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“The whole family tree…” (Eph.3:15). «Final Testing Ground», Part 10

Beginning     Part 9


In this part I’d like to share one of the most important key pieces of the entire “Testing Ground” concept in my understanding, which will give you a necessary view of not just events of the distant past but also of many things happening how. Besides, you’ll have an opportunity to get a deeper comprehension of the Heavenly Father’s beautiful design for His children and the whole creation in general. It used to be a very strange matter I didn’t really think through until a certain moment: were there children in Heavens and in the worlds THEN? How did they appear? When? Were they born just as they are now? Or have the Almighty created them already adults? What were those souls, if we understand that there was no sin and the quarantine as such? Did the Almighty create all souls at once in Heavens and in other earthly worlds, or He created some amount and these reproduced the way we know now? Or the Earthly had one way and the Heavenly had another one? How was it? There are many questions, and all of them are related to one great sphere which we are going to analyze in detail now. In the previous parts, especially in the eighth one, we have already touched upon this subject without diving into the details. And this entire sphere is so complicated that it’s hard to discuss and analyze it in one go.

Unfortunately, different stereotypes planted through heathen understanding of these Heavenly matters, built on verses taken out of the Scripture’s context, brought their results and it left its mark on the understanding of this matter and also on understanding of Heavenly principle of Kingdom’s development and growth in general. All of us heard in one or another form the notion that we don’t need kids THERE, and that the Almighty can just create “everyone necessary”, as the first people on earth, etc. We heard that in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven”. In fact, nobody even explained what does it mean. What does “Angel” mean? And what does to be “married or given in marriage” mean in its essence? Let’s analyze some basic principles to understand this whole topic.

Kingdom principles — keys to understanding

One of the principles is that everything visible came out of the invisible”; it means that our entire life on this earth is a prophetic shadow of what was before. Also there’s another principle that we are created in the Almighty’s image, Who is our Heavenly Father. Third principle we analyze here is that although we are created in His image, the process of transformation and “entering into full maturity of this image” is an eternity-long process. Speaking in other terms, there is a certain process of development and becoming like Him, which is stretched in time. Fourth principle is that when the Almighty commandment people to be fruitful and multiply”, reading it in the original language we see two absolutely semantically different verbs: PRU and RVU: Gen.1:28. PRU פְּרוּ means to make better and increase one’s quality characteristics, i.e., to grow in terms of quality, not quantity. According to the context, it is growing in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. While RVU רְבוּ is a verb related to the increase of quantitative component. Fifth principle is that the Almighty, unchanging in His nature and principles, always creates everything new, so we have to see how it is related to other principles under consideration here.


If we take the word as it is without trying to make up any tales on the basis of some confessional doctrine, Messiah Yeshua’s words about nobody getting married or given in marriage in Heavens mean only what is actually said: it does not mean that everybody are “universally genderless”, or anything of that sort. We see that Adam and Hava, born by the breath of the Almighty, were in glorified bodies, and before the fall they already had the ability to beget children. We see that although Adam and Hava were instructed to “be fruitful” (in quality) and “multiply” (in quantity): PRU and RVU in Hebrew, nevertheless, Hava didn’t get pregnant right away. Only after a rather long time when they were already out of the garden of Eden she got pregnant and gave birth. That’s why Adam and Hava didn’t conceive the first children right away. Children had to begin their “life on earth” only after definite fruits of the Spirit were grown by their parents, and they were like a reward from the Lord: Ps.127:3. It doesn’t mean Adam and Hava had no intimacy as husband and wife — on the contrary, but their intimacy THEN in their glorified bodies not yet weakened by sin was different, and we are going to analyze it a bit later.

As for as the angels of God” part, one has to understand that Tanakh uses word Angels or Malakhs in the meaning of messengers, harbingers, and also everyone sent with a definite task or purpose. They could have been both Heavenly beings and also the sons of the Almighty in some situations, while in the New Testament, based on Greek understanding and culture that influenced the formation of the then period’s Scriptures, word Angels meant all kinds of Heavenly persons, most of the time those having wings. That’s point number one.

The second point is that earthly marriage is only a temporary union, one of the main purposes of which is to reproduce, so that the produced bodies could serve as houses for the souls coming to have their spiritual quarantine. Therefore, when one partner dies, such union breaks apart together with all the obligations. After the end of this “earthly business trip” all of the obligations of some union made in this trip are being annulled. There were no temporary unions unticipated while there was no sin. As we can see in the lives of Adam and Hava before the fall, they were supposed to be together FOREVER in the world without death, and where their union could not be damaged by any means. Please, notice that neither Adam nor Hava was asked of their opinion on this matter, there was no vote, no council, they were just faced with this fact. Nobody proposed anyone, there was no marriage ceremony as such, and none was actually expected. Sin put its mark on this entire sphere. That’s why “marriage and giving in marriage” as a notion is a 100% consequence of sin. The Heavenly Father prepares partners for ETERNITY: the most ideal and blessed variant perfect in every sense.

Shall become EHAD…” (Gen.2:24)

Back THEN eternal partners used to live quite a long time together increasing the quality characteristics of their souls, growing in the fruits of the Spirit. Only when they got to some level of knowing both each other and the Almighty, they were given an opportunity to enter into a special Covenant with the Heavenly Father through Yeshua, and as a result of that they could conceive children. The parents could only give bodies and definite hereditary features, increasing some of the abilities with the help of the Most High, however, divine souls could come only from the Heavenly Father through Yeshua by His Spirit. We are going to talk about it in details in the final part.

As for “knowing each other” not for reproduction, THEN it didn’t happen the same way it happens in this fallen world in bodies weakened by sin, with people trying to use protection against possible pregnancy. In our world it happens in this manner because this “joining together” provides for the quantitative increase only: RVU in Hebrew. Contraception is, in fact, artificial meddling which is an entirely desperate measure, a result of sin, which closed the doors for husband and wife’s knowing each other and having intimacy in ideal way, designed FROM THE BEGINNING. For IN THE BEGINNING it wasn’t so.

