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Return Home. “Restoration by dominion”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 5

Beginning     Part 4


Such an interesting number “3”… And the matter is not in the number itself, but in the meaning that it contains. There are always “two parts”: black and white, plus and minus, two farthest solutions, two opinions about the matter, etc. And then there is something transitional, something “in the mean”. What do you think: in terms of our discussion, did we get something like that — “three way fork in the road”, “one man had three sons — one smart, one so-so and the third one — a fool…”, neither here nor there, etc, etc? When some family has two opposite opinions, two opposite positions, there’s always someone, who at some point for some reasons cannot decide where he or she stands on it. And every party tries to win them over with every possible means. The issue here is often not in logic or some “most serious arguments”, but usually in personal relationships, in trust, affection, friendship, authority and other things, connected to that part of the soul, that is based not on “cold reason”, but on something else, something emotional and irrational.

The battle goes on to win over this “middle” group. Someone lacks someone’s vote to get a majority, someone needs a moral or financial or physical support. In some cases the situation concerns life and death matter: somebody is persuaded to become a part of some criminal affair, something unreasonable and dangerous, and the other party tries to stop the one being tempted. The whole world is full of such instances, and everyone of us has found ourselves in such situation to a certain degree.

Two doors

This abstract, although it’s not a part of the “canonical” books of the Scriptures, is very interesting, and it is also a proof to this entire concept:

3 Ezra 7 62 I answered and said: I know, Lord, that the Almighty is called all-merciful, because He will have mercy on those, who are not yet come to this world…

The phrase “come to this world” is a very often and commonly used. Although, it seems to me that very few people think about it when they say it. Note an interesting fact: first a human body is created, and only then a breath of lives” is breathed into it; the original text says neshmat hayim (plural)”, i.e. the souls of lives”. That is after this significant moment a person has become a “living soul”: nefesh haiya”. Based on this verse of the Scripture — Gen.2:7, that was quoted in the previous part, one can see that the first person, before he was divided into a man and a woman had several “divine souls”, two neshama’s of Adam and Hava. Hava’s neshama has been “sleeping” till appointed time, if we can say so, and in this appointed time — Gen.2:21-22 — it was extracted and “activated” by the Almighty, getting into a physical body prepared for her, and she also became a nefesh haiya” — “a living (earthly) soul”. That is, if we apply literal understanding of what is written.

If we look at this episode as at a prophetic hint, we can say that in some specified sense, all souls, that had to come into this world, came through this first human being. Of course, the first human could not contain the “breath” of ALL billions of divine souls. We know that Adam physically died in 930 years after he ate the “forbidden fruit” together with his wife and has become mortal. Hava died too. And the essense of this prophetic hint is that the potential of all those divine souls” (neshmat hayim — plural), who had to be incarnated on earth, was put into that first human, who wasn’t yet divided into two sides: a man and a woman.

One more thing. Do you remember Yeshua said about Himself, that He is a door” (Jn.10:9)?

Jn.10 9 I AM the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.

The first Adam”, who was actually named Adam, was also a DOOR, but only for ENTRANCE, to come into this world, into this Testing Ground of the spiritual quarantine; but Yeshua was the “Last Adam”, or maybe it is grammatically and contextually right to say “the Finishing Adam”. And Yeshua is also a DOOR, but for EXIT, that gets one “to freedom with a clear conscience”. Only through Yeshua and His atoning sacrifice one can return into the Kingdom of the Almighty Father. The mystery of His atoning sacrifice is that it acts “THROUGH ALL TIMES AND SPACES”, and under certain conditions it lets to make redemption, purification and transformation of those, who came to this world before He was physically incarnated and after it. I want to mention the episode, when the High Koen (High Priest) sprinkled blood over the covering of the Arc of the Covenant, and at this moment he prophetically released the atonement by Life into all worlds, into the reality that is OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE. The place where he was standing was a sort of a portal, or simply speaking, the Heavenly Gates into Divine reality, that is OUTSIDE of all worlds, and at the same time binds them all together. Shekinah as a manifested glory was the visible manifestation of the Almighty and the evidence that the committed physical action wasn’t just a “colorful symbol”, but was something that affects all levels of reality, forming and transforming them. It is indeed a very deep and interesting topic, that is beyond the framework of this part, so I’m going just to mention this fact.

Preliminary waiting place

After that Heavenly Council, where the Almighty introduced everybody to His Plan and its conditions, corresponding decisions were made. There was no “bargaining” there, no discussions with the “fallen”, no votes etc.. As somebody once said: “it’s no place for bargaining”. It looks like the Heavenly Father just created a fait accompli: either they accept this Plan and its terms, or reject it with all following consequences. For those who still got chance, it was a “chance”, therefore it was unlikely that they were going to blow it, considering that it was an extremely merciful gesture on the part of the Heavenly Father, giving them an opportunity to fix everything. But for those, who rose against the Almighty, it was a sufficient prolongation in time, and considering that the person drowning is ready to catch at a straw, then of course nobody tried to force the events by not caring about this straw and voluntary jumping headfirst into the burning lake of fire. Yeshua once said to His disciples, that the lake of fire was preparedfor devil and his angels”. This fact has already been known during the time, when He spoke these words, and from the look of it, even much earlier.

At some point the people meditating upon this topic must have had a reasonable question — were really were all those Heavenly persons, that got into the category of “doubting-mistaken-defiled” after the moment described in Gen.1:2? One third was swept by the tail of the dragon together with the owner of this tail, but where were the others? On the basis of the Scripture context and the essence of the revelation itself, all those Heavenly creatures: the sons of the Almighty, His daughters (we’ll talk about them later), and others were removed from His presence. It’s important to understand here, what kind of “presence” we talk about, because everyone has their own understanding of this notion. The “presence” itself is a rather comprehensive term, and it can be relatively understood on the physical level. If we hear a phrase, that somebody was removed from the presence of some king or royalty, we understand, that this somebody has probably “messed up”, or some conflict or misunderstanding have arisen, and as a result this someone has fallen into a certain disfavor. The levels of this “disfavor” can be different. For instance, the wine bearer and the baker hit the bottom due to pharaoh’s “disfavor”, and one managed to return into “pharaoh’s presence” and the other didn’t. “Disfavor” can be like one that David and Absalom had, when the later ran away after he killed his brother Amnon, but returned in a while. The Scriptures also have such phrase as hidden His face…”, speaking about the Almighty, Who deprived someone of His special favor, His supernatural help and His shalom because of some serious fault; until these relationships were restored.

Let’s us consider once again the situation, when somebody was removed outside the camp for a week or “till evening” because of a certain measure of defilement from dead bodies of animals or people. The center of the camp, where Shekinah or manifested presence of the Almighty dwelled, was a symbol of King’s glory in its “light-version”, so that people who were near to it could remain alive after such exposure.

