirit when reading some book, or watching some movie, and also when we think about such things.

An important aspect of “Heavenly part” of THAT WAR was a point when the fallen cherub, a being of enormous authority and power, was thrown down from Heavens with everybody watching.

Ezek.28 16 “By the abundance of your business activity you became filled with evil within, and you missed the mark (pronoun is also in feminine form); therefore I shall reveal your iniquity and folly, separating you from the mountain of elohim (gods); and I shall destroy you, O overshadowing cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones.

Before he was “thrown down” many things were exposed, that were hidden before, and which burst as a boil only after a rather long period of time. It was necessary to “separate this cherub from the mountain of Elohim”, as it is written. This “overshadowing” or rather “closing and forming” cherub had an opportunity to be on the mountain of Elohim where the Councils of the sons of the Almighty took place. He was one of the beings of enormous authority level, who was allowed to participate in such Councils in a “consultative capacity”, if we can use such terms. That’s why before the “leprosy of sin” was publicly exposed, it was necessary to minimize his influence on Almighty’s sons as much as possible.

The growing contradictions with increasing action of sin resulted not just in damaged thinking and aggressive behaviour of different creatures only, but in growing disputes and clashes between the Almighty’s children. Before a certain time children have never used what can be considered a “weapon” against each other. A radical change happened after a landmark event on the mountain of Elohim in Heavens, where the Councils of Almighty’s sons took place in His own presence.

This Council was planned to solve different important issues and also to sort out growing differences. It included all of the “First” from all 12 Heavenly generations: all 840 sons. Before that the “alternative group” voiced their claims and proposed their “recommendations”, insisting that if their development format is rejected, it may only worsen the existing problems with all the ensuing consequences. Also before that Council they had other proposals, which in their essence came down to bigger concentration of creation research, and use of certain technological “tools” to solve these or that situations and issues, including more serious technology use for further development and everyday life.

It was impossible to implement such “development policy” without establishing it at the Common Council of the “First”, while it introduced serious alterations not only in development but also in the forming relations of all who lived. It was one of the main reasons for such a “Council of the First”. After discussing all these concepts, arguments and their solutions at this Council, the Heavenly Father was supposed to deliver His decision, which drew a certain line. That’s why in the eyes of many it was an event of great importance.

They also planned to discuss a matter of defining tasks and authorities in a newly created sphere, simply called a “security sphere”. In face of the growing threats from degradation of part of the creatures, it was essential to establish a systemic structure to solve these issues. They had to appoint a responsible figure to coordinate and manage this sphere, a “security minister” in our terms.

Of course, the former “overshadowing cherub” proposed his candidacy for this position. In his plan it was an important element of his raising in power and influence, and he put tremendous efforts into that. As you remember, this cherub wanted to “put his throne above the stars”, i.e., the sons of the Almighty. And it was a wonderful opportunity in his eyes to move in that direction. Power is only power when it is based on certain talents and abilities, supported by glory and common acknowledgement. This cherub argumented for “his humble person” that he was a being himself, and from every point of view it was his responsibility as one called to serve the Almighty and His children. His personal professionalism served as a second argument for this matter. Many supported his candidacy.

The existing necessity prompted the children of the Almighty to develop this increasing DIN quality, and there were also some professionals here. Different trainings and “upgrades” in corresponding skills started to happen more often. It always included such form as “sparring”, while this is apriori the most effective form in every kind of teaching training. Even a great glory potential doesn’t guarantee unconditional advantage and victory. As I’ve already mentioned, handling the “powers of the future age” is like playing some musical instrument, which requires years and years of diligent practice to become a real master in this art. And here just as anywhere else one required one’s own talent potential. Many didn’t want to waste their time, while there was only a temporary need for it, that was supposed to become irrelevant, when the existing problem is solved. In time they started to get used to it, and only a small part paid enough attention to become professionals in this area.