 Eternal partners could constantly be joined together in a completely different way. They did it not for conception, but for love making, joining together in one physical glorified body. It happened according to the design they were born and joined together initially: two souls in the same physical body, with only difference that Hava used to sleep, so to say, and she appeared a little bit later. For us now it sounds very supernaturally, just as the majority of things that used to happen then and are happening now in the Heavenly Kingdom, and in spiritual world in general though. It is hard for many to receive everything written in the Scriptures to the full extent because of those human and religious strongholds which were once put in their minds.

It is the very model which we see in the Scripture, that says that a husband/man (ish — Heb.) shall leave his parents and become one flesh with his wife/woman (isha — Heb.), with word “one” being EHAD in Hebrew. That’s what is said in the SHMA prayer, that our Creator, the Most High is EHAD or ONE, which is a complex unity. Man and woman as two Eternal partners in the image of Adam and his partner Hava were supposed to become “one flesh”, the united body. Their bodies weren’t weakened by sin and could be joined into one glorified body, with still being two souls, two persons, which were EHAD. At the time of conception there’s no joining in UNITED body as such, while quantitative multiplication has no need for that.

The wife, being always a little smaller than her husband physically was somewhat “blended” into him. And the husband had accordingly been taking her wholly inside of him. Looking from aside it was as if wife disappeared, “dissolving” into her husband, and by a special visible manifestation of glory it was evident that both persons at that moment were inhabiting the same body. Being together as one body in the highest display of intimacy and love, Adam and Hava could say like the Almighty did: “we said (verb singular); we decided (verb singular), as we can see in the Creator’s actions description. It is how it is written in the Scripture, starting with the first verse of the first chapter: In the beginning Elohim (plural) created (singular)”, and also further on: said, made (all verbs in singular form) etc. In the moment of such unity their persons were somehow merged into each other and they felt like the whole, voluntary giving up the fullness of their individual will for a while.

In that point of time they opened their souls, their thoughts, their feelings and experiences to each other as completely as possible, becoming a sort of an “open book” to one another. But learning and “reading” each other in all possible fullness was supposed to last for eternity, while divine souls of the Heavenly Father’s children are not short fliers but multiple volume editions, which have a beginning but have no end.

Family tree

Let’s analyze the passage of Scriptures, talking about “being like angels of God in Heavens”:

Mtt.22 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven.

The representatives of the most elite religious group of that time — tsdukim (Heb.) or Sadducees, asked their question with a definite purpose. They used a situation described in Torah related to levirate marriage, in which after husband’s death and lack of heir a single brother of the deceased is supposed to take the widow as his wife. They didn’t believe in the resurrection of the dead into the future world, therefore in their discussions they’d tried to find such Torah passages, which could perplex their opponents; this question was like that. To understand it one had to think in Heavenly terms, because human mind set on carnal, material things was absolutely unable to connect some really evident things. Yeshua once said in that regard:

Jh.3 11 Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?

First, I’d like to point out that here Yeshua spoke in plural form about all those who testify of spiritual, Heavenly things (verse 11). If we carefully read this entire passage as it is translated from the original language, we’d see that He separated His words when He spoke about Himself personally, and they all have singular form. When Yeshua spoke about the witnesses in plural form, He was speaking about everyone who is going to talk about such things, warning that many people will receive it with difficulty due to the following reasons.

The “big minister” level doesn’t guarantee that he is able to think in Heavenly categories in these or that situations and spheres. The religious tradition, rules and strongholds are affecting  experienced ministers most of all, and it is no secret to anyone. Nicodemus had a rather soft heart, he was one of the possible highest rank ministers in Israel. He was a Sanhedrin member with a “rabbi for rabbies” status: what can be higher? But unfortunately he wasn’t able to understand certain spiritual realities. You don’t think something has universally changed since those days, do you?

So, back to “our Sadducees” who asked Yeshua a seemingly perplexing question, while the situation itself showed they were thinking solely in earthly, if not “carnal”, terms. Let’s read this passage with several verses before:

Mtt.22 23 The same day the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to Him and asked Him, 24 saying: “Teacher, Moses said that if a man dies, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife and raise up offspring for his brother. 25 Now there were with us seven brothers. The first died after he had married, and having no offspring, left his wife to his brother. 26 Likewise the second also, and the third, even to the seventh. 27 Last of all the woman died also. 28 Therefore, in the resurrection, whose wife of the seven will she be? For they all had her [as their wife].” 29 Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven.

So, these inquisitive polyglots had one major question related to resurrection. Their brain was utterly unable to perceive that there’s a supernatural power, able to restore all of that after the fall, described in the 3d chapter of Bereshit. That is, they didn’t believe to start with and they had no understanding of the Almighty’s real power. The question concerning seven husbands was used solely as a tool “to expose the heresy” of this “rabbi who crossed all lines”. So when Yeshua started to answer them, He divided His answer into two parts. As for the part of husbands and wives’ relationships in the future world He said they don’t know the Scriptures”, as for their unbelief in resurrection, He said they don’t know the power of the Almighty: verse 29.

Thus, we are speaking about the Scriptures now, which, as Yeshua said, some religious leaders don’t know or rather don’t understand. When asked a question about whether it is allowed to give a divorce letter in another passage, He said that in the beginning it wasn’t so”. In the beginning” is the first word of the Scriptures: Bereshit. There He gives a clear reference to Adam and Hava as a prophetic reflection, but also to the thing we read in Gen.1:1, when THAT world wasn’t yet destroyed. Yeshua didn’t just hint, he showed that it is in the SOURCES we can find right understanding of all things. Speaking of that, Yeshua sent everyone to the “original foundations” which we can read about in the first two chapters of the book Bereshit. There we can clearly see that there was no plan of marriage, matchmaking and the like. In the future restored world that has no death there’s no need of such things, because the Heavenly Father designed in His will the only perfect variant, which cannot be improved or added to: one wife for one husband, with both of them being whom He Himself appointed for each other. Sons and daughters in Heavens don’t marry — there’s no such notion as marriage there. “Marriage institute” is just a backup tool for the period of rehabilitation during the spiritual quarantine.