Considering that, one can understand that depending on the measure of transgression and defilement, everybody had a different range of being removed. There is such notion in the spiritual realm as “spheres” or “levels of glory”. The image of Mishkān — “mobile Temple” — is a very illustrative demonstration:

1. Kodesh Kodashim (“Holy of Holies”).

2. Kodesh (“Holy”).

3. The court of Mishkān.

4. The Levites’ camp.

5. The camps of the tribes of Israel.

6. Location of “other peoples”.

Each level was even more distant from the center of manifested glory. Aside from all this earthly levels there are so-called “lower parts of the earth”. There is Sheol, that is divided into several parts, which we can read about in the story of a rich man and Lazarus. The Scripture quotes Abraham’s words, who said that at the time when it was spoken there were at least two places: one where he was himself together with other righteous people, and the other where the sinners were. In 2 Peter 2:4 we can also read that those sons of the Almighty who sinned before the Noah’s flood were put into tartarus” (ταρταρώσας), which means “lower levels of hell”. It shows that there are different levels of distance from the Almighty, and henceforth, from the action of His manifested glory. So it’s hard to say where all those Heavenly persons dwelled before they were incarnated in human bodies; and perhaps it’s not that important. It is important to grasp the principle. There are different apocryphal books, that cover this question in some way or another, but we are not going to focus our attention on that.

I would only like to highlight some points: THEN there were only several stages of “being removed from the presence” or “being removed outside the camp”. The first happened when the Heavens were purified and when those, who had spiritual leprosy of sin were removed outside of the “Heavenly camp”. It happened before the very start of an active phase of opposition between the “loyal” and the “fallen”. The second one took place after the opposition was finished, in the moment described in Gen.1:2. For those, who remained loyal, nothing really changed. Without any doubt, without the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua, the Heavens, according to the Scriptures, were unclean and needed purification. That’s why all the loyal ones also needed this purification, but it didn’t really affect their position and relationships with the Father. As for those, who remained sons and daughters of the Kingdom, and who committed something that was a subject to judgement, but didn’t have the corresponding inner motives, their situation was different. They were given a chance, but they were removed from the fullness of King’s presence, to which they had access before. Let’s analyse it on the basis of shelter-cities in Israel. Everyone, who committed a death deserving crime out of carelessness or negligence, could run away to such city. That is, please take notice, they weren’t removed OUTSIDE of the Promised Land, but they were living in special far away places with restricted movement possibility, “before the appointed time of remediation”. This prophetic image helps us to better understand this matter. A big number of Heavenly persons was obliged to dwell in special Heavenly spheres, with significant restriction on ability to move, until they were incarnated in this “spiritual quarantine” for their “Testing”. One can call this place or places so-called “Preliminary waiting places”.

Let’s us also take a closer look at the situation in the story of the rich man and Lazarus, who is another prophetic image, necessary to understand this issue:

Lk.16 25 But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are  tormented. 26 And besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to pass from here to you cannot, nor can those from there pass to us.’

For those, who didn’t know, I say that it is not a parable at all, as somebody teaches, but it is a real story, told by Yeshua. According to Hebrew understanding, that both Yeshua Himself and His disciples had, if a story mentions at least one proper name, it is not a parable anymore, but a real story, that happened once.

Sheol (“hades” — Gr.) had several organized spheres or places, and two of them are mentioned in this abstract. We see that the souls of the righteous were put into some “preliminary waiting place” after they’ve completed their earthly course, until some appointed time when the price of their redemption is paid: the Blood of Yeshua the Messiah, about which it is written, that it is a “sprinkling Blood”, that is right now in Heaven before the throne of the Heavenly Father (Heb.12:24). Another part, i.e. “sinners”, or those who made a wrong choice, were put into a place that is better be called as “spiritual holding cell” or “temporary detention facility”. Only after so-called “Trial of the White Throne” the corresponding verdict is going to be rendered, and those, who are not found written in the Book of Life are going to be thrown into a lake of fire.

The image of divided Sheol and several groups of persons, dwelling there according to their respective decisions, is a prophetic image of what it was after the events of Gen.1:2.  Both groups were limited in their movements and possibilities. But the “terms of their detention”, so to say, were different. The same thing happened then. Those who were sons and daughters of the Kingdom, who were not going into the lake of fire, and who were supposed to go through their Testing Ground, they were in places limiting their movement and possibilities, but it wasn’t a place of “great discomfort”; except for the reduced amount of manifested glory, which was much harder for them than to us now. We were born to a place of maximum limited amount of manifested glory of the King, but those who were placed there felt like Adam and Hava after they were banished from the Garden of Eden.

It also concerns a very serious matter, that we’re going to discuss later: somebody “died” in THAT war, and somebody didn’t. By “dying” we mean a situation, when one’s physical body has suffered a “fatal damage”, not consistent with one’s further existence so to say. Those souls had special place appointed for them, depending on the group they were in. As for those, who “survived and lived” to the moment in Gen.1:2, those “living” had other places prepared for them.

Concerning those persons, who, theoretically speaking, “went to the point of no return”, their preliminary waiting places were not as comfortable, to say the very least. Once again, concerning those, whose physical bodies were damaged, they had their own places of waiting, and they were those called “tares” in Mtt.13:24-30; 36-42. As for those, who “survived physically” they are the ones called “fallen”. I’m sharing a revelation, that as I believe, the Almighty showed me, and it is that the glorified bodies of Heavenly sons and daughters, who were in high levels of glory, were almost impossible to destroy or “physically damage”. They also experienced pain, but the level of their protection and sustainability and also the level of regeneration was so high, that what we can see in some fiction films can only remotely capture this. Here also things weren’t alike: for one star differs from another star in glory.”

As for those “fallen”, their preliminary waiting places were limited by certain spatiotemporal barriers, let’s put it this way for now. After Adam and Hava sinned, the sphere of their dwelling and action was significantly broadened. In those so-called “End days”, by the moment of the last opposition between the fallen and the loyal ones, all those limitations are going to be lifted, but we’ll talk about this later. Here I would just like to mention all of the above, so that you have a basic understanding for better comprehension of this concept in general.

A body You have prepared for Me …”

Yeshua came down from Heavens, where He used to dwell, being incarnated into a child’s body:

Heb.10 5 Therefore, when He came into the world, He said: “Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but a body You have prepared for Me.

I want to slightly touch upon a question of “potential of the vehicle for the souls”. We know, that everything visible comes from the invisible, and before something happens in the physical world, it must happen in the realm of the “invisible” or spiritual. When the Father breathed in divine souls” (neshmat hayim — pl.) into a first human, it has opened a spiritual door through him, making it possible for all the planned souls to be incarnated in this world in the same manner. The human himself was created in the image of Elohim, and he was unique, which is confirmed by the verb bara, that was used in description of human creation. To be precise, it was the glorified physical body that has been created, and also this “human construction”, “a human avatar” in general, that should have contained a divine soul — neshama in ist spiritual body.

