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“Who promised is faithful…” (Heb.10:23). «Final Testing Ground», Part 8

Biggining     Part 7


In this part we’re going to cover the issue of a “Remnant”, and also the “women’s issue”. If men were called bney Elohim” or sons of the Almighty, then who were those born as women/girls on this earth? Also we’re going to continue to dig into the issue of “tares” as souls that were sowed here on earth but who have no opportunity for repentance.

As a rule of thumb all riddles, charades and puzzles have a certain key or keys helping to figure out the existing solution algorithm, or simply put, something that helps to understand a principle and get to the heart of the matter. We have to figure out the right angle of spiritual observation which enables us to see this layer, level or meaning that is usually well hidden. Let’s analyze some passages of the Scripture, which serve as such key:

Ex.25 40 And see to it that you make them according to the pattern which was shown you on the mountain.

Heb.8 5 who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, “See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

I want to highlight the phrase serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things…”. First of all, the point that priests on earth served and continue to serve according to the copy and shadow of the heavenly things” is very important in the context of our topic. It doesn’t say “heavenly”, as translated in some verses, but “heavenly things”. It is a Greek word επουρανίων (epuranion) which is a noun in Genitive case and its direct meaning is those living in heaven”. Greek word σκιά (skia), translated as shadow”, is an analogy to Hebrew word צֵל tsel”. Hebrew word צֵל tselhas the main meaning of shadowand it is composed of two letters — Tsadi and Lamed. The numerical value of this word is 120, which is a marker of certain age limit of human life here on this earth:

Bereshit 6 3 And Yahweh said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”  

1 Chron.29 15 For we are aliens and pilgrims before You, as were all our fathers; our days on earth are as a shadow (“tsel”), and without hope.

Shadow of those living in heaven” that is us, living in heaven” and having got into this spiritual quarantine. Therefore, we, “Heavenly”, are here on earth as the “shadow”, and priests here on earth serve all of us, Heavenly, who got onto this earth into the spiritual quarantine.

Secondly, as an additional plane, Heb.8:5 shows us an established order: first — the Heavens and then the Earth; first the spiritual, then the physical. Every sphere has its glory:

1 Cor.15 40 There are also celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. 41 There is one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differs from another star in glory. 44 …There is a natural (soul) body, and there is a spiritual body.

We also have a confirmation of this pattern as a principle in another passage:

1 Cor.10 11 Now all these things happened to them as [prophetic] examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.

The events which happened to the forefathers of Israel, starting with Abraham and even with Adam himself, all of that were prophetic images, corresponding models, which have become a certain example for us to understand the very patterns and the spiritual world’s real structure and function. Of course, we don’t get the complete picture, just the part that is possible and that the Almighty wishes to reveal to us. Israel and all connected to it, including the Word of the Scriptures and many other things entrusted to it — all of that was created by the Most High Himself as a pattern and model for the rest of the world. The above mentioned passages of the Scripture tell us of the Heavenly Source of all events and images which THROUGH Israel are shown to the whole world.

Another Scripture verse tells us about one more foundational principle, that the “earthly world” is not the only one, as many still think:

Heb.11 3 By faith we understand that the worlds were framed (restored/ reordered anew) by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

It is a more accurate translation of the original text. Let’s analyze it in more detail.

Worlds or eras?

The Greek word αιωνας (aionas) which translators translate as “ages, epochs or eras” in majority of cases, has in fact two other notions as main meanings of this word:

1. world, universe;

2. system of relationships or world order.

Moreover, the second variant listed above is “secondary”, although it has right to be because the main Greek word denoting the notion of orderliness, a certain order of things or world is the word κόσμος (kosmos).

The third variant, listed as the main one in majority of books and dictionaries is: age, epoch, era; indefinitely long period of time.

We have to look at other words around it to judge by the context which of all three main variants of translation can be more compliant with reality. In our case the word linked right to it is κατηρτίσθαι (katertisthai). Its main meaning is that something that was previously damaged or destroyed is being restored. That’s why the translation of the word αιωνας (aionas) as epoch, age” in this context is devoid of sense, while it cannot be logically connected to this verb. This verb κατηρτίσθαι, having a main meaning of restoring, bringing a damaged thing in order” cannot be applied to time periods, only to physical objects of any scale, and also to a certain relationship system. That is the reason why it cannot be used here. In some other contexts it can be still used in the meaning of time frame, but not here in this passage.

Thus, according to the context the main translation variant of the verse from Heb.11:3 is some worlds or “universes”. The subsidiary, secondary variant can be that some “system of relationships” was “brought to order”.

Visible from the invisible, earthly as projection of the Heavenly

Let’s concentrate on the invisible spiritual world’s primary nature, and on the fact that something has to happen THERE first, and then as a sort of prophetic wave it comes HERE into the physical world. It can also be compared to a prophetic shadow, mentioned in the Scripture. We see that everything VISIBLE, which can be seen, measured, and somehow realized in the physical world, has first happened in the spiritual world. There’s absolutely NOTHING that happened in the visible physical world, that didn’t happen early on in the invisible spiritual world. Physical world is a projection of the spiritual world, the Heavenly sphere. The following verse says that the Almighty have given us the opportunity to understand it here:

Rom.1 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible [attributes] are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…

Original text translation:

Rom.1 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible deeds, His eternal power and Godhead are being understood (can be understood) through observation of the creation of the physical world, so that they (people) are without excuse…

So, one of the keys that we’re going to use is the principle of essential primacy of the spiritual, and also the fact that spiritual realias can be understood through the observation of the creation. And needless to say that the main foundation and tool to comprehend the Truth is the written Word of the Most High. Therefore, the earth and all events unfolding on it during last 6000 years or so is a “prophetic shadow of the Heavenly things”.

Creators nature — one of the keys to knowledge

The next key is in the nature of the Most High God, that He input into a man:

Bereshit 1 26 Then Elohim said, “Let Us make man in Our image, and according to Yahweh’s likeness; 27 So Elohim created man in His own image; in the image of Elohim He created him; male and female He created them.

We can see in the Scriptures that a man is not just a male and not just a female, although they are “people”, but the fullness of a human is in man and woman TOGETHER: EHAD. Almost as the Almighty Himself is EHAD, i.e. ONE, as it is said in the SHMA prayer, this oneness is complicated. We see this Hebrew word ehad mentioned for the first time in the verse that says there was evening, and there was morning, day ehad”. It is hard to draw a definite line between evening and morning — these notions are rather vague to give them a precise definition. One slowly flows into another. Israel comprised of many Israelites is also ehad, according to the Scripture.

Many people have often raised a question why cannot the Almighty explain everything directly, clearly and, point by point, if possible, so that there would be no misinterpretations? Why? Because the situation itself demanded it, and it seems like it was part of this AGREEMENT, that everyone who is supposed to undergo this “quarantine” make their decision without “outer pressure” only based on their heart’s decision. It is one of the reasons why out memory has been temporarily blocked till our time of repair is over. That’s why the Most High hid Himself from physical eyes, covering Himself with an impenetrable cloud — עֲרָפֶל (arafel) in Hebrew (1 Kings 8:12 which was translated a bit odd — as “dark cloud”). Had the Almighty shown Himself in all of His glory, of course, who would have remained the same, unchanged and indifferent, so to say, without bowing down before Him in fear and tremble? But the decision was supposed to be made voluntary, without “outer pressure”.

Therefore aside from two principles listed above there are two more, which can be also used as keys to understanding of all past and present events. One of them is that our Heavenly Father is ABSOLUTELY JUST and there is no darkness in Him. Besides, He is more merciful than He is rightfully strict. His mercy triumphs over judgement, and it is 100% Truth; even if we don’t understand something yet because the information we have is limited. That’s why the Scripture says:

1 Cor.4 5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.

The essence of the next principle, that is also a key, is that there must be at least TWO WITNESSES to condemn someone to death. Remember Moshe calling Heaven and Earth as witnesses of the people of Israel? Heaven is the symbol of the spiritual, invisible, inward, i.e. the hidden MOTIFS of the heart. The Earth is a symbol of the physical, visible, i.e. some ACTION that was actually committed. From the point of view of the absolute justice both must be present — unrighteous motifs and corresponding actions. In this case we are talking about such serious kinds of sin as murder, for instance, which was punishable by death. As for other serious crimes, some of them already had an evil intent, unrighteous motif as, for example, raping of a married or betrothed woman. There were such crimes in Israel which, in spite of their gravity and supposed punishment by death, could still be mitigated but only if there was no evil intent, i.e. unrighteous motif. It concerned killing out of negligence or by accident. It had only one “WITNESS” — action, and from Divine justice point of view it wasn’t enough to sentence someone to death, i.e. to the corresponding and just punishment: life for life”, or measure for measure”, generally speaking. In light of all those above mentioned principles let’s consider the matter of shelter-cities in Israel, which is directly connected to our topic.