But extra strict people may say that although there are many indirect clues and they “almost believe” that “everything was and is so” as was earlier said, is there still anything more specific and clearly proving this matter? The answer is: yes, there is.

Eph.3 15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named

In this case the translation is somewhat poor, while it doesn’t reflect the main meaning, therefore, let’s first look at the exact and a bit extended translation, and then analyze the word we are interested in:

Variant of translation based on LCV’19r translation:

Eph.3 15 from Whom every genetic line (family or genealogical tree) in heaven and earth is named.

The Greek word translated as family” in the first instance, as genetic line” and also as family or genealogical tree” in another is a word πατριά (patria). It has several meanings:

1. family, genealogical tree;

2. branch of a tribe, dynasty, family;

3. generic line.

Essential meaning of the word πατριά is that there is a father of whom children and other descendants in general are born, which later on become dynasties, tribes, families and speaking collectively — a genealogical tree or genetic line. This word has this sense and it cannot be used in any other way. The preposition translated as “from— is εξ (ex), its main meaning is moving from inside out related to ancestry, source and origin. I want to highlight that this verse gives us a connection: it points not just to some family tree in Heavens, concerning which many people’s “brain computer” starts to “freeze up”, but it also says about every genetic line (family tree)… in earth”. If it spoke only about Heavens, many “specialists” would be quick to interpret it “according to the rules”, or be tactfully silent. But here we see a parallel which doesn’t allow it.

Therefore, reading this passage, we can see that every name and origin of every dynasty, every family both in HEAVENS and on Earth comes from Yeshua. See? It is a clear and direct Scripture passage that tells us about family genealogical lines, kinships and tribes, that existed and keep existing in Heavens. It doesn’t speak of Angels as ministering spirits, but about sons and daughters who were and still are in the corresponding unions, who have children making up these very family branches or genealogical trees, tribes and families. It is so written.

Nobody has a problem understanding the fact that there are fathers and they give rise to families, dynasties and genealogical trees here on earth. We live in that. And EVERYTHING here on earth is just a reflection of everything that was and is in Heavens. If there are fathers, there must be mothers as well. It should be easy for understanding. Of course, unfortunately some people may just refuse to talk about this matter due to “brain fumigation”, so to say. With no reason or explanation at all, as some refuse to discuss the topic of “flat earth on the surface of habitation”. Some religious or pseudoscientific things going against the Scriptures were so deeply drilled into immature minds of newly born Christians and also into the minds of seminary and academy students by the “academic theologians”, that it’s very hard to get them out. But with His Blessed help we can do even more difficult tasks.

Comparable to him…” (Gen.2:18)

Now we’re going to continue and discuss how a wife/woman — isha (Heb.)or an Eternal partner, as we call her here, came into existence. According to the existing model of the pattern in the book of Bereshit, chapter 1 and 2, Heavenly sons of the Almighty were born first and they had two natures in them, but their female “side” wasn’t activated until a certain point, simply speaking it was sort of sleeping. Why do we know that her soul was already there in the newly created body? Gen.2:7 says that the Almighty breathed several Heavenly souls: neshmat hayim (plural).

Those persons, born of the Heavenly Father in His image and His full nature and likeness, understood and perceived themselves as sons of the Heavenly Father – sons of the Almighty – bney Elohim. Adam was their reflection. Later on, during their life and growing relationships with the Almighty and knowing Him as the Father and Creator of everything that is, came definite knowledge and inner readiness to receive a partner, a helper comparable to him in every way. After that a moment came when a great mystery took place. From this Heavenly person, perceiving himself as son of the Almighty, inside of whom there was another “sleeping” person, came his Eternal female partner: his helper, comparable to him and completing him in everything – a beautiful daughter of the Heavenly Father. Her divine soul neshama was initially put into a joint body, but it was sort of slumbering till the appointed time. That’s what we see in Gen.2:7 and further on in 2:21-24.

It brought them to a new stage and higher level of development and knowing the Almighty and his own self through his own “half” (in every sense of this word). Next stage was fruits of the Spirit increase and growing in spiritual maturity, after which they entered into a special Covenant with the Heavenly Father and His Spirit through Yeshua and got opportunity to bring souls into the world, born by Him.

Separation from the Father and each other

We can see that after the fall human bodies stopped being glorified. Disappearance of glory that was IN and ON a person resulted not only in disappearance of their glory covering or “clothes of glory”, after which they had to take drastic measures to open their own tailor shop making fashionable fig leaves clothes. Disappearance of glory ripped Eternal partners of the opportunity to be joined in one physical body as highest manifestation of love and intimacy, as it used to be. Through that they were deprived of the opportunity to grow in knowledge of each other through “interconnection” of the glory that was put into all children from the moment of their birth, and in which they were supposed to grow their whole life. We are going to dig deeper into that in part 13. Therefore, after such change and degradation the only opportunity left was quantitative multiplication. Bodies weakened by sin don’t have a supernatural (as we see it) ability to join into one physical body.

Separation between the Heavenly Father and His children, which happened because of sin, gave start to an increasing division between two Eternal partners: husband and wife. Separation from the Heavenly Father also automatically started the processes of division between human and the rest of the creation: animals, earth, etc. Adam was told that the earth was cursed for him; prophetically it means that everything on earth, which came out of it, started to be in conflict with people, and this conflict and division in general began to accumulate. Sin separates not only from the Heavenly Father, but also brings all of the other kinds of divisions.