When a thing is being made, the maker designates a purpose for its creation, and also its time and resource capacity/potential. Let’s say, something was made for a service life up to seven years and rated for “10 000 on/offs”, or 1 mln. km. It is just an example, to help understand the general principle. The format of existing human body, that we have after the “fall”, is a body “weakened by sin”, as it is written. It was designated for a certain purpose, so to say, for a time period of 7000 nominal years. It also was provided with a “resource capacity” for amount of “ons/incarnations” of Heavenly and Earthly souls in this world, until the entire Divine Plan is fulfilled concerning all divine souls, destined for that. When the last soul, that should be incarnated on earth, is born, the potential of birth is going to be depleted, and children will stop being born in these bodies “weakened by sin”.

Looks like it is going to happen before the very end of the 7th millennium. In that moment a planned task to bring everyone who is supposed to come to this world is going to be achieved, and there will be no necessity of such bodies anymore. After that certain events are going to happen, including the Final Judgement, after which there will be just two types of bodies: glorified bodies, like the ones we had before our incarnation here on earth, and that Yeshua had after His resurrection, and also “bodies of death”, which will contain, as in prison, the souls of those, who rejected the Heavenly Father, and in which they are going to be cast into the lake of fire. As for glorified bodies, they will also have some gradation, as it was before, and as it is written, one star differs from another star in glory” (1 Cor.15).

In Adam all sinned”

Let’s remember the verse of the Scriptures in Romans 5:12, where it is written that in Adam all sinned”:

Rom.5 12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.

This verse is quite difficult for understanding, because it is impossible to understand without a context. First of all, a number of translations, which are perfectly right in semantic sense, don’t say that “through one man”, i.e. Adam, all sinned, but state as a fact that death spread on earth in everybody, because these “everybody” just sinned. This verse doesn’t specify at what moment in time it happened, but if we put logical links in successive order, we can read and see that BECAUSE everybody sinned, death had an opportunity to “spread” in all people on this earth through Adam as through some “spiritual door”. This variant of translation is found in Eastern semantic translation, for example, or in translation edited by Kassian, in King James Version and many others. In this case this verse of the Scripture doesn’t say that ALL count as sinners because one person sinned, being their biological ancestor.

If we analyze this verse in the context of the Testing Ground, then it can become a prophetic shadow of the events, when some sons of the Almighty, who had maximum power from the Heavenly Father THAN, sinned, being carried away by temptation.Their decisions and actions had a huge effect on temptation and sin of all those under their authority, and on whom they had influence.

We remember, that everybody born by Adam and Hava, unlike themselves, were already born in their image, that is in fact in a damaged image:

Gen.5 1 This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. 2 He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created. 3 And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

Yeshua called Himself a “door”: I am a door to the sheep”. We’ve mentioned this point earlier, but let’s consider another side of it, and see it at another angle. Here we can observe the principle, that somebody can become a spiritual door, through which either blessing or curse can enter. This spiritual principle is known for a long time, therefore I won’t go deep into it. So, the first person — Adam — has become this very door, through which death entered into all physical bodies, that were born of him. Otherwise, the virus of sin and death as its result wouldn’t have a legitimate right to come here to this world on this earth, that was under authority of a righteous sinless man. That would have been the reason, why none of the Heavenly and Earthly persons, who got this sin virus THEN, had a “legitimate right” to be incarnated here on earth. In some ways, Adam was a Guardian of this world. Note it, while it is a significant moment to understand all the following things, that we’re going to analyze.

Nahash, translated as the “serpent”, was a prophetic image of a “father of sin”, “son of the morning”, a fallen Cherub, of whom Yeshua said that devil was the first to sin”, and that satan is the father of lies”. In Heavens the “son of the morning” was the first one in this sense. But on earth this spiritual sinful event found its “reflection”, “realization” in the sin of nahash, who was more cunning than any beast of the field (that land)”. As in Heavens it was the “covering Cherub” who sinned first, so it was on earth — nahash or the serpent was the first to sin. I also want to note briefly that the translation beasts of the field” is a very distorted one. The original text says living creatures”, which is a more appropriate translation for the Hebrew word חַיַּת (hayat). The second word הַשָּׂדֶה (hasade), can be of course translated as “field” in some contexts, but the more accurate translation, with the fact that it has a definite article preceding it, is a “certain land”, and also “certain country, region, district”. In light of all that, we can see that nahash has been a special creature, who was more cunning than all other creatures, living in that special area, where Adam and Hava used to live.

Take notice: the serpent on earth, as the covering Cherub in Heavens had a freedom of choice. Sin was able to reach all the Heavenly persons THERE through the fallen Cherub — all children of the Almighty and all creatures, who had this opportunity. And HERE through nahash the virus of sin reached all physical descendants of Adam: “entered the flesh” or “sting in the flesh”, if we can use those phrases. Adam opened a “spiritual door”, having become this very “door” for the action of death exactly in the physical bodies. I want to emphasize a very important thought: in physical bodies, but not in souls! And that is extremely important principle point. If it wasn’t so, then Yeshua the Messiah, Who was Adam’s descendant in physical sense, would have also gotten the virus of sin, but it wasn’t so. We do know, and the Scripture says it very clearly, that Yeshua HAD NO SIN. It is also written, that Yeshua was like us IN EVERYTHING, except for the lack of sin in Him. His soul wasn’t affected by the fact, that He was Adam’s physical descendant, but that was the reason, why He got a physical body, “weakened by sin”. Without any doubts, the opening of “flesh”, i.e., the physical body, or let’s say, the physical level for sin, which is more accurate, really aggravated the soul and spirit, creating corresponding pressure and discomfort.

If we imagine, that nahásh or the serpent from the 3rd chapter is a prototype of the fallen Cherub, and Adam is a prototype of the sons of the Almighty, who were a family and had the highest authority on behalf of their Heavenly Father, then it can show us that not the “son of the morning” has become this very “door of hell”, through which the virus of sin was able to penetrate and started actively moving in Heavens; but it were the sons of the Almighty, who have become such a door for penetration, by giving in to temptation of the son of the morning”, “the covering Cherub”, that fell. He is the one who is called the ancient nahásh (serpent)”. The son of the morning” is a father of sin, and the sons of the Almighty have become a symbolical door, by letting sin into Heavens and further on into the Universe, that included many earthly worlds besides Heavens.

In this prophetic image we can see the correlation of statuses, so to say, both of the sons of the Almighty, and the former “covering Cherub” — “the son of the morning”. In spite of the fact that the serpent — nahásh was more cunning than all the other living creatures of our world, all those created at the sixth day, despite that he didn’t have such power on earth, that Adam and his mate Hava had. Notwithstanding all of his cunning, “former” beauty and all the rest, his power status on earth was mildly speaking very different from the status and position of power that people had. Though nahásh was a sort of a “carrier and activator of the virus”, only a human, as son of the Almighty, had the power to open the door of this world for sin and death; the serpent himself had no such power. By the way, concerning the matter of “choice” of different creatures, we are going to cover this matter further on, while it is a very interesting and important question for understanding in the context of the Testing Ground.