Shelter-cities as image of spiritual quarantine

It is the shelter-cities image that is one of the best illustrations of spiritual quarantine for all the children of the Almighty who once committed a sin incidentally or out of negligence. As many of you might remember, Israel had such thing as shelter-cities, which the Almighty commanded to build for those, who committed murder without previous evil intentions. In such situation there was mercy for such persons and the opportunity to correct their ways and rehabilitate. It is a good example of what had happened THEN. In those past days there had been no understanding of sin as such, therefore in spite of the significance of the events, the Heavenly Father showed mercy and gave opportunity to fix everything; not automatically through “I’m sorry, that’s never going to happen” but through fulfilling some conditions. The minimal condition was banishment for a certain time and life in banishment under definite rules.

The example of Cain who killed his brother Avel is a key one. Before the final phase of first brothers’ conflict, there was no death per se. Thus, though Cain killed his brother, as he didn’t actually know what it meant to die, or what death was, he was shown a significant amount of mercy and a corresponding grace. The result of sin, which according to justice should have brought death upon the perpetrator, with mercy included due to unawareness to consequences, was banishment:

Gen.4 12б …A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth.

Gen.4 16 Then Cain went out (was brought out) from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden.

From Hebrew NOD is translated as banishment and wandering. That’s why this passage can be translated that Cain was removed from the presence of the Lord into land of banishment and wandering.

When one reads in original language, the Scripture says that Cain hadn’t just built the first city named after his son (Gen.4:17): this verb stands in imperfective aspect which means that he “kept building” it, i.e. did something that wasn’t completed. There is a hint that there is no wholeness or completeness in state of banishment. Also it says that everything that is built in banishment in physical way it is a temporary, old construction.

Cain had some mark saying that no one could ever kill him. There is a version that the Almighty wrote a letter from His name on his forehead, and it was his supernatural protection from being killed by anyone trying to “enforce justice” upon him in any inhumane way. Here we can see a certain analogy and connection with omen, described in the 9th chapter of the book of Ezekiel and also in 7th chapter of the book of Revelation. Cain had to work on his character so that he could mend his ways.

The land of NOD” is one of the images of banishment land,  it was actually a prototype of those shelter-cities where “accidental killers” could hide.

Num.35 10 Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: When you cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan, 11 then you shall appoint cities to be cities of refuge for you, that the manslayer who kills any person accidentally may flee there. 12 They shall be cities of refuge for you from the avenger, that the manslayer may not die until he stands before the congregation in judgment. 13 And of the cities which you give, you shall have six cities of refuge…

Shelter-cities for those who committed a mortal sin accidentally are an image of some “quarantine”. And it’s not just a prison but a place of real correction, especially considering the fact that these cities were run by Levites, responsible for order and studying of the Scriptures and also for teaching everyone, who lived there, righteous foundations of life according to Torah, given by the Most High God. One had to live there till the death of former High Koen (High Priest) and the coming of the new one. Only after that a person was able to get to freedom with a clear conscience, so to say.

Aside from the fact that Yeshua is the King of kings and Lord of lords, He is also out High Koen, and He is, as it is written, a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek”. All those souls who were in spiritual quarantine couldn’t free themselves on their own, even with their “good behaviour”. There had to be a “change of priesthood”. After being raised from the death, Yeshua entered into His priesthood. Bringing His blood before the throne of His Father, He started the ministry of redemption for all souls who ever lived. During Yom Kipur in Israel High Koen entered the Holy of Holies with blood of an ox and a goat by turns, and while being there he offered up prayers for all the priesthood, for his family and also for the entire nation of Israel. And what Yeshua did and continues to do still is a precise reflection of that image. He brought His blood and it is said that He continually intercedes for Redemption and reconciliation of the children with the Father. Not only for that, of course, but for that first of all.

Six cities appointed for the manslaughters are a prototype of six days of spiritual “quarantine”. It is written that one day is like a thousand years with the Almighty, so these “six Divine days” are six thousand years that are now coming to their end.  After all of the “Heavenly” are through with their spiritual quarantine, Yeshua must come back as it is written in the book of Acts, which we analyzed in one of the previous parts:

Acts 3 21 whom heaven(s) must receive until the times of return of all things (everything/everyone), which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

It is precise translation from the language of the original, and we have thoroughly analyzed specifics of this verse in part five. The time of seventh millennium, which is oftentimes called a “Messianic era”, is a special period of this spiritual quarantine. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this time will have rather “mild conditions” of quarantine. These terms are going to be easy for the majority of people while their responsibility THEN was correspondingly low, as it is written for everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required, and also, everyone will bear his load.

The salvation and quarantine are not unconditional. First, one had to agree to this option and not to hide somewhere at one’s own rist, which in reality is much more dangerous while it make one blow his or her chances of returning back into the community of people of Israel. Secondly, one’s “case” was considered and judged, and if his or her lack of evil intentions was really confirmed and what happened was truly an unforeseen accident, only then the rehabilitation program could be an option. Thirdly, this individual had to stay put in the shelter-city without ability to get out. If this person disobeyed and left the borders of this place, he or she could be killed. Also this place had certain rules, defined by Torah, and everyone there had to abide by them, while if they systematically violated them they could have been banished, and it could lead to a certain death from the hands of the “avenger”.

If we look closely, we see that this is the model of our rehabilitation in this “spiritual quarantine” of this world where we’re in. Every soul in here must have been incarnated at some time, in some family, in some nation where it was given an opportunity to turn to the Almighty, accept Him as King, and receive His Word and start living accordingly, awaiting for the coming of new “High Koen”, or “High Priest” Who is Yeshua the Messiah.

Everyone coming to this “quarantine” was incarnated on earth with the same condition of heart that he or she had at the moment, when sin was stopped, i.e. with the same amount of sin virus that they have gotten then. Other terms were also justly reflected in the conditions where this soul had to appear, as it is written that everyone shall bear their load. Just as accidental murderer had to live within the premises of the shelter-city to avoid being killed by the “avenger of blood”, the Heavenly or Earthly soul had to come to understanding of the Almighty’s people as a spiritual shelter; to enter it and live among it, without going outside its spiritual premises in order not to be annihilated by the “enemy and avenger”, while patiently waiting for its final redemption.

Heavenly partners

People often asked me a question, who were those being girls/women here on earth THEN? Because the Scriptures often says about sons of the Almighty — bney Elohim, and we see different messengers (“Angels”) of the Almighty — MALAKHim in Hebrew, who for some reasons all looked like “men”, and about whom it is written that they are “men” or ISH in Hebrew. Nowhere it is shown that these were some Heavenly persons, who could be compared with daughters. In Brit Hadasha, i.e. New Testament, almost all Heavenly creatures are called “Angels” but it was mostly because authors wanted to make the main point clear to all people outside Israel. Different people in different times shared different revelations of seeing beings in Heavenly Jerusalem and in other places who had an outward resemblance with women. But those are subjective things, and we are analyzing the Holy Scriptures and its principles and also facts of “testimony through creation” (Rom.1:19-20).

Some “theologians” state that there are no “Female angelic beings” while the Scripture doesn’t say there are. But that is just at first glimpse, and a very short one as a matter of fact. Actually there is one passage in the Scriptures that can be considered as a proof, but it is the only one, therefore, there is no “second witness” to formulate any “sound doctrines”. In situations like that one has to have understanding of the principles of the Almighty to get a revelation about existing realias even based on one verse. As, for instance, Yeshua once answered a question about resurrection of the dead using only one Torah verse:

Mk.12 26 But concerning the dead, that they rise, have you not read in the book of Moses, in the burning bush passage, how God spoke to him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? 27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. You are therefore greatly mistaken.

In this kind of situation Yeshua used only one Scripture verse and an indirect one at that (verse 26) to prove the existing realias, as the second witness He used the PRINCIPLE (verse 27) which we can clearly see through the Scriptures. We are going to use the same path here. First, let’s analyze the passage mentioning some Heavenly persons of “female gender”:

Zech.5 9 Then I raised my eyes and looked, and there were two women, coming with the wind in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven.