The fallen cherub paid the most careful and serious attention to it, while it was an important tool in his plans. In his heart he dreamed about setting his throne, i.e., his authority, not only above that of the Almighty’s sons, but as a matter of course, above all other creatures like him. Such claims to power should have had sufficient foundation, and the Almighty let the overshadowing cherub “prove” it before the above mentioned “Council of the First”, after which the first armed conflict of two opposing parties happened. While this conflict escalated, there were occasional fights happening here and there, without leading to “serious consequences”. However, in light of all the occurring events the “border security” has started to take even more severe forms. The former “overshadowing cherub” put out indirect rumors that he is the most worthy to take upon the responsibility for this sphere. He also tried to promote an idea that his level of strategic understanding and management and also of personal might and mastery is higher than the level of both sons of the Almighty and all other beings. The occasionally held “sparrings” also confirmed his claims, while till a certain moment his strength and mastery have been unbeaten.

A challenge to the “son of the morning” to one of such “sparrings” was organized right before the “Council of the First”. It has become a sign of onset of what was later called a war stratagem. It was a sort of a trap specially prepared for him, while had he emerged victorious from a certain contest, his authority would have risen to the maximum, and his claim to manage the security sphere would have been reasonable in the eyes of many. On the other hand, in case of his rejecting the challenge, while nobody could have forced him to accept it — he should have agreed to it willingly, it would have diminished his effectiveness later on. The fallen cherub understood all that, but being sure of his powers, he accepted it. For start, it was the first time he reaped what he had been sowing. The Scriptures say this:

James 1 13 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by the Almighty”; for the Almighty cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. 14 But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed by his own passion.

It is also written that the Most High “will show Himself pure with the pure; and with the devious He will show Himself shrewd” (Ps.18:26). Then it was a time of fulfillment of these two principles related to the very father of sin. This cherub got into the net he laid himself, and trying to position himself as somebody he never was, when he was challenged to it, he couldn’t turn back without greater damage to his reputation and to his enormously grown egotism.

The former overshadowing cherub has been challenged by several sons of the Almighty, who were called to be the ones Standing before the Throne for their worlds. They were hidden before that, while the Father hid their identity till the appointed time. Only their eternal partners knew about it. On top of that, the cherub has been challenged by SAR Michael, who is often called “Archangel”. Several ministering spirits with the SAR status, which is often translated as “prince”, were also undergoing the training together with the ones Standing before the Throne, and they had their own initiation, receiving their ministry and authority. SAR Michael has been appointed and prepared by the Almighty as the most able among all ministering spirits; he was later given authority over all “Angel-warriors” fighting alongside the faithful from the sons of Almighty against the fallen.

The fiasco of the “son of the morning” was extremely overwhelming and inglorious; it has become a milestone event, leaving a trail in the hearts of everyone who saw it. With everyone watching, the “overshadowing cherub” has been repeatedly defeated by the Almighty’s sons in “multidiscipline competitions”, where the manifested glory also called in the Scriptures the “power of the future age” has been used. After the sons of the Almighty, SAR or Archangel Michael added a copestone, proving that not only was “the son of the morning” A.K.A. “overshadowing cherub” not “faster, higher, stronger” than the sons, but also neither other Angelic beings. Michael proved that not only among the sons of the King, but also among the ministering spirits or “Angelic beings” he was not the first, therefore he had not only moral but also actual right to be at the head of them. It was a sort of “hat trick”. One of the sons of the Almighty who shamed the cherub that day has been Azazel, that’s why the fallen cherub harbored a “special grudge” against him. It has been the first “universal broadcast” that all of the living could see, and it played its role in discrediting the fallen “son of the morning”, influencing the attitude of all those, who were still “doubting”.

At the mountain of Elohim…

Soon after that the first “Council of the First» took place, where the Heavenly Father voiced His opinion on proposals to “increase effectiveness” and other “rationalization proposals” of those under the fallen cherub’s influence. He approved the ministry format of those later called faithful, and didn’t accept what their opponents were proposing. Prophetically, it was reflected in accepting Avel’s sacrifice and rejecting that of Cain’s. After that, showing wisdom and desire to help the betterment of His sons, He explained His decision and added corrections. But they were rejected by many who were deceived. Their “countenance fell” just as Cain’s, and they held a grudge. In fact, at that Council the Father “grinded the golden calf” that the deceived ones were making, and through His Word and His decision He released the action of His Spirit, which touched the dust of the broken calf of the wrong sacrifice and evoked aggression on the part of the sons who didn’t want to humble themselves, accepting the will of the Father, being deceived.