On the basis of this image we can see, that the power status of the sons of the Almighty was the highest one. Of course it is laughable to literally compare the “covering Cherub” with the creation of the animal world, but we have already said, that some “distortion of translations” prevents us from seeing the real meaning of the original text. The Cherubs, created by the Almighty, were mighty creatures of great power and glory for the purpose of certain tasks and service in general. The prophet Ehezkel (Ezekiel) had a very colourful description of his encounter with them. If we remember that these Cherubs had faces of human, lion, ox and eagle, we will notice a certain hint that confirms the main idea. The topic of creatures both Heavenly and earthly is going to be covered in one of the final parts.

Based on things discussed above we can see, that sin, that entered through Adam, couldn’t touch the heavenly soul of those, who were incarnated here on earth, only their bodies. Adam opened the door for sin to enter through the power that was given to him. If it wasn’t so, it would have affected Yeshua the Messiah, and He wouldn’t have been able to fulfill His mission of Redemption, becoming the “Last Adam” by “opening the door” to Heaven with the sacrifice of His Body. Adam and Hava were able to produce ONLY BODIES for future souls, but not the souls themselves. Adam on earth — was EARTHLY, therefore his function was to produce “earthly”, as “a house”, “a tent”, where the coming souls had to dwell for a time being. Without a doubt, definite inherited attributes and qualities were passed on during the production of a physical body. Blessing and curse can be transmitted through bodies in one form or another: certain attributes of physical and partly emotional abilities.

Therefore, the condition of getting into this world was that everybody who came had to get bodies “weakened by death”. It was a physical image and confirmation that Heavenly persons already had their Heavenly souls weakened by sin by this moment. Before all those events Heavenly persons had so-called “glorified bodies”. And here, in this place of “spiritual quarantine”, they were prepared to have more humble bodies: “weakened by sin”, so that having “superpowers” and “super abilities” could not lead them to pride and other bad qualities, that would “aggravate” their situation, and also so that those resources of the “powers of the future world” would not be “directed to the wrong cause”.

In all that we can see a prophetic hint in the Scripture verse, that says that for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin(1 Pet.4:1). Those bodies “weakened by sin” are a specific intermediate option, a tool to “walk the distance”, for the purpose of humbling in terms of “spiritual quarantine”. And then, as it was said earlier, they either “were released with clear conscience” in a “glorified body”, like the one Yeshua the Messiah had, or were sent to sorrowful places in so-called “body of death”, where “worms don’t cease” and “fire doesn’t stop from burning”… May the Almighty save us from this last one!

Neshama and Nefesh. Spirit, soul and body

It’s impossible to properly explain everything that was and is happening without analyzing this important part, that was probably already known to someone. Let’s

Lightning from pointing hand to double helix (Digital Composite)

consider two basic verses of the Scripture; one of them was already mentioned before when we touched upon this subject.

1 Thes.5 23 Now may the God of shalom Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah.

According to this verse of the Scriptures, a human has a spirit, soul and body. Concerning our physical body everything seems to be clear; not EVERYTHING of course, as you might agree, but more than of the other two “components”. It is clear, that it exists, and that it is our “old tent”, as it is written, which was once weakened by sin and deprived of its glory (2 Cor.5:1).

As for human spirit, it is also sometimes called “spiritual man” or “inner man”. The Scripture oftentimes uses a synonym word “heart”, meaning something deep within us. The Scripture also says that: “…There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body” (1 Cor.15:44) based on the context, it talks about “natural” meaning the earthly or physical body.

A human being lives in two spheres in some sense: Heavenly and earthly, in the “spiritual” and “physical” realms. To fully interact with both of these worlds a person has a special body created for this specific realm. Until a man sinned, his bodies, both spiritual and physical, were “glorified”, and a man was filled, soaked through and covered by kavod (“glory” — Heb.) (Ps.8:5) and had no need in covering of physical clothes, as we do now. After a man sinned, the glory faded and people “became naked” and ran swiftly to make themselves “fig leaf clothes”. Both bodies also experienced certain transformations. The DNA consisting of twelve or six double strands was significantly damaged; and it is the DNA that is responsible for personal qualities, abilities and possibilities. A human got only one double relatively stable functioning DNA strand, that was mainly responsible for physical qualities and abilities of people. The other five double strands were sort of “twisted and inter twisted”, deformed and non-functioning anymore. At the present moment genetics use a term “genetic waste” for these five deformed DNA strands inside the cells, and they keep discussing, where does it come from in humans, why and how? Well, study the Scriptures, dear friends, and you’ll find happiness!

Both physical and spiritual body cannot live separately with “their own lives”, so to say, but are originally created by the Heavenly Father for cooperation “in terms of” unified, whole personality. Today we have a lot of speculation in the world on so-called “spiritual DNA”, and everybody means something different by that. I won’t insist that I know more of this topic than anybody else, because it’s foolish; that’s why I’m just going to share things that I believe were revealed to me by the Almighty on this topic. A person has one UNIFIED (EHAD — Heb.) DNA. The key element is that this DNA, if I’m using the right words here, is somewhat “projected” from the spiritual body into a physical one. I was shown this picture in a vision some time ago, and despite of the fact that I saw it with my own spiritual eyes, it is nonetheless very hard to express it exactly and properly with right words and terms. To see and get a general idea doesn’t mean to have a detailed understanding and knowledge, as you know. The DNA of our spiritual man is kind of projected into a physical body, where our physical DNA is a “reflection” of some sort. The Scripture says that first Heavens were created, and all “heavenly” as well, and then the Earth, and all “earthly” respectively. The Scripture says that ALL visible came out of invisible”. We can also see this hint in the very first verse of the Scriptures, that said that first the Heavens were created, and thus everything “heavenly”, and then the Earth and everything “earthly”. As many know there is a direct link between spiritual and physical body. Influence on the spiritual body brings a certain measure of influence on the physical body as well. It can help us to understand the mechanisms, primacy and succession. As for some nuances connected with both human genome manipulations and that of different creatures and other things related to that, we are going to discuss it in one of the final parts.

Separation from the Almighty”, according to the Scriptures, means death. In the “prodigal son” parable the father, speaking about his younger son with his older brother exclaimed, that he was dead, and is alive again”. After Adam’s fall his relationships, connection and contact with the Heavenly Father was damaged. And his spirit, or his spiritual/inner man sort of “died”, as the Scripture puts it. Return to the Heavenly Father, reconciliation with Him does in fact start a process of restoration of these relationships. It is also manifested in the fact that human spirit starts to “come alive”. The fullness of restoration must be achieved in a certain time, when whole redemption takes place and complete “transformation” into a glorified body happens. On the “technical level” it is going to be connected with restoration of human genome, which is a basis that has all corresponding characteristics and abilities “written” in it.

The damaged genome of the physical body, that is “weakened by sin” is a reflection of the real state of our spiritual man’s genome. The true restoration starts and happens from our spirit. The fullness of manifested glory and full restoration of genome are directly interrelated things. The spirit of a person gets certain temporary abilities “projected” on a physical body even in state of being “weakened by sin” under the action of “anointing”, which is a “weakened effect of manifested glory” that shows itself in supernatural “gifts of the Spirit” acting in our physical world.