Considering that these unusual women had wings, it couldn’t have been earthly women; even very unusual and extravagant ones. Some may suppose, that they weren’t “She-angels” but “demonesses”. Well, I think based on the general meaning and context even without looking at the original text of the Scriptures we can state that they still were “She-angels”, if we can use such term. However, the fact that they were persons not of our world, i.e. from “quarantine”, and they were women and not even earthly women is of more importance in out case. They are called ISHA (married/taken from man) which is translated as wife or woman. The Scripture often mentions Heavenly beings — malakhs as ISH. It is written that the first “married” earthly woman Hava was ISHA, i.e. “married”, taken from a husband/man, who is ISH. ISH and ISHA are husband/man and wife/woman from the divine point of view, and in their divine essence they reflect the Almighty’s image. So, they were not “earthly persons of female gender”. That’s to begin with.

Secondly, let’s remember those several principles that we mentioned in the beginning, and first of all the principle that ABSOLUTELY everything earthly is a reflection of the Heavenly, and all visible physical things have their roots in the invisible spiritual things. In light of this let’s consider first man — Adam and Hava, because according to the Scriptures it is a man and a woman together that is the MAN in all completeness. That is the only way it can be. Note the fact that a man — Adam and Hava, husband and wife — was created in the image of the Almighty. We also remember that our Almighty — Yahweh Elohim is EHAD, not YAHID. Ehad in Hebrew is one that is one who is composed of some parts; it is a complicated oneness. Yahid in its turn is one, that is “one-piece”, composed of a homogenous thing. But the Almighty is EHAD. One of the manifestations of the Most High aside from the Heavenly Father is His Spirit, Ruach haKodesh — Holy Spirit. We’re not mentioning His Son Yeshua, but I guess you see where I’m headed.

Many of you possibly know the Father and the Son have male gender in Hebrew language, while the Spirit — Ruach — has female gender. So, many researches, wisemen and interpreters always had an understanding that it was Ruach haKodesh, Holy Spirit, Shekhina as manifested glory of the Almighty, Who was this manifestation of “female part” of the Most High, so to say. Because if both man and woman were created in the image of the Almighty, that means they were reflecting different planes of His image. Only Hava’s physical body was created a bit later than that of Adam, but her divine soul — neshama was created by the breath of the Father simultaneously with Adam’s neshama, and they were both put into prepared body together at the same time. We have already analyzed the details of this process based on Gen.2:7.

Our original divine soul — neshama — has been blocked before the very moment of our physical coming into this world. It was covered with the veil of “oblivion”, speaking in Scripture terms. Only when we address the Almighty, our divine memory starts to come alive step by step. It is written that when we turn to the Messiah, the veil is being lifted. A woman is a daughter of the Heavenly Father and her nature and characteristics are mainly correspondent to the nature and essence of the Holy Spirit. That’s why Ruach and ISHA have female gender; because the Spirit comes from the Father as the wife came from the husband. This image is very precise and clear.

Therefore, a woman is not some “Heavenly being” who were THEN just a “ministering spirit”, according to the letter to Hebrews 1:14. Moreover, girls/women living now are not former sons of the Almighty, who were destined by “some lot” to be born in women bodies here in this quarantine, with characteristics of a female soul. Of course not! It would have been terribly unnatural and unfair. If we read the text in original, we see that Hava wasn’t created from Adam’s “rib”; it is written that the Almighty put Adam to sleep, took his SIDE — tsela in Hebrew — and this SIDE of a man He covered with flesh, giving her a body; at that time it was still a glorified one. That’s why originally a man and a woman were Eternal partners, who were two parts of one unit, with each of them having free will and each of them being a complete person with their own emotions, intellect etc. Hava was originally created as a helper to Adam, and she was completely COMPARABLE to him, as it is written: make him a helper comparable to him”. She was a complete match to him in spiritual, soul and physical aspects. And they were joined together and lived in oneness of all kinds — in love. Thus, they reflected a complete image of the Almighty, Who is EHAD.

Some may ask, why were they created “eternal” partners? Because in absence of sin there was no death, and of course, nobody ever thought of divorce. There was also no need in “marrying”, because what the Heavenly Father creates is perfect in itself and doesn’t need any corrections. That’s why Yeshua once said about it that it wasn’t so in the beginning”. Please, note one more hint: IN THE BEGINNING (Bereshit, Heb.) means not just in the Garden of Eden, but first of all during Gen.1:1, when this word was used for the first time; and that means in the beginning of EVERYTHING when there was no sin yet, there was no so-called “Pre-Adam Flood”, described in Gen.1:2 etc. It is important.

While there was no sin in Eden’s Gardin till a certain moment, the model of a man and a woman as EHAD and ETERNAL was a perfect pattern, designed by the Creator and our Heavenly Father. It was this ideal and eternal union that could reflect the image of the Heavenly Father permanently connected to His Spirit, Ruach haKodesh, Who is of a female gender. Eden is some place, some reality, connecting the Heavenly and the Earthly. Adam and Hava here on earth in the Garden of Eden were the reflection of some spiritual reality, invisible for us now, through which all visible came to be. Understanding of this principle and considering all of the above we can see that Sons of the Almighty, called “stars” in the Scriptures, had at some point after their birth received their “beloved second half”, which we can see from the example of Adam and Hava.

She-angel is going to transform…

There is an interesting passage in the Scriptures, where the Almighty addresses the fallen cherub, former “son of the morning”, as a woman, using pronoun AT (“you” — fem.gen) instead of ATA (“you” — male gen.). In the following passage we can see a “double vocative” related to this cherub, both as male and female. One can see it only when reading in the original language based on the pronouns: ַ אַתָּה ATA: “you” — male gender; ַאַתְּ AT: “you” female gender.

There is also such notion as possessive pronoun your. In Hebrew this pronoun consists of two consonants: bet and het (sophit), which follow the main word. “Your” as male possessive is beha, and as female — it is bah; the consonants remain the same but the vocalization is different בְּךָ (beha) — male gender בָּךְ (bah) — female gender.

The text has other details connected with vocalization which are the only markers of the gender. The problem is, those vocalization marks were put down only in 6-8 age of the new era, based on tradition, i.e. “from memory”, transmitted through the generations. As for written scrolls of Tanakh, all consonants and also different nuances of writing in original texts were passed down outstandingly precise, and there was a lot of researches on that matter. As for vocalizations, which can point out the male or female gender, there’s, of course, no such certainty. It can be connected both with “human factor” and mistakes of oral tradition, while there were times in Israel history when even the written Torah was forgotten, and that not only in lives of some kings but the priesthood as well, who were more than others responsible for those Scriptures. I make absolutely no claim that somebody put those “corrections” on purpose, based on their own understanding and thus violating the oral tradition of pronunciation, but it would be naive to exclude the fact of error in the process of transmission of “oral” unfixed pronunciation, providing the periods of clear apostasy. Only written consonants can be a sure proved fact of their validity, what has been confirmed multiple times, including the Qumran scrolls.

On the other hand, the Almighty didn’t give any vowels for the holy language on purpose to show the multivariance of understanding of Scriptures time and again, with all of its various planes and shades which can be revealed only by the Holy Spirit. And vocalization, put down by people, is just one of many planes of understanding which was revealed in its time. Through lack of vowels the Almighty in fact prevents people from putting Him “into a box” of this or that human interpretation tradition, existing in any period of development. Consonants are some CARCASS of understanding, some “spiritual skeleton bone”, and it is a symbol of the “Word”. And vowels are the symbol of some “spiritual flesh”, which is more mobile and flexible. And it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, Who “breathes wherever He wills” and Who reveals different planes to us.

Ezek.28 11 Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, 12 “Son of man, take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre, and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lords Gods: (pl.) Most High (sg.): you (“ATA” — male gen.) were the seal (imprint) of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. 13 You were in Eden, the garden of Gods; every precious stone was your covering (“BAH” — fem.gen., vocalization points to fem.gen.): the sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes (“BAH” — fem.gen., vocalization points to fem.gen.) was prepared for you on the day you were created. 14  “You (“AT” — fem.gen.) the cherub — anointing, that covers/forms; I gave (established — according to the meaning) you; you were on the holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. 15 You (“ATA” — male gen.) were innocent in your ways from the day you were created, till (great) iniquity was found in you (“BAH” — fem.gen., vocalization points to fem.gen.), 16 “By the abundance of your trading (business activity) you became filled with violence within, and you missed the target; therefore I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of gods; and you will be lost, O covering (forming) cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones. 17 “Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you poured out your wisdom for the sake of your splendor (spent your wisdom to make an advertisement for yourself; or to make an “appearance” for yourself). I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings (“BAH” — fem.gen., vocalization points to fem.gen.), that they might gaze at you. 18 “You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your [conscious] iniquities, by the iniquity of your trading [advertisement]; therefore I will bring fire from your midst; it shall devour you, and I will turn you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all who saw you. 19 All who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you; you have become a horror, and shall be no more forever.”