Prophetical reflection of what happened after that was when Moshe called all who were faithful, and all sons of Levi gathered together and smote the idolaters, who initiated that whole calf situation. The tradition says that the sons of Levi didn’t participate in this idolatry, and as soon as Moshe called, they came to him. The fallen cherub’s deception touched the majority to a different degree. Right after the Council, those who were later symbolized by Cain summoned their people to oppose those because of whom their “freedom and rights” were limited, as they thought, and who in their opinion interfered with effective development, causing losses to them and everybody who lived. Their seductive rhetorics and authority played their role. The former “overshadowing cherub” summoned those creatures and ministering spirits who had been deceived by that moment; and the battle “at the mountain of Elohim” took place.

This battle exposed everyone called as the ones Standing before the Throne. Being faithful, they rallied to defence of the faithful, against whom the aggression of the deceived was directed. SAR Michael took charge of the faithful among the creatures. The battle “in Heavens” took place, after which all those who showed aggression and took up arms, exposing their folly, were expelled from the Heavenly realms. They were “thrown down to earth”, i.e., in the Earthly worlds. It was like a rampage and uncontrolled rage, as it was with Cain. The ministering spirits who sided with those showing aggression were also defeated: the fallen cherub and those who followed his lead. That is the even that Yeshua was referring to when He said He saw satan falling down from Heavens as lightning:

Lk.10 18 And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. 

And that is what prophet Ehezkiel talks about:

Ezek.28 17…I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, that they might gaze at you (“BAKH” — vocalization point out to the female gender).

“Kings” are the Keepers of the Earthly worlds, these are the sons of the King in their position of authority.

What is love to your enemies?

Yeshua once said that we should love our enemies. How does it relate to the fallen and the very concept of the “Testing Ground” in general?

First, we are not fighting those who are sons and daughters of the Kingdom and who go through their Testing here. They might oppose us in their unbelief, in their errors, in their aggression, etc., but they are actually the ones, whose reconciliation and salvation is the main object of war with the fallen. We are supposed to love them in spite of their often inadequate and “bad” behavior, to say the least.

Second, even if they are sons and daughters of the Almighty who fell and sided with the darkness, and they are incarnated here on earth as those whom Yeshua called “tares”, nevertheless, we are not waging war against them “in the flesh”, while it is written that our battle is not against flesh and blood”. Yeshua Himself said that it wasn’t their task to run and “pluck out the tares”, it is a domain of “Angelic ministry”. When the “End days” events come, those who are clothed with manifested glory are going to carry out this cleansing together with Angels, who are ministering spirits by their nature. It is going to happen when they protect the people of the Almighty during the time when the “peoples enter the wilderness” (Ezek.20:35) at the point of the Last Tribulation lasting 1260 days.

This category of sinned sons and daughters has their divine memory neshamah blocked just as everybody else, they are here on “general terms”. As we already discussed earlier, even these “tares” can face certain mercy, while “something good” may be found in them as well. It is hidden from us yet, and it is a sovereign will of the Father, Who is just and Whose mercy triumphs over judgement. Yeshua didn’t say they are our friends, or that opposing them is not Father’s will, not at all. His warning was just that in our zeal we wouldn’t harm the sons and daughters of the Kingdom (Mtt.13:27-30). In Spirit we oppose every influence of the darkness that might come through them, however, to oppose them on the physical level is a responsibility of “Angelic ministry”. In the spiritual world it is clear who are sons and daughters of the Kingdom and who are the tares; those who are to be clothed with manifested glory are going to see that, just as Angels, who are ministering spirits and can act accordingly. Are the “tares” whose conscience is burned still objects of our love? I doubt it relates to them. Towards them there is regret, a certain amount of compassion, grief and pain of loss, and also some small “beacon of hope” that the Heavenly Father might “find something good” in some of them.

Third, regarding the category of fallen sons and daughters who didn’t “die physically” during THAT War, and were not incarnated on this earth as in “Testing Ground”, they are the ones with whom we wage war in the first place. They were not incarnated “in flesh and blood” as all of the rest through being born of a woman, and they oppose all of the faithful with all violence of their hardened heart.

Did Yeshua mean this category when He spoke of “loving your enemies”? What do you think about it? These are sons and daughters of the King, who fell; many of them did a lot of evil, destroying our brothers and sisters, our close and remote family. They have been waging war against us, and if they had a chance, they would have immediately destroyed us as well. Sure, there are many things included in this “destroy” term. One can destroy not just a body, but soul and spirit through temptation and other forms of evil. It’s hard to love for that, as I personally think and feel. But everybody may have different experiences on this matter.