The damage of human genome after Adam’s fall was reflected in his losing the major “arsenal” of his abilities and stopping to have a direct contact with spiritual world. The direct connection with the Heavenly Father was broken. The abilities of the “powers of the future age”, like an ability to fly, to speak with one’s thoughts, to translocate supernaturally, to be very damage-proof and many other things were lost.

At the physical level our digestion system was changed, and the food stopped from being transformed into 100% “pure energy”, therefore humans had to deal with the necessity of defecation. The regenerative, renewal and immune systems got worse. Through sin people opened the doors for physical viruses and different bad bacteria, which with the progressive degradation of our organisms and our immune system started to affect  first of all our health and increased mortality. On the whole, everything was seriously aggravated, and it was our payment for opening the door to sin, that let death enter in all of its kinds. Let’s carefully analyze the following verse:

Bereshit 2 7 And Yahweh Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath/souls of life (neshmát hayim); and man became a living being/soul (néfesh haiyá).

In fact, according to the Scriptures, a man really had sort of two souls and not one, however strange it may sound at first; with these words “sort of” being very important ones. A soul is a synonym to our personality, that has its character, temperament, intellect, its “soul connections” and relationships, its peculiarities, life experience and also memory. When we lived THEN — Gen.1:1-2 — we were complete persons, having all those above mentioned qualities, that define a soul per se. The soul that we had THEN, and that is our “primary and truest “I” HERE, is called in Scriptures by the word Neshamá: נְשָׁמָֽה. For our purposes, let’s call it divine soul”.

After all those devastating events happened in Gen.1:2, a decision concerning the “Testing Ground” was made, the Heavenly Father explained, how He is going to achieve impartiality and justice in conditions created for this “quarantine”.

After a baby is conceived, approximately on the 40th day of the forming of its tiny body the Almighty by His Holy Spirit “breathes” in the soul of one who is sent for this “Testing Ground”. That is our “divine soul” — neshamá. Judaism has such understanding that a soul comes from Heavens on the 40th day, without providing any proves but based on the traditional understanding, that has been so from the times of the ancient fathers. Whether it is so or not, or is it always so is hard to tell, but the probability is very high. The fact is, on the 40th day or so a little heart starts beating, nervous and blood systems are being formed, and they are the foundation of the physical body and earthly soul in general.

I am going to try using a computer analogy to tell what happens next without going into details. Please, take notice, that it is a very general, but illustrative description. If we imagine that our physical body is some sort of a “hard drive”, then our divine soul — neshamá is a sort of a program, that is being downloaded through the spirit or our “spiritual man” to this “hard drive of the body”. Neshamá is being put in this body and starts to “take rule” of this body, by “indenting” it for itself, figuratively speaking. Then during the rest of the pregnancy our neshamá takes part in forming of this body, by executing controlling influence.

Neshamá dwells within our spirit, our spiritual body or our spiritual man, that is aside from everything else is a sort of “transport”, sort of spiritual “flash-card”,  or even a “portable HD”, that our neshamá uses to get into that body. A spiritual body or our spirit is connected with our physical body, and sort of “downloads” our neshamá into it. Probably some of you know that our spiritual and physical bodies are connected to each other with a special connection, that the Scripture calls a “silver cord”: Eccl.12:6חֶבֶל  (hevél). Perhaps it is through it the “downloading” of our neshamá happens into our physical body. After this “linking and download” our “divine soul” creates  two “sectors” in a “memory” part of the body (part of brain), by indenting everything “for itself”: one sector for an earthly soul — Néfesh, and another — for itself. Just like “Disk C” and “Disk D”, or rather “Disk Neshamáand “Disk Néfesh. Before the labor takes place our neshamá is put into a memory sector prepared for it, and is securely interblocked by the Highest System Administrator — the Almighty, Who is the only one having access to it.

Our divine soul is blocked until appointed time, being hidden by God in its sector, so after birth and “coming into the world”, so to say, our “zero memory” turns on — our newly formed earthly soul — Néfesh: נֶפֶשׁ. As is it written: and a man became a living soul (néfesh)”. It is the “sector” of our “soul disk”, the memory sector néfesh, that records everything that starts to happen right after we are born: smells, sounds and other feelings. A person starts to accumulate information and experience. That’s why néfesh is sort of a part of common human soul, responsible for mental and physical realias of our earthly lives, or generally speaking, for the “bumps and grinds of everyday life”, when we come to it.

As I already mentioned earlier, néfesh is an earthly soul’s format, and both animals and humans possess it. But animals have no neshamá, only people and spiritual beings have it (Job 26:4 “To whom have you uttered words? And whose spirit (neshamá) came from you?”), the Almighty also has it as a synonym of His breath or Spirit.

The memory of our divine soul — neshamá is blocked yet, but there is a promise, that as we return to our Heavenly Father, this veil of oblivion is going to be lifted and our memory is going to be “unzipped” in some sense. It is written, that by addressing the Messiah the veil is going to be taken away (2 Cor.3:15-16). We are going to talk about it later.

Until the times of restoration

Let’s consider another well-known passage from the book of Acts:

Acts 3 20 so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, 21 whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

I want you to pay close attention to verse 21, that says that Heaven must receive Yeshua the Messiah till certain time, spoken about by the Almighty through His prophets. Let’s us specify what is this D-hour, till which Heaven must receive Yeshua. The general sense of this verse translation seems to be quite clear: Messiah must complete everything that was necessary on earth, and abide in Heavens till specific events happen here on earth, that were spoken by the prophets. When everything that was appointed to happen takes place, the time will be complete and Yeshua the Messiah is going to return. Seems logical. But the original text is different, very-very different. And the key phrase for analysis is the one translated as restoration of all things”.

The word translated as restorationis αποκαταστάσεως (apokatastaseos). It has several meanings; the most widespread are the following two:

1. restoration; 2. return.

Another meaning is less common:  3. commitment, offering.

Why did translators used this word? The point is, if this verse is translated literally word for word, the main sense would be unclear and unexplainable to the translators. The translation restorationis right from grammatical point of view, but it loses the main sense, therefore the translators tried to “fix” the main sense, by adding some notional prepositions and links, that are usually written in transcription and etc.