First of all, I want to make clear the fact that the beginning of the 13th verse can be also translated as …every stone of splendor in your clothes…”. The stones were sewed or built into his clothes, that symbolized his ministry, therefore, indirectly speaking they were almost built in him as a minister.

Based on the facts, we can see that in this Scripture passage, both male and female pronoun “YOU” is used when addressing the cherub. Besides, vocalized translation, that was passed down to us, features possessive pronoun “BAHwhich is used only when addressing females, at least three times.

The former “covering cherub” combined in himself two natures — both male and female, which is absolutely confirmed by the context and original Scripture text. Nowhere in the Scriptures this fallen cherub is referenced to as the “son of the Almighty” or equivalent of that — as a “star”: kohav. The name he had before his fall is הֵילֵל בֶּן־שָׁחַר heylel benshahar (Isa.14:12). This name has many variants and options of translation. Different vocalizations can “color” them in different shades, therefore it is important to understand the main essence. The discussion of this name alone can take the whole chapter, but I’m not going to do that. I just want to share one of the main planes: glorifying/praising son of dawn/morning light”.

We have already touched upon the subject of different characteristics of creatures and their difference from the children of the Almighty. The ability to possess male or female nature was different for all of them. We can see it partly from the examples of creatures, created during the fifth and sixth day of the earth restoration. As for higher rank beings whom we can define as “ministering spirits”, like seraphs and cherubs, the Scripture has nothing that speaks of their being divided into males and females. Related to that matter there is an understanding that the majority of ministering spirits, who have certain freedom of will in terms of choice they were given, manifest more some particular nature — either male or female. That’s why “Angels” as ministering spirits can resemble both men and women. All “Angels” of the highest rank of glory are very special, being able to have “combined nature” in some proportion; as the former “covering cherub”, for instance. Simpler creatures who had no such freedom of choice were as a rule divided into either males or females and could reproduce. As for the former “covering cherub” and his special nature, let’s consider a very interesting passage from the book of Ehezkel (Ezekiel) 28:13b:

מְלֶאכֶת תֻּפֶּיךָ וּנְקָבֶיךָ בָּךְ

This sentence has two meanings depending on vocalization. If it is vocalized as melahat tupeh a u nekaveh a bah”, it means the trade (art) of your smiths and tattooists (piercing) in you…” (before that we see list of stones, built in her clothes, in her, figuratively speaking); here the cherub is addressed as a female (possessive pronoun bah).

However, if we read this passage with another vocalization, it will give us an understanding of the deeper essence of this “covering cherub”: malahit tuvah ve nekevaih bah”:

The she-angel is going to turn (transform, change her nature) and your femininity in you (or a female in you or female gender in you) were prepared in the day of your creation”.

The Almighty has two sides in Him, two parts which at physiological level are related to male and female gender and at soul level — male and female sides manifested in specifics of thinking, psychology, emotions etc. As it is written, He created male and female in His image. Please, note that originally the Most High created both male and female together in one body. Only then He separated female part of man and put it into a corresponding female body.

The former “covering cherub” was given a split personality which in a certain measure reflected the inner essence of the Creator to solve certain issues. If we review all of the above in prophetic mode, we can see that at some point due to damaged thinking the female part of the “covering cherub’s” nature, and prophetically — his soul part, prevailed in him and he/she started to deviate and “was filled with iniquity from within”. We do know that it was this cherub, who sinned first. Also it was Hava, not Adam, who was first to sin, as it is written:

1 Tim.2 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

This passage literally speaks of Hava, but while the earthly is just a reflection of the Heavenly, it hints that sin got into the spirit, into the heart through the soul. Just as Hava gave her husband the fruit of the tree and he ate, the “soul prompted the spirit” to eat spiritual food, which wasn’t supposed to be eaten THEN and in THAT WAY. We can also see a hint that the “covering cherub” succumbed to sin in his “female part”, as “she-angel” which became a “bitch” or speaking in theological terms a “demoness”. This image of a conceited and sinful rejected soul has prophetically accurate reflection in history of rejected queen Vashti and Hebrew girl Gadassa, who became queen Esther. Gadassa is an image of humble and simultaneously regal soul which all the faithful need to possess.

The creation of this cherub reflects Creator’s magnificence and beauty, manifested both in its male part as the Heavenly Father and Yeshua, and in its female part as Holy Spirit; because, as many of you know, the word “Spirit” has female gender in the original language. 9 stones are also indirect testimony that the Almighty helped this Heavenly creature to develop all necessary eternal divine qualities of fullness of character and etc, but after this cherub let the virus of sin to be born in him, he tried to take place of the real Wife of the Messiah, “pushing aside” the Heavenly couples of Eternal partners, who were supposed to reach spiritual maturity and enter into a special covenant, which gave them the Wife status of Son of the Almighty. Irreparable thing happened at some point, and this cherub turned to a “slippery slope” of pride, haughtiness and the like, not being able to “stand”, as Yeshua said: and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him” (Jh.8:44).

Queen Vashti is, first of all, an image of that part of King’s wife who “acted up” because of her beauty and vanity. And secondly, it is a prophetic reflection of the “son of the morning”, of “she-angel” who tried to make this place vacant with her scheming, and then to take it through her illigal manipulations: I will exalt my throne above the stars of God… I will be like the Most High”. This cherub wanted to “steal” the status of a real Wife through his scheming, and everything happening on earth is the reflection of that.

Number “12” is a part of Messiah’s Wife/Bride’s image, manifesting the fullness of King’s glory: 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles — disciples of Yeshua, 12 gates of the New Jerusalem, 12 stones in Hoshen (pectoral) of the High koen, symbolizing 12 kinds of manifested glory of the King in 12 tribes/generations of His children.

The clothes of the “covering cherub” had nine built-in stones which completely corresponded to the first, second and fourth row of the High Priest’s Hoshen (pectoral): Ezek.28:13 — Ex.28:15-21. That’s why we can take as one of the prophetic clues that the lack of those three stones was like the lack of some three qualities, three fruits of the Holy Spirit, which happened to be critical for his condition. As it was personally revealed to me, I think that these fruits were humbleness/meekness, patience and trust.

Universal Tragedy

Now, considering all of the above we can uncover a bit of the greatest tragedy that happened THEN. At the moment described in Gen.1:2, as we remember, there were three main groups of Heavenly persons which were not homogenous. The virus of sin, actions of the main temptor, opposition in the FAMILY  and the war that followed — all of that brought different divisions. Some couples remained loyal, some fell, succumbing to temptation, some got into category of those who “sinned out of negligence”. And everyone without exception were defiled by death in different degree. Sin tore many couples asunder and damaged a lot of unions. There were such situations when “he” — the son of the Almighty — opposed the FAITHFUL by taking side with the group that was later called FALLEN, and his Heavenly partner remained loyal to her Father and King. There were, unfortunately, opposite situations. There were many cases when both he and she got into category of those who “sinned accidentally”, but the level and gravity of their sin could be very different. There were instances, when one partner joined with the FALLEN, and the other didn’t cross some “point of no return”, so to say, by hardening his or her heart non plus ultra. There were also other situations, as you can easily imagine.

Some of you may have some doubts and questions, on what basis do we come to such conclusions concerning divisions among couples only through some “common sense”, which is a rather subjective matter in spite of all prayers and revelations. I can answer that with the following fact, which I believe was pointed out to me by the Almighty when I was preparing these materials. The existing statistics, despite all of its flaws, says that there are always more boys born than girls; sometimes their amount is significantly higher. One can, of course, try to explain it by higher mortality rate for males because of all wars and conflicts happening in the world, and therefore “nature’s” regulating of all that, but I don’t believe in “nature” as a regulator.

We remember that visible comes from the invisible” which is a universal principle. Men are more aggressive and their security threshold is lower; women, generally, have it vice versa. And it is manifested not only in military sphere but also, say, in their manner of driving and in many other things. Women are more careful and neat in many aspects, that’s how both genders were designed by the Heavenly Father. Therefore, looking at all those images and facts, one can assume even without some special revelations that “Eternal female partners” were more careful on one hand, so they could serve as a constraining factor for their male partners; as much as they could, of course. On the other hand, it was the “female part” who sinned first, so, perhaps, there were opposite cases. In general, the number of sons of the Almighty who got into this spiritual quarantine was a bit higher, than that of their “Eternal female partners”. Maybe it also depended on the fact that males took more active part in THAT war, so they were “defiled by death” in higher degree than their partners. In every respect, considering the variety of characters, callings and personal traits, all of those groups were very much intermingled.