When the “prodigal son” returned, it is written that he was dead but then came to life. Death, according to the Scriptures, is separation from the Father, Who is the Source of Life. Being separated from the Heavenly Father, His children, Adam and Hava, sort of died, although physically they remained alive for some while – it was a physically delayed death. All of that affected their PRU ability: qualitative fruitfulness, meaning unity and intimacy without quantitative increase. The sin they committed robbed them of glory, simultaneously damaging their deep connections, which stopped functioning outside of glory. Through that they were in some sense desynchronized, and on certain levels of relationships they sort of died for each other. “Return to Eden” is return into that state when there was no sin both in the relationships with the Heavenly Father and in the relationships of Eternal partners with one another. We remember that as soon as the lines appointed by the Most High were crossed, the disease of “it’s his/her fault” started: blaming and shifting responsibility onto someone else.

Heavenly “technologies»

One of the questions that arises concerning this topic: when Heavenly partners had children, were they born like the very “first” ones — not yet split or already separate: boys and girls in pairs as future “Eternal partners”? Once, after being taken into Heavens, apostle Shaul moved by the Holy Spirit said the following:

Based on LCV’19r translation:

2 Cor.12 2 I know very well a man in Messiah who fourteen years ago (whether it was in the physical body or out of the physical body I have no idea but the Most High knows exactly) was as such caught up to the third heaven. 3 And I also know very well that this man — whether in the body or apart from the body I have no idea, but God knows — 4 was caught up to the very Garden of Eden and heard inexpressible things, that no one is permitted (have no right) to tell.

This translation variant of “no one is permitted to tell” phrase in the 4th verse is absolutely grammatically and semantically correct, specifying the main meaning: no one has any right to say anything about it”, while it is the very meaning of the Greek verb εξον exon. Many different things were hidden by the Almighty until our full reconciliation with Him, and some He lets to be revealed in our time in order to deepen our understanding of the true Heavenly and spiritual reality, of that magnificence and constantly renewed Life, created by Him.

The Almighty is Ehad, i.e. One, consisting of more than Some One. He is a Whole Unity, which can be joined and disjoined when necessary, with keeping Oneness that Comprises Him. His children have His image. Adam and Hava in their original glorified bodies had the ability, opportunity and desire to be joined together in one glorified body as highest manifestation of love and knowledge of each other, when all feelings, thoughts, everything inside them including the glory imparted by the Father was open. They were also given an ability to connect in another way which made them able to conceive children as the highest form of lovemaking that brings already quantitative fruit.

The Almighty provided His children with ability to Create, Perfect and Reproduce. Based on everything mentioned above, we can clearly see that originally, THEN we had such abilities, therefore, in the future we will also be able to bring forth children. Based, of course, on those original principles, where first there is qualitative development and formation, and then quantitative.

Further on the “First” (as they were often called) already had twins: boy and girl, like “two halves”, but unlike their parents they were already separated in two. Nevertheless, they were born and innerly created in a way to become ideal partners for each other in eternity. From the very childhood they were considered to be dedicated to each other, and they prepared for this important moment their entire childhood and teenage life. In spite of this dedication, they had to make a voluntary heartfelt decision confirming this dedication by entering into a Covenant. When the appointed time came, they had this sacramental moment of making the Covenant of husband and wife with each other, after which they were able to be joined together in one glorified body, but for a rather long period of time they had no kids due to the reason we have discussed before. It wasn’t just making a new covenant, in fact, it was an original covenant which moved on a deeper level of knowing each other from another side, to a higher level of glory.

If we consider the existing realities, we would see that there were often twins born in genealogy of the Almighty’s people, which is testified by Jewish historic books, and it was always considered a blessing. We know it about the children of Adam and Hava, and not only about them. The tradition says that Adam and Hava had 52 children — 26 pairs of boys and girls. It is very interesting and symbolic that 26 is the number of the Almighty’s name  יהוה. Notwithstanding the fact that first children were born already outside of the Garden of Eden, when glorified bodies were already weakened by sin, this initial principle was maintained for a while as some sort of “eternity echo”. Sin distorted this principle, and in time it was lost first partly and then completely.

Adam was the first human, and he was placed in already physically adult body when he was born, while children were supposed to be born as babies, but in a glorified body. It was a major difference between the “First” and all of their descendants, as we can see from the example of first humans — Adam and Hava. The “First” didn’t have “physical moms and dads”, thus, the Heavenly Father together with the Holy Spirit, who has female gender in Hebrew, were Father and Mother figures for them. It was those “First”, born before anyone else in Heavens, who gave rise to every family and genealogical tree in Heavens, as we have analyzed it in Eph.3:15.

Heavenly model

So, let’s summarize: first there were sons of the Almighty in Heavens. Then in a certain while after these sons started to acquire the understanding of management, getting “manifold wisdom”, at a certain stage they realized a need of helpers “comparable to them”. According to a prophetic image that we have in the book of Bereshit chapter 2, at this stage they got their Heavenly female partners. Further on when they got an appointed measure of “being filled, subduing and having dominion”, according to Gen.1:28, the Almighty created an earthly domain consisting of 70 worlds, which were appointed by Him for living:

Job 38 4Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding. 5Who determined its measurements? Surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? (fig.meaningset the rules”)? 6To what were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, 7When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God (bney Elohim) shouted for joy?

Right after the creation of 70 worlds’ earthly reality, with each being unique in its own way, the Heavenly Father started to prepare His Heavenly children for finishing and furnishing the creation. They were His Firstborn, so He organized their practical learning, engaging them into finishing the development of worlds created by Him, so that through them He could teach His other children.