The phrase restoration of all things” isn’t quite clear, it is vague. “Restoration of WHAT EXACTLY?” — “Well, everything, that has to be restored, everything that the Lord appointed, all of that is supposed to be restored…” — But WHAT exactly is that?? — “Well, everything that is needed, all of that is going to be restored…”

From the Scriptures we know that Yeshua the Messiah is going to come back by descending on the Olive Mountain with His very feet, and enter Jerusalem through the Golden Gates, and only then the appointed restoration of earth starts and the millennium reign of so-called “Messianic era” begins. It was the Messianic era that was always considered the “era of restoration” based on the context of the Scriptures. And new heavens and new earth” are going to be established LATER. If so, then what is supposed to be restored BEFORE His return? Provided that the translation says that not just “something”, but “ALL THINGS” are to be restored. In fact everything is just the opposite. Reading in the Scriptures about what is supposed to happen BEFORE Messiah returns, we see that there will be many destructions in all spheres, and the Almighty should destroy those who destroy the earth” (Rev.11:18). That’s why the translators of different versions despite of different mistakes and “errors” in other places, tried to be “objective” here, and didn’t use the verb that has no contextual meaning. Maybe the translators could not understand themselves, what is supposed to be restored BEFORE the moment when Messiah shall return in glory. Or maybe they did understand, but kept silent…

If we realize that it’s not just about physical but rather very spiritual things, we also get a lot of questions, because the term “restoration” itself can be used only for something that was already destroyed or damaged. What is it that was destroyed at the moment of Yeshua’s ascent, when He bade His disciples farewell on the Olive Mountain and flew up to Heavens, that should be restored by His return? You don’t know? That’s what I’m talking about, and not only myself. If one strives, one can of course “farfetch” almost everything to everything, but that’s not what we are doing here.

As for other possible verbs, they would have never been “fit” to use by any translators; while the dogmatic of that time didn’t even allow to think in the direction, that we are analysing in this material. But if we take another possible meaning of the written word, that is “return”, then many things begin to be really clarified. However, for it to be even more clear, let’s also consider the translations of the following word “all/all things”, which is of no less importance. In Greek it sounds as πάντων (panton), which is a Genitive case from the word πᾶς:

πᾶς  (pas)  1. every, each; 2. whole, entire.

I want to specify, that this word is not an adverb, but an adjective, that stands in plural form of the Genitive case. Therefore the exact translation is going to be the word EVERYONE!

That’s how it is translated in majority of translations from Greek. In this case everything starts to fall into place and connects logically without any “playing” with words, transcriptions and so on. With all of the above, let’s read this abstract from original and with these variants of words’ translation:

Acts 3 21 whom heaven(s) must receive until the times of return of everyone (all/each), which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

Until the times of return of EVERYONE! Now everything is logical, according to the context and proper grammar. Only a person, who was somewhere, then left for a while can return, as in the parable of the prodigal son. Our Heavenly Father fights for EVERYONE and waits for EVERYONE’s return! “It is written”, as many like to say in such cases. As for the third variant of this word’s meaning, which is less common, but also possible, let us see:

3. commitment, offering.

It is really possible to put the word “commitment” from the point of view of the sense, and then this verse will be as follows:

Acts 3 21 whom heaven(s) must receive until the times of commitment of everyone (all/each) which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

Until the times of commitment of everyone”: the meaning is that Yeshua is going to return after “EVERYONE” are going to be committed, who can and manages to be committed to the Almighty. This conclusion however “vague”, can be accepted as subsidiary variant.

It is obvious that variant until the times of restoration of all things” is also acceptable, but from the point of view of the prodigal son parable, that the children of the Heavenly Father are going to be restored in their sonship, and their rights and status is going to be returned to them. The very essence of the term “restoration” supposes that someone or something was damaged before. It is obvious that the variant of the verb return” and also an adjective everyone” connected to it, which was translated as “all things”, all of that was rejected as something lying beyond the bounds, not fitting into existing religious doctrines and schemes.

Yeshua said that “eternal fire” is prepared only for “satan and his angels”; redemption, return, reconciliation and restoration is prepared for the rest.

Mtt.25 34 Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

The Kingdom was prepared from the foundation of the world (creation, establishing), that we see in Gen.1:1. But already then we see devastation, happened in Gen.1:2, that we discussed more thoroughly in the 2nd part. “The Kingdom” was prepared, but as in that prophetic parable, the youngest son was tempted and wanted to have “all and now”. The result was that he was put into a peculiar “quarantine” on a sort of “tiltyard” on partly restored land, where he had to contend in a race with unclean animals for the right to eat the fruits of the locust tree before he went to bed (1 Cor.9:34). The Scripture says that this youngest son was very quick and successful in these all-in wrestling matches, but evidently it had a positive effect on his moral state. Thanks to that strategy of a “contrast shower” the soul of this “son” got a right lesson, and realizing the gravity of its mistake and the depth of its moral fall, it made a right decision. The son returned to the Father from his “quarantine”, and was accepted and restored.

Sinned against Heaven

And now another interesting fragment:

Lk.15 18 I will arise and go to my father, and will say to him, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you, 19 and I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Make me like one of your hired servants.”

I’ve always read this story and noticed: “sinned before You” is understandable, but what does it mean sinned against heaven”??

οὐρανός uranos  Heavens, heaven, firmament.

One has to understand a certain way of oriental thinking to get this figure of speech. At least in those times. An individual can sin against somebody specific, and one can also sin against the whole FAMILY or a group of people: nation, community etc. Therefore, there were such sins and actions, that made a person guilty before the whole family or the entire Community. Taking into account such idiomatic expression one can see that this abstract has a very prophetic hint at those sons of the Almighty — bney Elohim”, who were put into “earthly quarantine” until the time of correction (“daughters” didn’t go far from “sons”, of course, but the Scripture tactfully fails to mention this fact, meaning that where husband goes, wife follows as well, and where father goes — the whole family often follows…) “To sin against Heavens is the same thing as to sin against his brothers, against his Heavenly family.

Restoration by dominion

Let’s read a well-known abstract from Yeshua’s prayer, which He tried to teach His disciples:

Mtt.6 10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The model for managing the Universe the Heavenly Father has created, and which notwithstanding the munity remained active in Heavens, shall be transferred to earth as well. It is not just “restoration of justice and effective management”, although this is also included. In fact it was designed and defined by the Almighty to be a necessary tool for restoration of His children’s personalities, and also a tool for establishing His Kingdom on this earth.

Heavenly Father stands at the head of everything; He rules everything by His Living Word — His Son, Who has become the Messiah, and Who during His life on earth had the name Yeshua, one of the meaning of which is — Yahweh saves”. It was Yeshua the Messiah, Who was given all power in Heavens and on earth” (Matt.28:18) after His death and resurrection. Then stand the Heavenly Council of the sons of the Almighty — bney Elohim”, that we have discussed in details in part 3. It was the sons of the Almighty who were the judges of the earth” (Psalm 81), and that is also something that should be restored, so the will of the Heavenly Father would be done on earth, as it is in Heaven”. Of course it does not mean that after those difficult and devastating events the Heavenly Council became half-empty just like Parliaments of some countries before their recess. As it is written, there is a principle: Let another take his office” (Acts 1:20), so the system created by the King of all kings wasn’t broken, but it’s not the point. Besides the main goal connected with redemption and reconciliation of children of the Almighty with Him, this “Testing Ground” fulfilled a number of other goals. The Scripture displays the following principle:

Russian Literal Cohesive Version (LCV’19) translation:

Eph.4 16 from Him the whole body, tightly joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the active working by which every part does its share in some sort, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in sacrificial love.