Understanding of this matter can become an answer to some interesting issues that we’ve encountered a bit while living in this world. Without a doubt, there was a certain amount of couples that got into that spiritual quarantine together. The Heavenly Council decided who, when and where is supposed to be born, and it is possible, that there were decisions made that he and she should be born in the same timeframe and almost in the same place, so they could encounter each other in this quarantine and walk this road together. It was the source of the notion that each of us should be looking for their “half” here on earth and some are “lucky”, so to say, although the reason for that is different. Many of you have heard such phrase, that have been existing in all nations and throughout all times, that “unions are made in Heavens”. So, imagine where it really came from, based on all of the above. Not many people understand that, but “genetic spiritual memory” of our divine soul — neshama — send the echoes of that true reality to us. We can even say that “neshama shines through nefesh:).

I’m sure the Heavenly Father oftentimes responded to the couples’ wish to be together in this quarantine, and helped them meet each other in this world. Perhaps not always for some reasons, but very often. So taking that into account, we can clearly see that rather often many people here are unhappy to a certain degree, because they cannot find their true “half” who was their “Eternal partner” THEN. And due to their temporarily blocked memory, and sometimes in spite of that, there comes this intuitive feeling, an understanding “from deep within” that this “half” is there somewhere. But there are cases when this “half” is not in this world at all, while it either crossed some point of no return, or awaits for us in the house of our Heavenly Father with patience and love… It is usually hidden from us till some appointed time; that’s why it’s not enough just to meet one’s “half” here in this world, if it is even possible, the most important thing is to remember the Father, to reconcile with Him and return Home.

Do you remember another popular phrase: “prince in shining armor and on a white horse”? I’m not going to insist, of course, but I’d like to share a possible variant of where this notion came from into our “infosphere”. If “she” appeared here, but “he” didn’t cross the line and remained loyal to the Almighty, then if “she” reconciles with the Father, there will come a moment in the future when her Eternal partner, with whom she was separated during this time of spiritual quarantine, comes after her in his shining armor riding a white horse together with Yeshua’s army. It is written in the book of Revelations that Yeshua is going to ride a white stallion and there will be multitude of saints and a great army with Him. Therefore, her “prince in shining armor” has to  be there also. Why a prince? Well, if the Father is the King, then His son has royal blood, just as she does. There are also many other images and narratives which found their way into art and folklore, and which can indirectly confirm this thought.

In any case, when everybody returns to their Heavenly Home, our Heavenly Father is going to wipe away every tear from our eyes and bless everything that was restored by His mercy. He is also going to unite those who lost their “Eternal partners” by creating new couples. The Most High is our loving Father and He knows how to restore everything to a state no worse than was before after our final redemption and restoration:

LCV’19r Translation:

Rev.21 1 Then I saw an unusual heaven and an unusual earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared. Also there was no more deep waters… 4 And the Almighty Himself will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor crying, nor wailing. There shall be no more suffering, for the former things have passed away forever!”

As for some interesting nuances of Eternal partners’ relationships in the future world, there is a revelation of one brother to whom the Almighty revealed this sphere a bit, and he shared this revelation in his book. His name is Oden Hetrick, and his book’s title is: Inside the Gates of Heaven”. We know the Almighty doesn’t reveal us everything, but He shows different puzzles through various of His children. I believe that Hetrick was a person through whom one of these planes was revealed a bit. One of noteworthy and interesting points in his testimony was that THERE in Heaven those Eternal partners were like Adam and Hava, having ability to join together in one body as highest form of oneness and love. It is possible only in glorified bodies, and it’s partly like Adam and Hava were together in the same body before they were separated; only she didn’t have a glorified body of her own at that moment, only spiritual one (spirit or “inner man”) together with “divine soul” — neshama.

There is also another essential point: in the end of the 2nd chapter of the book Bereshit, when sin wasn’t there yet, Adam and Hava were told that a person should leave his or her parents to be united with his/her partner “as one flesh”: leBasar Ehad. Basar is flesh, Ehad is oneness consisting of several parts. When a man and a woman are joined together to produce offsprings here on earth, their “joining” is not yet becoming “one flesh”, as it was originally designed. Bodies weakened by sin cannot be joined together to become “one flesh” — EHAD; it is impossible. There is only an opportunity to be joined together for “reproduction”, i.e. for creating a physical body so that souls could come into this world through that. Ability to bear children wasn’t just temporarily given here for a time being, as many think, but we’re going to cover it later. Unfortunately, there is no place to cover all details in the framework of this material, but I believe the Spirit of our Heavenly Father is going to help us understand everything we need now.

Blocked memory of banishment

Now, let’s us discuss the issue of our memory, blocked during the time of our spiritual quarantine, and also the fact that Heavenly persons were separated because of action of sin. There is a wonderful analogy, which can be seen in Israel’s division into two Kingdoms — South and North. Many know that in a while after division took place sin really found its way into ten tribes, comprising the North Israel Kingdom, which led to breaking off the Covenant and banishment out of the Promised Land. In time the descendants of these tribes lost their identification and have mostly forgotten, who they were and where were their true roots. Not all of them, of course, and not entirely, because some descendants kept certain memories and “pieces of traditions”. This group is a prophetic image of those Heavenly souls who “sinned accidentally” and were removed to this earthly quarantine with their memory temporarily blocked. These are sons and daughters of the Kingdom, sowed into this world to live here. Sometimes they have thoughts, dreams and memories, shining through the “veil of oblivion”, but as a whole it is blocked till the appointed time — time, when we meet our Heavenly Father. As it is written, when Yeshua returns He’s going to shine us all with His light and everything will become clear and known. Once Yeshua said that there are still “sheep of another pasture”, who are supposed to be gathered, and these are not just lost tribes of Israel. Prophetically we are those sheep, undergoing our spiritual quarantine, who temporarily are “the lost tribes of heavenly Israel”. To get a right focus to understand many things connected with the “Testing Ground”, we have to always remember that the New Testament was made with two Houses exclusively: with the House of Judah and with the House of Israel, according to Jer.31:31. The rest of people are entering this covenant individually through personal Covenant with Yeshua the Messiah.

In this case the House of Judah symbolizes those Heavenly children, who remained faithful THEN. But it has one important detail: we remember that though representatives of the South Kingdom retained their self-identification, there was a period, nevertheless, when almost entire Kingdom of Judah went into galut (“dispersion”) to Babylon for 70 years. Even in other periods not everyone in this Kingdom was “the same”… Of course, there also was a Remnant, according to the Father’s promise, but still the majority was temporarily smitten by idolatry virus. The major part returned, but the return of the remainder took a long time. For that reason, is it right to identify Heavenly persons, who remained faithful, with representatives of the tribe of Judah, with many Jews falling off after their return from Babylon? Of course, I asked this question myself, and the Heavenly Father pointed out to me that first of all, it is a prophetic symbol which has a “reflection” in our world, in our reality, therefore, it cannot be 100% alike. This symbol shows us the main essence related to the Remnant in particular, which remained faithful both during the division of the Kingdom, and during their return from Babylon, and in the moment when they accepted Yeshua as Messiah and King. And then, He highlighted an episode when those, who remained loyal during THAT war, for some reasons because of active virus of sin: those sons of the Almighty from the 6th chapter of the book of Bereshit, which is described in more details in the book of Enoch. Those were faithful sons of the Almighty, who didn’t join with the fallen THEN, but remained loyal.

So, here’s a reasonable question: why did they consciously decided to violate the Almighty’s restriction in spite of their holiness, pureness, wisdom and other positive qualities, though they understood that the punishment shall follow? They were witnesses of what happened earlier and saw the terrible consequences. And what they did brought awful results. One of the reasons was that almost everyone succumbed to the virus of sin to some degree, which was further aggravated by defilement from death during THAT conflict. We are going to dig deeper into this matter in one of the final parts. It wasn’t as simple as some may think out of naivety, that it was a common temptation by “physical flesh”. The key role in making those wrong decisions had the matter of strength or, vice versa, weakness of their spiritual immune systems, and we’re going to talk about it now.

Spiritual immune system

Oftentimes the problem was in the “amount of sin virus” and also in the strength of spiritual immune system of every son and daughter of the King. Earthly viruses and diseases are only physical reflection of what happened before and keeps happening in the spiritual world. Quarantine for those who are infected and strengthening of the immune system of those who are getting better is the main instrument in such situations. What is a “spiritual immune system” anyways? It is something very complicated. As we have analyzed earlier, in every child of the Almighty, or rather in every divine soul — neshama — there is something that the Scripture calls “image”. This “something” is an imprint of the Almighty’s personality and that is a model for development and life. Intimacy with Him, trust in Him, and fruits of the Spirit — all of that releases a certain level of glory, which serves as protective cover for this “image”, this “imprint of Almighty’s personality”. When this protective glory diminishes, this “image” in us can be damaged with all ensuing consequences.