At the time I wrote these words, the Heavenly Father let me remember some of this category, with whom I had a personal acquaintance, and I can tell you, I feel really sorry for them. I was given an opportunity to remember some episodes when everything was well and we still were friends, how I treasured our relationships with them. I also remembered the episodes when we were already in a violent confrontation and warred against each other. I can tell you, these are very complicated feelings, simply speaking. After everything I’ve learned about them, at least about some of them, I tell you, it’s hard to say whether what is called love remained in my heart. Regret, sadness and pain of loss — yes, love called filioin the Scriptures, i.e., love between friends, — not anymore. As for agape” love, i.e., sacrificial love”, it’s hard to say for sure, but I think that it still remains to a certain degree, and if there was an opportunity to return them sometime, perhaps, after a very long time of corresponding punishment and redemption, I would have been glad. After those wounds they’ve caused were healed. The Heavenly Father gave me a rather deep spiritual and emotional experience of some dramatic episodes of that opposition. Besides, I guess a lot of things that I have been witnessing and participating in, based on everything that I was revealed about my calling and ministry THEN, although I don’t remember them in detail. That’s why I don’t know how I would have reacted in case of full “dearchivation” of my divine neshamah memory, but I pray that I would have the same thoughts and feelings that my King Yeshua.

Finally, fourth, there is a category of beings, creations of the Almighty. This category includes a great number of Heavenly and Earthly creatures. Heavenly creatures are often called Angels, and there are many different kinds of diverse types and calling. There are those having SAR status (Heb.) and who are “princes” appointed over certain territories; that’s why they are often called “Angels of nations”. For instance, the 10th chapter of the prophet Daniel mentions the SAR of Persia and the SAR of Greece. About angel Michael it is said that he is the SAR of Israel, that is, one to whom responsibility to be a sort of war time “prime minister” is given, so, in fact he is a spiritual “defense minister” on behalf of the ministering spirits related to the descendants of Israel and the nation of Israel.

There are many kinds of other creatures, and we’re going to talk about some of them in the following parts. As a result of the opposition, all creatures having such a right of choice in Heavens and in Earthly worlds sided with one party or the other. That’s why we wage war with that part who sided with the fallen cherub and the fallen sons and daughters of the Kingdom. They are the most numerous in all the “dark hosts”. Till the present time they were forbidden to appear here “officially” in their physical form, only in some limited format. There are certain borders that they are not allowed to cross “officially”, and there are those in the spiritual world who watch over it. Nevertheless, there have always been and is a great activity regarding their penetration into our world by “crooked ways” through some sorts of portals and other “technologies”. But the time comes when all masks will be off and they will appear here in full scale. The major part will appear during the breaking of the final seal, when a rider on a pale green horse is going to ride from Sheol. Part of them is already here in hidden parts of the earth, and the other part increases its “infiltration”, i.e. penetration, getting ready for a sudden strike.

The spiritual world has a principle of correspondence. Still being in bodies weakened by sin, we cannot oppose those who are way stronger than us in the flesh. That’s why during this stage our main war mostly happens in the spirit. The Most High releases His anointing in this sphere, giving us a corresponding glory, so we would be able to wage war on the level available to us. In different situations, through wars, conflicts and different geophysical events He carried out destruction of those who are called tares in the Scripture. As Yeshua has said, every plant that is not planted by My Father, is going to be uprooted” (Mtt.15:13). Every time ministering spirits — Angels of the Almighty — are carrying out destruction of tares, when their “cup of iniquity” is filled. They are also destroying those dark creatures, who somehow get into our world by crossing the existing borders. Our main war by now is with those who are not incarnated in physical bodies here on earth. It started THEN and till this moment it has never stopped. We are not seeking conflict with those being here in physical bodies, but when they are allowed to come against us, we have to be ready. Angels of the Almighty have been protecting and keep protecting us from them. At a certain point those having the manifested glory of the King are going to join them, and they will have to face these creatures personally. It’s hard for me to speak of love to them, but I do feel sorry for them.