What I would like to really emphasize in this verse of the Scripture is that the Heavenly Father put such ability into His Son’s Body, that it has a potential, and not only can, but must “cause it’s own growth”. It’s not like the Body of Yeshua froze in some “Heavenly fitting-room”, where it tries on a king’s robe and a lot of regalia at the same time; the Body of Messiah must actively participate in this whole process, and not just “meditate before the Bible”, waiting for “the happy days and wonderful Heavens” with other “tasty perks”.

We can observe some planes of this restoration using the example of him, who is often called “a prodigal son”: best robe”, “a ring on his hand”, “sandals on his feet”: Lk.15:22. Every element symbolizes a certain plane of restoration. Best robe” is a symbol of the “clothes of righteousness”, that is needed for restoration of “righteous dignity”, which is a symbol of acceptance and restoration, giving us an opportunity to be next to the Father and in any other place that belongs to Him. Ring on his hand” is power from the Father to make decisions and execute a right judgement. Sandals on his feet” — only the children of the head of the family, having special relationships with him could wear shoes unlike servants. Those symbols also have other planes, but I analyze this in the context of restoration of the King’s children in power and the principle of established authority, of “having dominion and subduing” in general. First comes “restoration of dignity” through righteousness. Then comes restoration in dominion through authority. And the last comes restoration of the fullness of relationships, and as you understand it is manifested in many areas. It has a very important goal, that is the end result of “having dominion and subduing” experience.

The process of restoration in any sphere is always practical, not virtual. Even if this sphere is somewhat special, there’s still something practical and active, that is going to be the result of this restoration. Growing in relationships is a constant, non-stopping process in its essence, which “has no end”. So as we see in the Scriptures, the Almighty has designed for this process to happen not by reading the Scriptures in one translation or another sitting at the table, but as a result of practical realisation of the authority to “have dominion and subdue”, given from above.

Gen.1 28 Then Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

From the moment of birth, based on the fact of being born from the Holy King, people were originally given Righteousness. Then — a ring on their hand”, that symbolizes delegation of the corresponding authority, with specification of what it actually consists of: filling, subduing and dominion. They are also given sandals on their feet”: they are shown the limits for execution of this authority: fish in the seas, birds in the sky, and living creatures on earth. The process of “restoration in rights” follows the same pattern. First — restoration in righteousness through coming, reconciling and accepting Righteousness of the Heavenly Father through His Son Yeshua, with Whom He is EHAD, i.e. ONE; and then comes realization of the given authority through service and growth in it, in order to return to the level of dominion, that they had before they were incarnated on this earth.

Let’s read and see, that this topic of restoration in “king and priest” office has been woven through the entire Scriptures. Without realization of that we cannot ever enter into the fullness of our calling, which is our “Promised Land”.

Ex.23 22 [If you will listen to My voice, and will do everything, that I speak to you, and keep My covenant, then you will be My chosen people among all peoples, because the whole earth is Mine; and you will be My royal priesthood and a holy nation. These words speak to the sons of Israel] But if you indeed obey His voice and do all that I speak [to you], then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.

1-е Pet 2 9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

Rev.1 6 and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

The main function of kings, that only they have in maximum amount is to execute righteous judgement. The main function of Koens (priests) is to intercede for people and to teach them to differentiate between clean and unclean. Kings are the “righteous judgement”, or “DIN” quality”, and koens — are intercession, which is showing of kindness and mercy, i.e. a quality of “HESED”. In Heavenly Council and in us, as children of the Almighty, those two qualities are supposed to be united.

Children must develop, entering into spiritual maturity age, that results in exercising full power, prepared for them. Until that glorious moment the presently existing Heavenly Council was temporarily carrying out the function of the “royal priesthood” here on earth, including the power of judges, that we analyzed earlier in Psalm 81 and in the episode with Moshe and Aaron, when the judgement was proclaimed over Egypt. We can also read about it in the book of prophet Daniel:

Dan.4 17This decision is by the decree of the watchers, and the sentence by the word of the holy ones, in order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men.’

Then those among the children of the Almighty, who enter into the fullness of spiritual maturity age by the appointed time, are going to take the “reigns of government” from the presently existing Heavenly Council:

Dan.7 18 But the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever.’

Right now we see a gradual “transferring” of certain spiritual authority, connected with this government. The preparatory part of this process has been launched long ago, but only after Yeshua’s death and resurrection this process began its active phase. Before Yeshua left His disciples, He said that He was given all power in Heaven and on earth”. Many also heard that we are set in Heavens in Yeshua the Messiah”. But this position has given us such privileges de jure, i.e. POTENTIALLY, but de facto, i.e. IN FACT we get all this in the measure of our spiritual maturity, and also according to our calling and the measure of faith we’re given respectively. It is written, that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all…” (Gal.4:1).

That’s why everything happens gradually, and when the right time comes the Heavenly Father by His Holy Spirit reveals certain levels of authority and responsibility to His people, leading them into this authority step by step in practice. It is a complicated process, and it is also painful sometimes. The “active phase” has been in process for about 2000 years already. As the people of the Almighty accept the level of spiritual responsibility and the level of spiritual authority pertaining to that, then in the same measure IT is “loosed HERE”, IT is “loosed THERE”.

Without entering into the fullness of this authority, the Body of Yeshua cannot enter into the fullness of effective “growing itself”. And without it it’s impossible to fulfill Father’s will to realize His plan for reconciliation of all souls, who are going through their “Testing” now. Without exercising of the fullness of power in the aspect of executing righteous judgements (DIN quality), it is impossible to wage an effective war against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age”. The most effective rehabilitation of somebody who has undergone a surgery is good food, fresh air, and maximum of possible active movement, that causes blood to circulate more through the damaged organs. The same goes for those, who were reconciled to the Heavenly Father, they need good spiritual food (the more good meat the better), good fresh spiritual atmosphere, and also active ministry within their powers. Of course, one has to observe right balance in it, as in everything else, but the principle itself is right.

I want to emphasize two planes in this matter of “restoration by dominion”. The first plane is restoration of the Body of Messiah per se, and the second one — our own restoration, when we start to act as it was originally designed in Gen.1:28. Grace upon grace”, as they say in such cases, is a good example. The practical exercise of authority, given from above, enables establishing of real unity among the “faithful”. The thing which the Scriptures call joint supplies is built between the “faithful”, who know their King very well, and who act; and act not by making philosophies behind the pulpit about things that they do not understand themselves, or discussing in their offices the secondary minor things, that are of no use to anybody but them. Such “body movements” do not cause the growth of the Body of our Messiah Yeshua, and they don’t promote Its unity, rather the opposite.

The Bride of our Yeshua the Messiah is not just a “beauty with pretty eyebrows in a wedding dress”, but it is an image of spiritually mature believers, who have entered a certain age of spiritual maturity to be close to their King and Friend and to have dominion and establish His Kingdom:

LCV’19r translation:

Rev.20 6 Blessed and safe from mistake is he who has part in the first restoration. Over such the second death has no power at all, but they shall be priests of God Almighty and of Messiah, and shall reign together with Him a thousand years [of Shabbat].