After the “physical background” was set, according to the plan He had, came the turn of flora and fauna. Further on, every of the 70 worlds got their “Adams” and then their “Eternal partners”. Earthly sons and daughters were yet young and had no relevant experience and wisdom to manage the creation they were put in. Their heavenly “brothers and sisters”, who were the firstborn, were supposed to help them grow in managing experience, in “subduing and dominion”. Just as parents engage their firstborn, their elder sons and daughters to teach and help the younger children, the same way it was organized by the Heavenly Father from the beginning. Through that He built up His big Family, that had great diversity and personal uniqueness. Heavenly sons and daughters of the Almighty took very active part in development of the existing worlds, connecting “Heavens and Earth” together: the Heavenly and the Earthly, Heavens and all created worlds by developing and increasing mutual enrichments diversity and building up the interconnective relationships in the Father’s Kingdom.

This created Kingdom had certain inherent algorithms and development principles, and their levels of glory. The Almighty always creates everything new, and He provided for a constant growth in knowledge and in every feeling”. He thought through the paths for growth and development into higher levels of wisdom and glory, with respect to every existing differences and unique features.

Difference of the bodies

There was a distinction between glorified bodies of Heavenly and Earthly children:

1 Cor.15 40 There are also celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. 41for one star differs from another star in glory.

What was this distinction aside from general phrases and definitions not meaning anything? Let’s first direct our attention to the main reason for this distinction. In Gen.2:7 we can see that the First human Adam had a glorified physical body prepared from the material of “that soil”, i.e. “that land”: afar min adama:

עָפָר  afar  1. dry ground, dust; 2. clay (for walls); 3. ashes.

אֲדָמָה    adama  1. land, country; 2. soil.

Speaking in other words, Adam’s body and the bodies of Earthly sons and daughters accordingly were made of earthly physical elements, and the bodies of Heavenly sons and daughters were made of some Heavenly elements. Let’s take the Tablets of the Law for example. The first Tablets were made by the Most High Himself, they had no physical elements. They were made from His “footstool” material; from the Scriptures we see that it was some kind of “glass” made of a precious sapphire stone:

Ex.24 10 and they saw Elohey of Israel. And there was under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and it was like the very heavens in its clarity.

The second Tablets were hewn by Moshe from a regular earthly stone. Both Tablets had “the same poem” written by the finger of the Almighty Himself. The material was different, but the content was the same. This content was some sort of prophetic imprint, an image of the Most High, engraved in stone. The bodies of Heavenly and Earthly children were different by the origin of the elements used for their creation. This Tablets example has many planes, not one we just described.

Another plane can show us the difference between glorified bodies and also bodies weakened by sin. When Adam sinned, the Almighty said He’d curse the earth because of him. That’s why Moshe took the stone from already cursed earth. However, bodies of Adam and Hava were made of physical elements of glorified and blessed earth, that had nothing cursed in it. After the earth was cursed, the destruction spreaded on the bodies of Adam and Hava, consisting of the elements of this very soil. The Heavens were purified, and unlike Earth they were never cursed. According to the measure of sin growth in Earthly worlds, the curse grew also, while it was directly connected to it. When the general degradation expanded it affected the glory of physical bodies: it started to “fade” bit by bit. Different “supernatural” abilities and opportunities started to diminish as well.

The curse of the earth and glory deprivation of physical bodies (and other things) have a prophetic connection. The very process was very long, only after a long while many things became clear, finding their reflection in the remaining glory; because it was the manifested glory of the Father that has become an indicator of deviation from His perfect will.

In case where the “highest in authority”, i.e., a Keeper of one of the worlds, started to deviate from “direct paths” of the Almighty, it didn’t result in automatic deprivation of glory of everyone born in it. But, depending on the level of power, spiritual doors of different size were opened to let Death in its many forms to enter. Personal position and attitude towards the Most High and His principles defined, first of all, the manifested glory state in which one walked. However, the position and attitude towards different manifestations of sin of one having a certain level of authority was, of course, affecting those who were under it, while they were under it. As long as one remained faithful, his or her glory couldn’t diminish, in spite of pressure he or she was under. This pressure was the factor forcing many to break apart some relationships and Covenants through which relationships with the Heavenly Father could be damaged. The principle of not being unequally yoked together with unbelievers” came around already THEN, and it touched the hearts and souls of EVERYONE without exception. It is one of the major and most painful decisions that each of them had to make THEN. It is also one of the key questions in our world: without solving it no one can enter into the fullness of glory prepared for them. Here, of course, one needs to differentiate between “being unequally yoked” and normal regular relationships with those with whom it is possible. It is written indeed that we have to be in shalom with everyone, if we can.

If we grasp the essence of physical bodies’ different levels of glory problem, it will help us understand some practical things connected with THAT war and opposition in general. Bodies having more glory were more resistant to different destructive effects, had more regeneration and restoration abilities and a bigger arsenal of opportunities in different spheres. Bodies of the Heavenly, who were at higher levels of manifested glory, were almost indestructible, having great resilience to almost all kinds of outer damage, and also great ability of fast regeneration. It was almost impossible to inflict “fatal damage” to such bodies. Through glory, the spirit of such a person had ability to rejoin all parts of the physical body, even when they were torn apart, as if forming it anew. We can see a corresponding image in the 37th chapter of the prophet Yehezkel (Ezekiel), when he prophesied to dry bones laying in the field after some great battle. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power those bones started to come together right before his eyes, and then tendons, joints and other system were formed. After that muscles and skin materialized, and then everything that was joined together under the power of the Spirit was revived by Him. It is a good example to provide us with visual imagery of the principle, how it happens in reality.

Remembering everything we discussed earlier in this part about “echos and parallels” coming into our world from spiritual realm, invisible to us, we can watch different fantastic movies on this topic with greater knowledge of the existing realia. The bodies of different characters can be extremely resistant to almost any damage, regenerating really fast even after most severe and hard injuries. And some plots can even give us a hint, how even destroyed and torn apart physical body can be collected and connected again. For some it is still a matter of “pure phantastics”, as everything supernatural, actually, in their earthly, carnal notions. But all of that are in fact realities of the spiritual world, and all those “echoes” in sort of fantastic movies” are just hints to what always was and is now.

