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Origin of sin. Faithful vs Fallen. «Final Testing Ground», Part 14

Beginning       Part 13 Preface There are always such things, understanding of which we get only through personal relationships with the Heavenly Father. Some things come through someone’s words and revelations, some — through study of the Word, digging into details, nuances and subtle aspects. But there always is and will be something, that we can understand only when we come to talk to Him IN PRIVATE: Mtt.24 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him separately from others, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the...

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Финальный Полигон. Издание Второе 2020

Всем шалом! По ссылке ниже можно скачать уже полностью завершенную книгу Финальный Полигон, Второго издания 2020: ФИНАЛЬНЫЙ ПОЛИГОН. Издание Второе, 2020

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“Divine design”. Heavenly “brotherly generations”, families and “generations of times”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 13

Beginning     Part 12 Preface Parts 1 through 3 were in some sense a “spiritual construction pit”, some platform, cleaned and deepened, to make a right foundation. Parts 4 through 8 were some “basis”, and the foundation for a general understanding of this entire biblical concept. Parts 9 through 12 helped to build it to a certain level which in fact is a major THEORETICAL basis before entering a new practical sphere where we realize our calling, placed in us by the Heavenly Father. Parts starting with this one through the final 17th part continue to expand the understanding of...

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Heavens connecting the worlds (Eph.1:10). «Final Testing Ground», Part 12

Beginning       Part 11 Introduction As it was already mentioned earlier, this part is an ending of some “middle block” giving basic understanding of this whole concept, and the Scripture passage quoted in the title is the key one here: Eph.1 9 having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself [Yeshua], 10 that in the dispensation of the fullness of the appointed times He might gather together in one everyone in Messiah, both who are in heaven and who are on earth—in Him.  In the very beginning...

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“…By Whom also He made the worlds…” (Heb.1:2). “Nine worlds”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 11

Beginning     Part 10 Paradoxes of worldview and knowledge There is a certain paradox in lives of those considering themselves “believers”. By “life” I mean its theoretical part including understanding of processes, events and worldview in general, and also its practical part, including daily walk with the Almighty, communication with Him and practical expansion of Father’s Kingdom here on earth. The sum of theoretical and practical parts, their combination produces our spiritual level. The realia of “everyday religious life” are that level of many members of Almighty’s people, unfortunately, combines two very different spheres. The first one – in the...

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“From eternity…” (Acts 15:18). «Final Testing Ground», Part 9

Beginning      Part 8 Introduction The events are developing with incredible speed; the time comes to its finish, summing up things through different events that had to happen on this earth. Almighty’s Spirit speaks to those who have spiritual ears, the seals are being broken while Messiah is about to return. The true reality is even deeper, more serious, intense and exciting, than the boldest phantasies which permeate everything around us. But what is a phantasie, what are many tales and parables really? They are just prophetic shadows of what had happened THEN at times of Gen.1:1-2. It is...

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“Who promised is faithful…” (Heb.10:23). «Final Testing Ground», Part 8

Biggining     Part 7 Introduction In this part we’re going to cover the issue of a “Remnant”, and also the “women’s issue”. If men were called “bney Elohim” or sons of the Almighty, then who were those born as women/girls on this earth? Also we’re going to continue to dig into the issue of “tares” as souls that were sowed here on earth but who have no opportunity for repentance. As a rule of thumb all riddles, charades and puzzles have a certain key or keys helping to figure out the existing solution algorithm, or simply put, something that helps...

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“Each one in his own order…”. “The house of him who had his sandal removed”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 6

Beginning      Part 5 Preface In this part we’ll try to unseal some other deep aspects of our topic. As we all know, before one can proceed to more difficult topics, acquiring basics is necessary. Before a tree can grow high reaching to the sky, it has to grow its roots deep enough, so that the gushes of wind up high cannot pull the unbalanced plant out from the “Promised land”, where it was planted, carrying its tenderly swaying stem far beyond the horizon. For a building to be safely high, it must first become safely deep, because the...

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Return Home. “Restoration by dominion”. «Final Testing Ground», Part 5

Beginning     Part 4 Preface Such an interesting number “3”… And the matter is not in the number itself, but in the meaning that it contains. There are always “two parts”: black and white, plus and minus, two farthest solutions, two opinions about the matter, etc. And then there is something transitional, something “in the mean”. What do you think: in terms of our discussion, did we get something like that — “three way fork in the road”, “one man had three sons — one smart, one so-so and the third one — a fool…”, neither here nor there, etc,...

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«Mystery, hidden from ages and generations» (Col.1:26). «Final Testing Ground», Part 4

Beginning      Part 3 Preface Considering that it is the second edition of the book, I had to work thoroughly on making the message complete, so that all parts would be interconnected and consistent. For a fraction of the calendar year the Almighty revealed a lot to me, shedding light on things that I either didn’t cover before, or revealed in an assumptive manner. Working on the second edition, I was a little surprised myself by how many things have become clearer and more definite in a rather short period of time. Of course, there are still more questions...

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Трагедия сыновей. Инструменты войны. «Финальный Полигон». Часть 16, Издание Второе

Начало       Предыдущее Предисловие В этой части мы рассмотрим несколько важных и глубоких вопросов. Один из них связан с тем, что произошло перед Потоп Ноаха, что затронуто в 6-й главе Берешит, где сказано о том, как согрешили некоторые сыновья Всевышнего — бней Элоhим. Более подробно это раскрыто в книге Еноха, за что она во время «вавилонизации христианства» и «попала под раздачу». Не только из-за этого, конечно. Книга Еноха была настолько же авторитетна, как и другие книги Танаха, и поэтому Сам Мессия Йешуа, а также Его ученики цитировали её. Она также рассматривала принципы небесной механики, рассказывая более подробно о небесном...

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Зарождение греха. Верные против падших. Слава и технологии. «Финальный Полигон». Часть 14, Издание Второе

Начало      Предыдущее Предисловие Всегда есть такие вещи, понимание которых может к нам прийти только через близкое личное общение с Небесным Отцом. Что-то к нам приходит через чьи-то слова и откровения, что-то — через исследование Писаний, уточнение деталей, нюансов и тонкостей. Но всегда есть и будет то, что может быть понято, только когда мы приходим к Нему НАЕДИНЕ: Мф.24:3 Когда же сидел Он на горе Елеонской, то приступили к Нему ученики наедине и спросили: скажи нам, когда это будет? и какой признак Твоего пришествия и кончины века? Почему такой важный вопрос и НАЕДИНЕ? И почему именно только самые близкие...