A Bride of Yeshua the Messiah is the one, who is Awesome as an army with banners” (S.ofSongs 6:10). She can wage war, she is like her Bridegroom, she is “a match” to One, Who is the Mighty Warrior and “strong in battle”. Like is compared with like.

1000 years of restoration of the Kingdom

Ourdivine memory” — neshama — will be unblocked, “unzipped”, the veil of oblivion is going to be lifted, as it is written in Is.25:7, and we will “remember everything”. That is, our past experience and knowledge are going to be returned to us. And it won’t be necessary just for a wholesome government, but we’ll have the fullness of our memory “when we wake up”, and become persons in the full meaning of this word. We are going to find ourselves in a unique situation, when despite of Yeshua’s presence with us on earth, the consequences of sin are not yet completely destroyed, and therefore our reign with Him in Jerusalem isn’t going to have 100% peaceful form. In spite of the fact “the ancient serpent” is going to be bound in Sheol for 1000 years, sin will still remain here, although in a weakened form. It is written that after these 1000 years pass, Satan is going to be released for a while and he will be able to organize a huge amount of people into an armed quest against the hero city Jerusalem. If everything on earth is going to be ideal, then where will these crowds of dissatisfied and angry people come from? Let’s remember a very interesting passage, that is very closely and directly connected to this issue:

Lk.19 12 Therefore He said: “A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. 13 So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business till I come.’  14 But his citizens hated him, and sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We will not have this man to reign over us.’  15 And so it was that when he returned, having received the kingdom, he then commanded these servants, to whom he had given the money, to be called to him, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading. 16 Then came the first, saying, ‘Master, your mina has earned ten minas.’ 17 And he said to him, Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities. 18 And the second came, saying, ‘Master, your mina has earned five minas.’ 19 Likewise he said to him, You also be over five cities.’

I want to notice that this story told by Yeshua is not just a parable. It not a lie, it is a story with a lesson for those, who listen carefully. In this parable He has prophetically explained the model by which He is going to form under His command the team of those, who are going to reign with Him during so-called “Messianic era” in these thousand years. This time is going to be wonderful, but it won’t be easy — it will be exciting and full of things to do.

During these 1000 years the opposition is going to grow, that will end up in a physical annihilation of everyone, who in their mutiny against the King of kings didn’t accept their guilt and didn’t allow Him to change their hearts both towards Himself and towards all those, who were called “faithful”. Once this animosity and hatred towards the Heavenly Jerusalem that started even THEN, lasting the whole time of the “Testing Ground” is going to be released in its fullness in the end of those 7000 years, as it is written in Revelation 20. Some think, that 1000 years Kingdom of Messianic era is going to be idyllic, when everybody would just launch colorful balloons in the sky, but that’s not quite right. Not right at all. Let us carefully read a very interesting verse in translation of Victor Zhuromsky, which seems to me the most correct and exact both in grammatical and semantic sense:

LCV’19r translation:

Rev.20 7 Then as soon as this millennium is over, Satan himself is going to be released from his prison, 8 and he will go out, to deceive the very nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to bloody battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea. 9 They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the [war] camp of the saints and the beloved city…

A question: is it possible, that knowing the enemy is getting ready and is going to act fast in the last days to bring about this “bloody battle”, the “faithful” are going to just train to launch balloons under the dome of rakiya? Colorful balloons, of course. Maybe some people would think of something like that, but then please notice the phrase “war camp of the saints”. The original Greek word is παρεμβολην (parembolen). Other possible translations include: regiment in formation; military base, camp; fortress (fortified military camp). That is, the preparation of the “faithful” doesn’t stop, and maybe the situation described in this passage isn’t the only one to this moment, therefore they have to organize a full-scale camp prepared for battle. What about the balloons?? — somebody is going to ask… Religion has done its best to put many different strongholds, eroding the essence of all important messages, creating an illusion of things that simply aren’t there, fogging our brains with different nonsense, having nothing to do with the Scriptures.

Of course, all of that is still far ahead, and many of you reading this text wonder, why am I talking about all those things? We still have to live through the Great Tribulation and wait till Yeshua returns… Yes, that’s true to some degree, but not quite. I’m talking about those things because I have a great urge to remind you that the process of opposition is something that NEVER has a break or rest, only shortstops. Like during a war. And we are at war. We always have been. We have just forgotten about that. But the Lord, Who is, as it is written, Mighty in battle” (Ps.24:8), He does remind His people not to give in to this virus contamination of “pacifism and pink glasses and white flags”. While as it began THEN, so it is going to last in one form or another constantly, until death and sheol are thrown into the lake of fire. Right motivation and constant vigilance is one of indispensable conditions for victory.

One” death cannot stop the children of the Almighty. But as there must be at least TWO Witnesses to pass the death sentence on one worthy of death, so there will be two deaths for those, who rejected Heavenly Father and His Spirit, by refusing to forsake one’s heart idols and reconcile with Him. One death is a physical death, to destroy the glorified body, which was given at birth, and the second one is death of the spirit, or “spiritual” death, which is a separation from Him, Who is the Source of Life. There is a corresponding hint on “dying twice” regarding the tares:

LCV’19r translation:

Jude 11 Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. 12 These are deadly shelfs in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots;

We can observe the gradual degradation of those, who became tares:

— deception, despite the ministry and really hearing the voice of the Almighty;

— rebellious mutiny because of jealousy and ambitions, in spite of their high position;

— love of pleasure and lack of fear of God;

— selfishness, while they serve only themselves;

— unconstant and having no water, no liquid of the Holy Spirit;

— having no fruit in their life;

twice dead”;

— lacking the root, which is the Root of David.

Twice dead” is a clear indication to two deaths. The first is a spiritual death, as separation from the Source of Life, hardening and death of the spirit. The second death is a physical death THEN, after which the soul was sowed by the enemy to this world in a form of a tare. May our Heavenly Father keep His sons and daughters from these ways according to His great mercy!

During the 1000 years Kingdom many things are going to be revealed, that very few even guess about. Many things are going to be seen and understood. After getting a corresponding experience and certain events, the sin will be destroyed completely, and the final judgement will be pronounced, which is often called the Judgement of the White Throne. After that something magnificent shall happen:

LCV’19r translation:

Rev.21 1 Now I saw an unordinary heaven and an unordinary earth, for the original heaven and the original earth disappeared, and there was no more deep water space! 2 Then I, John, personally saw the city, separated from failures, Unordinary Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from the Almighty Himself, prepared as a nymph adorned for her man. 3 And I heard a mighty voice from heaven saying [to me], “Behold, the Tabernacle of the Almighty is with men! And He will spread His Tabernacle among them, and they shall be His peoples. The Almighty Himself will be dwell among them — their Almighty!

Only after all that the system of spiritual management of the Universe, designed by the Heavenly Father, is going to be completely restored and we will begin to enter into the fullness of life, that was prepared by Him from the beginning.

Part 6

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