What can strengthen our spiritual immune system? Communication with the Almighty, abiding in His living Word, praise and worship — all of that are integral parts of intimacy with our Father and His Spirit, of Whom we are born. Approaching Him strengthens our spiritual immune system, while distancing from Him weakens it. All of that is rather easy to understand. So, at THAT TIME this “universal virus” spread spiritual infection of pride, rebellion, vanity and other “spiritual yuk and gunk” absolutely everywhere. And everyone got exposed to all that schmutz. We know that not all people are the same; and also not all Heavenly and Earthly children of the King were the same. Each of us has our own level of intimacy in our relationships with the Heavenly Father, and everyone has their own inner spiritual and emotional characteristics. Therefore, those who were able to stand and who didn’t have this spiritual disease so bad that it could push them into sin, making some bad actions, nevertheless, all of them were exposed to this virus, getting a correspondent “dose of infection”. About that it is written:

Job 4 18 If He puts no trust in His servants, if He charges His angels with error, 19  how much more those who dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust…

Job 15 15 If God puts no trust in His saints, and the heavens are not pure in His sight…

The first passage, which speaks of Angels, means ministering spirits. And the second passage, which speaks of “saints”, means the children of the Almighty. From the other side, Job 4:18-19 says that the Almighty cannot completely trust many Heavenly beings, who didn’t betray Him and remained loyal, especially those, who “distinguished themselves”, without any evil intent though, and were consequently put in the spiritual quarantine: into these “houses of clay”. Full redemption could come only through the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua, but it was still far ahead:

NIV Translation:

Heb.9 22 In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. 23 It was necessary, then, for the copies of the heavenly things to be purified with these sacrifices, but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these.

Therefore it is written that not only people, but all Heavenly creatures as well want to understand this atonement process. And their interest isn’t just purely academical:

1 Pet. 1 12 To them it was revealed that, not to themselves, but to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven—things which angels desire to look into.

The word “look into” is a translation of the Greek word παρακύπτω (parakyupto), which has following variants of translation:

1. look into; 2. look closely, peer into; transf. penetrate, pierce.

It’s not just curiosity, it is a clear concernment of someone having personal first-hand interest on every level. It is also written:

Rom.8 19 For the earnest expectation of all of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing (appearance) of the sons of God….

Soul bodies” were sowed into the quarantine of this world, and “spiritual bodies” are supposed to be revealed, to appear (1 Cor.15:44) after it. I want you to note the phrase all of the creation”, especially the word ALL.

Whatever were the main reasons, that became a decisive “moving power” in the decision, which the sons of the Almighty made in the 6th chapter of the book of Bereshit, I want to emphasize that only the weakening of “spiritual immune systems” due to the action of sin virus and “defilement by death” made way for events of those ancient days to take place.

Who is the Remnant?

There are many different versions circulating in the world concerning that matter, and some of them cross over. Before we consider it in the “Testing Ground” framework, let’s read one Scripture passage and look at the original text.

2 Kings 19 30 And those who have escaped (peleyta) of the house of Jehudah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward. 31 For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant (shearit), and those who escape (peleyta) — from Mount Zion. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.

The Hebrew language has two main words which are related to the “Remnant” in one way or another, in the sense that we want to analyze here. In this passage both of them used together:

פְלֵיטָה   peleyta  1. deliverance, salvation; 2. saved, delivered 

שְׁאֵרִיתִ  shearit  remnant, surviving 

In spite of these words being very close in meaning, the first word — peleyta — has a shade of meaning that something was saved, delivered, and it was able to survive. This word can mean not only someone who has been saved and rescued, but salvation, redemption” itself. The second word — shearit — has a shade that someone has got in on the act of saving besides of being helped from outside, as it is written: Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”.

The essence of this passage is very well confirmed by an episode, when Joshua, son of Nun was fighting Amalek and Moshe was holding his arms lifted up during the battle. The understanding of the semantic meaning of these Hebrew letters confirms it.

May be some of you are interested to learn that gematria of this word is “911”. You see, Hebrew language never had any numbers, they appeared only as a result of Hebrews’ engagement with neighboring nations; and it wasn’t the only thing they took from them. You know that “911” is a rescue service number in many countries, and I think it’s not a coincidence. Many of you might also recall the notorious terror attack on two towers in New-York that happened on 11th of September — 9.11 (American style), which is also not a coincidence at all. At that time it was a terror attack planned by the world “elite”, and it had several reasons. One of them is that by blowing up these two towers “they” were prophesying damage and destruction of the Remnant of the Almighty’s people, which are those from “believing Jews” and also from “believers among the nations”. “They” did a certain prophetic act, directed at damaging of the Remnant, which has two scepters in its hands: one of Judah and one of Joseph (Ezek.37:15-41).

The second word (shearit) also has a shortened version (without two last letters) which carry the same semantic meaning but has an additional shade:

שְׁאָר shear remnant, chosen; others.

There is a Scripture passage that emphasizes above mentioned shades:

Isa.10 20 And it shall come to pass in that day that the remnant (shear) of Israel, and such as have escaped (peleyta) of the house of Jacob, will never again depend on him who defeated them, but will depend on Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.

When the name “Yahweh” is mentioned, it usually has a shade of galut — being outside of the Promised Land, outside of the fullness of calling, power, dignity and glory. And when the name “Israel” is mentioned, or any connection to it, it usually means the fullness of calling, power and glory. In the verse above we see that there are two main groups in the Remnant concept. The first group is the “Remnant” from “Israel” part. The representatives of it are, for instance, Caleb and Joshua, son of Nun, who were ready to fight the giants in the Promised Land, completely trusting the Almighty.

It is Gideon and his “300 Hebrewans”. It is prophet Eliyahu (Elijah), and also David and the like. The second groups consists of mainly those, who are not traitors, they have no rebellious intentions in their hearts and minds, but they are often hesitant when facing serious troubles, while they are weaker spiritually and not so strong in faith as well. These are being saved and redeemed by the Almighty’s faithfulness and mercy.

It is like an example of barley and wheat in the context of moadim — days appointed for people to come before the Most High. People had to bring unleavened barley bread for Pesach feast; for Shavuot feast, however, they brought two leavened hala baked from wheat. “Unleavened barley” on Pesach is a symbol of the “fighting Remnant”. “Leavened wheat” on Shavuot (“Pentecost”) is a symbol of a hesitating Remnant, which wasn’t steady all the time, due to the leaven of sin, that got inside. But they try to make efforts, and therefore they get saved based on mercy and faithfulness of the King; they also have to go through cleansing to be redeemed from their leaven — it must be “burned out” by the fire of tribulations of all sorts.

Considering everything mentioned above, let’s us analyze the matter of the Remnant in context of the “Testing Ground”. By the moment described in Gen.1:2 some very significant events happened. One of them was that during this long opposition time a number of sons and daughters of the Almighty managed to see and understand what has really happened. The hidden things were becoming known, and realization of what was going on and of the tragedy they were pulled into started to come to them more and more. Although they’ve made some wrong steps and unrighteous actions, they still managed to make tshuva, i.e. call upon their Heavenly Father and admit their mistakes. In spite of such a right action they couldn’t have possibly gotten cleansing and forgiveness through just saying they were sorry, because the problem was not in their inner hesitations or soul agony — they’ve already done some actions. It was like if a person who killed somebody accidentally in ancient Israel took a loudspeaker and started to shout out a request to be pardoned. It can be accepted as a mitigating factor, but it couldn’t be a foundation for rehabilitation.

What mattered in a situation like this was the “depth of the fall”, i.e., quantity and quality of bad actions. If one making tshuva (repenting and admitting one’s mistakes) managed not just to say he/she was sorry, but also do something as a “fruit meet for repentance”, as it is written, then these “fruits of repentance” were “put on the scale”, when there was enough sincerity of a heart. Yeshua once said that Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (Jh.15:13). This statement has ETERNAL status and acts not only now, but THEN as well. It is also written that true love is not one expressed with words only, but with appropriate actions, and it covers many sins” (1 Peter 4:8). And this truth has ETERNAL status as well. I’m not going to bring any others while these “two witnesses” are enough.