I want to share a revelation on that matter that I was given and partly shown. Considering that the bodies of many Heavenly persons of high levels of glory were in fact almost indestructible, the enemy used against them the following tactics in THAT war: after a severe injury was inflicted upon their glorified body, he applied powers inhibiting their regeneration and rehabilitation. In this case this person was sort of “captured” through control over his unrestorable body. One of the “echoes” is seen in those “legends”, where an enemy cuts some “divine character” to pieces after victory over his opponent, and hides the pieces of his body in different far away locations. Then, when somebody wants to bring this “divinity” to life, they have to find all those parts, connect them together, and after some rituals liberating supernatural powers “help” the spirit of that person to show up in that place, and so the body would connect, restore and revive before their eyes. Remember the 37th chapter of Yehezkel, and you’ll understand what happened in reality. Unfortunately, misunderstanding of different spiritual foundations and truths doesn’t give the opportunity to see and events things that have really always existed and continue to exist now in surrounding realities.

Imprint of Creators image

Aside from sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father — both Heavenly and Earthly, the created world had a great amount of created beings. Each of them played special role in Creator’s plan. But only sons and daughters had the fullness of His image. Many created beings had a certain part of His image, but not as much as sons and daughters. One part of Almighty’s creations had some kind of “freedom of choice”, another didn’t. We have already touched upon this subject earlier. I’d like to highlight that the fullness of Almighty’s nature, reflected in somebody and tightly connected to the capability and amount of freedom of choice, is directly dependent on the fullness of this very “image” imprinted in someone.

Many ask a question about the image of the Most High: tselem in Hebrew. What is it? In TSELEM and DMUT” section of part 6 we have touched upon this subject. Tselem” — “image” — is some Divine standard and simultaneously a “program” imparted into our heavenly soul — neshama. All of that defines both a pattern, and main algorithms, rules, limitations and direction of movement in order to reach this standard.

Tselem (image) is tightly connected with such notion as imprint or seal. Let’s consider another Scripture passage, that helps us understand this matter in more detail.

Ez.28 12Son of Adam, take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre, and say to him, ‘Thus says my Lords (Adonai — pl.) Yahweh (sg.): “You (“ATA” — male) were the seal (imprint) of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty…

The word translated as “seal” in some translations doesn’t actually mean a seal. First of all, it’s not a noun, it’s a verb: חֹותֵם (hotem; חתם hatam — infinitive). Secondly, this verb has a meaning to seal”, “to make an imprint of a stamp”, “to cork”, “to finalize by setting a seal”. These are the main translation variants that help us understand the main meaning. That’s why a more correct translation of this passage is that one who were an “anointed cherub” was an imprint of a Creator’s seal, a mark of perfection and wisdom. The key point here is that “the son of the morning” is not a seal himself, but he is just a sort of rather accurate imprint of the Creator Himself, in meaning of perfection and also wisdom. Clear view of that point helps us understand many things related to created beings, and also children of the Heavenly Father. All of the creation is an imprint of the Creator’s Divine nature in one way or another, having their levels of glory, their depth of the imprint and manifestation of His nature. His children have it on the maximum level, and they have their definite path of growth in glory.

Born from above«

Children of the Almighty are not creatures: as a part of the Heavenly Father they were in Him before the foundation of the world” (Eph.1:4). However, all of His children have a beginning, which starts at the moment of their birth. At some point THEN the Heavenly Father breathed our souls into prepared glorified bodies and we were born. Our birth in this world is a prophetic shadow of what happened THEN, except  our divine soul’s memory here is covered with a “veil of oblivion”, and we come into bodies weakened by sin. When we are born here, we become a “living soul” — nefesh haiya” which has an earthly” status. THEN we used to be born of the Spirit of our Heavenly Father, so our “rebirth” here, which many call “being born from above” is a prophetic shadow of something that happened before. Let’s analyze the only passage in the Scripture, where Yeshua mentions this phrase:

Jh.3 3 Yeshua answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born from above.’

One can have questions about the phrase translated as from above” while it can be a little unconventional for “an ear of average believer”. First, I want to direct your attention to the form of the Greek verb oftentimes translated as “to be born”. The original language has no future tense: this verb is an aorist of passive voice in conjunctive mood, 3rd person, singular: “would have been born”. And it is point number one: none of us can be born by ourselves, we can only be born by someone. That is, the meaning of Yeshua’s words is that one has to have a “status” of being born from a certain Source, in a certain place. Not just to be “born from above” here in this world once, instantaneously, just by reading a repentance prayer and then going and telling everyone of this “one-time miracle” which just “happened”.

It has two planes. First is the place and the Source, where this birth happened. Let’s analyze the word translated as “from above”:

άνωθεν  anothen  1. from above, at a height; above;  2. from the heart of a country; 

3. from very beginning, from long ago; 4. originally, inherently; 5. again, anew.

Based on main semantic meanings of this word we can see it can be used in meaning of location in space: “above” and “at heart”, meaning some inner center. Besides, it can point at the original time point: “where everything started”.

Remember the episode we analyzed in the previous section, where Yeshua, talking to some religious leaders who were tares, said that He was not of this world”, that He was from above” and those to whom He spoke were of this world”, they werefrom beneath”. That Greek word from above” is άνω (ano), this passage actually has a cognate word, having a form of an adverb. The phrase from above” is a grammatically and contextually correct translation, which can have another semantically correct translation: from those who are above”. That’s why when Yeshua talked to Nicodemus about being “born from above” He was speaking about something that wasn’t very obvious, otherwise such intelligent person as “rabbi for rabbies”, who had a very soft heart as well, should have understood its meaning. But He was speaking of something that was “somewhat” hidden. First of all, Yeshua said that if somebody was not sowed into the field of this world by the Heavenly Father (Mtt.13:24-30; 36-42), i.e., was not born from above or sowed from above, he or she couldn’t see the Kingdom of the Most High.