Glory VS Technologies

Many things that took place THEN are showing up here in one form or another. As we remember, there is an active principle which we reiterated a lot: “What has been is going to be, and what has been done is going to be done, for there’s nothing new under the sun…”. The tilt towards the creation among those, whom he “tilted”, prompted them in direction of what we now know as “high technologies”; and it grew to a great extent over time. The concept was that in order to reach “maximum effectiveness of development”, one had to “connect direct glory of the Almighty” with the “glory of creation”, which is one of His glory manifestations”. They thought that by such “combinations” they could reach maximum effect, and that was a priority way of development.

One of the key arguments was that because of such a combination one could move faster in development, which was partly true. The most important detail was that the level and effectiveness of the Almighty’s glory action depended first of all on personal relationships with Him, and on the condition of one’s heart, which is directly interrelated. And in case of “combination”, the emphasis was on devotedness to one’s calling, hard work, intellect development, etc. No doubt, these are important but additional qualities. By emphasising them and diminishing others they created a disbalance in the fruits of the Spirit of Holiness, so, in a while it resulted in their growing away from the heart of the Most High, trusting Him and depending on Him towards their “own” qualities, and also towards diving into the “mysteries of creation”, where they’ve searched for keys for next levels of development and problem solution.

No doubt, we are not talking about abandoning everything the Almighty Himself has created in the physical realm, not at all. We are talking about right ways, priorities in balance, where the cornerstone is the heart of the Father and His words, which was initially put into the core of His children. It is a matter of heart and spirit. And the question of learning about the creation is a matter of intellect, therefore, it comes secondary by definition.

The principle of pursuing greatness has been wired into all creation, but the main initial principle was pursuing the heart of the Father and Creator, love, obedience and trust in Him. Tilt “to the side” gave way towards what has finally led to creation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) instead of guidance of the Spirit of Holiness. Such a notion as “cloud service” appeared instead of contact with the Most High. The Scriptures telling us of the Babylon tower building in original language sounded like “let’s build a tower “head in Heavens” (Gen.11:4). It has even more than a hint to these “Cloud services”. It has also urged them to connect and interact with each other by “nano-” and other like technologies instead of finding unity in the Spirit of Holiness and contacting each other by Him, for Him and “for His glory”. This phrase “for His glory” had a facet THEN that we now see as fullness of His glory in us. Gradually the cornerstone turned into some “additional goals”; in order to achieve which they “released themselves in calling”, “searched for their “inner I”, created “teams”, and etc. The means substituted the real goal. Learning the heart, and the Person of the Heavenly Father and Creator of everything began to be substituted for “learning of the world around”, etc.

The technology of connecting the brain with computer and cloud services and other like “connections” is what we can already see now. It is some apotheosis of the movement in this technological direction where “high technologies” are defined by the goal, instead of Almighty’s glory. Isn’t that the tendency we see around us nowadays? There’s nothing new under the sun…

One of the main traps was that the more they advanced in this direction, the less they needed to have relationships with the Almighty, and the more they needed to control the creation and connect with it. In spite of the fast effect of some goal achievement at the initial stages, in the long run it resulted in devastation. The more someone deviated from the right path, the more difficult it was to return, admit one’s mistakes and correct one’s values, way of thinking, principles and rules. Here we observe some “fast-food” and leaven principle: you get some quick effect and short-term result in some spheres. In this case one gets an illusion of independence, weakening of some control on the part of the Heavenly Father, but in the long run everything returns to its place. The problem was that this “long term result” was not visible at once, and it was very hard to understand it THEN without absolutely no experience. The aggravating point was that the cherub’s manipulations increased the disbalance of spiritual revelations’ light and the virus of sin itself.

What often sounds as opposition between natural and artificial — all of that is the reflection of what happened THEN, and what is actual now. We need to understand the origin of what has happened, to comprehend what is going on now to make right conclusions, right decisions and right actions. Intimate relationships with the Most High are the answer to EVERY existing challenge, and the manifestation of His glory is the answer that will give strength to His faithful ones to lay all enemies at the foot of Yeshua’s throne, and will give necessary protection and help to those who needs it in the difficult time before our King returns.

The Heavenly Father teaches us to trust Him and not to buy into all these “fast” results that might look good and pretty, but in the end they lead into destruction and death. May He help us love Him and trust Him always.

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