So, even THEN, taking everything into account with correspondent sincerity of tshuva, the Father made His just decision. Of course, not every destiny is equal in spite of all their seeming likeness. Nevertheless, there were certain criteria serving as the measure and limit for the “Testing Ground” terms. THEN, based on everything said and done, definite promises were given, that in spite of the quarantine and those trials and tribulations that one had to prevail, the Heavenly Father is going to do everything possible (without violating anything He has appointed and set Himself) to keep and return these souls into their Heavenly Home. Based on the responsibility level of each person, as it is written everyone shall bear his load”, the Heavenly Father could mitigate the terms of the quarantine, taking back to Himself the souls of those, who were yet little children, so they wouldn’t be “leavened up” with the virus of sin here on earth. The terms of birth and life situations could be just as different here, as they were different THEN when the virus was halted. It is written that through untimely end of a righteous person the Almighty takes his/her soul out of this world, and it is also said that many don’t understand he/she is being taken “from evil” (Isa.57:1). It is a hint that who acted RIGHTEOUSLY THEN can by Father’s mercy leave this quarantine earlier, and it is His blessing and promise to keep this righteous soul from evil.

Please, remember the fact that Almighty really PROMISED that no one living in the shelter-city, is going to be killed by the “avenger of blood”, provided they follow all rules and limitations, and that after new High Priest rises, they are going to return home. Of course, this was possible only if the case was considered and the decision was made there were no evil intentions in the actions of this person. Besides, the promise of “protection and salvation” in a shelter-city was in force only if one obediently followed its rules during all time of living there.

Undoubtedly, there were still some risks, not everything was smooth, and the enemy “roared, looking to devour” because that was the category of heavenly and earthly souls, who were actively opposing him, they were those whom the “son of the morning” and all of the fallen hated most of all. He hated Israel per se, because not only was it a reflection of the Heavenly children of the Almighty in one of its planes, it was also a reflection and manifestation of the Remnant, i.e. FAITHFUL who opposed those later called FALLEN.

The foundation of the Remnant was consisting of the “Heavenly”, who during THAT war had more experience, wisdom and power. The other part of the Remnant was formed of the sons and daughters of the Almighty who joined them and who had “Earthly” origin from 70 “earthly” worlds. The fact that many people from other nations joined Israel even before Yeshua, is a confirmation of this prophetic image. That is one of the main reasons of such furious hatred of the enemy towards Israel and its descendant by flesh. The key righteous characters HERE, that is Hanoch (Enoch), Noah, Abraham, Moshe, Job and many others, were a part of the Remnant, and the Heavenly Father distributed them “in time and space” in such manner to execute His redemption plan.

Damaged “tents” or broken “avatars”

During the Heavenly Council, presided by the Almighty, definite decisions were made related to all “Heavenly” and “Earthly” souls who had to undergo spiritual quarantine on earth: both regarding those who survived and those who “died physically”, or whose physical bodies were destroyed, i.e. experienced “fatal damage”, and whose souls were in certain waiting places. They decided on the corresponding terms of the quarantine, and it was not only on the time of birth, nation, and family but also on a set of other conditions. They had certain bodies prepared for their life in quarantine. But what was the essence of these bodies in fact? The Scripture speaks about them as “old huts” or “shabby tents”:

NIV Translation:

2 Cor.5 1 For we know that if the earthly tent we live in — our body — is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, — spiritual body, created by God and not built by human hands. 2 Meanwhile we groan, longing to be clothed instead with our heavenly dwelling.

Bodies weakened by sin” are not sin virus that already “sits in the tent” as some house demon, waiting for the soul to come, but it is a body initially deprived of the original glory, which happened prophetically in the Garden of Eden. After the events in that garden bodies started getting sick, old, tired etc. Yeshua got the same type of body: it didn’t have the virus of sin but it was lacking original glory. That’s what Paul talks about in his Letter to Romans 8:3, where it is written that He came into our world “in likeness of sinful flesh”, i.e., in a physical body which was weakened by sin that “stole” original glory.

What about those “earthly tents” damaged or “changed illegally” as a result of hybridization started since some sons of the Almighty entered in to the “daughters of men”? Nephilim(s) is a noun in plural form, a derivative from Hebrew word naphal i.e, to fall”. According to the Scriptures it means the fallen, coming into this world as tares, as Yeshua said in Matt.13:24-30; 36-42. And hybrides are the bodies having a hybrid DNA which can include glorified bodies’ DNA of sons of the Almighty, human DNAs, having bodies “weakened by sin”, and also DNAs of different creatures of the animal world; plus, their combinations and proportions could be different. Many of those hybrids were giants, and we know that the entire earth “was filled with wickedness”, so the DNA of those sons of the Almighty, who sinned, was mixed with both human and animal DNAs. These bodies, “tents” or better say “avatars” were not intended by the Heavenly Council, and they were not approved by the Almighty for souls to go through their quarantine, therefore, they actually had a ‘damaged’ status. And we do remember that the Almighty is absolutely just, and He couldn’t change the terms of the test after He approved them.

The hybridization of DNA actually became a “threefold attack” on Almighty’s plan. It is very sad that the sons of the Almighty, being blinded by the pain of their loss, couldn’t humble themselves and accept the Father’s plan. “First attack” was that through hybridization of DNA came danger that Messiah Yeshua would not be able to legitimely come into this world by being incarnated in a normal human body, while it would violate the terms of Redemption by blood of a normal human body, “weakened by sin”. In this case the Divine Plan could not be executed, and there would be no more sense in having this “spiritual quarantine” altogether.

Second attack” was that “avatars” were damaged: because of hybridization they didn’t comply with the necessary terms of “Heavenly Standards” defining the parameters of earthly human bodies anymore: “huts”, “tents”, “avatars” in which the children of the Almighty were supposed to live in their quarantine. Therefore, the time of quarantine lengthened and the number of potential Almighty’s followers diminished, just as the number of His people on earth. As a result the amount of prayers, worship and praise as tools of real spiritual influence on the environment, as a plan to enlarge the Kingdom of the Most High, diminished together with it. Hybrid bodies of different fashion and size are also “tents” and “avatars”, but for whom? New souls don’t appear “automatically”: the enemy has no ability to create life, while Almighty Himself is Life, and He doesn’t create anything damaged by default. The sower — Heavenly Father — sowed the field, which is the world, with the sons of the Heavenly Kingdom, and “when everybody slept”, i.e., when the field — our world — was immersed in spiritual darkness the enemy came and sowed it with tares. That is why the souls within the hybrid bodies are spiritual tares, sent into these bodies to fulfill the enemy’s will.

Third attack” was that following physical descendants, who were fallen and “tares” here on earth, started to “sin with animals”, or to be exact, they “hybridized” their DNA by mixing it with animal DNAs, creating hybrid body avatars through which different rational beings who sided with the fallen THEN could come into this world.

We see from the Scriptures that the enemy was allowed to sow tares, and all of that really fits with absolute justice principle the Heavenly Father always supported. “Enemy” is given a right to sow tares into this world in times of darkness. That’s why he got the right to choose whom, where and when to send into this world if he has the opportunity to execute his wicked goals. Here I want to note that “enemy” means not just satan himself, i.e., the former “son of the morning”, but also all fallen who have their levels of glory, their opportunities and competence in the kingdom they had established per se. The kingdom of darkness has its own persons, responsible for extracting souls who “died physically” THEN and who sided with the fallen, and sending them as tares into corresponding physical “avatars”. What could be a reason for the soul of some fallen person to be sent into this or that body? There can be three main reasons for that.

Reason number one: this person (body) is dedicated to satan with all ensuing rituals and consequences before its birth and/or right after conception. It is possible even if both parents are simple normal people. As we have already mentioned, Judaism has such understanding that a soul — neshama — is sent into a forming body at 40th day after conception. By connecting to the physical body with the help of spirit, a “human earthly soul” is formed — nefesh. Neshama is a part of human soul that is “divine”, and nefesh is a part of an “earthly” soul. So, if before the moment when neshama is sent into the body (first 40 days after conception), this body, this person is dedicated to the “enemy of human souls” or some of the fallen in the person of “demon gods”, the enemy gets a right to this body, and can send a “tare” into it. This is one of the reasons why there is so much demonic in those tribes and peoples where conceived children are dedicated to different idols; because there, sometimes predominantly, they have souls of the fallen.

The second reason is that if some body was damaged and didn’t answer normal human standards, if its DNA was altered or damaged during the conception or right afterwards, such “earthly hut” was deemed unfit for its purpose, in a sense that it didn’t suit the purpose of undergoing the spiritual quarantine, and the enemy got an opportunity to sent a soul there, who sided with him THEN.

The third reason is that it is a result of some rule, some principle that was agreed and approved by the Almighty, and which is an aspect of His justice. Take a case of Cain, for instance. The Scripture says he was a tare:

1 Jh.3 12 …not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother…

Considering Adam and Hava’s level of sin, according to the principle measure for measure” that Yeshua talked about, the soul of the fallen was allowed to enter this world for the level of darkness that came through their action. Of course, not every sin (which are multiple of every kind) is a reason for the fallen souls to come into this world as tares. As it is written, there are “sins worthy of death” and there those that are not. For some sins one had to die, and for others one had to bear another kind of punishment. Therefore, there are some definite parameters and limits, regulating this matter.