Therefore, contextual meaning and form of the verb γεννηθη̣ (gennethe): would have been born” speaks of a foundational condition to enter the Kingdom of the Most High. First of all, one has to be a “good seed”: son or daughter of the Kingdom. It is a first plane of this matter, which confirms the teaching of Yeshua about good seeds and tares.

A logical continuation and a second plane of this matter is that aside from being born FROM the Source, i.e., from the Father Who is ABOVE, one has to be in this state EVERY moment of time. “How is it?” some may ask surprisingly.

To be born from above” is not just some event that happened “once”. It is a certain status, state, belonging to One of Whom or from Whom you have come, belonging to some Person. Belonging to the Kingdom of the Father must be continuous, not just at the very first moment of being “sowed” into this world. That’s why in extended understanding it speaks not of some one-time final occurrence, but of something that should be continued constantly.

When Adam and Hava sinned, they were in fact separated from the    “spiritual DNA” of their Parent — their Heavenly Father by their disobedience. In that case it wasn’t permanently, but some damage to this connection was done. “Spiritual DNA” is some earthly projection of the Almighty’s “image”, which is called tselem in Hebrew, that we analyzed earlier. In fact, one can be born only once, but spiritual birth has another quality meaning. What does it mean “to be born”? According to pshat, i.e., literally, it means that we are born of some seed and we are blood of the blood, bone of the bone, and flesh of the flesh”, speaking shortly in one phrase. That is, we are a part of our parent. We have his DNA in which the entire development program is written. We have DNA of the parent from whom we are born — we constantly carry it and develop according to its plan and pattern.

To be born of someone in the spiritual sense is to be connected to one’s spirit, to be “connected to one’s DNA” by taking one’s “image” or tselem. The DNA is in the seed. In Gen.3:15 we can read about battle between those having “spiritual DNA” of the Almighty and those having “spiritual DNA” of nahash:

Bereshit 3 15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall attack and bruise your head, and you shall attack and bruise His heel.”

This Scripture passage speaks about the seed, with one of the meanings of this word being genome or DNA: זרַע (zera). It has singular form here, prophetically speaking of Yeshua the Messiah. But considering that we are supposed to be in Him always, and He — always in us, in fact His spiritual DNA is multiplicated in all of us — sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

The Almighty sowed the field, i.e., our world, with His seed, which has His “spiritual DNA”, His tselem or image: with sons and daughters of the Kingdom. But when everybody slept”, that is in time of spiritual night, the enemy sowed his seeds, i.e., tares, which have his “spiritual DNA”, his tselem or image. Each person sowed into this world has either one or another “spiritual DNA”, having the image according to which he or she is going to develop and live. To be born from above” or to be born again” means to be born “of the above”, or rather “from the Most High”, having His image, His “spiritual DNA” inside. Also if we take all variants of grammatical meaning, we can translate this phrase as follows: would have been born from the heart of the [Heavenly] country”, “would be born from the original Source”.

One can reject a father, and one can choose a father. One can abandon one’s father and one can return to him (Lk.15:11-32). By abandoning and rejecting one’s father, a person is rejecting his tselem — image or “spiritual DNA”. Thus, one rejects the principles and rules, the values put into this image. Receiving someone as one’s father, he or she takes up his principles and rules, i.e., corresponding values and rules of development.

Therefore, every son and daughter, being born in the image of the Almighty and sowed into this world as a good seed, has power to reject and abandon their Father. Then they have a choice — either to return to the Father, or to accept someone else’s image, which is principles, values and rules in its essence. In such case they are somehow “re-connected” to another “spiritual DNA”. Therefore, they have a “spiritual change of father”. If we summarize everything said earlier, we can come to the following conclusion:

If one would have not been born from above from the Almighty, and then if one wouldn’t be connected to Him constantly, so that through the constant action of the Holy Spirit one would reflect the image of the Most High, one couldn’t see the Kingdom of God.

So there are two conditions:

1. To be Father’s seed, “a good seed” sowed from above from Him.

2. “To be constantly born”, that is to be always in the status of one “born from above”, connected to the Heavenly Father through interaction with His Spirit.

And as a confirmation of the connection with the Father through interaction with His Spirit, we can read the following explanation made by Yeshua:

Jh.3 8 The Spirit breathes/blows where he wishes, and you hear his voice/sound/ noise, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.

The imprint of Almighty’s image, which is in us, speaks of our belonging to Him. This belonging must be constantly upheld through our connection to Him through His Holy Spirit, or rather the Holy Spiritess, from Whom we were born. It is a more correct translation, if we talk about the original Hebrew language with all its genders. It “doesn’t work” through “one-time connection” made by some “prayer of repentance”, and anyone who has at least basic understanding of spiritual and life realia knows that.

As for Yeshua Himself, Who is the “Seed” carrying undamaged image of the Almighty in Himself, His spiritual genome, our Messiah is fundamentally different from all other sons of the Heavenly Father. He is the only one Who has power to have Life in Himself: Jh.5:26. Unlike all others, He is called the Everlasting Father in the Scriptures (Isa.9:6). He has another nature, another status.

Through childbirth”

Let’s now consider a very famous Scripture verse which can be fully revealed and interpreted only in the “Testing Ground” framework. Apostle Shaul didn’t reveal this mystery when he was in Corinth Community. Judging by his letter, almost everyone in there was “carnal”, and spiritual meat was not for them. It was because they were in spiritual childhood, Shaul decided to give them only spiritual milk, that is to speak only of the crucified Messiah, which is important for the newly born Christians. The wisdom, he said, must be preached not to them but only among the perfect: 1st Cor.1:11-12; 2:2, 6-7. That’s why he touched upon this mystery when he wrote to community in Ephesus, which was more mature:

Eph.5 30 For we are members of His body, 31For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined becoming one with his wife, and the two shall be in one flesh (EHAD).” 32 This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Messiah and His Church.

In this passage we see a prophetic parallel which Shaul draws between Adam and Hava and also between Yeshua, Who is The Last Adam” and His Wife, who is His Body. Then we can see an interesting and very difficult Scripture verse in the Letter to Timothy, which on closer inspection has no sense, if one takes it literally. Let’s read:

1 Tim.2 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. 15 Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

These verses are known to all, and according to their meaning, Adam wasn’t deceived at all, only his wife was deceived. It was she, who fell into transgression being deceived. Based on these verses, her salvation is in her bearing children and or course, simultaneously being in faith, love and self-control. It seems to be right as a whole, but there’s a question: where’s Adam here? They both ate of the fruit! Why Shaul finds only Hava guilty? Why her beloved husband Adam is not mentioned in this sense? If we analyze it according to pshat, i.e., literally, we get a serious gap in justice, including the responsibilities of husband and wife. Let’s try to see it not through “strait-A theology student” but through eyes of a regular, adequate person, who says he has the mind of Christ” (1 Cor.2:16).

First of all, Hava was tempted, put under outside pressure. That’s why she could have been at least shown condescension and mercy. According to the principles of righteous judgement, she had a right for lenient judgement. The state she was in, in which she sinned, is oftentimes called a state of affect; while Adam agreed to eat the forbidden fruit voluntarily. He wasn’t under nahash’s pressure. The Scripture says that if someone sins voluntarily, i.e., of one’s own choice, in this case there is no sacrifice for sin, i.e., there’s no condescension: Heb.10:26. The Almighty warned Adam about the trees and what he was or wasn’t supposed to eat. As for Hava, there wasn’t anything said: whether Adam told her about it or not, if he did, what did he say, we don’t know and the Scripture doesn’t say anything. If we look at it through religious glasses, through which we can see only what we are shown, what needs to be seen, it is going to be obvious that Adam was more guilty, and the wife should have been shown mercy. At the very least. Then why everything here is sort of opposite, and what is wrong with it? If we take into account the context of the Scripture’s justice principle, and also the fact that mercy triumphs over judgement, the balance doesn’t match. In the same situations there’s always a hidden level, which is the major one. Let’s try to see it.

Adam is an image of Yeshua, Who is called the Last Adam. Hava is an image of the wife of the Lamb. Hava came out of her husband, and her body belongs to him. The Wife of the Lamb also came from her Husband, and she is His Body, belonging to Him. Hava came from Adam when he was put in a supernatural sleep (tardema Heb.) When Yeshua was on the cross and His body was pierced with a spear, there came blood and water out of this wound. Prophetically it symbolized birth of His Wife, Who is His Body, and to whom He is the Head. We are those, who are His, and who got into this Testing, who came from Yeshua, as it is written that we are By Him, through Him and for Him”, that is, we are born from Yeshua, through Yeshua and for Yeshua: Col.1:15-16. And together with it it’s written both Yeshua and us came from the One”, therefore, as it is written, He is not ashamed to call us brethren, i.e., the sons of the Father. And we remember that eaternal female partners were already inside of them. As Hava was bone of the bones and flesh of the flesh of her husband, so as we are from Yeshua: bone of the bones” — sons, and “flesh of the flesh” — daughters.

Hava being born by the Father, came from Adam and she was equal to her husband in everything. So as we — children of the Almighty — born by the Father, but were in Yeshua and from Yeshua we “came to this world”. Through Him and for Him. Prophetically, as a wife for her husband. And we, born by the Heavenly Father are “equal” to our King. But such “position” doesn’t come automatically, there is a certain process of maturing and entering into the fullness of spiritual age, entering into those intimate level of Covenant relationships, like a husband is in the Covenant with his wife — Eternal partners. Here on earth it is just a reflection of what used to be THEN, and about all of that we’re going to talk in the last part.

Adam and Hava are a prophetic image of what happened THEN. Nahash didn’t approach Adam, but his wife. The fallen cherub didn’t come to Yeshua, but came to sons and daughters of the Father. And just as Yeshua voluntarily agreed to take upon Himself the sin of sons and daughters of the Father, so as Adam prophetically took upon himself what his wife did. Yeshua couldn’t be deceived: the “covering cherub” didn’t have enough “power” to seduce Him. Just as prophetically nahash couldn’t tempt Adam, only Hava. What was, is going to be, and there’s nothing new under the sun…

It is written that Hava needs to get saved, but how? First of all, through childbirth. That is, the Wife of the Lamb is being saved in this world through incarnation in this world, and birth through children in this Testing Ground. Of course, it can happen that some woman doesn’t get married, or she might not have her own physical children, but does it mean that because of that she cannot reconcile to the Father and get eternal salvation? It’s just silly, to say the least. But on the other hand it is also clear that new souls should come to this earth through physical birth, by incarnation in this world. That’s why childbirth, through which sons and daughters of the Father come into this world, is a blessing and will of the Almighty.

It is said about Hava that she is supposed to be absolutely obedient to her husband, and that means that in this Testing Ground those children of the Heavenly Father, who are here to undergo it, must voluntarily give up their self-sufficiency in order to go through it successfully. They must fully follow the will of the Heavenly Father, allowing Him to direct their destiny. And not like THEN with their great variants of freedom of choice which led to THOSE results. “Repair of the world” is a principle of our being here, when by our humbleness and obedience to the King’s will we repair in a certain measure what happened THEN, when we deviated from His will.

It is written that childbirth is going to be painful. It is a hint to us that in our birth to this Testing Ground there will be sufferings and pains. Apostle Shaul once said: I labor in birth again until Messiah is formed in you.Forming of Messiah” is the “reflection of Messiah’s image”, His spiritual DNA to which we are supposed to be connected based on the Covenant.

Part 11

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