Sons and daughters of the Kingdom, just as those who came into this world as tares, had their memory temporarily blocked: this condition was equal for everybody. We are going to discuss other “options” of coming into our world in a physical body in the finishing parts.

From under the firmament

Id like to share an interesting passage of the Scripture in the context of our discussion:

Deut.23 2 One of illegitimate birth shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the assembly of the Lord.

One of illegitimate birth” is a translation of Hebrew word mamzer מַמְזֵר ; this word is used only one more time in the Scripture in the book of prophet Zechariah 9:6. It is translated as mixed race” there. It is hard to find one right translation for this word; it is traditionally translated as “illegitimate child”, which matches the exact meaning of this word’s pshat, but its semantics is way deeper than that.  Analysis of the letters and the primary of this word shows us that the first letter memis a prefix, like a preposition mi’: from, of. As for the three remaining letters, they are mentioned in Tanakh only as a variant of the word mazar, that is in the book of Job (38:32), and translated as constellations. As we already know, the vocalization has been added much later than the texts were written, therefore the most appropriate phrase, that fits both grammatically and semantically, is a phrase “of/from constellations”, with constellations meaning not the made-up galaxies and other “star clusters”, but stars, i.e., lighters built in rakiya (dome), which divides the outer waters from inner ones and which covers our earth. The place UNDER the dome in which the stars are built in is called “firmament”. That’s why contextually appropriate translation of the word, traditionally pronounced as mamzer, is “from the firmament” or “of the stars”: mimazar. I think many of you get the association with the “hosts in the heavenly places”. Here we see not just a subtle hint to those sons of the Almighty who sinned before Noah’s Flood and their hybrid offsprings, but a huge sign with a fat arrow pointing to them. They who have eyes, let them see.

Something good…

The history and the existing testimonies tell us that there were repented hybrids of “nephilim family”, i.e., those we understand as tares. Although these cases were isolated, nevertheless, it happened, that’s why let’s try to explain this fact from the point of view of the “Testing Ground”.

I was asking the Almighty about this matter and while praying I got a phrase in my spirit: for something good was found in him”. I immediately remembered the phrase which prophet Ahiah said to Jeroboam’s wife concerning her sick little child:

1 Kings 14 12 Arise therefore, go to your own house. When your feet enter the city, the child shall die. 13 And all Israel shall mourn for him and bury him, for he is the only one of Jeroboam who shall come to the grave, because in him there is found something good toward the Lord God of Israel in the house of Jeroboam.

We had a detailed analysis of this story in part six, but I’d like to mention it as some mercy principle of the Almighty, that triumphs over judgement. This principle is important for understanding how some persons, “hybrids of nephilim family”, i.e., the fallen having physical bodies with altered DNA, can get a chance of Redemption and salvation in eternity? As for the situation with Jeroboam’s child, there are many reasons to assume this child could have been not just a simple soul who came for its spiritual quarantine, but a “tare”. Of course, we cannot say this for sure, but it’s easy to see the following.

Jeroboam began to spread idolatry among entire Israel en masse, with being at the head of this wicked process and giving everybody a bad example. We know that different forms of worshipping some demon gods, who are fallen by their nature, have a ritual of dedicating children to these very gods. It is hard to say so about all gods and all cases, but such thing was practiced everywhere; therefore it is no wonder if Jeroboam did something along those lines. In fact, Jeroboam’s child could have been dedicated to some demon god from the moment of his conception, so, based on that and also on the fact that his father let the darkness fall over Israel, the enemy was able to sow his tare — a soul of one of the fallen — into this body, this “avatar”. An example with Cain’s birth, of whom it is said that he was “of the wicked one”, is a serious argument for this.

I would also like you to focus on the fact that there was a lot of Heavenly and Earthly persons among the fallen, and their mixture and inner condition was not alike at all. Some of them were smitten by the sin virus as by cancer which corroded their hearts to the core, while some of them, though equally smitten, could have had remaining something “alive” in their hearts. The Holy Spirit could hold onto this “something” to turn them back to the Father, leading these souls towards repentance and admittance of their mistakes, which could open the way for Redemption power of Yeshua’s blood to be applied to them. Only our Heavenly Father is a heart-reader in the full meaning of this notion, and only He knows all the details of this issue as they really are. Even the worst criminals commiting a sin worthy of death can have “something good” in them; this life has a lot of examples when hardcore offenders turned wholeheartedly to the Most High in repentance, humbling their hearts. It is possible that in spite of those decisions connected with rebellion THEN, not all of these souls were wholly infected by the virus of sin. Perhaps, the Heavenly Father found “something good” in some of them. The testimonies of the repenting “hybrids of the nephilim family”, though scarce ones, can testify that the souls of these “tares” were sowed into our world, and something good was found in them, something the Heavenly Father could hold on to and try to return them Home through the action of His Spirit. According to the measure of my own understanding and revelation, I believe that the Heavenly Father had and still has a plan to “snatch out” those few, for whom it was possible, from this “group of tares” while He is the One, Who fights for every soul till the very end. Our Heavenly Father is not just merciful, He is Raph Hesed in the original language, which can be very roughly and metaphorically translated as “having a huge sea of kindness and mercy”, and only after we return to our Heavenly Home we will truly understand, how huge it is.

Destruction of tares

Many people often asked why would merciful God — our Creator and Heavenly Father — stand by such cruelty as Israel’s annihilating of entire tribes in Canaan? Two things can serve us as a clue. First, the tribes in Canaan were crammed with hybrid DNA. Secondly, all of these tribes were idolaters: they worshipped the fallen, dedicating their children to them and committing acts of darkness. Considering all of that, one can understand that those who lived in that land were almost all tares, sowed into that part of the “field” — Cnaan (“Canaan”). In this case it explains everything.

Yeshua once said about some of religious leader, when He heard that they offended by His words:

Mtt.15 13 But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. 14 Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.

In this passage Yeshua talks about DIN quality, i.e., the Righteous Judgement, and it is going to be realized through the action of “spiritual ditches”. It is the action allowing certain situations, when the tares due to their spiritual blindness get into places of sorrow, captivity and ensuing ruin. In these verses Yeshua in fact continued the topic of tares that He started a little earlier; we read about it in Mtt.13:24-30; 36-42. First of all, Yeshua had clearly shown that the Father’s will was the destruction of tares, i.e., those, who were sowed into this world contrary to His will. Secondly, He almost directly said there is a lot of tares among spiritually blind religious leaders, i.e. they are fallen in their nature. Example of His disciple Judah from Criot is a very illustrative one. Judah was His disciple and had a status of “Shalih”, that is, the “Sent one”; this word was later translated as “Apostle”. Everyone who were later called apostles had their own bishops, presbyters etc. Here we can see that Almighty had originally allowed for 1/12 part of those who “are called by His Name” to be tares, i.e., the fallen. And that is in ideal case, when there is a fullness of His presence, Truth and glory. But as we understand, the history of Almighty’s people not always had everything up to the “ceiling value”; oftentimes the situation was if not “directly opposite” than somewhere in that area. They can minister as Judah did, they can even cast demons out of people as he did, and do many other things. They can be apostles, bishops, pastors, elders and rabbis, or have another high position in certain religious structures; and all of that in rather spiritually awake Fellowship. Like Judah from Criot, for example. Yeshua showed him the highest mercy by His Father’s command. And this principle remains to this very day.

There are many different “tares” among us, who are deprived of their past memory and their former abilities but with burned consciousness, so when the “D-hour” comes, he who sent them to this earth is going to take full control over them. Besides, the “fallen” are going to be incarnated in physical bodies very soon, I mean those Heavenly and Earthly persons, who warred against faithful, that is us, in THAT war.

The overwhelming majority of them lost everything good that was inside, and now they are an “absolute evil” in some sense. They are going to be one of the main enemies of the Almighty’s people in the coming last days of judgement. They are going to come with their full memory, hatred and resentment, with most of their supernatural abilities, thirsty to “kill and destroy”. If some of them are snatched out “like a firebrand plucked from the burning”, only in case “something good” is found in them, it is going to be an exemption from the general rule. Later we are going to discuss how they will be able to come with their full memory and abilities and why they will be allowed to do that. Soon a great amount of those moved by evil in different forms is coming to this earth. The war is nigh, as it is written, and in the very end the wheat is going to be gathered together and the tares will be thrown into fire.

Therefore, may our Heavenly Father help us walk the path prepared for us, and having done all, to stand. May His harvest be maximum and His great mercy that triumphs over judgement come over His people!

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